Thursday, September 23, 2010

Phoenix, Maricopa County, and Brutality to Children

Phoenix, Arizona, and the surrounding Maricopa County long have had a reputation of having its legal institutions being synonymous with lawlessness. Here is a place where a mentally-ill female prisoner literally was tortured to death by being put in a metal shack for four hours, exposed to the brutal desert heat until she died.

(After World War II, German and Japanese soldiers who did such things to American prisoners of war were executed. Maricopa County has decided that no one on the prison staff would be prosecuted. Please do not try this at home with anyone you know as only police and prosecutors have a "get out of jail free" card.)

Arizona's brutality is not limited to torturing mentally-ill women to death, however. No, the state also brutalizes children, and in the coming weeks, I will be dealing with an egregious case that reflects just how Phoenix and Maricopa County used unconscionable interrogation tactics on a young child in order to get him to say what the detective wanted him to say, rather than telling what most likely was the truth.

This particular case is more proof that Arizona, Phoenix, and Maricopa County operate according to a code of "ethics" that make the LMJC look like a paragon of justice. That's right: these are people who make people like Tim Deal and Holly Kittle look to be competent and truthful. Lord help us.

Not surprisingly, this is a child molestation case, another one in which the authorities are hellbent on pursuing a specific narrative, and they are willing to use whatever tactics necessary to get the story they want, the truth be damned. While Kerwyn and I went over the police reports, Kerwyn found something very, very disturbing: the "interviews" were not interviews at all; instead, they were interrogations in which Det. Terje Boe of the Phoenix Police Department threatened one child with a lie detector test, and continually told lies to the children in order to get them to change their stories.

Sitting with Boe was Jennifer Ingalls, an infamous Child Protective Services worker who already has been involved in some high-profile, false accusation cases, including one in which she tried to have parents who took photographs of their two very young children taking baths thrown into prison for "child pornography."

What we know so far is shocking. A 14-year-old boy is being held without bond in a juvenile detention facility in Phoenix, and the authorities are determined to try him as an adult. The only "evidence" of child molestation comes from some young children who were "encouraged" by Boe and Ingalls to change their stories, and who also have had their parents involved in telling the children what to say.

Not surprisingly, the authorities in Maricopa County (home of the infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio) are making it difficult for the boy's mother even to get normal documents that are supposed to be made available quickly to defendants. In the meantime, the Maricopa County DA's office is trying to find a way to try this boy as an adult.

Yes, that is right. The same office that refused even to consider bringing the tiniest of criminal charges against prison workers who literally tortured a mentally-ill woman to death is teaming with local police to engage in brutality against a young teenager.

The "law" in Arizona definitely is skewed. Police gun down unarmed people and assault others, and Phoenix police are at the top among the largest U.S. cities in per population shootings. Phoenix and Maricopa County are places where people truly must fear the occupying costumed army known as the "police."

There will be more on this case as we get material. As in the Tonya Craft case, we will not back off.


Q.A. said...

Dear William “Zola” Anderson:

As you and Kerwyn extend your research into the“Child Advocacy” Industry, it becomes increasingly obvious that CACs are mislabeled.

Wouldn’t it be more accurate to call them AAC’s ?

Accusation Advocacy Centers?

KC Sprayberry said...

In this instance, I'm a bit torn. Having lived in the Phoenix area for five years, I saw first hand some of the gang violence that makes the PPD and Maricopa Sheriff's so prone to shooting first and asking questions later. However, I also saw what I thought at the time was complete indifference to a parent's claim an outsider had molested her children. The complete opposite of what you've written about here. For the Phoenix area is where my journey into the madness of false child molestation charges began.
That being said, it appears the Phoenix of the late 80's is now trying to make up for their lack of action then. This isn't the first case I've heard of where their overexhuberance has caused needless anxiety for the people involved in cases of child molestation. But to go after a teen with this kind of maliciousness only indicates the need for sweeping reform in this industry. The first step is cutting off the federal money financing these travesties of justice. Get rid of CAPTA or the Mondale Act of 1974. That is the root cause of this problem, since it allows these CAC's and prosecutors and police to act in this manner. Go back to making everyone involved with the law responsible for their actions without the blanket immunity. Then, instead of having these massive molestation cases, we might actually have a chance of finding real molesters.

Anonymous said...

more fun down there

Doc Ellis said...


Thank you for writing this

Mary Jane said...

Anon 9:07

What a sick concept to sell men as dates for cash! They want to teach children that men (or women for that matter) can be bought?

liberranter said...

