Thursday, September 23, 2010

Eyes on "the Prize," or Kenneth Kratz's Egotistical Adventure

The more I read about Kenneth Kratz, the sex-crazed Wisconsin DA whose behavior must make Chris "Alberto-Facebook" Arnt and Len "The Man-Racist-Misogynist-Homophobe" Gregor envious, the more I realize he has some pretty kinky ideas about what makes for a great date. According to a woman who has come forward after the original "sexting" conduct of Kratz was made public:
...another woman claimed that during a date with Kratz, he invited her to an autopsy, "provided I act as his girlfriend and would wear high heels and a skirt."
Now, I have no idea if Kratz is into, well, something really nasty that perverts like Ted Bundy have done with dead women, but the idea of taking a date to an autopsy leaves me, uh, cold. (Not as cold as the body being examined, however, but close.)

And if that were not enough, a third woman now is making claims about his sexual behavior, according to the Associated Press:
She recalled him texting while he was on vacation in Michigan with his family asking her to impress him "in between naps." She said he later pestered her when she didn't answer.

She eventually told him she was not interested and he said he would stop. She said she didn't hear from him for months but then got a message in which he asked to meet in person to discuss "a personal matter."
While I don't know if Kratz ever has described himself as "The Man" like another egotistical prosecutor we know, he DID claim that he was "the prize." Perhaps he meant booby prize, I don't know. Maybe he and Gregor can compare notes. For that matter, I imagine that he and Arnt would get along, too.

The latest is that Kratz is on "medical leave." Hmm. Is he getting his Viagra dose adjusted? Has he suffered from carpal tunnel because he has been working his thumbs so hard? It's hard to know. Maybe he can go to the same clinic where Tiger Woods went to treat his "addictions."

Or maybe he can move to the LMJC, as I saw that Buzz's office recently advertised for a new ADA. Oh, he'd be the perfect hire for that place.


kbp said...

I'm surprised we haven't read of cam-phone pic's sent or asked for, something like a preview of "the prize".

Anonymous said...

Have any of you seen this story ?

The custody hearing was delayed again and by the JUDGE? What is up with that? Is this judge corrupt too? What is going on?

KC Sprayberry said...

Please, don't anyone seriously suggest this man apply at LMJC. It's bad enough around here without someone harassing crime victims for their own pleasure. This man sounds like he's gotten away with this for years. Thank goodness someone finally had the courage to reveal his actions. I can only hope he didn't ruin too many lives.

Anonymous said...

Of course this judge is corrupt. Any person with some common sense can see that this is another railroad job. I'm sure that this judge has talked with Arnt or Gregor and has been influenced. How about a story covering what's going on there and why this has not ended.

kbp said...
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kbp said...

The judge in the custody case is in a different state than Arnt and Gregor.

She had shown herself to be by-the-law when she terminated Evans' contact with the children and granted Tonya visitation before the trial.

I suspect that if the judge is guilty of anything, it would be conducting the process so that there will be no questions after the ruling is made, but I may be wrong.

Anonymous said...

The Judge is not the problem its the atty's from the lying side.

Anonymous said...

How are the attorey's for the other side controlling this custody issue. Seems like if the judge saw that there is no question about the allegations this would be over already. Where's the justice in allowing this to continually be pushed back. The judge is the person in charge here.