Friday, May 7, 2010

The Misogynist Plays the Racist Card

Leave it to Len "The Man, The Misogynist" Gregor, as when the man is putting on a show, he goes whole hog. He was not satisfied with trying to find out the kind of underwear Tonya Craft wears, nor was The Man Who Is Defined By His Own Narcissism satisfied with telling the world he hates women.

No, Gregor must have been reading the website I posted on the Scottsboro Boys Trials, as not only has he tried to denigrate expert witnesses like Dr. Nancy Aldridge and Dr. Ann Hazzard because they (horrors) are from Atlanta (and not from within the boundaries of the LMJD), but he then played the racist card.

During his rambling and truly evil inquisition of Ms. Craft, he made the ultimate accusation that one supposedly can make to a southern-state jury: TONYA CRAFT SLEPT WITH A BLACK MAN.

Yes, Ms. Craft admitted that she met her private investigator, Eric Echols and spoke to him in a hotel room. Aha! The LMJD's own Inspector Clouseau deduced that THEY HAVE BEDS IN HOTEL ROOMS! And they go to law school to learn that!

Now, The Racist-Misogynist Gregor did not tell the jury that after Mr. Echols served a subpoena on Sandra Lamb at her residence, she threw the legal document into her yard, and started hitting Mr. Echols, allegedly calling him a "N*gg*r." When Mr. Echols did his duty and took out a warrant against the woman, he was arrested on a felony charge of "influencing a witness."

Now, this was not because he actually was "influencing a witness," but rather because Mr. Echols had a recording of Jerry McDonald (the same Jerry McDonald who tearfully told the jury that Tonya Craft molested his daughter) saying that he believed that "nothing happened." It seemed that Mr. Echols was doing his job -- and doing it well -- which angered the Dishonest Duo of Gregor and Chris Arnt no end. However, it was not enough for Len "The Man, The Racist-Misogynist" Gregor to arrest a black man.

No, he had to claim -- without one shred of evidence -- that Tonya Craft had sex with this man in his hotel room. It was the ultimate race card, and Gregor played it. That Brian "House of Horrors" would approve this line of questioning in what is supposed to be a courtroom further disgraces the proceedings.

So far, Gregor has not given the famous line uttered by Alabama prosecutor Wade Wright in one of the Scottsboro Boys in his closing arguments: "Now the question in this case is this: "Is justice going to be bought and sold in Alabama with Jew money from New York?" However, given time, I am sure that Gregor is up to it. Maybe he will reveal an anti-Semitic side in his closing arguments.

After all, he has demonstrated beyond a doubt that he is a racist and a misogynist. Hey, Len, why not go all the way and go after Jews, too?!?


Anonymous said...

And let's not forget that he is a homophobe as well.

Anonymous said...

maybe we should get kkk after the good old boys in Catossa county

Anonymous said...

Dr. Anderson,

I'm not surprised you attended Baylor! My youngest daughter wants to become a defense attorney and my oldest wants to become a prosecutor. Although, they are only in the 6th and the 8th grade. They have been having their own hearings about the Tonya Craft case at home each night. My 8th grader hates to loose but, even she agrees she has lost her case.

Baylor Mom

Anonymous said...

SO WHAT if she did sleep with a Black man (which we all know nothing happened). Someone call NAACP!

Anonymous said...

To me the most appaling statement I have ever heard in a court of law was the assistand DA asked what sound a vagina makes when touched.
Is this man totally crazy or just totally KKK?

Anonymous said...

Eric Echols is on the board of the Professional Private Investigators. He is the Atlanta Chair. That's all I can find when I google him. I can't find anything about his arrest. Must he face HAG too???

Anonymous said...

True 9:25,

After she answered "NO".....I'm sure you know if you have touched your wife....You can explain it to me if you want.

Anonymous said...


Very powerful, Mr. Anderson

Thank you


Harmony said...

Just an interesting note, I went to find a yellow shirt at the walmart in Lafayette and it was almost impossible.

Anonymous said...

Check this out from Channel 9 News. Posted 3 hours ago...

Many eyes have turned to Tonya Craft the past month and especially today. There were no seats left in the courtroom in the morning or afternoon session.

A Longtime trial specialist says her body language on the stand could decide her fate.

Video of this story included in Team Report above.

NewsChannel 9 sought out attorney Lee Davis who has a quarter century experience on both sides of the aisle. With Craft on the stand, Davis says gestures such as putting her hand to her mouth or losing eye contact could hurt her. By contrast, he says if she stays calm, relaxed and works through the questions with poise it could bolster her chances.

He says half the battle in any trial is deciding if the accused takes the stand. As soon as the prosecution had its chance to examine Craft, assistant District Attorney Len Gregor asked, "If you molest a child, if you touch a child's genitalia inappropriately, you're a child molester, it's that simple?" Craft responded, "If you do that, yes."

Davis is a trained observer. He says Craft's testimony during cross-examination is the riskiest part of this trial, a short period of time that could shift the outcome.

Davis has practiced for almost 25 years and has paid close attention to this case. He joined us and watched the trial live which we routed into our studios. "Watching her testimony, I think she's done a pretty good job so far. What will be critical is how she handles cross examination. There's some major questions to be answered and when the prosecutors ask those questions, they'll have to be careful. Because if they beat up on her, they've got problems," Davis said.

With these 22 serious charges, Davis says this trial would play much differently if the defendant were a man.He's tried hundreds of cases on both sides but mostly as a defense attorney. He almost never advises a defendant to take the stand, but adds it is ultimately the decision of the person on trial.

He understands why Craft is on the witness stand. "It almost becomes more important for the defendant to take the stand because I think jurors after hearing from children and after hearing from as many defense witnesses that they've heard from want a complete picture," Davis said.

He added the defense has done a very good job of bringing out the timeline, the witnesses and story of Craft's life as teacher. Davis described both prosecutors as "highly skilled" and says during cross examination, if she puts her hand to her mouth, loses eye contact, or becomes visibly uncomfortable, the jury could make up its mind, "If she holds up to direct examination, that would be the best evidence in her case for her. If she withers under cross examination, that's the most damaging. And that's why it's so hard because once she decides to testify all the other evidence takes a second seat to what the jury's impression is in real time on what their forming in their own opinions about her."

Davis says he's seen one major red flag in this trial: the relationship and communication between alleged victim's parents. He says if its true that hundreds of phone calls happened between unrelated individuals that could taint the substance of the allegations.

NewsChannel 9 expects Lee Davis to join us for analysis next week as the trial continues.

Anonymous said...

He wants to know what sound a vagina makes when it is touched. He needs to imagine what it feels like when a fist hits his face. He and his faggot judge and all their cronies need to know what it feels like to be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail as an example to all who would follow in the footsteps of those who having not the courage to follow their own dreams, have to jump on the bandwagon with those who are hellbent to wreak havoc on innocent and God fearing peolple.

Lame said...

The vagina sound statement is just a string in a series of outrageous sound comments such as, "what does a child being molested sound like?"

If that jackass asked me what it sounds like to touch a vagina I would have ansered, "I don't know, why don't you touch yours and let us know."

