Friday, May 7, 2010

An Open Letter to Tonya Craft's Attorneys

[Update II, Friday May 7, 5:25 PM]: If we learned anything this afternoon, it is that Len Gregor is a misogynist, and a pretty lousy cross-examiner. He also seems to get his jollies from screaming "boobs" at women, not to mention having a fixation with thongs.

Well, this is a guy who on his Facebook page has a picture of himself standing next to a woman who seems to be in the process of pulling down shorts that already are very low-cut. Were he trying to impress that correspondent from NBC News, he sure did not do a good job, especially attacking one of Chattanooga's best TV reporters, Melydia Clewell.

I followed Gregor's cross of Tonya Craft, and I kept waiting for one -- one -- question of substance. Instead, all we got was the same stuff we have been given the whole trial from "The Man": innuendo, bluster, bullying, and, of course, lying. Not to be outdone, "Judge" Brian "House of Horrors" allowed "The Man" (to whom I will refer the rest of this post as "The Misogynist") to read from emails that had not been entered into evidence.

One of my friends told me of keeping correspondence with an appellate attorney from another state, and this attorney has counted about 500 issues upon which a guilty verdict would be overturned. When Gregor said "mistrial" this morning -- in the presence of the jury -- that alone would be something appellate courts would examine very, very carefully.

In other words, House is letting Facebook and The Misogynist run wild, which is what kangaroos do in the Outback. Maybe that is appropriate, given this is a kangaroo court that plays by one set of rules for the defense and another for the favored prosecution.

However, The Misogynist was not satisfied with just trashing Tonya. No, he also trashed two of the most authoritative expert witnesses in the country, Dr. Nancy Aldridge (who usually testifies for the prosecution) and Dr. William Bernet. Yes, he all but told the court that these were "bought and paid for" witnesses, yet he wants us to believe that Suzi "I Can't Recall -- I Just Remembered" Thorne, whose "qualifications" are nil, or Holly Nave Kittle who became an "expert" after attending a FIVE-DAY seminar are credible.

Keep in mind, people, that Dr. Aldridge and Dr. Bernet literally wrote the book on interviewing children in cases like this. Unfortunately, NONE of the "experts" from the CAC ever read the book, yet Gregor wants a jury to believe that Dr. Aldridge and Dr. Bernet are a couple of hacks just looking for a quick buck, but the eye-rolling, giggling, shoulder-shrugging "I just remembered" and "I didn't document" and "I don't follow court orders against me" "experts" from the CAC are the Fount of Knowledge.

People who might excuse The Misogynist's behavior by saying, "Well, he is just acting like a lawyer," need to remember that prosecutors are told to find the truth, not just try to win cases because a woman fails to bow down and worship them. You have to understand; Facebook, Horrors, and The Misogynist are livid, enraged that a woman would stand up to them. They want a conviction, not the truth.

I have no idea what verdict the jury will render, but I do have a strong idea that I am not the only person who believes these three men have no business in a courtroom unless they are there with brooms to sweep the floor.

[End Update]

[Update I, Friday May 7, 2:05 PM]: As usual, Dennis Norwood of The Chattanoogan has an excellent account of the morning's session, as Tonya Craft continues to be taking direct questioning from her attorneys.

[End Update]

In writing to you (since I have had no contact with you, due to the gag order), first I want to tell you that you have been doing the Lord's work these past many weeks, both in the way you have handled yourselves during the trial, and in the time leading up to it. Many people say they want to become attorneys because they "want to make a difference," and you have done just that.

In fact, you have not only defended an innocent person and defended her well, you also have opened the door to exposing a huge web of corruption in the LMJD and have raised serious questions about the "crusade against child sexual abuse" that Buzz Franklin initiated and his henchmen, Chris Arnt and Len Gregor have carried out, with the help of the Children's Advocacy Centers of Dalton and Fort Oglethorpe. It is one thing to go after real child abusers and molesters; it is quite another for prosecutors and "expert witnesses" to conspire to frame innocent people and then declare they are making the LMJD safe for children. In fact, it surely is not "for the children," but rather it is "for the money," Mondale Act and Annie E. Casey Foundation money, to be exact.

(Because Mondale Act money goes to districts that pursue "child abuse" and "child sexual assault" and the LMJD has made it first priority, in a very real sense, both Arnt and Gregor are "paid by the [alleged] child molester." The more "child molestation" cases that Gregor and Arnt can manufacture, the more federal money the district receives.)

I don't know how this trial will turn out, but I know that you have done your very best, given that "Judge" Brian House decided to pretend that the courtroom really was a locker room, and he was the football coach, and Arnt and Gregor were the resident "jocks." There is not much you can do when a judge decides to stack the deck, and the only other judge who stacked the deck as badly as House has done was Roland Friesler.

(Poor Roland's judicial career was cut short when an Allied bomb hit smack in his courtroom during an air raid, as Friesler had run back in to retrieve a file and was, thankfully, killed. I doubt that the end of House's career will be quite as spectacular as that, but when this sorry excuse for a judge has been run out of his courtroom for corruption and downright incompetence, like the people who saw Friesler's lifeless body, we will declare: "It is God's verdict.")

If the jury convicts Tonya, then I look forward to reading your appeals documents, as deforestation of North America will be needed to provide all the paper that you will need. I'm sure that you have lost count of items that are grounds for appeal, and we have not even come to the closing arguments and the "judge's" instructions for the jury. I'm sure that we will have to clear out the entire Amazon rain forest to obtain the necessary paper after House, Arnt and Gregor give us their last performances in front of a jury, for I cannot imagine that they will play by the rules.

Should there be a conviction and appeal, the disgraceful record of this trial will be open for the world to see, and I am sure that some appeals justices downstate would be interested to know just how much a courtroom in the LMJD resembles the one over which Friesler presided. Furthermore, as the justices scrutinize this case, the other ones that the Dishonest Duo prosecuted in which the Usual Suspects helped railroad possibly innocent people to prison also are going to attract interest from the important people.

However, should there be an acquittal, I hope that you do not refrain from using the hammer, for there is a lot of unfinished work to be done. Do you remember in the movie "Hoosiers" what one of the players said to his teammates in the locker room just before they took the floor?
Let's win this game for all the small schools that never had a chance to get here.
Indeed, there are people in the Georgia state prison system right now, falsely convicted of child molestation in LMJD "courts" because they did not have access to the same legal counsel and expert witnesses that you were able to provide for Tonya. The "unfairness" is NOT that Tonya and her parents have been able to obtain this representation, but rather that now that we have seen that your efforts exposed the "evidence" in court -- despite the best efforts by the three prosecutors (House, Arnt and Gregor) -- we begin to understand just what kind of garbage the Dishonest Duo and the CAC bring into a courtroom. If people really can be convicted on "evidence" and "testimony" like what we have seen in this inquisition, then there really is a huge problem in the LMJD that needs to be addressed NOW.

Once the trial is ended and House's anti-defense gag order lifted, I hope you and the others on your defense team will speak out against the utter abuse of justice that has characterized the courtroom of Roland Friesler, er, Brian House for the past month. Furthermore, I hope that you can get other attorneys and people to speak out against what has happened.

Furthermore, I hope you don't just speak; no, the kind of judicial and prosecutorial abomination that is the LMJD must be exposed by action. Some of the defense team is from Atlanta, and I hope that those members talk to others in the judicial system and in the State Bar to tell them of the judicial and prosecutorial abominations that must be occurring on a regular basis in Northwest Georgia.

There also needs to be a set of real consequences for what these three men and the false witnesses of the CAC have done. They make a mockery of the truth and commit the worst crimes that anyone in the "justice" system can do: frame innocent people for horrible crimes. People like that must be stopped, as they are destructive to all that is good and decent.

I also hope that people like Dr. Nancy Aldridge and Dr. William Bernet speak out about what they have seen in this trial and with the CAC. These are influential people and I hope we can count on them to make public statements and to galvanize the authorities into investigating this one-stop shopping prosecutorial and judicial racket.

As you know, the one things the authorities don't like is sunshine. All too often, when truth shines on the people in charge, they scatter like cockroaches in the light. However, once that truth is known, the judicial and legal authorities in Georgia are not going to be able to cover up this prosecutorial swindle any longer.

At the very least, three men need to have complaints filed against them with the various agencies that are in charge of disciplining them. One would think that their conduct during this past month should at the very least lead to disbarment, as these are people who never should be permitted to enter a courtroom again except as criminal defendants.

Please do not take this open letter as criticism or even as a set of suggestions. You have exhausted yourselves in a case that never should have gone to trial, and the only reason that it has gone four weeks is because the judge is in the tank and the prosecutors are fundamentally dishonest people who have deluded themselves into thinking that being misogynist bullies equates to having great legal minds.

Nonetheless, I hope after this is over that you do not simply go home and shake the dust of Catoosa County off your sandals. With a bit more effort and a lot of speaking out, we can get wrongful convictions overturned, innocent people can be rejoined with their loved ones, and three malevolent men who are utterly corrupt will no longer be permitted to practice law.


kbp said...

I'll start it here with a show of respect.

Lookout Spy said...

Mr. Anderson, I promise you that the day the jury comes out with a verdict, whether it be guilty or not guilty, it is not going to be the END, but rather the beginning of a new era in the LMJD. The folks that live here are and have been oppressed in every way by the powers that be, and it is you who has shined a light on this darkness. Tonya Craft, as you say, is merely one victim.

MaidenAmerica said...

Bill, beautifully put!

I would like to add to your request if they would consider moving to this area and become politically active?

Whatever race they would choose to run, it would be a LANDSLIDE!

Lame said...

I have to say that not everything House has done has been outrageous. He was in line for not allowing into evidence a couple of things and for allowing a couple of things in. I disagree that Evans' testimony as to what she said the girls told her should have been let in, but according to the law, it was allowable. Here is a case where the law needs to be changed to protect the innocent who are accused. When the law was written it was written with the idea that people who testify would never lie. The law needs to be re-written to state that when someone testifies in the child sex abuse hearsay exemption that the reporting entity--police officer, examiner, whatever--document what is said, either in notes in some fashion that can be dated. It needs to be set up so that a person cannot just come in and say, "Oh, the kid said this to me," and not have any way of demonstrating that. I mean, under the current hearsay exemption, regarind child sex abuse, I could walk in and say, "The child told me this and that" when I've never met the kid.

And, I need to say this as well. The phantom "sexy cowboy" picture, the accusations of sleeping with other women, the porn, the thong...has the prosecution at any time attempted to introduce into evidence the ACTUAL photo? Can they produce a woman who can say she ACTUALLY had sex with Tonya? When the police came and arrested her and searched her house, they found lots of pictures of her children, but did they find ANY sexy underwear? Did they find ANY porn? Everything they prosecution has accused her of doing they have not one shred or EVIDENCE that it ever existed, other than the testimony of an ex husband who has a compelling interest in seeing her go to prison (not just for revenge, but because if she doesn't go to the big house he's got several thousand dollars of back child support payments to make). The prosecution kept making the point that the defense expert witnesses haven't interviewed all the victims. Has any expert, other than the half-educated, half-competent people the state had give testimony been ALLOWED to interview them? It's one thing to say, "You can't say for certain because you didn't talk to the kids." It's another thing, a contemptable, and in my opinion punnishable thing to say that after making is so that the witness is not allowed to interview the kids.

KC Sprayberry said...

