Friday, January 8, 2010

Today's Links, January 8, 2010

A Bremerton, Washington, jury demonstrates why one simply cannot trust an American jury to do what is right. Read the comments section to see that Americans are perfectly happy with a police state and unjust laws.

Yep, we have a couple feet of snow in our yard, and I must admit that the X-C skiing today was as good as I ever have experienced. I'll also admit to being absolutely tired at the end of 90 minutes of up and down skiing. Oh, and more snow is on the way. So much for Albore and "global warming" in Finzel and the surrounding area.

On the Freeman Online site, Mike Van Winkle interviews Becky Akers about the TSA and the idiocy of U.S. airport "security."

I have a commentary about the special tax breaks that corporations receive and how some communities are trying to take back those breaks.

Doug Bandow asks an obvious (but often ignored) question: Why is a country that is flat broke spending so much on military adventures overseas?

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