I've already sent several emails to gay friends and even one to the president of GLAAD about this guy's homophobic ad homonym diatribes. I was thinking that under his logic everybody should burn their country music and christian contemporary music, considering two very prominent musicians in that genre just came out as lesbians.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Channel 9 News? That was almost a positive for Tonya, well, it actually was a positive for Tonya!

Call the NAACP, because I have already contacted GLAAD and told them they might be interested in how these homophobic prosecutors are behaving!

Anonymous said...

They may want to put House, Arnt and Gregor on the "No Fly" list as soon as the verdict comes down. I have a feeling they will be wanting to get out of Walker County!

Anonymous said...

Oh! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who contacted GLAAD. There's power in numbers!

Harmony, how about yellow Tshirts with Team Tonya on the front and Do the Wave on the back for the picnic! lol (I'm actually serious about this)

Anonymous said...

If that jackass asked me what it sounds like to touch a vagina I would have ansered, "I don't know, why don't you touch yours and let us know."

Lame, I loved that!!!!! Bahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

We could sell the shirts for the defense fund

Cyril Lucar said...

Oh Bill,

That's the most devastating entry you've made so far. The Scottsboro quote is beautimous.

I'm reminded of the movie, "Tucker," where the entrepreneur was being tried for fraud, accused of not building the cars he committed to make. He was found guilty when the judge ruled the aforesaid cars inadmissible as evidence. The only way to exonerate himself was to produce the cars, but the cars were inadmissible.

This trial seems to be a string of Tucker moments where the judge sweeps aside all exculpatory evidence, even while the prosecutor turns the same evidence to fit his narrative and the defense is powerless to correct it.

your old renter

Denise C. said...

I have a question. If I remember right, Tonya has been denied due process, correct? If so, is that a violation of her civil rights?

Anonymous said...

Bill, I have read every post on this trial. I think you are an honorable person. I just need to vent for a bit. I hope you humor me and read my notes. I was at trial this week and It is all a big ridiculous joke. These people took a case based on not thinking the lady could mount a defense they would have to worry about. They never figured in a million years she could put this kind of people in their faces. The DA took the case due to a few families that feel everyone should bow down and kiss their A--. This is the good ol boy case gone terribly wrong for the good ol boys and their Daddy the Judge. The families are as corrupt as the Officials that took the case. This is the one thing that has always stunk in Ringgold. You have people with a few dollars in their pocket and they think they can manipulate every system and every person. The reason the DA had to attack Tonya today is due to having a very weak case at best. If he survives this case and retains a position, I bet he will pick and choose cases a little better. The accusers family's are like others in this stuck up snotty nosed community. They think other's are beneath them and they are better than all other's. Tonya did one thing wrong and I know it. She picked the wrong people to associate with. They will put their own kids under the bus as shown in this case. I think the outcome of this one is going to have a good lesson for many people. People in this community have a sense of entitlement. If they help you out in anyway, they hold that as a marker until they need to call in the marker. This was a marker called in to take this case. You bet I think it is a conspiracy. A big nasty one and I hope it blows up all in these peoples faces. I hope Tonya sues the hell out of the lot of them. Thanks for reading.

Lookout Spy said...

We can be certain the HAG TAG team are not even close to being done with their antics. A bomb may not fall into the courthouse as it did for Judge Frierson,

however the explosions are surely yet to come the more desperate things get for the LMJD threesome.

They will stop at NOTHING if they believe it will make the jury convict. Be prepared for something even more unusual after Court opens Monday.

I promise you the truths to come will be stranger than any fiction we've ever witnessed yet!

And the truth will set Tonya Craft free.

Anonymous said...

Throw all the nasty minded accusing parents in a dark jail cell with the TRIO and they can all decide together what it sounds like to touch each others genitals! YUK!!! Get that trash out of the south!!

Give all the kids to Tonya, it's their only chance for a decent upbringing!

William L. Anderson said...

Thanks. BTW, my old "renter" will tell you that Jo and I never raised the rent on them! And we sold them the house at a great price!

However, they went and fixed it up and made it even better, and I am glad they got it.

I agree with the 10:04. They never figured she would put up a fight. I'll be posting tomorrow regarding just why Arnt and Gregor really do "get paid by the child molester," and why it is that they are so willing to railroad innocent people to prison. In the end, it always is about the money.

To answer Denise, yes, you are watching a conspiracy (in a legal term) to deprive Tonya of her civil right to a fair trial. As for lawsuits, I believe she first should target the Children's Advocacy Centers of Dalton and Fort Oglethorpe, as they have provided the means by which people can be wrongly prosecuted. Their "witnesses" are dishonest, incompetent, poorly-trained, and just plain evil. It is harder to sue prosecutors and impossible to sue judges, given their legal immunity.

That is why I think the best thing to do with the Three Evil Stooges is to try to get them disbarred. Let them go try to make a living selling life insurance.

Name withheld to protect the innocent. said...

Dr. Anderson:

I’ve been following your antics for a couple of weeks now. I’ve seen all the lies you have spread, and frankly, I have partaken in the fun…laughing at your expense. But it dawned on me today that there are innocent people being put in the middle of this. You have lied! You have incited violence against innocent people! YOU ARE PUTTING INNOCENT PEOPLE IN HARM’S WAY.

So, you think Tonya Craft is innocent. That is fine. Even if she is “wrongfully” convicted, she will live on, albeit in prison. But what you are doing here, flaming an ignorant public, and knowingly flaming an ignorant public, may cause good people to get hurt, or worse. IF SOMEONE IS HURT, IT IS YOUR FAULT, WILLIAM ANDERSON. THERE WILL BE BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS! You, and only you, will have to answer to the God you pretend to worship. We live in a fallen world, man…get over yourself! I pray that you are man enough to admit your faults.

Prayerfully yours,

Name withheld to protect the innocent.

Anonymous said...

Richard said:

GrEGOr, Arnt, and House will reap what they have sown. The Lord will make sure of it.

William L. Anderson said...

To the 10:21

Yes, this has been a tough trial. I am quite glad to have some comic relief. Thanks for providing the joke.

Actually, lady, good people have been hurt, and hurt by evil people like you. Don't whitewash someone being wrongfully convicted, and you strike me as someone who would howl and howl if such a thing happened to you or your loved ones.

I'll tell you what. If you don't like what I am writing, then exercise your right not to read it. And you and your Three Stooges friends can get together and complain that I am protecting child molesters.

As for "inflaming an ignorant public," just what the heck have you and the Three Stooges been doing? You have got to be kidding about me inflaming anyone.

If you did not want angry people maybe you and your friends should not have pushed for these false charges. And I am not done with you, your lying friends, and three people in that courtroom who need to be disbarred.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, hello, Len! I would love to meet you one day. I'll be on the front row at your hearing when youre disbarred.

Anonymous said...

