Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hey, Algore! We're Freezing Up Here!

When I worked in Tennessee many moons ago, I had some dealings with Algore and his office. While Newsweek might consider Algore to be a Great Intellectual, I found the guy to be yet another stupid, fat, scripted politician. Now that he is the self-proclaimed world expert on climate, I am sure that he has a way to interpret the current cold wave as being caused warming.

Now, whenever it is cold outside, Algore pretends that it is not happening (kind of like the late MLB Commissioner Bowie Kuhn not wearing his overcoat after he agreed to have the World Series at night and it was freezing at the first game). However, take a heat wave or a drought and Algore is first to give us the "Aha!" as though there never had been heat waves or droughts before the current decade.

Albore is not a prophet or an intellectual. He is a thug, a fascist who has a wonderful future planned for all of us, a future that he and his friends have no intention at all of being part of. He and his friend James Hansen have called for criminal prosecutions of people who disagree with them, and I have no doubt that if Albore ever obtains the power he wants, the prisons will be full of "deniers."

As for the recent "Climategate" revelations, Albore has declared: Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!! I have another recommendation for the guy: come up to my place and stand outside in the below zero temperatures and 18 inches of snow and tell me that we are about to be baked off the planet. And, maybe Albore and Mr. "Climate Denial is Treason Against the Planet" Paul Krugman can stand outside together by my house and claim that it isn't cold outside.

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