Bill, you've only scratched the surface here. Arizona in general, and Maricopa (or "Maricona", as I prefer to call it) County in particular do indeed make the Northwest Georgia crew look like paragons of justice. But what else are we to expect from a county dominated by "America's Toughest Sheriff," the despicable, fascist, dangerous Joe Arpaio ("Joke Arpiggo" to us local freedom lovers)? That this criminal has not only operated with complete impunity for nearly twenty years, but has a strong wave of support for his bid for governor's office tells you all you need to know about "law and order" in central Arizona and what passes for a "mindset" among the sun-baked brain stems that make up the majority.

(For additional material, see J.D. Tuccille's enlightening comments here, here, and here for a few "samples" of what ails this pathetic state. Also, check out this blog for a truly eye-opening expose of just how out of control and beyond repair is the Phoenix PD.)

Anonymous said...

Need more sheriff's like Arpaio.

Kerwyn said...

Anon 1:01,

We indeed need tough sheriff's. We do not need sheriff's that stroll over common sense, justice and the constitution in the name of power.

Read the article, it is not about Arpaio, it is about a young boy who is being treated like an animal because of a petty vendetta.

Dr. Anderson will be writing more on this subject.

So Anon, what would you think if you knew the police had threatened a 9 year old boy with a lie detector because his story did not match the accusers?

Funny after they were done threatening him, his story *wait for it* changed!

I could care less WHERE this is happening. I want this type of strong arm tactics stopped and the prosecution of the innocent stopped.

William L. Anderson said...

Kerwyn is correct. This is not about "Sheriff Joe," at least not yet. (He is not involved in this case, but if the boy gets convicted, I'm sure that Sheriff Joe will see to it that the young man gets "the treatment.")

Unfortunately, Americans today believe that things like due process, the rights of the accused, and, frankly, the expectation that officers of the court will tell the truth, are nothing more than impediments to convicting guilty people. In this day of supposed sophisticated forensic interviews and DNA, we like to think that our system pretty much is incapable of making errors. Therefore, if someone is charged, then the person automatically is guilty.

However, all such thinking stops when someone who is innocent or who never has had any doings with the "justice" system is arrested or under investigation. Then people find out just how dishonest the players in the system really are and how the Culture of Lying rules the courts. I am speaking out against this, and if people like the 1:01 wish to defend this travesty, then I only can hope that one day this same person will find out firsthand that he or she has been defending a Big Lie.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Such a sad story. How are we going to stop people like this. And we the people keep putting them in year after year, what are we doing, we have got to stop these people. Thank you Mr Anderson, for all your work. keep it coming.

kbp said...

Anon 2:02,

I had to look up which state that was, as I'm not from that area.

It was in TN, where it is a crime. In Georgia the age of consent is 16.

Trish said...

We have to speak up at the polls and we also need to speak out, such as Bill and Kerwyn are doing. We cannot continue in America to sit on our behinds and hope someone else will take care of it. That kind of thinking is how ONE woman was able to have prayer taken out of our schools!!

This case in Arizona is even more hideous than Tonya's case!! I have read also about Sheriff Joe and tough is one thing, sadistic is another!! Often what starts out as a no no nonsense approach, turns into something else all together. We have to be careful not to let power go to peoples heads!!

liberranter said...

This case in Arizona is even more hideous than Tonya's case!! I have read also about Sheriff Joe and tough is one thing, sadistic is another!! Often what starts out as a no no nonsense approach, turns into something else all together. We have to be careful not to let power go to peoples heads!!

Trish, power going to certain people's heads is EXACTLY the problem here, not just where Joke Arpiggo is concerned, but also in the case of Phoenix "Public Safety Director" Jack ("Ass") Harris. As Bill and Kerwyn have both correctly pointed out, this is not about Arpiggo (not YET, but it eventually will be, with certainty). What it IS about is how out-of-control the entire rotten, corrupt, psycho-fascist power structure is, not only of Phoenix and Maricona County, not even state-wide here in Arizona, but all across the country, at all levels of "government." Until We the People (as opposed to We the Sheeple that now make up the majority) stand up and put a stop to this, nothing will ever change and the travesty Bill writes of here will just be one out of many dozens, if not hundreds to follow.

Trish said...

Liberanter, you are so right, "We the People" need to take back our country!!!!

Anonymous said...

all truth needs to be known, I know I don't want arizona to ever be like mexico,we have problems but if we let the borders down they would take over they can't even control their country over there. we don;'t need any more problems. crimes ect.