Thursday, September 30, 2010

Miscarriage of Justice in Maricopa County, Part II: Feeling the Heat

NOTE: My two-part series is going to be a three-part series, as a casual question from Kerwyn tonight has led to some facts that, frankly, the police, prosecutors, and investigators in the case involving the 14-year-old boy in Phoenix are not going to be able to sidestep. So, as you will see, Part II is going to be dedicated to some common sense about Phoenix, Arizona, in June.

As you can see from the Accu-Weather temperature list from June, 2010, Phoenix is one very hot place in the summer. (I remember driving there the first Saturday of June, 2006, and it was 114 degrees in the late afternoon in Needles, California, which is just across the Colorado River from Arizona.)

OK, let us do some thinking, which is not what police and prosecutors often do. (Scheming, yes; thinking, generally not.) According to our crack "investigators" Carola Jacobson's son was supposed to have coerced three other young children into an unfinished attic -- really, a little more than a crawl space -- that was NOT AIR CONDITIONED during three consecutive days in June.

Think about it. As I noted in this post, a woman died in Arizona after being left in a "punishment shack" in 107-degree heat for four hours. However, we are supposed to believe that for three days in a row, four young children did "sex play" in a tiny attic room in the middle of the day for several hours at a time, but no one got sick from the heat. Furthermore, we are supposed to believe that they actually could pull off such a feat. Right.

To give readers a better sense of the alleged "crime scene," I have put a couple of pictures of that attic space and would ask them to visualize four children rolling about the floor, at least two of them naked, on days when no one would want to stay in such a hotbox for more than a few seconds.

No doubt, the authorities will try to come up with something that will explain away that which cannot be explained. That is typical of police and prosecutors today. I remember the Duke Lacrosse Case when the Durham police and prosecutor Mike Nifong desperately tried to come up with an explanation that could fit the facts as everyone knew them.

Other than some Duke faculty members and hardcore feminists and racialists, the square peg could not be pounded into the round hole. Likewise, the authorities in Maricopa County want us to believe that for three days in a row, the 14-year-old boy forced three other children into a room where temperatures easily could have been above 125 degrees. Furthermore, we are asked to believe that he forced them in that tiny space to do all sorts of sex play for several hours. Right.

In Part III, we will take a hard look at the police reports. As readers will see, there are even more holes in the prosecution's case, not that police and prosecutors in Maricopa County -- or most other places in the USA, for that matter -- care about the truth.

However, there ARE people in this country who do care about the truth, and we won't be silent.


Dan said...

Furthermore, consider that the average attic is well above what the ambient air temp is. It would have been at least 140 degrees in that attic. Google it!

The hottest internal temperature the human body can tolerate is around 108 degrees. If the temperature is at or near 108 degrees Fahrenheit for long, cells will not function properly at this temperature and and multiple organ failure will occur. This organ damage is the cause of death from heat exposure.

More physical activity produces more excess body heat. Humidity prevents sweat from cooling the body. Length of exposure makes a difference--a few minutes at 140 degrees might not kill you, but a few hours at 105 degrees might.


Anonymous said...

It is a common warning, but not found on or near an attic. Where? A hot tub. Children are limited to only a few minutes exposure in a 104 degree hot tub. In fact some manufacturers don't allow the temp controls to go over 102. Once again, we have a question of the physical possibility of the claims that was not considered by the police. I guess Kittle and these guys trained at the same academy.

Trish said...

It only takes a little bit of sense to know that if these kids had been in that attic as they say, they most certainly would have been found dead!!! These cops are even dumber than the ones here!!

Doc Ellis said...

Shared as 'hot sex in attic? not!'
Thank you for writing this.

Jerri Lynn Ward said...

I hope that the new lawyer is obtaining an expert like Kerwyn or the ones obtained by Tonya Craft.

Kerwyn said...


I am pouring over the statements today (well have been). All I can say is Jesus, do the detectives on this case have more than one working brain cell?

Bill will be getting my analysis today, should make for a fun report.

Oh just to add, the little girl involved tells the detective that her and the little boy KEEP on doing sexual play after everyone leaves, because she likes him and wants him to be her boyfriend....

hum sounds like she was terrified to me

liberranter said...

All I can say is Jesus, do the detectives on this case have more than one working brain cell?

Not in the state of Arizona. Brains in this state are at a premium in general. In police "work" they're non-existent.

Carola said...

Kerwyn, I would think that when you crawl around in attic spaces at 140 degrees, looking for crimes where there are none, you may get your brain cells fried :)

Thanks for everything you and Bill have done!!!! You have no idea how much your support means to me!