Saturday, January 23, 2010

In Houston for Mises Circle Event

Johanna and I are in Houston, Texas, today for the Mises Circle event: "The Failure of the Keynesian State." Ron Paul is the featured speaker, and with nearly 600 people attending, this is the largest Mises event ever. (Don't worry. The Mises staff is one of the best one can find anywhere, and they know how to run things right.)

Last night, we had dinner with Tom Kirkendall and his very lovely wife. Tom, a Houston attorney, run the "Houston's Clear Thinkers" blog, which I think is one of the best blogs out there, period. Yes, a great time was had by all.

Afterward, we are on our way to College Station, where the choral piece "Lord of the Small," with lyrics written by Johanna, premiers at A&M Methodist Church Sunday morning (January 24). This is a great event, and Craig Courtney will be conducting the choir with Dan Forrest, Jr., who composed the music for this piece, accompanying on the piano.

Yes, yes, I am utterly proud of my beautiful wife. Glad there is at least one intelligent person in our family!

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