Oh lord, let's hope they don't start that profession. I am appalled that this trial is even going on. Oh and if you three stupid jackasses are reading this I got one word for ya.
Well since you are so stupid I went ahead and looked up the definition for you too.
Disbarment (three syllables)
Generally disbarment is imposed as a sanction for conduct indicating that an attorney is not fit to practice law, willfully disregarding the interests of a client, or engaging in fraud which impedes the administration of justice. In addition, any lawyer who is convicted of a felony is automatically disbarred in most jurisdictions. I think you have pretty much covered all of this. I can't wait for the day your low life, lying, twisted butts are handed to you on a silver platter!

Mr Anderson,
I commend you on keeping a very close eye on this case and keeping us up to date.

Lookout Spy said...

@ Name withheld, You could be up for trial next.

Teach a child to pray, put your arms around her, have her kneel in front of you...

How would you like to be accused of molesting children ?

Mr. Anderson has never incited violence, but your words show your ignorance not only of Christian love, but lack of knowledge and faith in our nation's Constitution, INNOCENT until proven guilty.

Evil stains your heart and blinds your eyes.

Anonymous said...

So 10:21...what are you trying to say here? Maybe you are one of the innocent ones in harms way? Suicide...murder? Spell it out for us...we want to know exactly what you are talking about no reason to be cryptic here...just some nice friendly discussion amongst common folk.

Anonymous said...

You lied when you inferred that Judge House misruled regarding the doctor’s note the defense attempted to enter into evidence. If this information truly would have exonerated Ms. Craft then the doctor or someone on staff would have come to testify.

Anonymous said...

Ignorant people? I'm from Chattanooga, and from what I've seen most of the people posting here are above the normal intelligence level.
I've been very impressed with them.

Ignorance is what you saw doing the cross examination today.

Most of the time intelligent people do not resort to violence when they are wronged. They use the tools that are built into the system to right the injustice. Tools like disbarment or voting the pricks out.

Anonymous said...

Len, when you touch your vagina, is it considered child abuse? Considering that you act like a child!

Anonymous said...

Dear Name withheld to protect the innocent

I'm sorry just who in the hell are the innocent? Surely you are not referring to the three stooges. This is America you big idiot, free speech is still a god give right in this country. See just like me saying your an idiot, that's my freedom of speech right there.
I guess what is being reported by the press that your fellow idiot brother in arms are saying and doing in court are wrong too right?!! Please

Oh and sugah as far as your quote "IF SOMEONE IS HURT, IT IS YOUR FAULT" um, you might want to recheck your facts darling, cause the blood is on the hands of your precious judge and his two stupid DA's. Now put that in your pipe and smoke it. Oh my you sound like one of the DA's or that horses butt of a judge. I will leave you with a quote from Flo of Alice..... "Kiss My Grits"

PS My favorite color is yellow.

Anonymous said...

You lied when you said Judge House spoke with Sandra Lamb the day before trial.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:35 - Must be one of the Jurors that has been asleep for most of the trial. There has been a lot of evidence left out by King House because it would further ruin their feeble prosecution. Seriously team HAG, get a life.

Denise C. said...

I didn't get to follow the trial real well today. Did the prosecution ever ask anything relevant? The parts I was able to catch on Twitter didn't sound like a cross-examination but more like a politician on a soap box.

Anonymous said...

Hey remember that one day all these children will pay a price for beging guided to lie by their parents. These parents, McDonalds, Wilsons, and Lambs, will have to someday face God, without their money or connections or people who follow them to be their caddies because they make them feel important to be spoke to by the big guys. They will have to answer to God for what they have done, and God will protect Tonya for what she has went through. Tonya is a wonderful person ad we love her dearly. I have known her for about 4 years and think nothing but the highest respect for her. My children adore her as do my grandchildren. Tonya, you are an incredible woman, you just happened to marry a sorry purvert (Henke) who, then married a complete idiot. God always wins. Love you Tonya.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Len Gregor should ask Joal Henke. I am sure he has touched Gregor's wife...

Anonymous said...

Where's your proof 10:37? Hmmm??? Why don't you share?

William L. Anderson said...

One more question for the 10:21 troll:

Which lie have I told? I did not make up the Facebook page for Chris Arnt. Len Gregor really wrote on a blog that he loved being a prosecutor because he could be "the man."

Furthermore, I didn't make up Suzi Thorne's testimony, and all of the CAC witnesses on the stand admitted to not reading any literature that deals with interviewing children in sexual abuse cases. Nor did I make up the testimony of Dr. Nancy Aldridge and the others.

So, I would like to know which lie I told. (Oh, they did not send a SWAT team to Dr. Ann Hazzard's office; they sent a police raiding team, instead. Small difference.)

So, if you are going to accuse me of lying, praytell give me chapter and verse. This I want to hear.

Anonymous said...

10:21, seems that a few on here know exactly who you are and what might be in store for you?! Remember those pesky little 1's and 0's get recorded with an IP address attached. Here's your shovel, keep digging.

Anonymous said...

Arnt is more childish that Len. Len is just an idiot. Thinking he can assassinate someone's character as a valid prosecuttion. So, Len when you touch Arnt's vagina, would that be considered child abuse? Seeing as how we are so ignorant and all, please help me with this....

Anonymous said...

Name withheld to protect the innocent. said...

Thanks for showing us your bllind ignorance. You would not know God if he walked up and hit you in the head. Hypocrites like yourself and some of these parents will inhabit a special place in Hell.

Anonymous said...

You know the truth, Doctor Anderson, and I pray there is no blood on your hands.

Anonymous said...


What is this about the Picnic for Tonya? I would love to know details.

It killed me to learn that she has spent $500,000 on her defense...what can we do to raise money to help provide a little support for her? I am all for buying a t-shirt to go towards the defense fund.

William L. Anderson said...

No, I said that Sandra Lamb spoke to House two days before she testified. Nor did I "lie" when I said House refused to let the medical records be entered into evidence, since he did refuse. If he refused those records, and I said he refused those records, then how in the world is it a lie.

What we have here, folks, is one of the parents, who is commenting here in violation of the gag order. Of that I can guarantee you.

(Or maybe it is Miriam Boyd, who has been trying to harass and intimidate anyone who disagrees with her. If Tonya's supporters did what she has been doing, they would have been arrested.)

I'm sick of your type and the horrific damage you and your pathetic friends have done. You are despicable and I would advise you to find a blog that is dedicated to convicting Tonya. Oh, I forgot, there are no blogs like that.

Follow my suggestion and start your own blog, lady.

Anonymous said...

I would like to lay odds on the amount of plastic surgery the troll Mariam Boyd has experienced?

If Sandra Lamb is the redneck Paris Hilton, then this bimbo must be Nicole Richie.

Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha LOVE IT

We will now refer to Sandra Lamb as Redneck Paris Hilton, as usual. And Mariam Boyd as Nicole Richie.

Denise C. said...

The picnic is May 15th in Ringgold at a playground/park near the courthouse. There is a page on Facebook, Fundraising Picnic for Tonya Craft. You can rsvp there or contact them about more information. Or you can email me and I can get you to the right person.

Anonymous said...

Dear 10:43
Do you really think we are all so stupid to not know you are the same Name Withheld to Protect the Guilty, Lying, Snakes in the Grass Three Stooges?

