Thursday, January 21, 2010

Obama to "Focus on the Economy." Please, No!

After managing to alienate some of his most loyal voters in Massachusetts this last week, President Obama now promises to "focus on the economy." All I can say in response is, "Please, no. Focus on anything else. Please."

With the latest economic reports pointing out that unemployment continues to rise, it would seem that perhaps Obama might abandon his unwise "We're going to spend our way out of the recession" stance. The president promises to boost regulation of financial services, impose new environmental restrictions, raise taxes, and make it more difficult for entrepreneurs to operate.

This is not a prescription for a recovery, folks. It is a prescription for a depression.


My wife and I will be traveling to Houston and to College Station, Texas, this weekend. More on this later.

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Mechanized said...

How many attempts does it require for such fools to realize that hampering entrepreneurial development through taxation, regulation, and non-stop interference in a variety of ways will achieve only the opposite of their stated goals?