Very moving letter, Mr. Anderson. And some of your points bring to mind the Bakersfield fiasco of the 1980s, where the myriad of child molestation convictions sent dozens of people to prison for more than 400 years total. All of those people are now free and the lawsuits cost that area millions in settlements. But the biggest thing to come out of that witch hunt, the career killer, was how Ed Jagels' second in command, Stephen Tauzer, the man set on the path to rid Bakersfield of of child molestors, died twenty two years after their actions elevated them to fleeting fame. His killer? A young man Tauzer had traded sex for crystal meth for many years. In other words, one of the men tasked with eradicating child molestation was in fact a child molestor himself. As the dust roared into a storm, other revelations proved that Jagels' many molestation convictions came at the cost of hiding a sex ring that consisted of the influential and wealthy living around Bakersfield at the time. Those men enjoyed their perversions while the innocent went to prison, their lives forever destroyed. No one ran against Jagels for the position of district attorney since he had the backing of law enforcement to the point of them going door to door campaigning for him. Hmmm? Sounds familiar with one missing element. One individual in this case also had those he defended campaigning for him, including having those people stand near polling places to talk about how great he was for this job. I believe it was on this blog where I read that someone spoke to one of those people, who said the man promised to remember him if he ever came into the courtroom. A perfectly understandable but unprofessional move on the individual's part, and perhaps an indicator of his future.
I can only hope the jury remembers all the travesties committed in this trial and distills the information from the hyperbole never proved. Only then can they see how there was no evidence other than the word of a few people who have never grown past the mentality of a bunch of high school prima donnas and refuse to bring back a conviction. This trial has taken a front row seat for many in the LMJD area and you can believe one thing has changed. We will never again regard an election the same. Every candidate should expect an intense look at their background as we work to clean up our corruption. Even a few can make a difference when asking pointed questions in a public forum when the candidates are speaking. As for those in charge of the terrible trio and refused to make themselves known during this fiasco that is costing taxpayers millions, too many now feel you never did your job. And your job is dependent on those unwashed masses you let be intimidated by this bunch. At one time, a certain political party said no entity could ever turn over a sitting president running for reelection. How wrong they were when the military turned out in full force to vote Jimmy Carter out of office. Remember that at election time. Because those of us with the power to do it will make sure the citizens of Walker, Catoosa, Chattooga, and Dade counties never forget Tonya Craft's treatment by one judge and two assistant prosecutors let rum amok.

Anonymous said...

Want to make a difference?
Start with these five 5 elected officials.

Directly involved in this case.
Buzz Franklin / DA
Brian House / Judge
Phil Summers / Catoosa Sheriff
Dewayne Wilson / Walker County Coroner /

Jeff Mullis / Senator

If any of these officials survive their next election it is a vote of approval for injustice.

Denise C. said...

I just heard again on TV the comment about "I don't get paid by the child molester". This statement has just gotten under my skin. Do DA's and ADA's get a bonus or a raise or something to that effect if their conviction rate is high? If so then they do get paid by the child molester, rapist, murder, etc. I mean at review time, if their conviction rate is low they could loose their job or not be reelected. Am I close in that thinking or am I way off base?

Anonymous said...

Well said Mr. Anderson!! I applaud you for all you have done this last four weeks. Thank you for taking an interest and not letting up!!! You have opened the eyes of many to what so few of us knew was really going on in this area.

Anonymous said...

Just think...if Arnt, Gregor or Houses's children decide to follow in their fathers footsteps and become lawyers, they will no doubt study this case in law school...

Anonymous said...

First of all, if I were on the jury, I would be angry that this woman has had to sit through all this public humiliation for NOTHING! Alot of things unfolded yesterday, as we saw the truth about her ex-husband, his character and his motives. THIS WOULD MAKE ME MAD!! Because I would relate it to several other women like Tonya that I have known who have been abused by "those kind of men". It doesn't take long for adults in teir 40's and 50's to make character connections...We have lived long enough to have that judgement. That is why young people really need to ask advice of older and wiser people when choosing a life mate. I think the jury, listening to Tonya and David said, "I get it now".... and was furious over those "706 days" and this hot, waste of time, farce of a trial against an innocent woman. The "ringer" may be afraid to "ring his bell" and identify himself against an otherwise complete acquital.... This would only add his name and face to the list of criminals regarding this case, in the documentary I am SURE Dateline or 20/20 will do!!

Anonymous said...

My wife was at the trial all day yesterday supporting Tonya and was very disturbed as 10-15 members of Eastwood came in and sat on the prosecution's side.We also go to Eastwood and can't understand why they can't see the truth. This trial is splitting our church apart.We have gone there over 20 years,but I can't take looking at Joel and sara Henke without thinking how they have destroyed an innocent woman's life.

Anonymous said...

Be happy those members came in. They finally get to hear the truth. If I was Joal, I would rather they stay home... and I definitely wouldn't want Sarah to hear Tonya's testimony.

Anonymous said...

Dateline will take care of Joal and Sarah too (though I think Sarah will be portrayed as what she probably is...another woman snared by Joal.) NBC doesn't care about local politics. They just dig until they get the truth. Notice you never hear THEIR side praying for this type of exposure. They don't want exposure.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Anderson for following this case. I have had a feeling from the beginning that Tonya is innocent but thought I would be alone. I am so impressed with her legal team. They are amazing people who appear to be men of God. I hope they read these comments and will understand how the North Georgia residents appreciate their hard work. They have remained calm, shown their intelligence, and maturity throughout this case.

I have always said "if you are guilty of murder call Ken Poston", I will add "if you are innocent call Lorandos".

Anonymous said...

National Spotlight again. You better behave today boys, all eyes are on you.

If anyone has a link to today show coverage, please share.

Thank you, Lord, for being with Tonya and bringing National coverage back to Ringgold!

Anonymous said...

8:12, you are right on the money!!! I laughed hysterically last night when Poston had the nerve to add into his little commentary, "I'm a neutral party in this". Really??? Poston really believes that all of his former classmates & constituants are idiots. He will go down in flames after this "trial" also. I will be carrying one of the torches. He won't be the only "neutral" party going down either. The entire system will be looked at.

It's sad, but the only attorney in Ringgold that I have any respect for is Johnny Wiggins. He makes no attempt to make people think he is something that he isn't.

Now that I am a "housewife", I will make it my life's work to take all of these people down.

Catoosa Mom said...

Anon 8:28 will have link up in just a few if not already...Although, it really isn't that great.

Dan Abrams said there was "physical evidence" and there isn't as we all know, and a alleged victim supporter was interviewed while "gag order" is in place...hmmm.

Honestly, I wasn't very happy with it at all...

Harmony said...

My MIL works for Phillips Law firm in Rinngold and even though they primarily do titles, he does an excellent job on divorces. He is a good lawyer and has given this a wide birth.

dmk said...

Once again, thank you Dr. Anderson for what you have done.

To the defense team - Great job! You are honorable men and shining examples of what those in your profession should aspire to. As a resident of this area, I beg of you to please take Dr. Anderson's words to heart. There is so much to be done here to expose the corruption and unfairness. I know that it is ultimately up to the citizens to finally clean our own house, but we need the help of people like you to do so. Courage is contagious. When people see that people like yourselves calling out injustice and corruption, then that gives them the courage to come forward themselves.

When the trial is over, PLEASE don't forget this place and simply move onto the next without comment or concern. You have just gotten a good taste of it, there is much more that lies farther beneath the surface and must be dug out.

William L. Anderson said...

If Abrams said there is "physical evidence," then he is wrong, wrong, wrong. In fact, Dr. Nancy Fajman demonstrated that there was NO physical evidence at all.

People think that the national network reporters are sooo smart, but after following the Duke case, I can tell you that they tend to be sloppy, they cut corners, and they don't always tell the truth.

To be honest, the national media has had no role in this case whatsoever, and probably won't. However, there are things developing that will bring the media into this case. That is all I will say right now.

Anonymous said...

Catoosa Mom- The gag order only includes people trying the case- the judge, the lawyers, the parties. NOT the supporters- clearly- or else ALL of Tonya's supporters AND this blog, and the rest of you would be in violation of the gag order. So that's a ridiculous argument. It seems like as long as the media is going the way Tonya's supporters want it to, everything is a-ok, but God forbid they try to report things that actually happened inside the courtroom, and actual rules of evidence like the fact that when a lawyer has a witness "on cross" he is entitled to much more leeway than he is on direct examination- thus, House's ruling that everyone likes to bash so much, "He has him on cross." It's a ruling lawyers hear all over the state of Georgia in courtrooms everyday.

And to Denise C- as far as getting bonuses- HA! Georgia prosecutors have had to take approximately 16 furlough (i.e., unpaid) days in the past year. The Georgia budget crisis has hit prosecutors very hard. Prosecutors in the State of Georgia get paid lousy to begin with- not to mention law school student loan repayment. The thought of a per conviction bonus is ridiculous, especially when you consider the caseload thes3 people carry- depending on the size of the county, it could be upwards of 800 cases per person. Prosecutors aren't in it for the money. They are overworked, underpaid, and, clearly- as this and all the media lately has shown (and most certainly since not a SINGLE WHIP of you seems to know the rules of Georgia evidence) under appreciated. I hope none of you are ever victims of a crime and ever need the assistance of a District Attorney's Office, but if and when you do, they will be there to serve you, regardless of what you've said about them.

dmk said...

I just watched the video, I don't think it was that bad at all. What Abrams was actually saying was that the prosecution's case included more simply he-said, she-said. That is true, it does include more than that. Now is it good evidence of anything, absolutely not, but there was evidence introduced more than just the testimony of those involved.

It's just what happens when an expert tries to sum up a a complicated issue in a two minute TV segment.

dmk said...

Anon @ 9:13

16 furlough days, why so many more than the other state agencies and what the Governor mandated as the minimum for all state employees, care to elaborate?

Also, it would seem like when resources are that limited you have to work smart. How many slam dunk cases of those two idiots that have been up there showboating for the last month have gone untouched so they could get their shot at fame by chasing such a weak case?

I do appreciate good prosecutors and the role they play in the system, but I have also said, well before I had even heard of this trial, that some are the scum of the earth who will smile for the cameras while stepping on the heads of the innocent to try to climb up the ladder.

Catoosa Mom said...

Anon 9:13

I should of phrased that as a question re: gag order. I was pretty much asking if that was allowable due to the gag order...I meant no sarcasm nor argument and by all means I feel that the entire case should be heard, but just that...The ENTIRE case. I do appreciate you clearing that up, btw.

I am not an attorney, nor do I claim to have any legal background. I'm just a concerned citizen and a Mom who is shocked by what I have personally seen in this courtroom and read about in other accounts.

I have absolutely NO DOUBT that there are fair and honest prosecutors, officers, judges, etc. in our country and even in our county. Unfortunately, this Trilogy has poisoned the mind of a lot of us and put a bad taste in the mouth of the people. I am not even speaking about the legalities of objections or evidence..I'm voicing my opinion based on just overall respect. They have treated the defense, witnesses, spectators, and media with the utmost of disrespect. Regardless of what they are paid or not paid, work load, etc. every human being deserves to be spoken to with respect. Humility comes to mind....

Anonymous said...

to the 9:13 prosecution supporter:

I will simply say you garner no sympathy here.
Teachers have taken furloughs as well.
The county worker who mows the right-of -way in 100* heat has seen his income reduced as well.

