Monday, September 6, 2010

Well, Buzz, What Is It? In Secret or in Public?

[Note]: What I am writing in the James Combs case is not part of a "defense strategy," no matter what Buzz Franklin, Tim Deal, and others might be saying. I am a former resident of the LMJC who is sick of watching outright criminal behavior by those who are supposed to enforce the law and watching these people act like animals, destroying the lives of innocent people and their families. Thus, ANY claim by LMJC officials that I am acting in concert with the Combs defense is a lie, a very wicked and open lie. (Not that anyone in the LMJC is worried about being caught lying.) [End Note]

When Buzz Franklin issued his infamous May 14 press release excoriating the jury in the Tonya Craft trial for not following the instructions of his henchmen "Alberto-Facebook" and "The Man" to convict Ms. Craft with no credible evidence, he made the following statement:
Child molesters rarely commit their crime in public. Child molesters rarely confess. Child molesters are rarely caught on tape. Child molesters rarely leave behind physical evidence. A jury must often make a choice between the testimony of an abused child and the alleged perpetrator. If a jury refuses to convict without videotapes, confession or physical evidence, it will be impossible to convict most child molesters.
You see, in the James Combs case, Buzz and his lackey, Alan "Wannabe" Norton, along with Holly "Thumbs Up" Kittle and Tim "Dirty" Deal, are going to try to convince a jury that Mr. Combs committed his "crime" in a very public place: a classroom full of children. So, in this situation, we have Franklin in a quandary: Is this done in secret or in full view of lots of people? Buzz wants to have it both ways.

You see, in Tonya's case, he was claiming that the jury was wrong because Ms. Craft supposedly did it in "secret." Since the jurors did not think that the terribly contradictory testimony from ALL of the prosecution witnesses, plus the utter childish behavior from "adults" like Sandra Lamb, Sherry Wilson, Kelly McDonald, and the CAC crowd (not to mention the obvious perjury committed by many of the same) was "a compelling case for conviction," then the jurors were stupid and bad.

Now, the supposed ethical standards of the Georgia State Bar that apply to prosecutors (which are never enforced) say that prosecutors should not attack jurors after a verdict they don't like, but Buzz, like all of the others in the LMJC, is above being disciplined. The law does not apply to him or the ADAs or the judges or police, period.

In the Combs case, however, Buzz is changing his approach. Now we are supposed to believe that a man who has gone through a large number of legal background checks and never before has been accused of sexual misconduct suddenly is so overcome with lust that while he is sending two misbehaving boys to the principal's office, he first sexually molests them IN FRONT OF EVERYONE, but no one but the boys seem to notice. As I have said before, this does not pass anything close to a smell test.

Now, if I know how things work in the LMJC, "Dirty" Deal will try to work on the other children who were in the classroom, trying to get them to lie in order to give prosecutors what they want. (After the Tonya Craft debacle, the LMJC is DESPERATE for a child molestation conviction and will tell any lie and twist the law in order to try to achieve it.)

If you see how the police and prosecutors worked over Jerry McDonald, threatening him with prosecution if he did not say what prosecutors wanted, you can get an idea of how they are likely to proceed with the other children in the classroom and their families. (They threatened to charge him with "obstruction of justice," and I also guess that they threatened to charge him with perjury for not being willing to commit perjury. So goes the "law" in Northwest Georgia.)

Furthermore, Franklin's minions tried to pressure Kim Walker to claim that her daughter was a Tonya "molestation victim." In fact, the Walker child had an interview in which it was established that "nothing happened." Chris Arnt then demanded that the child be subjected to a SECOND interview, but Ms. Walker refused. Thus, when she testified for the Craft defense, she told of being threatened by some of the other parents and receiving pressure from prosecutors.

Interestingly, the prosecutors, who arrested private investigator Eric Echols for simply doing his job (and doing it legally), never seemed interested in looking into incidents of witness intimidation done by themselves and their own witnesses. But, then, the LMJC is a place where those entrusted with enforcing the law believe the law does not apply to them.

So, once again, Buzz Franklin and his gang of criminals will seek to take a good and decent person and try to railroad him into prison despite the fact that everyone in a position of authority in the LMJC knows that Mr. Combs is innocent of the charges. Unfortunately, innocence is the last thing that matters in the LMJC, where winning at all costs seems to be the motto.


Anonymous said...

It's just plain scary living in North Georgia. Who can you trust? You can't trust your elected officials, ie Buzz Franklin. You can't trust those that are to use the law to protect you, ie Arnt and Gregor. And you can't trust those that are suppose to protect you as part of their job, ie Tim Deal. So who are you suppose to trust when someone is attacking your family? It's just plain scary. And if you stand up for your self who do you go to? Will someone in Atlanta send the rescue party to help us? Do we have to appeal to Washington, DC? Who do you turn to? Hell yeah it's scary.

KC Sprayberry said...

Anon 12:41, like Tonya, you fight for what you know is right. Sometimes, if you put your case the right way, you can actually find an attorney willing to work with you on the fees. Compelling evidence of your innocence isn't what the LMJC wants to see or hear, but a good defense attorney does. But we can't lie down and let things go back to the way they were. Too many people in North GA are in prison for horrendous crimes they never committed because no one spoke up. Now that the world's watching, and the LMJC is desperate to prove they really are convicting child molesters, those watching will be more than willing to jump in and take up the standard. And, Bill, the GA Bar might find themselves under the same microscope from the rest of the world unless they shape up and apply the same standards to prosecutors that they do to defense attorneys. The pressure of public opinion has swayed more than one opinion. It's about time these people felt the might of outraged citizens.

William L. Anderson said...

In government, unfortunately, one can turn to no one. The feds already have turned their backs on the lawbreaking, and a representative of the Georgia State Bar told me that the prosecutors were "just doing their jobs."

There is just one thing to do, that that is to keep the information out there so that no one can ignore it. When prosecutors, judges, and police are in on the crime -- yes, crime -- of forging documents, then I believe that people who live in the LMJC have to understand they are being governed by criminals.

By the way, if the elected officials don't like being called criminals, then perhaps they should try to do something about what is happening. Since they are going along with it, they, too, are just as guilty.

Anonymous said...

Or do as I do, boycott all things LMJC (don't shop, eat, get gas, nada) and I drive through that wretched area as quickly as I can. I also boycott all things Henke (i.e. Keller Williams). If any of the defendants have anything to do with it, I don't.

Kaye said...

Is there a court date set for James Combs yet?

Kaye said...

Just had to reread Buzzard's press release to refresh my memory. sheesh... I believe Jeff Styles of WGOW hit the nail on the head with his assessement of the LMJC during a rant on his show, "not fit to pick up dog turds." Yep, that sums it up perfectly.

KC Sprayberry said...

The part about the state having the right to a fair trial always makes me laugh. Next thing, Buzz will expect the defense to provide the state free assistance prior to trial. Someone needs to send Buzz back to school, but not at the expense of LMJC's taxpayers.

Doc Ellis said...

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