Guess what boo boo? Your IP address can be tracked...doh!!!

The only ones with blood on their hands are as follows, now sweetie I will go really slow so that you may keep up ok?

Joke of a Medical Director and her SANE
Two Interviewers at CAC
Det. Deal
Are you detecting a pattern yet or do I need to draw you a picture and use stickers too?
Let me know how that foot tastes ok?

Cyril Lucar said...


I've been thinking. 10:21 is right. There's been quite a bit of heated rhetoric going on here and we've already seen some pretty scary stuff.

People have gotten very interested in local politics and the justice system. They might even turn out to vote in the next election in greater numbers. People are examining the justice system and considering what might need to change.

Bloggers are writing and news agencies are sending reporters, and lots of outside agitators are coming in and interferin' with a hunt for hidden homo-sexuals and takin care of a nosy black PI from ATLANTA.

And now we find out that Wal-Mart is out of YELLOW SHIRTS! Where will it end Bill? You are responsible!

Maybe with the truth and a book deal....

-bill's old renter who never experienced a rate increase and got a sweet deal on a cool house

William L. Anderson said...

I'm going to bed. Comment on!! See you in the morning.

I will be doing a post tomorrow that explains one reasons why the LMJD has been on a child molestation witch hunts. (Yes, I will put economic analysis to work for a change.)

Anonymous said...

I do not know if the defendant in this case is guilty or innocent, but you lied on April 7 when you stated that Chris Arnt told the police not to give any material to the defense.

William L. Anderson said...

Cyril, you are right. It IS a heavy burden. I could have handled it, but when I found out that Wal-Mart ran out of yellow shirts, well, my heart became so heavy that I....

William L. Anderson said...

Hold it, 10:50. I was taking a quote from the Chattanoogan in which he admitted to such. If I was lying, then Arnt was lying, too. (Well, Arnt has been lying, but I am not sure he was lying about his lying.)

Anonymous said...

Your welcome, Bill. It looks like I got a good bit of attention for your experiment in narcissism here. I just hope it makes them think.

Anonymous said...

You're not going to sleep tonight, are you, Bill?

Anonymous said...

Dear 10:50
Please take your following friends with you 10:21 and Name With Held to Protect the Innocent and start your own "We are witch hunters" blog.
Jeez, you think by throwing in a few more words to what you keep repeating over and over is gonna throw people off of the trail.
This has to be one of the parents, HAG team or that crazy doctor's wife who by the way needs to be medicated. Mr Anderson stands for the truth and unlike you vicious people has nothing to gain by reporting the FACTS on this case. So saddle up and move em out partner!

Anonymous said...

IF Bill told a hundred lies, it would be a pittance compared to those told by the prosecutors, dicktective Deal, OutHouse, the child therapist, the ignorant redneck parents, Joal Kinky Henke, his child of a wife, and everyone else connected to the prosecution of this innocent woman.

Go away you annoying piece of shit.

Lookout Spy said...

The only people who need to be thinking carefully are the jury.

Can't imagine what they are going through, and what tricks and extortion are being directed at them now.

No doubt the ground will swallow them if they agree to convict, for they will have made a pact with Satan if that is the case.

Cyril Lucar said...


Calling Bill a "narcissist"? Does that mean he's a child molester? How come you people (if these are multiple people) aren't answering back to his rebuttals. We're reading the same Chattanoogan articles he's quoting from. I guess you are calling Norwood a liar too?

You know, Bill is up front about his identity and clear where he gets his information. You people are dropping in anonymously and refusing to answer his rebuttals. If he was a narcissist, all he'd have to do is set the blog to "moderate" and delete all your comments.

If you want to debate the truth, you're going to have to do more than, "liar, liar, pants on fire."

dmk said...

Accuser family troll -

I hate to double post, but since you are trolling two threads, in the interest of brevity I'll just give you the Cliff Notes of my other response to you:


Lookout Spy said...

Honestly, the LMJD team are such narcissists, I doubt they even know what a DSM IV is, let alone what it is used for. Shows, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

So, Cyril. Bill is "clear where he gets his information from" huh? He has not yet admitted that he is in bed with defense counsel. I'm sorry, but there are some things that only counsel would know. And Bill has posted such things on his blog. He has blown his own cover. Maybe Bill doesn't even exist, and Clancy is running this whole charade? I mean, Clancy is the briefcase carrier of the bunch.

Anonymous said...

You lied on April 27th in the following post:

"Mr. Gregor became angry when defense attorney Cary King objected to a question about Ms. Craft sending a promiscuous picture to a teenage boy, saying the state had not entered it as evidence.

"'I’m not obligated to give them the material I’m using,'" Mr. Gregor said to Superior Court Judge Brian House.

"Judge House agreed that Mr. Gregor could continue with his line of questioning.

"Actually, in a court of law, he would have been required to give his material at discovery, as opposed to trying to spring surprises for the faux 'Perry Mason Moment.' However, he is in Brian House's court, which is increasingly looking like something from the Scottsboro Boys travesty."

According to the Georgia Rules of Evidence, on cross-examination, such “discovery” is not required to ask this type of question.

Victoria said...

Wow the trolls really came out from under the bridge tonight! Why don't you go find some other bridge to attack or maybe some new false accusations you can hurl at an innocent person. What's the matter, things not going according to your evil plans? Even dogs know not to fowl their own nests but you sucked kids into your plot in your own community. Bet you didn't think you would end up being ostracized, did you? Be gone with you trolls!

Anonymous said...

11:13 I suggest you call Mike Nifong and ask him if Dr. Anderson exists. If you are who I suspect you are by the words you use, I think you will find out very shortly that Dr. Anderson does indeed exist.

Question for you, what does it sound like when a dirty prosecutor gets disbarred? "waaaaahhhhhh, not fair, not fair"

Anonymous said...

Why are the Georgia rules of evidence so different from other states? (other than they were apparently written by some ignorant attornies)

Lookout Spy said...

Anon 11:23, The GA rules of evidence are getting closer to the Federal Model Rules, however you have to remember that we live in a state that cherishes the power of the vested interests over the the United States Constitution. It's complicated, but bottom line is judges have unlimited discretion, and it takes a well prepared attorney to filter through the minefields of GA rules of eveidence, which as a body of lae goes back I believe to 1853.

Dan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Accusser #1 question to Laruie Evanc "can you make me stop pleasing myself"? That bout sums it up don't you think? These accusser are demons, if you touched them with a cross or holy water it would burn them.

Dan said...

The Web Poll today asked readers:

"Do you believe Tonya Craft when she says she did not molest the 3 little girls?"

Yes = 91%
No = 9%

That's all I have to say about that, tonight.

bearer of great news...... said...

they can't sleep because they know what's about to go down.

i'll tell you what's about to go down...their pants. once they're in prison, and they become the b------ of people with more physical power than their whiny asses ever dreamed of. you know, narcissists.

truth advocate said...

i didn't see the poll, but you can add a innocent vote for me!

JNN said...