I am self-employed, working more hours now (due to staff reduction) for 25% less than I was two years ago.

If it is that horrible try the private sector.

The prosecutors got a cheap indictment from extremely weak evidence and almost laughable, "expert" and detective work

Anonymous said...

I have a hunch that this case was not brought into the media by the prosecutors but by the defendant- and if that's the case- it has nothing to do with the prosecutors seeking their shot at fame. There have been plenty of cases these guys could have had a shot of fame at- remember the Tri State Crematory case? Yep. That was these guys. No fame seeking there. These guys try child molestors all the time. Prosecutors try child molestors ALL the TIME. Look at ANY criminal trial calendar- it's riddled with child molestation cases. CRAFT is the one who brought this one into the spotlight- NOT the prosecutors. Arnt & Gregor have been in the same office for over 10 years. If they were "ladder climbers" don't you think they would have been climbing a little faster?

As far as the 16 furlough days, I'd like to know myself. You'd have to ask our dear governor Sonny. He apparently sucks royally at budgeting and doesn't much like lawyers, seeing as he's the first non-lawyer Governor Georgia's had in 100 years.

Anonymous said...

"I will simply say you garner no sympathy here.
Teachers have taken furloughs as well."

Teachers take furloughs? You mean those teachers who already get 3 months paid off in the summer? Yeah, my heart weeps for you.

Kerwyn said...

To Anon,

"Dan Abrams said there was "physical evidence" and there isn't as we all know, and a alleged victim supporter was interviewed while "gag order" is in place...hmmm.

Honestly, I wasn't very happy with it at all..."

As a reporter they report. They don't form opinion. There IS, as he said. "Some physical evidence". That is what the SANE testified to. Now, do I believe it? No. Did Dr.Hazzard believe it? No. Did Dr. Aldridge believe it, no.

BUT those are defense witnesses and as such you EXPECT them to say that, that is why they are defense witnesses.

This is kinda the cold hard truth thing. As he said, in the end it comes down to she said, she said. He is absolutely correct, that is exactly what it has come down to.

It would be terrifying to be on trial and facing the rest of your life in prison based on "she said".

The key is this; will the Jury believe it. Because in the end of all this, they are the only ones who count in what they believe.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:13 You're an idiot!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:13
If the defense was granted the same "leeway" as the persecution it would be diffewrent...all we ever hear is OVERRULED!

Kerwyn said...

Anon 9:46

We see the trolls here on occasion.

It is best not to feed them. Same as at the zoo.

Anonymous said...

Anom 9:13am
It's obvious you have a relationship with someone on the prosecution. As egotistical as these men are and with the way they've acted in the trial your comments are funny. They aren't doing it because they want justice so it must be the money. Now if the money doesn't compare to the debt they owe that's their problem.
On the cross should be applicable both ways but we've all seen House favors the prosecution and it's not only during cross examination. Where has Lorandos' leeway been during cross examination?

dmk said...

Anon Prosecution supporter - maybe ask you own leadership about the furloughs then, Sonny didn't dictate that many. I believe it was 6 the first time, then 3 the next, and that was over two budget cycles (more than one year).

Hmmm, I guess it wasn't really Aren't that came up to me at a public event wanting my vote during his run for judge in the election. I hope and pray that I get that same face to face opportunity in a public place with witnesses (don't want any trumped-up assault charges or something popping up after he hears what I have to say and there not have been plenty of witnesses to what actually happened) at some time in the future.

Yeah, do the teacher whine like everyone else, you want to be a teacher, why aren't you?

Tri-State case - I was there, smelled the smell, and saw what I saw. Arn't may have prosecuted it, but it wasn't like he was the shining hero all by himself. Corpses scattered around like cord wood, yeah that's a tough one to win in court.

Take it somewhere else, I'm not buying your BS.

Anonymous said...

Abrams got it wrong yes...but it just shows that he didn't take this case seriously and didn't do his homework. Alot of people have gotten it wrong "at a glance". But everyone needs to examine the James Sulley case out of Pulaski TN. 20/20 came into town and destroyed the medical examiner's career and did serious damage to the prosecutor's career as well. They noted that Sulley was a gambler, who had left his hometown and spent years gambling professionally in Las Vegas. BUT THAT DID NOT MAKE HIM A MURDERER. When he returned home to Pulaski the small minds in the small town tried to equate the two, when his cousin died due to an accidental fall in Sulley's home. The prosecutor was shown to have a long history of "making sure" the med. examiner ALWAYS found the evidence he needed to put people away. This case has so many similarities to Tonya's as far as misconduct goes. But I will tell you that the 20/20 report was devasting to the "professionals" involved. No one can convince me, as I heard Poston state to the news reporter one day, that the national media has no consequences in this types of trial. That may or MAY NOT be the case...

William L. Anderson said...

Prosecutors aren't in it for the money. They are overworked, underpaid, and, clearly- as this and all the media lately has shown (and most certainly since not a SINGLE WHIP of you seems to know the rules of Georgia evidence) under appreciated. I hope none of you are ever victims of a crime and ever need the assistance of a District Attorney's Office, but if and when you do, they will be there to serve you, regardless of what you've said about them.

First, 9:13, if Len Gregor is so overworked and underpaid, whey did he put on a blog that he "loved being a prosecutor"? Why? He said it himself: he gets to be "the man." He is paid to bully people, period.

OK, now let us talk money. Buzz Franklin did not target "child molesters" out of his love for children. He targeted it because his office gets federal money for pursuing such cases via the Mondale Act of 1974.

The Tonya Craft case threatens this money gravy train because if it can be shown that the office pursued people who clearly were not guilty -- and then hid evidence or had people lie about evidence to get convictions -- then they are in real trouble.

First, they engaged in fraudulent use of federal money, which is a serious crime. Second, they will have conspired to deprive innocent people of their civil rights, which also is a crime.

So, quit standing up for these bullies. A prosecutor can be an important part of a community, but these people are a disgrace. That was their choice. I'm just making it known to the rest of the world what kind of people they are.

Anonymous said...

I'm not asking you to "buy" anything... but it might be nice to even read a bit of evidence law, perhaps even the mere definition of hearsay, or perhaps some caselaw (gasp! there is such a thing- stuff that actually SUPPLEMENTS statutes!) regarding being entitled to a thorough and sifting cross-examination. And IF Craft had hired local counsel who KNEW Georgia law, she wouldn't be at such a disadvantage. But she FIRED them, I understand.

Anonymous said...

Bill, Dan Abrams said, "there is some physical evidence" & you are correct, he was wrong on that. I believe he just hasn't seen everything & was going solely based on the indictments. However, it seemed to me that he felt not-guilty was the only fair verdict. I also believe they have to wait until it is over to completely expose everything.

Anon 9:13/9:33, in actuality, the problem with the "he's on cross" ruling is because the same did not apply to the defense. So with this, you are WRONG! Also, stating that because Arnt & Gregor are still ADA's, they are not "climbing the ladder". Check your facts again. They both ran for circuit judge in 2008. They lost & I know for a fact that both are pursuing that seat again. Again, they do not get paid "per child molester", but the district does receive money from federal grants for every single one they put into prison. I do know the laws of Georgia & I do know how the system is supposed to work. Before you go on your little holier than thou bit because you may be a lawyer, stop. People do have legitimate questions and are trying to understand some aspects of this trial & your "commentary" is not necessary. You obviously have your beliefs, but the number of lawyers & judges following this case who see it for the sham it is, far outweigh the likes of you. These 3 "crime fighters" have done the exact opposite of what they are there for & have broken laws & codes of ethics under the rules for prosecutors & judges in the state of Georgia & quite frankly, at the Federal level. If they had "evidence", why not present it? Oh yes, "I just remembered", it is because there is none.

Do you honestly think for one second that anyone in their right mind would support a "child molester"? You can answer that question 2 ways. One answer, if it were the family & friends of the said "child molester", that would make sense. Second answer, if so many people who don't even know this woman are supporting her, then something must be wrong.

Do you know that there is a vast majority who are supporting her who don't even read the blogs? Did you know that many of the people who know she is innocent is based on the FACT that there is not one shred of evidence that proves her guilty? I'm sure if you are a prosecutor or just a friend of these 3, you are trying to make justifications. Don't! Stop & look at all of the FACTS of this case.

One more thing, if it is so terrible working in the public sector, get out. If you think GA is the only state taking mandatory furloughs & cuts in pay, you are sorely mistaken. When you are able to pull your head out of the sand, please write back with some form of insight instead of trying to insult people for simply asking questions. Do us all a favor & let us know who you are so everyone on here who may ever need legal help, stays away from you.

Kerwyn said...

Maybe the "lawyer" that is posting is the one she fired?

Would you have done a better job of showing the lies, corruption and flat fabrication by the interviewers?

Or would you have encouraged her to take a plea agreement because the case "couldn't be won"?

Anonymous said...

ANON 10:01

If she fired her local attorneys it probably had to do with them treating this case like they treat all the other cases with innocent people... They wanted her to roll over and take a deal, so they could get back to the Elk's lodge with their drinking buddys and congratulate each other on being masters of their universe. No, she hired the best outside of this district because she refused to say she was guilty to ensure a short sentence because SHE IS INNOCENT!!!! Anyone that hires a good ole boy from here to defend themselves are setting them self up for prison time. And by the way, two of her lawyers are from Atlanta GA. where real law interpretation is practiced by people that DO know GA law.

Anonymous said...

Read this post with caution and understand that it originated from personal experience. I attended the Chickamauga City School system.

The CHICKAMAUGA SCHOOL SYSTEM is a comic story. Children are taught an extremely young age that it’s clearly; “Not what you know, but who you know.” The school system needs to work on their academic program. In addition, they need to observe the male teachers who flirt with all the young girls. Not going to mention any names, as I believe some no longer even work for the school system. Kindergarten female teacher molesting children? Not to say it isn’t possible, but give me a break.

I made all A’s and never cracked a book. When I got to college, I had to learn to study because I had never had to study before. I can recall the high school days of walking around the Gordon Lee campus enjoying the social life. Now I run into my former classmates and see that the majority of them are drunks, druggies, etc. It’s rather embarrassing.

If I or my parents had it to do over again, I would have attended a school that gave me a better education.

The mothers involved in this case need to understand that are giving the school system and the town a terrible reputation. It is truly sad because Chickamauga is a great town. The residents need to step up and do something about this.

The mother of the “Hollywood” actress should send her princess to Baylor or GPS. There are a lot of mothers who try to make their daughters “IT GIRLS” at Gordon Lee. If these girls were to go to Baylor or GPS, they would be one of many. They may actually get a descent education. What is even more shocking about the mother is that she sends her son to McCallie. I question why she refrains from sending the daughter to a private school? I’ll let you as the readers decide that. She is educating her kid to be a monster.

I could write a book here, but why bother. These moms need to realize that if they indeed have lied about this case, they could face criminal charges. If I were Ms. Craft, I would file a civil lawsuit against these moms. This case just doesn’t add up and seems bogus. I don’t believe that a kindergarten teacher would be that foolish to molest these girls.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine if Joal Henke is dishonest in his home life what he does with his real estate career with Keller Williams?