I don’t know Tonya Craft. Never met her or anyone else involved in the trial, but a friend asked me to give it a look and give my opinion. My initial thoughts were that this lady may very well be guilty considering: She had already been fired by her school, she was getting a lot of bad press, and there were multiple alleged “victims”. Channel 9 had already tried and convicted her, not surprising there. (I suspect Channel 9 would announce Arsenic to be a good food additive if the Arsenic manufacturers purchased enough advertizing time.) Anyway, she was taking a beating.
I reviewed a website designed to defend Tonya. It was a rambling, disjointed collage of opinions, quotes, accusations and allusions with bits and pieces of factual evidence mixed in. I could tell that it was a sincere plea for a friend in need, but as a reader the format, writing style and poor grammar neither convinced me nor held my attention. I’m just saying sincerity doesn’t always translate into something effective.
As the trial drew near and the coverage increased there was much more information made available. It seemed everyone involved was giving interviews. Tonya responded by speaking out in her own defense. And then it happened….the judge issued a gag order. My very next thought was that something wasn’t quite right here. There was no gag order as long as everyone else was trashing her on TV, on Facebook, and in the newspapers. The minute she defended herself the game changed and people, myself included, said “Hmmmm, what are they afraid of?”
Having grown up in North Georgia, and later working in law enforcement, I’ve seen more than a few verdicts that had more to do with who knew whom, than who did what. I’ve even witnessed a party being raided by the police…simply because a particular judge didn’t get his annual invitation. North Georgia has never been a good place to go to court but this “trial” has set a new standard for corruption and incompetence. From what I’ve seen this group of exes, friends and bit players would have been a better fit for a Jerry Springer episode than a courtroom. The egos and attitudes aren’t what anyone would expect in a modern day court of law.
I have read every post, blog or transcript available, often at the expense of my own sleep. The prosecution’s “experts” come across as arrogant, maladjusted wanna be’s with bad attitudes. Their stories have been dismantled by the defense’s real experts (who have college degrees, national experience and iron-clad credentials) yet the prosecutors and judge seem hell-bent on convicting Tonya, even if it means destroying their own careers and disgracing the entire legal system. There comes a point where a prudent person might realize they attacked the wrong person. Obviously prudent isn’t the word that comes to mind when thinking of Arnt, Gregor and House….or the CAC gang for that matter.
So, unless the prosecution is (illegally) holding back some spectacular “Perry Mason, Matlock, Barnaby Jones” caliber bombshell, there’s no real case against Ms. Craft. But, as we all know, anything is possible in a North Georgia courthouse. So I’ll simply end this with a few lines from the old song The Night the Lights went out in Georgia, “……Don’t trust your soul to no backwoods southern lawyer, cause the judge in the town has bloodstains on his hands”.
Again, just my opinion…

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering, the "innocent one" (play on the "evil one") says that Mr. Anderson is inciting people to violence. Actually, it's quite the opposite. On here and on, as I've pointed out, there are people who are calling on others to do violence to Tonya Craft and others who support her. It's the typical tactic of someone who is put into a situation where their side is going to lose and lose badly and without dignity or a sense of having ever been right. What is that tactic? Accuse the other side of being mean. Yes, there are some people on here who have said some not so kind things about the accusers' parents. From what I have gathered, not just from here but from other blogs, the news print and published testimony, they are FAR from perfect people. I'm sure that Ms Craft has done some naughty things in her day. But so have the others. They are accusing her of all sorts of things that they cannot prove, and they police did a thorough search of their home. I wonder if anything naughty would be found if the police were to search your home or the homes of the parents. Hmmm? Maybe a thong or two in your closet?

Kathy R said...

For crying out loud Name Withheld to Protect the Innocent it is clear you are trying to discredit Mr. Anderson / shut him up and hide the truth. Guess what it will not work. This Blog does not and has never encouraged violence. There have been no lies. The only innocent person who needs protection is Mrs. Craft from people like you.

Lame said...

Hey guys, here's a little diddy I whipped up about the prosecutors in this case. It goes to the same tune as the theme to the TV show Dukes of Hazard:

Just the good ole boys
Meaning Tonya some harm
Biggest hypocr'tes you ever saw
Should give up pract'cin law
And go back to the farm

Kathy R said...

Lame u r sooooooo funny u crack me up. Do u wear a thong when u sing it?

Lame said...

Am I the only one who is picturing the faces Gregor superimposed over that of Pinochio in the bit of Shrek 2 where he's trying to lie, and he's saying he's wearing women's under wear, and then it turns out he's wearing a thong?

Anonymous said...

Can we start thinking of some ways that we can raise money for Tonya.

1.) T-Shirts possibly
2.) The picnic fundraiser

What else??? IDEAS PEOPLE!

Just think, if we sell 100 t-shirts for $10 a piece thats $1000 for Tonya to put towards her many many bills from this case.

Cyril Lucar said...

Anonymous 11:13

Well, you've blown whatever shred of credibility you might have had with that post. One, Bill exists and he's writing as a public figure, a working professor at a university clearly identified in his blog. As for communicating with the defense, I don't really see that anyone has to. N GA isn't very metro. Everyone knows everybody and a few emails from a handful of Tonya's hundreds of supporters and friends would let Bill in on anything he needs to know. People are also contacting him with courtroom information, not that he needs much with Norwood's reporting. And as far as the "lie" concerning Bill's judgment of the rules of evidence...if he's wrong then it's a mistake, not a lie. And if you know the rules of evidence so well, you might just be a prosecutor...and violating a gag order. Not that you are owning your words, as Bill is.

Anonymous said...

Someone please approach the Pastor at Peavine Baptist church where Brian House attends and believed to be a deacon and call for church discipline. House needs many of the members to voice their concerns as well as a call for him to repent, stop his wrong way and stand for truth and God. Brian House too can be forgiven and given the chance to make things right.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:13

Violating a gag order is a big no no. Maybe you should refresh yourself with your little law book for dummies.

William L. Anderson said...

So, Cyril. Bill is "clear where he gets his information from" huh? He has not yet admitted that he is in bed with defense counsel. I'm sorry, but there are some things that only counsel would know. And Bill has posted such things on his blog. He has blown his own cover. Maybe Bill doesn't even exist, and Clancy is running this whole charade? I mean, Clancy is the briefcase carrier of the bunch.

May 7, 2010 11:13 PM

Sorry, prosecution troll, I have had no contact at all with the defense. They are under a gag order and actually have tried to honor it, given that House is running a one-sided court.

I have no idea who Clancy is and don't care, and I think that Cyril actually knows I exist, given that I sold my house to his wife and him about 12 years ago. (Unless the house also is imaginary, along with the street where it is located, along with the late cat, Triscuit, who came with the house.)

Now, none of this bothers me, per se, except that not one troll has offered a real piece of evidence in this case.

I will take it one step further. There is a gag order that exists and the prosecution and its witnesses are not permitted to make public statements, and I suspect that our little trolls are violating House's order.

Now, the prosecution has known all along that it is free to do whatever it wants, since House has received all his cues from the prosecutors during the trial. It is obvious to people in that courtroom as to what is going on, and to make things worse, House and the prosecutors, along with the bailiffs, have worked together to intimidate and harass anyone in that building who supports Tonya Craft.

What is happening is shameful, absolutely shameful. The prosecution should never accuse me of lying; no this entire trial is a lie, and I can tell you that when I read junk like what the prosecution's supporters are saying on this blog, it makes me even more determined to do whatever I can to seek disbarment for the two sorriest and dishonest prosecutors I ever have seen.

Lame said...

You know, I just thought of something. You know how the one lady they interviewed on Today who was pro-prosecution, I was thinking about what she said, that the girls were too young and knew too much.

Well, let's apply some patented A&G Logic to this situation. Using patented L&G Logic, because some people who molest children do so while drunk, we must assume that anyone who drinks to excess is a child molester. OK, let's grant them that. Now, using patented A&G Logic, since there are several people in the entertainment industry who are homosexual, we must assume that anyone who is an actor is homosexual. Isn't one of the accusers an actress? Let's go further. A simple search on the subject will show you that a great number of people in the fashion industry are homosexual. So, using patented A&G Logic, we must assume that anyone who is interested in modeling or reads magazines with pictures of supermodels in them is homosexual. Doesn't the mother of at least one accuser have the girl involved in modeling? It would appear so from at least one of their face book photos. Considering how Chely Wright and other high-profile female singers have recently come out as being lesbians, using patented A&G Logic, once must assume that all people who sing or listen to music are lesbians. Don't some of the accusers have musical talent?

So, using patented A&G Logic, we have just proven that Tonya Craft could NOT have possibly taught these girls about how to become lesbians, because of their interests, that means they were lesbians, and all evidence shows that a person doesn't just choose to be gay, they are gay their whole life. So, the girls were already lesbians, and since A&G Logic tells us that all lesbians are chlid molesters, the girls were pre-desposed to molesting themselves and each other. After all, the only people that there is any PROOF that touched each other are the girls. So, having used patented A&G Logic, I have just shown that this whole trial is a sham and that the REAL perpetrators are the girls and that they are the ones who should be put on trial. Unless you want to use some more A&G Logic and say that because some parents teach their children to behave badly that everything a child does that is wrong is automatically the parent's fault. In that case, yes Tonya should be on trial, as well as the parents of the other two girls.

Now, before anyone jumps on me for being at all harsh on the girls, I'm not being. I'm merely showing that the logic that the prosecution has used all along to ad-homonym attack Ms Craft is the only thing in this case more flawed than the credentials of their witnesses.

Lame said...

Woa! Freaky. Just a minute ago when I tried to send the above post, the captcha word was "Belelzebub." I kid you not.

For those who don't know, Belelzebub is an ancient word for Satan. Makes one wonder just whose side Mr Anderson is really on. LOL

MaidenAmerica said...

Bill, regarding the trolls, I suggest, (unless they offer something of substance but we already know they can't), pressing the imaginary ignore button. They feed off of any disturbances they can cause. Even the smallest reply gives sickos thrills and giggles.

Anonymous said...

You lied on April 30 when you stated:

Even though Georgia law did not require the defense to prepare a summary of Dr. Hazzard's testimony,

A party may through interrogatories require any other party to identify each person whom the other party expects to call as an expert witness at trial, to state the subject matter on which the expert is expected to testify, and to state the substance of the facts and opinions to which the expert is expected to testify and a summary of the grounds for each opinion. (Georgia Code, Section 9-11-26)

Anonymous said...

Latest from Clay Bennett at the Chattonooga Times-Free Press:

Anonymous said...

It is with great apologies that I correct my prior post. It is my sincere hope that the error above did not cause any great problem.

7. You lied on April 30 when you stated:

"Even though Georgia law did not require the defense to prepare a summary of Dr. Hazzard's testimony,"

Georgia Code - Criminal Procedure - Title 17, Section 17-16-4

(2) The defendant shall within ten days of timely compliance by the prosecuting attorney but no later than five days prior to trial, or as otherwise ordered by the court, permit the prosecuting attorney at a time agreed to by the parties or as ordered by the court to inspect and copy or photograph a report of any physical or mental examinations and of scientific tests or experiments, including a summary of the basis for the expert opinion rendered in the report, or copies thereof, if the defendant intends to introduce in evidence in the defensés case-in-chief or rebuttal the results of the physical or mental examination or scientific test or experiment. If the report is oral or partially oral, the defendant shall reduce all relevant and material oral portions of such report to writing and shall serve opposing counsel with such portions no later than five days prior to trial.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, let's redirect the focus on ALL of Bill's "lies" instead of the sorry excuse for a trial. LOL Not gonna work. This Catoosa Cty voter is mad as hell, and she's not gonna take it any more!

Anonymous said...

Miriam Boyd,.... Miriam,Miriam....and I thought you were just being a "good neighbor" and doing their dirty work for them with threating phone calls and stalking supporters of Tonya's. But come to find out that's what you're best know for!!!!! My, my...hope your minute in fame is good for the doctor's know it takes a lot of money to be in the " in crowd" in Catoosa County!!!

Lookout Spy said...

I was taught as a child that the meaning of the word Satan is "accuser". Those who accuse are possessed of great evil. Call someone a liar, look in the mirror first.

Anonymous said...

Just viewed a segment on the Today show with Michelle Kosinski. This story just isn't going to leave the national spotlight, which means it is probable that there will still be national media in the courtroom come Monday.

Isn't it strange that although Dr. Lorandos has been accused of "playing to the media", that the only people whose behavior seems to change would the HAG team?!

I wonder how much House regrets his decision to allow the media in? When this is all said and done, he won't be able to get elected as dog catcher.

Anonymous said...

The wonderful HAG Team are not fit to be sewage inspectors. They obviously don't recognize how deep the crap is that they are in. That is to include the great " Buzz Franklin " with all his cohorts as well.

Anonymous said...

Let's say I have a friend who may be able to get his phone records.....Now that would be interesteing to know.

Anonymous said...

Let's say I have a friend who may be able to get his phone records.....Now that would be interesteing to know.

Anonymous said...

Why in the world would I want House's personal cell number. I don't need to call him to tell him how I feel; I have the power of a vote, which is enough to speak for itself. Go ahead and run for reelection House, so I can vote against you.

Anonymous said...

I find these 'attacking' comments on Bill's blog/character quite humerous...meaning GREAT JOB BILL!!!
It seems you're really eating these evil jerks up inside. They are apparently suffering from 'Bill Anderson Envy'. Who knew monsters had such gianormous green eyes. Hee,hee!! Keep up the great work Bill! TRUTH FOR TONYA!!!!!!!

Cyril Lucar said...

Yep, we have a prosecuting attorney trying to discredit Bill as a "liar" by alleging inaccuracies in his interpretation of Georgia law and calling the alleged mistakes "lies." Paired with this is an accusation that Bill is "in bed" with the defense. Of course, if he was "in bed" with the defense, then his understanding of GA trial rules would be perfect. The two accusations are mutually exclusive.

I'm going to hazard a guess that we're dealing with one of Gregor or Arnt's assistants here, either that or an attorney buddy who is functioning as a de facto mouthpiece for the prosecution.