Anonymous said...

to anon 9:35
"Teachers take furloughs? You mean those who already get 3 months paid off in the summer? Yeah, my heart weeps for you."

i know this blog is not here to discuss furlough days but are you freakin kidding me? for your information smart ass, teachers salary is based on the number of days we actually work (mine being 190 days as i teach in georgia). they just divide that over 12 months so we don't have to go without a paycheck during that time. the days of getting 3 months off have been long gone...where have you been??? if you divide the amount of time we spend teaching, preparing, caring, and loving your children i can assure you that we make way less than minimum wage and having furlough does affect our paychecks so if you are so jealous of our salary and time off then i challenge you to become a teacher, then you make ignorant comments...MT

Kerwyn said...

Anon, 10:28

Lets add to this some facts.

Tonya Craft files a complaint against Sarah Bass Henke for inappropriate behavior with her daughter.

Tonya Craft takes her daughter to a peds and says, hum there was some child on child action going and would you please check her. He finds nothing.

The burning question is this..

Why would an active pedophile, take the child they are actively abusing (and have been since birth according to the prosecution) to a Dr and say, I suspect sexual abuse, please check her out.

Answer, they don't. I spent the night talking to all the child abuse experts I know (they are experts) and to a person they laughed. LAUGHED. I was told by 4 they had NEVER seen a case where this had happened. One of them is Ex FBI behavioral Unit.

I can only hope the jury is going, hum that just doesn't add up.

Tonya turns in ex hubbies wife, 2 weeks later she is the one being accused by ex hubbies wife's friend. hum....

Disgusted in Ooltewah said...

anonymous 8:01..

I am very disturbed by the behavior of Eastwood Church too. I have seen Knowles sitting in the court room day after day, on the side of the prosecution. If he had any common sense at all, he would have moved over by the end of the first day.

My friend started the Truth for Tonya facebook group and someone working in the church (she won't reveal who) actually asked her to take the facebook group down during the first week of the trial, but she has known Tonya and Joal for many years and was not fooled by their attempt to build Joal's character, or their attempt to cause her to doubt Tonya's character.

I have known Joal Henke for years, and it is no secret that he is a liar and a manipulator. My mother said, "you can tell when he's lying, it's when his lips are moving."

I saw first hand how Joal harrassed and taunted Tonya month after month for so long. He is a very bad person, and I was alwasy afraid that he would do something awful to Tonya.

I am sad when I think everything Tonya has been through these past two years, but thankful that the light is now shining very brightly (and hopefully creating a lot of heat that is making him very uncomfortable!) on Joal.

Anonymous said...

I posted the 10:27 comment. I wanted to add there are actually some good teachers at the Chickamauga School System. Maybe 30% percent. Its too bad that the other 70% mess it up for everyone.

Anonymous said...

I think I just threw up in my mouth, which is kind of disgusting when you are laughing so hard!

Anonymous said...

Are y'all talking about the same public school teachers who make actively work to make people stupid enough to believe this blog. If so, you're already overpaid!

Anonymous said...

ANON 9:35 AM - First, there is no such thing as a 3 month summer anymore, and I am a year round instructor WHO HAS TO TAKE FURLOUGHS. (ANON - 10:33 you rock!) I agree with the statement that Sonny is a horrible at budgeting - $27 million has gone to his "GA go fishing" program" and another $7 million has gone to his horse farm in Houston Co yet education budgets are slashed to the core. He's a lame duck who can hide under the national economy being so bad. Bottom line is these losers snuck a case in behind the DA's back while he wasn't looking. Grand juries always try cases where there is more to be investigated, but there has never been a shred of physical evidence. So, an LPN said there was with no training, but FOUR doctors discredited her BIG TIME. I'm not knocking the Today Show though. We begged them to come and they did - they are only getting small snippets, not the last 19-20 days or 2 years as we all have. They have more at stake to cause them to be more unbiased than local media is in our eyes; however, prosecution supporter, NOTHING has been proven - not even reasonably hinted at or otherwise. Not only would I not want these goons trying my case (because frankly, I would want to win because I had the truth on my side not because they cheated for my benefit.) I would never believe any case they have or will try has a lick of credibility to it. I am not a conspiracy theorist. Any of us can Google evidence of their witnesses’ perjury any time day or night. NONE of the defense witnesses testimony has changed, and the prosecution witnesses can't tell the same story twice in the same sitting! It is ludicrous and for the prosecution to handle themselves the way they have is a stain on the community where I grew up. Arnt looked like he was about to cry when he gave his "just get out" tantrum. House looks like he'd rather have bamboo shoots under his nails and Gregor is LUCKY he didn't call most of us sluts to our husbands because David did a damn fine job controlling himself and not coming off of that stand and ripping his head off. Frankly, I'm not even sure the jury sitting there would have convicted him for it. It is unprofessional, unethical and is one of the bad things about this country as a whole. People in power thinking the little people are blind and stupid. No one should agree that anything these men are doing (okay, if they feel they need to prosecute - go for it) is okay. If their case is so strong, then why do they feel the need to act like such a-holes? If you just look at their now defunct FB page - BOTH of them are child molesters by their standards. For crying out loud, Tonya is a child molester because she drank vodka - GREGOR WAS POSING WITH A BUD GIRL - I guess that makes him a rapist or a serial killer because here was actual evidence of that due to the picture. That is about how flimsy their case is against Tonya. There is NOTHING. These boys have been in cahoots with defense attorneys for a VERY long time it is evident. They drag innocent people in, the "partner" def. lawyer pleads them out and they take their bond money. Ken Poston had my BIL plead out on something "in exchange for probation" and when they got to court, probation wasn't even an option because it was a federally mandatory sentence. The judge even said he knew that, but it was too late because the guilty plea had already been entered. Now he rots in the Ohio State Penn (I will be honest, he was guilty as hell and it served him right, but still not everyone is.) These goons just didn't realize what they were up against. She brought in outsiders and I hope and pray NO ONE forgets Tonya Craft. These children were probably not molested by anyone (MAYBE at Joal's since "Kinky Henke" seems to have some secrets of his own and MAYBE by each other, which I think is likely the case.)

Anonymous said...

Cont'd from 10:54 (Sorry, she p'd me off) I think that psycho that was on the stand (I can't even call her a therapist - I've seen people high on pot more in their right mind than she was on the stand) has damaged those kids. I'm not 100% what her game is, but I think she is A LOT to blame and is where my next lawsuit would start if I was these parents. She is experienced in false accusations for money - too bad the jury never got to hear that. She sold her own kid out for $35K. This is absolutely positively a witch hunt. Gossiping women and men who need more to do with their time who could not believe their kids would ever play doctor freaked for NO reason and this firebomb exploded. Tell me, how many of us would be in jail for child molestation if playing doctor as a child was enough to put you away? Really. These people need to grow up - and you need to stop bashing teachers. After this trial, I'm sure there will be a shortage of us out there.

Anonymous said...

Kerwyn, Sheri Wilson, Sandra Lamb and Kelli McDonald never knew Joal or Sarah before the Master Plan was created. They contacted Joal to tell him that Tonya was investigating what her (Joal and Tonya's) daughter had told her about showering/shaving, and that is when they all got together and turned this around on Tonya.

Remember, Tonya was friends with these women. They hated Joal when they were friends with Tonya. They thought he was horrible. But now they are very close, and in fact, it is rumored, that Joal has been sneaking around with Sandra Lamb for months now, and is one of the contributing factors in the Lamb divorce.

Kerwyn said...

anon 10:52

aww whats wrong, couldn't you get into court today?

so sad

Anonymous said...

Yes, I believe our little attorney friend may be the one she fired. LOL.

You have simply made yourself look like a fool, because once again, you have no clue what is going on in that courtroom. She does have attorneys from GA, just not the likes of you.


Anonymous said...

I love how these prosecution supporters post on the ignorance of GA law by many who post on here. They are so smug and condescending in their superior knowledge of the laws.

I work in the medical field. I would be willing to bet that I could win any argument with them in my area of expertise, as could every other poster with their field of study.

I would venture to say that each member of that jury pool is just as "uneducated on GA law" as most of us. And, guess what? THEY are the ones who make the ultimate decision in this case.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:05, of course, if the jury makes the wrong decision, it won't be the "ultimate decision."

Anonymous said...

I overheard Arnt and Gregor talking about something called Res Ipsa Loquitor (sp?). Do y'all think this is what they are doing to Tonya?

Anonymous said...

Latin for ‘the thing speaks for itself.' The phrase refers to a rule of evidence whereby Negligence of the alleged wrongdoer may be inferred from the mere fact that the accident happened, provided that (1) in the absence of negligence, the accident would not have occurred and (2) the thing that caused the injury is shown to have been under the exclusive control of the alleged wrongdoer. This shifts the burden to the defendant, who is thereby charged with introducing evidence to refute the Presumption of negligence that has been created.
May 7, 2010 11:12 AM

dmk said...

Disgusted in Ooltewah -

Don't expect to hear a peep from the churches, for many of them and those who attend them (please note, I said many churches, not all, and many people, not all) are so far gone from what they profess to believe in that I pay them absolutely no credence whatsoever. Personally, I know right from wrong, will live by my own standards not theirs, have my own relationship with God in my own way, and could care less if they condemn me for it.

I would add that some of the area churches need to be held accountable for their behavior on this issue, it may be time to vote with your feet, that seems to be all that they understand.

Catoosa Mom said...

Interesting on the Res Ipsa Loquitur...Curious, how will this deal with Tonya's case?

(Yes, I know, Fan of Prosecution, yet another dumb blog question from the person who knows nothing.)

William L. Anderson said...


Latin. "the thing speaks for itself." Refers to situations when it's assumed that a person's injury was caused by the negligent action of another party because the accident was the sort that wouldn't occur unless someone was negligent.

Anonymous said...

I think he said res ipsa loquitor time machine. So how would that work? Would she have to travel through time to prove her innocence? This whole thing just disgusts me!

Dan said...

In this case though, I think Arnt and Gregor were using res ipsa loquitur to mean "the deed speaks for itself".

Essentially, the title of their play book for bringing sexual abuse allegations to trial.

Victoria said...

@9:13 You just provided motive for the magic envelopes. It is fairly well known that New Orleans police are some of the lowest paid and most corrupt law enforcement in the country. I suppose when some public servants aren't compensated enough they look for other ways to compensate themselves.

Anonymous said...

To anon 9:35 about teachers:

Others have said it before, but we are paid for 190 days of work. We get less than 8 weeks for summer.I need every second of that time to feel like a normal person again after spending 9 months selflessly teaching YOUR KIDS. We get paid at that time, but it is our salary for 190 days divided by 12 months. We have also already taken 3 furlough days and have to take 3 more this school year. Next year we are expected to take 10.

To anon 10:28
I also went through the Chickamauga School System and was amazed at the things the male coaches got away with. It was a KNOWN fact, yes fact, that SEVERAL teachers were carrying on with students and NOTHING was done at the time I was in school (I understand that they finally got rid of the worst offenders). I also never cracked a book and graduated with honors. It was and still is just about who you know.

And finally, GO TONYA!

Victoria said...

@9:33 It was clearly the prosecution that brought this case to the media - GUARANTEED!. Remember that little news segment a couple years ago that portrayed Tonya as a child molester and had the news people going door to door in her neighborhood? Do you really think that wasn't orchestrated by the prosecution? If you have any doubt - Melydia wrote on twitter recently when she was singled out by the prosecution something to the effect of "you invited us to this party when you invited us to the perp walk."

William L. Anderson said...

Guys, enough about the teachers. I used to be one in the Walker County system, and it is a tough, tough job.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing at Len "the man's" change in demeanor today? Could it be that the national media is in the court again today? He is at least smart enough to realize that he's not "the man" in the real world, only in his little kingdom of the LMJC. However, he is not smart enough to realize that he has been on tape when his real personality was revealed time and time again. Rude, condescending, and arrogant. A true narricist.
Those tapes will come back to haunt him I can assure you.

For Tonya's sake I hope the nats stay around the "HE'S ON CROSS"
I don't know her, but she is one of the bravest women I have ever seen! She is telling her story and let the chips fall where they may.

Lookout Spy said...

Res ipsa loquitur is more related to CIVIL tort claims. It has very little to do with what Tonya Craft is being prosecuted for; in Criminal cases it may come into play with harm done to a victim during the commission of the crime which plays into sentencing guidelines, ie the possession of weapons or burglary tools can be shown to demonstrate mens rea, in order to show the INTENT to commit a crime, however GA law doesn't have much case law using that concept... The HAG team are trying to make things complicated and muddy the waters, a typical lawyerese trick.

Anonymous said...

Ya with national reporter in court room Gregor is being quit the gentlewoman. And I gotta say that reporter is gorgeous. One thing I find odd is that now its the 3 stooges with dirty deal at the prosecution table.

Kerwyn said...

To anon 12:18 Gentlewoman, gah dont' insult my gender that way! (snarky laughter)

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to get into the mind of "the man".

"Hey there pretty lady, how about you and I go have a little drinkie after this is over & I will tell you everything. Then, my buddies, Chris, Brian, Tim, Joal & DeWayne can meet up with us. We can ride in my Mini-Cooper. You know, they are made by BMW, so you can pretend it's a 7 series.
What's that? You have 2 of them? Well, I guess you big city girls make more money than we criminals, er, I mean prosecutors make. You sure are pretty though. Can you take a picture with me for my FB?"

Sorry, felt the need for a little comic relief today. Everyone's getting testy.

Truth For Tonya!

Anonymous said...

So, what was the question that made Gregor start threatening a mistrial?

Kerwyn said...

D-Lo:"Do u think this is a conspiracy?" #TonyaCraft:"I think its insulting to use that word, but I do think a lot of things were done wrong"

that caused the Mistrial comment from Pros. Attny I know commented on that this way.

"I don't see what's wrong with that question. He's just asking it before the prosecution has a chance to. The prosecution already challenged one of the defense witnesses about this very issue. How can they complain about it now? (Answer: They can't.)"

Q.A. said...

I enjoyed Lame’s 4:42 AM ref. to the prosecution experts as
“half-educated, half-competent people”

and KC Sprayberry’s 4:42 AM ref. as
“people who have never grown past the mentality of a bunch of high school prima donnas “

In their “defense” it should be conceded that these amateurs actually are experts at something.

They are experts at instilling false-beliefs into the malleable minds of young children.

Questions asked by real experts have no “right” and no “wrong” answers.

The Questions asked of the children by the Prosecution “experts” have no answers other than “right” and “wrong” answers.

Further, they have invented a creative variant of the Leading Question:

What those “half-educated, half-competent” Amateurs-with-an-Agenda do is to forcefully signal that there are both “right answers”, and “wrong answers” by improper repetition until the children "guess" the "right" answer, out of their own minds, reinforcing and perpetuating them as beliefs; but they are false-beliefs.

Real experts have pointed-out that such instillation can be so effective that once implanted the false beliefs cannot be corrected by an appeal to reason - in other words they become Delusions.

I call these false-beliefs Instillusions, and those skilled at implanting them members of the Instillusionist School of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.

Anonymous said...

I think the prosecution is hoping for a mistrial at this juncture. They know they have had their asses handed to them already, and they need to huddle up and regroup with a new set of referees.
I hate to tell you boys, but it is the big game now, with the championship on the line. It is fourth quarter, 4th down, with very little time left on the clock, deep inside your red zone, and you are getting your asses handed to you by a real championship team. You can't just take your ball and go home, and say, "I want to replay this game in a month, so I will be better prepared to take on this powerhouse team."



locker room jock humor used by design so the trolls could relate.

Q.A. said...

NBC Today Show Fri. 5/7/10:

They interviewed "Miriam Boyd - Supporter of Accusers"

She stated at about 03:06/06:37, on the video, referring to the "3 accusing children":

"... the bottom-line is, all three of them, is that they have very similar, in-depth graphic knowledge, of things they should not have knowledge of."

If only Ms Boyd could understand how this "in-depth graphic knowledge, of things they should not have knowledge of." got there.

If Ms Boyd was a juror, would she believe beyond a reasonable doubt that Ms Craft put it there?

Would Ms Boyd believe beyond a reasonable doubt that Ms Craft put it there by molestation?

Anonymous said...

The same Ms Boyd that accosted Ms. Lee in Chickamauga a few nights ago? Give me a break.

Kerwyn said...

WAIT what accosted?

Anonymous said...

I believe this is the lady that started an argument with Ms. Lee in Chickamauga because she was wearing yellow a few nights ago.

Anonymous said...

The same Miriam Boyd that wrote this to the Catoosa County news...

I was very disappointed, even angry, that the Catoosa County News published such a biased article written by Josh O'Bryant about the Tonya Craft case. The entire article was filled with quotes from “supporters.” Where were the quotes from those who support the children?

The most appalling comment made by Jennifer Sullivan was the comment about a specific child she claims is in-volved in the case. She described the child in a way that shows she was obviously trying to name the child. This is where responsible journalism should have taken over and decided not to print that quote. What kind of person has that much disregard for a child's protection and privacy?

If there is even the slightest chance that any of this happened to these children, they deserve protection by all adults, including those who claim Mrs. Craft is innocent. The alleged victims cannot speak in public to defend them-selves, nor should they have to. These children are vulnerable, helpless victims of irresponsible media.

What about mentioning the possibility that these children’s lives are changed forever if any of these allegations are true? What about raising money for therapy for the children?

People who want to protect those children have had to remain silent because the children’s best interest is what is important. I wish all involved in the media including Channel 9 and Jeff Styles would consider the children in their coverage.

What has our society come to when we treat children with total disregard for their privacy and protection when faced with a traumatic experience like this?

Miriam Boyd, Chickamauga

Anonymous said...

Can someone be sure that Natl media is aware of change in demeanor?

Anonymous said...

I personally think the Today Show segment was fair and neutral--I may not feel like there is any credible physical evidence, but indeed we DO have examiners that claimed these to be suspicious, signed off by a DR. Yes, I understnad the there were experts that debunked this very same evidence, but that doesn't change the fact that there was testimony entered into the courtroom that there was.

I don't know why anybody would think that Dan Abrams has viewed every bit of the trial to even make an informed statement, after all this trial is not being discussed in detail night after night after night on all the cable channels like the OJ trial was.

I think he STRESSED very well how this case would hinge on reasonable doubt because he said it basically boiled down to a he said/she said argument.

Later, when this entire case is scrutinized, (and I believe it will be), the whole truth of the matter will come out IN DETAIL, not on a morning program in a 6 or 7 minute segment.

Please do not become disheartened over how this case was presented this morning. Those of us who have followed this thing from the beginning know better. Let's instead be thankful that because the national media is there, those 3 dipwads are acting somewhat civil, which may not be so intimidating for Tonya at the moment. I don't know how long that will hold true, but I gotta believe she is scared to death, not only to tell her story to a packed courtroom but to the national media as well.

Anonymous said...

anon 1:59, I'm am fairly certain that Melydia and Callie have told both the producer and Kosinski about the change in tone. Don't forget that they sent NBC video footage already.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about the whole hung jury/mistrial mentality... I think at this time I really don't want the judge or the prosecution to quit. It needs to go to the jury and have a firm not guilty verdict. That is the only way Tonya will be truly vendicated of this outrage. To quit now would open the opportunity to retrial. The only honorable thing that could possibly be done to quit at this time would be for Brian House to charge the jury and tell them they should return a not guilty verdict due to culpable negligence in the investigation of Ms. Craft. Yeah, that would be throwing the prosecution team under the bus, but that is the only way for Brian House to save face, and I am not sure even that would suffice. I think the prosecution team might just turn it all back on him and spill the beans on how much he was involved in this character execution of Ms. Craft. Tough Decision Brian, At least if you did dump them at the next bus stop, you could have the attitude of the people that elected you behind your decision. Probably still too little, too late!!!

Q.A. said...

To Miriam Boyd, Chickamauga

re your May 7, 2010 1:57 PM Post

These children’s lives are already changed forever.

Don't you already need to raise money to compensate for the total disregard for their privacy and protection after a traumatic experience like this?

If you were a juror, would you believe beyond a reasonable doubt that Ms Craft put-in that in-depth graphic knowledge, of things the 3 children should not have knowledge of."

Would you believe beyond a reasonable doubt that Ms Craft put it there by molestation?

Anonymous said...

Miriam Boyd is the wife of ob/gyn Stacy Dean Boyd, MD.

Anonymous said...

I heard she confronted someone in town that had been in court and had a yellow shirt on!!

Anonymous said...

@anom 10:54

I about had coke coming out of my nose "kiney henke."


Anonymous said...

The "Wave" is about to crash down on your ass, and run you out of town!

I'm just saying!

Anonymous said...

LOL @ 2:52
Without a doubt!

tl said...

This is way off the subject, but I don't twitter. I am following Callie Starnes twitter on and Gregor keeps making comments about Tonya being a narcissist, I really think he should take a peek in webster's or look at wikipedia or something so he is more familiar with the meaning of that word. He is after all the one who made the notorious facebook comment about being "The Man"...

Anonymous said...

I can't believe he actually just asked if "Team Tonya" was going to do the wave!!! Now if that isn't playing for the media, I don't know what is!!! They will likely do the wave soon though... As they wave to you as your narcissistic ass is carted off in prison fatigues, as you go to meet your new husband "Bubba" at Jackson State Prison.
Arrogant Prick!!!!!

Anonymous said...

tl, the word "narcissist" have been brought up numerous times by the prosecution during this trial, today certainly isn't the first day.

Anonymous said...

I have yet to hear a relevant question. He just throws out nasty, hateful comments!!

Anonymous said...

Folks, if the worst thing Gregor does today is point to her supporters, then this is a slam-dunk for the defense.


Wave with me, folks, at the nice li'l prosecuter.


Is he trying to make this a North vs. South thing with the use of ya'll?

Anonymous said...

He is trying to intimidate her and it is not working!! Anom@3:02-I am doing the wave with you:))

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:02
There is no relevant question in the future... He doesn't really want to ask questions that involve the truth, because she has the truth on her side... He would much rather practice character assassination in hopes that someone in the jury would see her as a bad person and convict solely on HIS testimony!!!!

Anonymous said...


tl said...

anon @2:59 I realize today isn't the first time, I am just amazed that it keeps coming up. I know plenty of people that I consider to be narcissist, who I DO NOT consider to be child molesters. I just don't think he really knows what the word means/ what the true mental disorder is...
anon 3:02 You are absolutely right there hasn't been a relevant question yet... I think they know their case has fallen apart... And in the face of defeat he is just doing what he knows best, which is throwing out hateful comments.
anon @2:59 who are you talking about, you keep saying him, but it sounds like you are referring to Tonya... I'm a bit confused???