Anonymous said...

Personally I'm betting on another ADA from the North Ga area, likely not in the LMJD.
Probably shared a few cocktails with his "boys" over the years.

Maybe enjoyed a few hours in a Ggentleman's Club while attending conferences/training.

Had a few laughs over the ease of convicting the "mountain folk" over the years.

Played a few hands of cards over whiskey and cigars at the country club.

You know, just what "good ole boys" do.

William L. Anderson said...

Even though House's number is on a web page, I deleted it when posted on this comment page. I don't want any personal harassment of these people, as I think events will take care of themselves.

As for my "lies" regarding the summary statements, the defense had not consulted with Dr. Fajman before her testimony as to what it would be, so a summary, from what I understand of Georgia law, was not legally necessary.

By the way, Gregor's line of questioning, from what I am told by attorneys, was well out of line and should not have been permitted. I suspect he has done that in other "child molestation" cases, too.

Remember, people, this case is being followed by attorneys all over the USA, and attorneys talk to one another. Likewise, by calling Dr. Nancy Aldridge a liar in his "cross" yesterday, Gregor slandered a person who mostly testifies for the prosecution in Georgia. That was not an intelligent move on his part, and while I have no contact with Dr. Aldridge or the defense, nonetheless logic tells me that this woman is not going to be silent after this trial is over.

House can keep people quiet only so long. And by letting Gregor run wild Friday, and with him doing it on video, the record is there for everyone to see.

What Gregor and Arnt have done the past few days has been to burn bridges. Their "scorched earth" prosecution will have its consequences.

Anonymous said...

Something I am having a trouble following is why the prosecution wanted a mistrial yesterday due to Dr. Lorandos questioning. anybody know or was this just another instance of them "playing to the media?"

William L. Anderson said...

Sorry that my Saturday post is not up, yet. I'm working on it now and should have it done after a while.

William L. Anderson said...

A mistrial would give these guys a way out, and would give them time to get their story straight, or so they think. Also, it would give Brian House the opportunity to extend the gag order.

As I have said before, I believe the Three Stooges know that a guilty verdict would be overturned, but they still believe such a verdict would justify what they have done. However, a guilty verdict would bring their tactics under more legal scrutiny than would an acquittal.

So, it is a devil's bargain. "Be careful for what you wish; you just might get it."

Anonymous said...

I think we should get yellow tank tops with "Cronie" or our screennames on them. I've been fairly vocal on Twitter. Just didn't feel like setting all of this up here. That way we'll all know who each other are - and frankly, I think we shoudl have soem type of get together win or lose - A LOT of organizing will need to be done to help free her if she's convicted (on appeal I mean - not like a "bust out".)

Anonymous said...

To 12:45 am

How about those stretchy bracelets, yellow of course with Truth For Tonya on it?

dmk said...

Anon @ 9:22

I'm still not ruling out a mistrial, and Gregor may have been setting the stage for one. I think after yesterday's sorry performance, the odds of complete acquittal improved significantly, with a hung jury coming in as the second most likely, and guilty on some or all counts very unlikely.

HAG knows this too, and I think what they want to avoid more than anything is a complete innocent verdict. A mistrial would let them kick the can down the road and buy some time, and also would be just that much more hell they could put Tonya through leaving her in limbo for a while, even if it never comes to trial again, which I don't think it would. They know their plan of putting her in her place by putting her in prison is fading fast, so now they will work to figure out how to continually get at her by draining her time and resources and not allowing her to clear her name for as long as possible.

Sandra Pearson said...

dear anonymous 7:21,

what you wrote is, in fact, not accurate. that being said, should we now refer to you as the anonymous liar?

let's start by looking at what exactly a lie really is, shall we?

lie [ lī ]
noun: a statement that deviates from or perverts the truth.
verb: deliberately say something untrue: to say something that is not true in a conscious effort to deceive somebody.
Synonyms: untruth, falsehood, story, tall tale, invention

Antonym: truth

if you are so interested in looking for lies, i would suggest you start with the custodial parents of the accusers. take an extensive look at their allegations... their master plan that was contrived through their demented imaginations.
then take your investigation over the the catoosa county sheriff's department. when you've finished uncovering detective deal's investigation, which is at best, misconceived, take your investigtion to the office of the catoosa county district attorneys. once you arrive there, what you will uncover will likely keep you occupied far beyond the length of this particular trial that you seem to have such fondness for.

now let's take the thought of a lie one step further. lying, in respect to a court of law, would be referred to as perjury. perjury is a word, i believe, we will be reading about often in future articles pertaining to this particular case, as i believe many witnesses for the prosecution are guilty of perjury.

per·ju·ry [ púrjəree ]
noun: criminal offense of making false statements under oath.
The deliberate, willful giving of false, misleading, or incomplete testimony under oath.

perjury is a crime that carries a significant sentence. it is, therefore, important to understand the truth about what perjury is and the consequences of perjury.

while many people consider perjury and lying to be interchangeable terms, they are different. perjury is a federal crime, and like all federal crimes, certain elements must be present in order for a person to be guilty of the crime. the federal crime of perjury is defined in the U.S. Code at 18 USC 1621. according to that law a person perjures himself if:
· he has taken an oath before a competent tribunal, officer, or person,
· in any case in which a law of the United States authorizes an oath to be administered,
· that he will testify, declare, depose, or certify truly, or that any written testimony, declaration, deposition, or certificate by him subscribed, is true, and
· he willfully and contrary to such oath states or subscribes any material matter which he does not believe to be true.

the usual federal sentence for perjury includes a fine, a prison term not to exceed five years, or both a fine and a prison term.

it is my opinion that you, anonymous 7:21, should take this information to your friends and warn them. they may want to go ahead and begin making arrangements for care of their children for the next five years.

(sources: LawInfo)

Harmony said...!/event.php?eid=120407137978110

Here is the link for the fundraising picnic. I want to do the most I can for Tonya so please come and show you support. I cant afford to buy t-shirts but if someone knows someone who would donate them it would be awsome.

Anonymous said...

I'm telling you, the troll sounds like a really creepy, scary person. Like someone who has 2 full medicine cabinets full of mental meds in her kitchen...(wow, that was vague wasn't it - that could describe all 3 of them!) I liked what the other person said yesterday - they are like animals at the zoo - don't feed them.

Denise C. said...

I ordered a "Truth for Tonya" bumper sticker this week. I encourage everyone to order one whether you are local or not. They are free. We can't park near the courthouse with the bumper stickers but we can still blanket the rest of the county with the bumper sticker.

Kerwyn said...

Wll darn, I went to bed early and missed all the fun!

To anon who posted this drivel "So, Cyril. Bill is "clear where he gets his information from" huh? He has not yet admitted that he is in bed with defense counsel."

I hate to give you the bad news but..

Myself and several others who are dedicated to revealing criminal injustice are his sources and NONE of us even know the defense.

What you see here is called "investigation". I know, it's a big word and really hard to understand.

Every single word on Bill's blog has been researched (damn another big word, sorry) by many of us who care about real justice.