Anonymous said...


"Gregor asks Craft if she ever claimed that these allegations would never make it to trial, to which she responded "no." Gregor asks if she was coached on how to act in the courtroom, to which she responded "no." Gregor then claims that Craft would stare him down when the jury wasn't in the room, in what he described as an attempt to "intimidate" him."

OMG, are you friggin kidding me? I really wish that her husband would knock him the freak out!!! I would go $1000 dollars to his bail and defense fund if he did. What an arrogant ASS!!!!

Anonymous said...

They are clinging to threads. He has nothing to ask her so he is just trying to intimidate her. He's a fool.

Also, if she were a child molester... why didn't they get a search warrant for her computer if she had one, which I am assuming she did. Most child molesters have pics. etc. of children as it seems to an obsession with them.

She also passed 2 lie detector tests to proof her innocence.

I think it makes a point that she did everything in her power to prove her innocence. If she gets convicted she can't say she didn't try and she will not have any regrets other than befriending these horrible families.

I do not know any of them but if I were CES, I would tell them "Our school is not going to live in fear because of you" and send them on their way. No tolerance for bullies or their bullying parents.

dmk said...

Hey The Man, since you have a hard time grasping who is and who isn't a narcissist, I'll help you out on the different meanings of wave.

One is with both of my hands motioning but only two fingers up. I'll let you use your high-powered crack prosecutor mind to figure out which fingers.

The second is the wave that washes up a nasty, rotting fish carcass onto the beach that people look at in disgust and steer clear of - that's you for the rest of your life after what you've done here.

Seriously, does this junior high level snark usually work for you? I'm thinking that going out of your way to point out to the jury that their friends and neighbors don't believe a word you're saying isn't really the smartest thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Now Gregor claims that she "lookes at him and catches his eye."

You hoping for a photo op with her afterwards so you can post it on your facebook page?

You Wish!!!!

Victoria said...

Someone needs to make T shirts right away that are yellow and say on one side "Team Tonya" and " Do the Wave" or some play on that on the back. Then sell them across the street from the courthouse and give the profit for Tonya's family's legal expenses.

They probably can't be worn in the courtroom but they could be worn around town.

tl said...

Ok folks, so is Tonya on trial for cheating on hubby #2 or for child molestation??? So far all I have heard from facebook and the man is are you a narcissist, I object, and did you cheat... Oh yeah, and I can't forget did you tell D-Lo to wear a yellow tie when he was interviewing Reagan Lamb (and yes I said her name, and no I'm not ashamed of it). My point is I don't think the prosecution even knows what they are trying to accomplish here

Anonymous said...

These are the most pathetic, irrelevant questions I have ever heard.


Anonymous said...

Anybody think that Gregor might be trying to lull all the media asleep in the hopes they leave so that he could start up again on Monday with his typical bad conduct?

Anonymous said...

I bet ole Gregor is pissed he lost the coin toss at the lunch break with Arnt on who was going to cross examine Ms Craft...

He will probably be really pissed when he reaizes that Arnt used a two sided coin!!!!

David said...

I wish you Godspeed in your quest to have these two ADA's disbarred. Best wishes Mr. Anderson.

Anonymous said...

Len Gregor = Mini Cooper + Mini Bladder + Mini ______ (u fill in the blanks)

He will be a favorite in prison...

Anonymous said...


"3:15 p.m.

Gregor asks Craft if it's true she flew to New Jersey to confront a woman after finding her phone number in Joel Henke's phone and accosted her. Craft denies it happened that way and says she did go there and talk to her. Craft claims she knocked on the door and talked to the woman. Craft claims to have the conversation recorded. Gregor: Was she aware that you were recording her and the conversation? Craft: No, it's a one-party state, meaning both sides don't have to know."


Anonymous said...

There are two people talking in court right now...

One comes across as very intelligent and enlightened.

The other appears to have cheated his way through law school!!!

Keep talking "the MAN" You are making a total ass out of yourself.

You would do best to just rest now, and let it go to the jury....


Chattanon said...

Mr. Anderson,
Please explain to me the fascination by the prosecution with Narcicism? Her three marraiges? Adultry? How do these have any relevance to the case at hand? None of the three make you a child molester. If they did, alot of N.GA would be in

tl said...

anon @3:15 That's hysterical. This douche has forgotten he's dealing with an educated woman... Not your typical backwoods country girl. Even if that is how things are run in this courtroom!

Chattanon said...

Just thought I would clarify my comments before I was attacked..I have alot of friends n the N.GA area that A) workout frequently and are fit. B) Been married several times and C)may be technically "Narcissists" in their own right, but never, never a child molester.

Anonymous said...

Please, please, please, PLEASE, speak up, Tonya! This is your chance, you MUST use it! Don't shy away from Gregor, please.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, there was NO coin toss - Gregor has laid awake at night dreaming of this day - that is what narcasist do - He actually probably enjoys the national coverage and most likely thinks he is doing a good job - he thinks so highly of himself. I would like to ask him about the bike shorts that he wears when riding a bike and how inappropriate it was to stand in my front yard and talk and gross me out with them on and all I could think of was please leave and go put some clothes on.... I think one of the most inappropriate things he has said in this whole thing is: "Money doesn't buy the truth" what an ass - if she spend half a million on her defense and is able to go home after this - it sure as hell was worth it - PRICK!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Gregor is ONLY trying to trip Tonya up in a lie, therefore discrediting her... which STILL wouldn't make her a child molestor

Anonymous said...

"Gregor is asking about her relationship with Mike and Dee Potter. Craft stated they are friends and their children are friends. Gregor is asking if anybody ever referred to her as "the other Ms. Potter," to which Craft replied "no." Gregor asks Craft if she knows what the term "ménage à trios” means, to which she responded "no." Gregor has trouble believing Craft doesn't know what the term means. Craft told Gregor he could explain it to her if he wanted."

Nice one Tonya!

Anonymous said...

calliestarnes tweet - Gregor painting a pic of #TonyaCraft going to hotel room w/investigator. Says, "a room w/ a bed right?

A hotel room that has a bed in it, NO KIDDING????? I'm sure the jury found that one as a shock.

Add that in to everything else stupid he has said, which is to much to count, in this rambling diatribe and this is lame, lame, lame. I'll be honest, I feared this a little bit. I was afraid they would browbeat Tonya into some mistakes since they have plenty of experience with it, but so far what should be their shining moment in the sun is turning out to be a total crash and burn.

Len, just keep digging my friend, and eventually we'll help you pull the dirt right in on top of you.

Lookout Spy said...

Here's the state of Georgia's plan for improving oversight over the behavior of judges in the State of Georgia:

It seems Republican Speaker of the house, Rep. David Ralston has a grudge against the Judicial Qualifications Commission Director, Cheryl Fisher Custer.

Sure are a lot of judges that resign in a hurry when they find out the JQC is investigating them regarding their official business.

On another note, Raulston's law Partner has been named as a judge in the Mountain Circuit to replace Ernest H. “Bucky” Woods III, who resigned after being charged with having inappropriate contact with a defendant before his Court on Facebook. Wonder if inappropriate contact means wanting a personal relationship in exchange for favors from the bench?

Georgia judgeships are a cesspool of intrigue. Apparently, being connected is very important. We know how important being an incumbent is at election time. If your'e Republican, and friends of Governor Perdue, it's an "in".

Anonymous said...

Do you think when D-Lo put the sign in front of her to "speak up" that not only was he talking about volume but to also SPEAK UP for herself? (Like this is it, you got to SPEAK UP)

dmk said...

No, I think it was just speak louder. Gregor is doing a great job digging a hole for himself it sounds like by totally scattergunning anything he can think of with no real emphasis on anything important. I'm sure D-Lo knows when an enemy is digging himself a hole, don't stop him, just hand him a bigger shovel and allow him to keep digging.

Lookout Spy said...

The TAG team are confident because they know the system is working to cover their backs right and left.

This judge not only resigned when he heard the JQC was investigating him, he even agreed to never seek a judgeship again.

Anonymous said...

This Boyd woman needs to get a hobby. Maybe shopping or something fulfilling like it.

How dare she say anything about not protecting these children??!!! The parents of the children are the ones who filled their heads with crap. She will have her place standing before God along with all of the other dirtbags! Stacy Boyd - OB/GYN, never heard of him, must not be a good one.

Anonymous said...

I think whoever said he was stalling is correct. He is hoping the national media will leave thinking there is nothing more to the cross.

Then he can start jumping up and downacting like a monkey grinder's monkey on Monday when they are gone.

What a piece of Bovine Fecal Material this smuck is!!!!

Oh, and for ADA Arnt, here is you some french since you like to talk in a foriegn language....

The Merde has hit the Ventilator~~~

Denise C. said...

Anon 9:13.... Calm down, it was just a question. I didn't know. Geesh!!

Anonymous said...

Miram. It is quiet apparent to me that your veil of self rightousness prevents you from seeing the truth of the matter. Or, perhaps, your arrogance impedes your brain from absorbing any FACTS of this trial. There has not been one shred of evidence that has proven, or even SUGGESTED, that this woman is guilty. You jumped off of your high horse and onto the band-wagon that is this witch hunt. I applaud the restraint of whomever the woman was that you accosted for wearing a yellow shirt, because, I assure you, that it would not have been a civilized outcome if it had been me you had spewed your holy-than-though sermon on. I would have calmly taken OFF my Yellow shirt and wrapped it around your scrawny little neck and hunched shoulders. Get a life!

Anonymous said...

keep digging lenny
you're almost to China now
you are about to win another award
the award for the most pathetic cross of a defendant ever
someone off the street with no education could have asked those questions.

dmk said...

I saw Miram too. Isn't it funny how if you just saw that person and heard her speak about something totally unrelated just to hear her voice and then were asked - Accusers Side or Tonya's Side? - you could have answered that question with about 99% certainty of being right based on what you know of the accusers.

I wonder how she would feel if it were her husband up there being falsely accused of molesting a patient and she was about to lose her little privileged Dr's wife life? Be careful, it just might happen.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that you post anonymously. I pray that I do not know you and hope that I never do. If any of this is a reflection of Christianity, I want no part of it. I was raised as a Christian and I can tell you all that what you are doing here goes against everything I have ever been taught in Church.I know that at least two of you are Trish White and Melydia Clewell. Do not hide behind your anonyminity. Much of this is nothing more than a GRUDGE match. You are not being honest and truthful. Look deep into your souls! I am sickened by what I read here! Judge Not, that you be not judged!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Okay, seriously, what do thongs,adult porn, lesbians, rap music and infidelities have to do with molesting children?

Anonymous said...

How is Gregor allowed to ask Tonya her opinion of the judge? Am I the only one that thinks the questions are a waste of time? Why doesn't the judge tell him to get to the point of just shut up?

Anonymous said...

Hey 4:55

You realize that you're posting anonymously?

I hate hypocrites!

William L. Anderson said...


The prosecution says that child molesters are narcissists. I suspect that might be true. Tonya Craft does not strike me as a narcissist.

However, not all narcissists are child molesters, for if they were, then Len Gregor, who calls himself "The Man," would be a child molester.

William L. Anderson said...

Hey 4:55 troll

Melydia Clewell does not post on my board, and that I can guarantee. And if Trish White does, she has good reason, given what these animals have tried to do to her.

Are you proud to have prosecutors like Gregor and Arnt representing you? These people are misogynists, and they are sex perverts. That we know. And there is more I know about one of them that I cannot put on this blog, but that it is explosive and would be a career-ender on its own. Yeah, and it has to do with sex.

Anonymous said...

in re to miriam boyd ---- it is a widely known fact in catoosa and walker counties that doctor boyd has slept with many women throughout the course of their "marriage." this apparently has turned miriam boyd into a schizo lunatic.

what does she do when she finds out he has once again slept with a patient, or a "friend" of hers? she calls them anonymously (as in refusing to identify herself) to threaten them (of course, everyone knows it's her because she apparently is unaware of the ability to block an incoming number!).
she follows them in her car, often inches from their bumper. she harrasses them until they, in turn, threaten her.

miriam boyd has also used these same tactics in an effort to scare supporters of tonya. she follows them in her car. she follows them in the store. she taunts them with words. she threatens them.

i am telling you, the woman is wacked.

a close friend was sitting behind her (due to overcrowded courtroom) the day laurie evans was testifying and heard miriam say, "well, isn't she the little drama queen!" because she ASSUMED laurie evan was testifying in favor of the defense. THAT is how ignorant miriam boyd is.



Trish White said...

Anon. 4:55 Aren't you the pot calling the kettle black!!! Yes, I have posted on here and I am a Christian and I haven't posted anything that isn't true. Why don't you follow what you said and judge not! Now, why don't you tell us all who you are???

Bill, thanks!!!

Lookout Spy said...

There's a sudden rash of judges retiring from their positions following reports of JQC investigations into their activities in office. Wonder if this situation will extend into the LMJC?

Anonymous said...

Should have known if there was DRAMA involved Miriam Boyd, Sandra Lamb, and Sherri Wilson would be involved.While you were on the National Network this morning Miriam, Why didn't you tell the world about how you and your Drama Queen friends have Tried to Buy your way into the Chickamauga School system. We've all watched as each of you have "Out Bid" each other at the school money raising auctions. I agree with 4:27 Get a Life... Jesus Loves you but everybody else Hates your Guts!!!

Anonymous said...

The state rests.

Anonymous said...

Thats not really Miriam Boyd is it? If it is I guess she really is as stupid as everyone says she is.

Anonymous said...

5:31... the defense rests.

Trish White said...

By the way, Christians aren't perfect, just saved by the grace of God through the blood of His son Jesus Christ. I know who I am and whose I am. Maybe if you had lived through the injustice my family has, you would understand. Hope it never happens to you!!

William L. Anderson said...


I am proud and honored to have you comment on my blog. You and the others are good, decent people. I cannot say that for some others in that community, and I certainly cannot say that for people who are employed in the "justice" system of the LMJD.

Anonymous said...

Callie Starnes last tweet of the day.
This is great!

Unnamed attorney to pool room: "If u have facts on your side try facts, if u don't then try the law, if u don't have both - try the person.

Anonymous said...

4:55, If Melydia were to post on here, she would do it under her name. You are an idiot! Please do not claim to be a Christian & claim these are good people. Go back to hang out with the "unwanteds" & live your closed door life.

Truth For Tonya!!!

William L. Anderson said...

Indeed, Truth for Tonya.

The court system of the LMJD is not interested in truth for Tonya or for anyone else. People around the country who are following this sham are stupefied at what they are seeing. I hope the LMJD people are proud of their handiwork.

Kerwyn said...

That was honestly, the most amazing. rambling, incoherent cross I have ever seen. Lets see, we spent an entire afternoon watching Gregor talk to himself basically.

He asked TWO questions that related to the charges. TWO. 1. Gregor:"Are you saying you never gave (accuser 1) a bath?" Tonya Craft :"That is what I am saying."

2.Gregor:"How long does it take to touch a child's vagina?" TonyaCraft:"I don't know." Gregor:"I think you do"

Thats it folks...

He asked about thong underwear tho (he must want a pair), had a monologue about the fact she (horror) dated men between her marriages. Intimated she MUST have had sex with her PI because (drum roll) Hotel rooms have BEDS in them.
Mentions a reporter FIVE times in a rambling monologue.

Points to Tonya's supporters in the court and asks if they want to do the wave

Asked about holding back the Wilson's little darling (defense already did)

Asked a little about nasty divorce from Henke. Basically read what she said to Dr. L, she sat and said yes correct or I didn't say that.

so the best summary of today comes from a couple of observers:

If you wear a thong,then you might be a child molester. At least according to ADA Gregor. A whole new career for Jeff Foxworthy

Cliff Note Summary - "Tell me about your panties and why are you looking at me." Dan Fielding lives.

Victoria said...

Its obvious to me this Gregor wack job has some serious sex hangups. I think he is attracted to Tonya and is projecting his fantasies onto her and the case. He needs a therapist - hopefully one that is better than that Evans nut case.

I can't believe that was all he had!!!! He put her through hell for years, wasted all her family's money, wasted the tax payer's money, wasted countless people's time, and hung Tonya's life in the balance for that??????

The question I am left with is whether the people of that community will shun all the players for the prosecution like lepers (no offense to people with leprosy)?

Anonymous said...

i wonder how many of the prosecution team are involved in the huge circle of swingers that are in chic.... it is no secret that this group exists and if those in it think that no one knows then they are sorely mistaken...

dmk said...

I haven't yet poured over all the different sources I use to get the whole story yet, but just following the tweets as I could throughout the afternon - That's it? That's the best Face and The Man could come up with? An absolute joke. I'm being serious now, not just snarking on the internet - guys, that was pathetic, and to think my tax dollars paid for that display of incompetence.

BTW, did your boss Buzz Franklin the DA come out from cowering in his undisclosed location yet to tell you how you didn't help the home team with that sorry ass performance?

Lookout Spy said...

The HAG TAG team was just running the clock for the weekend to come up. Their strategy is pretty obvious, keep a low profile today and hope the national media goes away by Monday. I suspect they will be back at the usual bullshit if that's the situation Monday morning.

Anonymous said...

Let's follow the trail...Miriam Boyd, Sandra Lamb, Sherrie Wilson. What do they all have in common? Joni Kythas as a teacher. Miriam, I thought you were smarter than to fall in with this. Tsk....tsk....tsk. Shame on you. By the way, should we never wear yellow again?

Lookout Spy said...

@ Anon 6:08, that circle of swingers has been well described by Teresa Watson on Rome News by It's pretty much most of the " Officers of the Court" in the LMJC. I'm sure not everyone, but the wildest parties happen in Walker and Chattoga county on some secluded ranches near Pigeon Mountain. The locals in Lafayette and Summerville always know about them, tongues do wag in small towns.

Jerri Lynn Ward, J.D. said...

Lookout Spy,

I thought that the state rested as well as did the defense. If so, there will be no more evidence on Monday unless a party moves to reopen and the judge grants that motion.

Lookout Spy said...

@ Jerri Lynn Ward, J.D.,

I had not heard that final arguments were made. Is that a definite?

5:16 p.m.

No more questions. The defense rests. Court will resume at 9 a.m. Monday.

I believe the prosecution does rebuttal and final arguments still remain before the Court charges the jury.

Jerri Lynn Ward, J.D. said...

I think that that I misread the tweets. I guess rebuttal is yet to come.

kbp said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kbp said...


Excuse the tweets, they confuse cross and direct at times.

I think they are busy on other notes while they tweet, though if that were so I'd hope to see more details in the media on this case.

Jerri Lynn Ward, J.D. said...

"...but I do have a strong idea that I am not the only person who believes these three men have no business in a courtroom unless they are there with brooms to sweep the floor."

After reading about the cross-examination, I think that you insult hard-working janitors. I prefer your earlier suggestion that they should have a new job "licking the toilets of their victims". A better use of their foul mouths, I cannot imagine.

Lookout Spy said...

The prosecution conducted cross examination of Tonya Craft's testimony today. The State still gets to rebut the defense. No motion is required unless new evidence, witnesses, or testimony is sought to be entered, and I'm certain that the State has every intention of doing so, based on the questions and comments that were made by the prosecution this afternoon. I still think the clock running exercise is what we saw. From what I know it's very doubtful it will go to the jury Monday.

William L. Anderson said...

Good one, Jerri!! You are right. I apologize to all good janitors everywhere, who have a much more honorable line of work than do Facebook and The Misogynist.

KC Sprayberry said...

After all the hoopla given by the two prosecutors, I cannot believe the complete lack of questioning this afternoon. I fully expected them to keep Tonya on the stand until she broke down and confessed (not that I believe for a minute that she is guilty) or their boss stormed into the courtroom and shouted, 'enough is enough. You're wasting what we have left in our budget!' Or maybe Buzz had that conversation with them last night and pretty much told them to wrap it up and get rid of the national press. He is getting heat. Can't find a parking place outside Walker County Courthouse. Heck, I saw an eighteen wheeler trying to make the turn onto those narrow streets this morning while toting teen to school. Winced at that. My SUV has trouble making those turns with a lot of traffic. I can't imagine one of those trucks doing it at all.
All I can say, after all the expectations of an intense cross-examination, actions I expected from their behavior, Arnt and Gregor went out with a whimper rather than a bang. The jury will certainly remember this cross, as it addressed none of the actual charges, only the supposed actions that make a person a child molester according to the less-than-dynamic duo.

attorneyintennessee said...

dear len gregor,
Jesus loves you. everyone else thinks you're an asshole.

even the cheerleader.

Lookout Spy said...

I suspect Buzz Franklin's reason for laying low is he's waiting till the verdict comes out; in the meantime trying desperately to make sure none of the caca lands on his turtle shell.

If the jury acquits, I predict he'll discharge the dynamic Duo and try to say he was against the whole thing from the beginning. If the jury hangs, he may still do just that. It's unlikely the verdict will come in guilty on any of the charges is my own opinion.

The question remains, will Buzz file charges for perjury against the obvious perpretators of perjury, and will he throw House under the bus to the SAG and the JQC?

I believe he wants a judgeship for himself next, if House gets canned Buzz can get Sonny to appoint him as interim judge until the 2012 election cycle, by burnishing his own image as the hoopla dies down.

Anonymous said...

That was a great Dan Fielding reference. Just finished watching Season 3 of Night Court on DVD.

Larry, that's what I'm calling this member of the Three Stooges, on cross today asked her why she was always staring him down. Awww, poor mister assistant district attorney intimidated and frightened by the bad 'ole meanie Mrs Craft? There, there.

Kerwyn said...

Um Jerri Lynn,

The State rested before the Defense presented it's case (they always do). The defense rested. The state can do a rebuttal to anything NEW brought in by the defense (they didn't). They cannot bring anything new in on rebuttal. It must have been in the case in chief.

Given the rambling garbage we saw today, the rebuttal should be fascinating.

Anonymous said...

I think they already realize that they are about to get their a-- handed to them. Oh, and by the way, I wonder if they know that it is likely that a federal probe is under way. One thing that this whole team of accusers have not thought of is how the world of technology can actually solve this whole case. We all know that most phones are digital on a digital network. What does digital mean? Anyone, Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Digital means 1's and 0's. What do you think happens when your voice is carried over the network to the other party? The sound of your voice is "digitized". That means that your entire conversation is converted to a 1 or 0, then is sent across the network and stored as 1's and 0's on the servers of the telecommunication company. What are telecommunication companies responsible for doing? They are required to keep data for 7 years. As these 300+ phone calls went back and forth over the digital network, those same conversations are stored somewhere on a server. All that has to be done is those 1's and 0's have to be retrieved and converted back into sound.........then we can listen to the actual conversations that went back and forth. Don't think for a minute that this technology is not available. See this transcript from a PBS show:

Victoria said...