Instead of throwing a temper tantrum over the horrible job either you or your friend did yesterday in court, perhaps you should try doing those two words.

Investigation, research. Great words that usually lead to the truth.

I must admit tho, watching yesterdays cross examination was worthy of Jeff Foxworthy (sorry Jeff).

You might be a child molester if..

As a FNE (look it up if you don't know what it means), I look at fact, I am current on every single blessed clinical study, policy, procedure and guidelines for my specialty. In fact, the biggest complaint I have about my field is the sheer number of class hours I spend (on my darn days off no less) every month to stay current.

How can you listen to Holly Nave Kittle's testimony and not get sick to your stomach. From the court testimony:
"Kittle now laughing on stand as defense continues to ask about research she's never read"

Or how 'bout Stacy Long, who when asked "Wasn't that a suggestive question you asked" responded with "so what".
Or how 'bout Suzie "I don't need no stinkin degree" Thorne who testified the child told her nothing while on video BUT *wait for it* OFF camera she relates a graphic assault which *Almost there!* she DOES NOT DOCUMENT.

I got a bridge cheap folks.

Next time you accuse Bill of being in bed with the defense (I think your confusing him with Henke), be sure you know your facts.

Now, that is a nice short for you. Facts...

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to sneak up to Brian House's truck and the mam's tiny cooper, and Arnt's car as well, and put a truth for tonya bumpersticker on their vehicles, then go get a bailiff, and have him fine them $500 for violating the court order for having a truthfortonya sticker within courthouse limits...

That is funny right there, I don't care who you are!!!

Still Stunned said...

I hope I am wrong, but I have a prediction with regard to yesterday's testimony. I don't believe for a minute that the terrible trio are going to go out like that with their tails tucked between their legs... I believe that they know they have lost this case hands down, but with the remark "RES IPSA LOQUITUR" being uttered between Arnt and Gregor, I would not be suprised one bit if Tonya is aquitted that they wouldn't have a warrant for her arrest as she walks out of the court for being a mandatory reporter, and then not reporting Kelli McDonald for "beating" her child. Now, that is not what Tonya said, she said she was "spanking her excessively, and looking back on it, she probably should have reported her." but she didn't. This remark was made while D-Lo was in his direct questioning Tonya about her "falling out" with Victim #2's mother. I just find it hard to believe that the HAGTAG are going to let it go without some type of conviction on Tonya. She, her husband, Her defense team, and all involved have embarrassed the prosecution, shown their lies, and partiality throughout this trial. Of course if they attempted to do this, it will be done in the public's eye so to further humiliate Tonya. I just hope they don't cause a riot on the courthouse grounds in doing so.
Bill, what are your thoughts on this? Do you think I am off base?
Also, if they attempted to charge Tonya, would they not also have to arrest Kellie? I am sure that she would try to make a deal to turn evidence against Tonya, in exchange for lienency... Wouldn't that be a bitch!!! Kelli McDonald beats her kid and gets away with it to turn states evidence against Tonya for not reporting it!!! Stranger things have happened over the last 4 weeks.

Connie Wilson said...

@ 10:00 & 10:37....absolutely laughing my head off Kerwyn. You hit it dead on!! They probably keep open in their computer tabs for all those big words. And you're right 10:37, funny stuff! I would love to see this happen.

William L. Anderson said...

To 10:54

I think that you are correct. There is no way that these people are going to let go of this one, and they already have demonstrated that the law is no barrier to their actions.

However, if they do try to pull off such a stunt, they are going to be inviting publicity and scrutiny that they never have had before, as such an action would help the story really go national.

And, I don't mean any "even-handed" junk like from what we saw on the Today Show. No, you might remember what "60 Minutes" did to Nifong's case in the Duke situation. If you get a hard-nosed investigative journalist on this who does not fear people like Arnt and Gregor and House, then he or she can make plenty of trouble for them.

My new post is up for today.

Narcissist07 said...

Some ma ask why the name, so here goes.
I like to stay fit, I drive a nice car, I look at myself in the mirror when I shave, I have been known to go to the front door in a towel to call my dog back in the house, I like to tan on my boat, and yellow is also my favorite color... Yep, I am pegged!!!!

You might want to rethink the picnic location and move it to Camp Jordan. I am sure that when Tonya is aquitted of all charges, she is not going to want to ever step foot back into this state, especially not in Ringgold. My wife and I decided last night that we were going to leave this area, the very place that we have always called home. If these charges could be leveled at Tonya, who obviously is above reproach, then it truly could happen to anyone. With that said, if Brian "out" House happens to survive as judge until 2012 (which I doubt) he will have one less vote against him, because I won't be here to vote for "anyone but house!"

Anonymous said...

We were recently down in GA for a funeral and family members were telling us about this case. So when we came home, which is in WI, I started to read up. I have to say I am definitally glad that we do not live in Northern GA anymore, wouldn't want to get railroaded in those courts.
Praying for a NOT GUILTY verdict for Tonya.

Anonymous said...


I immediately felt a wave a nausea reading this. I had no inkling whatsoever that this type of thing could happen. NOTHING about this case would surprise me any more when it comes to Arnt and Gregor. They know their jig is almost up and they would certainly want to take as many people down with them as possible.

Lame said...

Are you sure you heard them say Res Ipsa Liquitur? Could it have been as follows:

Arnt: I need a drink
Gregor: Yeah, Lets Get Some Liquor

Anonymous said...

I just made a template design of those silicon "Livestrong bracelets" with Truth for Tonya on them. They are yellow with black letters. I can buy them for $1.79 each and if we re sold just 100 bracelets for $5 a piece we could have about $320 for Tonya...not much but its a start.

I'm going to look into some more website that can get them for cheaper than $1.79

Would anyone be interested in buying these if I decided to make them? I am trying to do whatever I can to try to porvide Tonya with some sort of financial relief. Plus they are a cool way to show our support for her!!

Just think...if all of the members of the Truth for Tonya Facebook group bought just one bracelet each we could make $6,420. WOW!

Anonymous said...


Sorry about the spelling error!

Anonymous said...

Dear 10:43pm from last night and all other witch hunters:

Do you really think we are all so stupid to not know you are the same Name Withheld to Protect the Guilty, Lying, Snakes in the Grass Three Stooges?

Guess what boo boo? Your IP address can be tracked...doh!!!

The only ones with blood on their hands are as follows, now sweetie I will go really slow so that you may keep up ok?

Joke of a Medical Director and her SANE
Two Interviewers at CAC
Det. Deal
Are you detecting a pattern yet or do I need to draw you a picture and use stickers too?
Let me know how that foot tastes ok?

Chattanon said...

The trolls were really upset on this post huh? People react in funny ways when they are caught, cornered, etc. I am a little confused about how exactly Mr. Anderson has incited violence? In no way have I seen this on this post...Wonder what they are thinking...Oh sorry they Arn't(Had to do that). And I am sure these are people violating Houses order, track those IP's!!!

Chattanon said...

Every DSL box, Cable Box has a MAC address associated with it. And an IP address associated with your account. Troll on!