I think the staring at him interrogation was a flashback Gregor was having of his bad pick-up lines at bars. He got confused and forgot where he was as his fantasies rambled right out of him.

I have a hunch people will start looking at these nit-wits and will dig up some goodies on them.

Anonymous said...

Dear 10:28,

Please don't give those"FREAKS" any ideas about sending their children to Baylor. Although, I can see where you are going with that statement. Baylor is a great school, I have two daughters enrolled there. As for the "It girl" I have to tell you that you are wrong as far as Baylor goes. Most of the girls that attend Baylor are there for an education, not to judge who the "it girls" are.
As for Tonya, I pray God convicts the members of the jurys hearts to do the right thing.
Thanks Dr. Anderson for your honesty.

William L. Anderson said...

To 8:13

And I am a graduate of Baylor School (class of 1971). It would be my fervent hope that no one on the prosecution side would pollute my alma mater.

(Granted, Baylor has changed some as it was an all-boys military school when I was there!)

Anonymous said...

UMM .. hello? where was the prosecutions case? did their questioning have anything to do with their so called facts? Unless I missed something.. they have ZERO. how embarassing.. I will do the wave for I wave Sandra Lamb, Sherri Wilson, McDonalds, Joal & Sarah Henke right out of sure I missed Boyd and a few others..HEY Ya'll take Hoser, Arnt with a flip and The Man back to Walker County with YOU! Ringgold has no room for you and 75 North is waiting for you.. Bye.. dont come back now you hear!

Anonymous said...

I have 2 daughters at GPS right now and one who will be going their next year. I pray my daughters never have to be around Raegan Lamb or Emma McDonald at GPS..if those girls ever do go there. GPS Admissions would be smart not to accept them because that school does not put up with the drama these girls and their MOTHERS would cause. And like the woman earlier said whose daughters go to Baylor. GPS is full of girls on scholarship because honestly not many can afford a $20,000 a year tuition. I know mine are there for the education only.

Victoria said...

Just curious...when Tonya goes free can she sue or press charges against Henke and Wife, and Evans in Tennessee in Judge Marie's jurisdiction?

Anonymous said...

They may to put House, Arnt and Gregor on the "No Fly" list as soon as the verdict comes down. I have a feeling they will be wanting to get out of town.

Anonymous said...

I think Anonymous at 8:06 PM is on to something. See the section named "Illegally Intercepted Communications" in the following link:

It states the following:
"Most people would think that public broadcasting of an illegally intercepted cell phone conversation would be illegal. Well, the US Supreme Court has found that the First Amendment allows an illegally intercepted cell phone conversation to be shared with others when the conversation involves matters of significant public interest. The lesson here is to be careful because technology has increased the chances that your cell phone conversations are being recorded and could be made public or used against you."

This case certainly involves matters of significant public interest!

Anonymous said...

This whole trial has been nothing but a farce. For the love of Pete, where in the hell did this idiots get their degrees? A cracker jack box or the quarter toy machine outside of the store? I do believe "The Man" has a fixation on Tonya and is himself some kind of sadist..
They have no evidence, nothing to back up anything, all of their so called "experts" have been shown to be liars just like them. So I guess all this big boy, oops excuse me, small penis envy goon has is what? Nothing, not one single thing. Ok now please keep in mind I am not a lawyer nor have I ever been to law school but I think I know enough to ask this question, if someone is accused of molesting children the DA is supposed to ask them questions about the allegations right? I mean I might be wrong but it's just a thought. Someone please explain to me what in the hell does the color of clothes she wears, what kind of underwear she wears and this other bs has to do with this case please? Oh and someone please tell this yellow hating doctors wife to shut the hell up. As my granny likes to say "You can teach the "Dumb" but you can't do anything with the "STUPID".

Anonymous said...

I want to ask everyone that thinks Tonya Craft is guilty to please give me one shred of evidence backing your decision since the prosecution hasn't given any.

Jerri Lynn Ward, J.D. said...


Yes, I figured out that I misunderstood the tweets. I thought I saw a tweet, today, that stated the State had "rested" (I thought that meant they had actually closed though I mistakenly used the word "rested" in my comment), but I was obviously wrong.

I can't imagine what the rebuttal will be, except for ridiculous stuff erroneously conflating bawdy adult behavior with pedophilia.

One thing I can't figure out is why the prosecution is allowed to ask questions about thongs and adult homosexuality. It seems to me that, even on cross, they should have to set a predicate which ties those things to a propensity for committing child molestation, which would be impossible.

Name withheld to protect the innocent. said...

Dr. Anderson:

I’ve been following your antics for a couple of weeks now. I’ve seen all the lies you have spread, and frankly, I have partaken in the fun…laughing at your expense. But it dawned on me today that there are innocent people being put in the middle of this. You have lied! You have incited violence against innocent people! YOU ARE PUTTING INNOCENT PEOPLE IN HARM’S WAY.

So, you think Tonya Craft is innocent. That is fine. Even if she is “wrongfully” convicted, she will live on, albeit in prison. But what you are doing here, flaming an ignorant public, and knowingly flaming an ignorant public, may cause good people to get hurt, or worse. IF SOMEONE IS HURT, IT IS YOUR FAULT, WILLIAM ANDERSON. THERE WILL BE BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS! You, and only you, will have to answer to the God you pretend to worship. We live in a fallen world, man…get over yourself! I pray that you are man enough to admit your faults.

Prayerfully yours,

Name withheld to protect the innocent.

Trish White said...

Anon 4:55 Are you not brave enough to say who you are?

Anonymous said...


Hey there Sandra Lamb i'm sure.

What has Mr. Anderson done to hurt does he have blood on his hands? You're just scared of the truth that Mr. Anderson so wonderfully has presented. Evidence isn't on your side and now you blame Mr. Anderson? Give me a break.

dmk said...

Name Withheld, whether it be Lamb, Wilson, Mcdonald, Henke or just one of the followers -

Dr. Anderson didn't do this, YOU did this. I wouldn't worry about Tonya supporters resorting to violence, but yes, absolutely, payback is hell and it's going to be for your crowd too. It's obvious y'all aren't the brightest bulbs out there, so guess you will have to learn that the hard way.

Now, sit down and STFU!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Name withheld to protect the innocent,
It is very obvious after reading your post that you must suffer from some mental disorders. You obviously have not been following the case at all. I think the Lamb girl has been abused, but not by Tonya. Her mother knows very well who has done it and blaming Tonya is keeping them from getting caught. That child knows WAY too much and has taught other children WAY too much. I feel certain that in the end, we will know what really happened and if not, God will. But trying to "get even" with someone by falsly accusing them is how people have "blood on their hands". You really need to go talk to a doctor.

Anonymous said...

Just some more to consider when for going back to the calls:

name withheld (just to keep you in suspense) said...

dear name withheld to protect the (ignorant),
you are not sandra lamb, kelli mcdonald, sheri wilson or joal henke. i know this because you sounded far more intelligent than they could ever hope to sound. but don't smile about that. it wasn't a compliment. to be smarter than those people is not saying a whole lot.
i am more inclined to believe you are a man, likely gregor our house. just my opinon.
my point is that your an asshole.
if anyone DIES over these false allegations, their blood will be on the hands of dewayne and sheri wilson, greg and sandra lamb, jerry and kelli mcdonald, joal henke, chris arnt, len gregor and brian horse. i mean house.

go read your bible and pray, and ask God to give you wisdom...for you are greatly lacking at the moment.

shouldn't your title be "name withheld to protect the guilty"?

kbp said...

I have seen every comment here by those claiming to support the prosecution of Tonya or just trolling to toss bait, like the "Name withheld to protect the innocent" above just did.

Absolutely NONE have pointed out substantial evidence.

Now we get one that posts some general claim of how Bill is instigating trouble, actually crimes if I read it correctly, and it too lacks the details necessaru for any to refute that claim made.

Details seem to slip right past all of them. I even tried to help one conduct a civil debate with the relevant protions of articles pasted here, still with no redsponse back.

The best we can do is ask for the details needed for a discussion and let all others see they can't provide any.

Anonymous said...

Gregor seems to be a baby.....First, he asks Tonya if she is staring him down to intimidate him? Come on now - how big are you compared to the witness? - give me a break! Then, he asks if this is a game? Jerk.

Ms. Boyd is obviously friends with the Lambs so she will side with them.

However, my child attends Chickamauga and I know the people involved but I wouldn't say I am close to any of them (including Tonya)- so I would say I am not influenced by any personal relationships here. When the allegations came out I wasn't sure what to think. I thought they had evidence? From what I can see, they didn't have any evidence. It has been a character assault? Gregor hardly asked any questions about the children or allegations today? It was all about other nonsense? If I was on the jury, my vote would be INNOCENT on all counts!

Johnny said...

Well, well, well aren't we just the little name dropper Ms. 4:55pm on 05/07/2010. You are the biggest chicken in the world. You are so full of crap that I will have to wipe my computer screen off. If I thought you had one ounce of brain cells I would have a conversation with you but that would put you at a definite disadvantage. Where in the Bible does it say you shouldn't speak out for the wrongs in your life and the world. Jesus never said "sit back and take what the world gives you". He took the bull by the horns, sort of speak and ran the money changers out of His temple. He told those that wanted to stone a working girl to throw the stone or put it down if their lives were so perfect. He didn't say don't speak out for someone that you think has been wronged. I don't know 100% if Tonya is guilty or innocent but I do know 100% that she has been way mistreated by this trial. If you can't see the wrong in this trial then you must be deaf, dumb and blind. But then you are too busy dropping the "if this is what a Christian is I don't want to be one". Where is it written that Christians are perfect? I've never seen that anywhere so I thought I would ask you since you are so smart. I think being a Christian is knowing I'm a sinner but also knowing that Jesus came to save me from those sins. And by his death we are all saved. I don't plan to be perfect until I see my God. I haven't lied. I've told what I think is my opinion. And if you don't like my opinion then don't pay me any attention to me, and don't speak to me. I only want positive people in my life and only truth tellers. So Ms anonymous, hide behind your wacky statements and act as if they are truth. Someday when you find yourself in Tonya's position I hope there is someone left to speak up for you. But if you are as mean spirited as your post suggests then I doubt there will be anyone at your side.

Anonymous said...

If Tonya Craft is Innocent then she should have stayed home and fought for her kids! Instead she went to New York and made herself a celebrity; this whole stardom will consume her in the end.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:04am

or should I just say Sandra, let it go! Tonya left the custody battle in the hands of her, more than capable attorneys. You of all people should know about consumption. You have let your anger for Tonya consume you. You wanted to destroy her at all cost. Well, guess what, it is going to backfire on you. You are so jealous right now. You thought you would be the one making the media rounds in New York. Sorry! Oh yeah, I am sure Tonya will be a bigger celebrity than you or your former actress daughter. I'm pretty sure her acting career is over. Any director would have to be as bat-shit crazy as you are to hire her.

Anonymous said...

I definitely agree with you.

LizLavish said...

8 years later, their systems have not changed.