Monday, May 3, 2010

Some Questions for Brian House, Len Gregor, and Chris Arnt

As this farce of a trial is into Week Four, I have a number of questions that I believe need to be answered if there is to be any semblance at all of fairness. Unfortunately, I believe that Judge Brian House and the prosecutors, Len Gregor and Chris Arnt, already have decided that they are willing to risk having the verdict overturned if their actions can gain them a conviction.

Readers have to understand what this means, for if the jury convicts Ms. Craft, the verdict will be appealed and all of the information is going to become public and be given to an appeals court. My sense is that given what the prosecution and the judge have done, the justices will be horrified by the legal abuses that have occurred in that courtroom.

This will mean much more scrutiny for the prosecutors and House, and that scrutiny I can assure you will endanger their careers. Thus, I only can conclude that these men are willing to have their legal careers wrecked in order to pursue a conviction against a woman that they have to know is innocent of the charges. We are talking about three men who are running toward the edge of a cliff at full speed and apparently have no intention of trying to stop.

Furthermore, given Dr. Nancy Aldridge's powerful testimony today and the disgraceful way in which the prosecutors reacted to one blow after another to their questionable theories, I wonder if there even remains any real chance of a guilty verdict. However, with the trial not being over, I still have some questions that I believe need to be asked, which I do here. I then explain my reasoning behind them.

1. Why has the defense not been permitted to tell the jury that Laurie Evans of the CAC (and who conducted interviews of the child accusers) was prohibited by Judge Marie Williams of Hamilton County to have any contact at all with the Henke children? If the role of the prosecution (according to the guidelines as listed by the Georgia Bar) is to seek the truth, why has the prosecution been adamant that this information be hidden from the jury?

This was the hypothetical person to which Dr. Lorandos referred today in his questioning of Dr. Aldridge, and Chris Arnt objected by throwing his books down on the table. (House did not admonish him for this childish act.)

Readers have to remember that the Bar rules of hiding exculpatory evidence are very strict, and prosecutors who hide that evidence (or use a judge who seems to be in the tank to help them hide it from a jury) can be subject to disbarment.

Ironically, just minutes after House ruled (because of a prosecution objection) that Dr. Lorandos could not ask hypothetical questions, Arnt asked Dr. Aldridge a hypothetical question. The defense objected and House overruled, stating his usual line, "He's on cross." (House does not give the defense the same privileges when they are on cross.)

2. Have the prosecutors had ex parte conversations with the judge on this case and not reported them to the defense team?

According to the Code of Ethic for Prosecutors of the Georgia Bar, if either defense attorneys or prosecutors have ex parte conversations with the judge, they are to make it known to the other party. Have either Gregor or Arnt held any conversations with Brian House about this case and NOT notify the defense? If they have had those conversations and not reported them, this not only demonstrates prejudice on behalf of the judge, but also is a violation that can result in reprimand.

(As I noted in this post, I believe that the prosecutors have committed violations that are serious enough to earn disbarment. One of the pitfalls of working in an atmosphere in which someone is not held accountable is that one becomes too blatant in committing serious violations and ultimately leaves a trail that investigators can follow.)

3. Have the prosecutors, prosecution witnesses, and the judge had any extracurricular activities together, such as backyard cookouts, during the duration of the trial?

One would hope that House, Arnt, Gregor, and some prosecution witnesses have not been socializing during this trial, as that would violate a number of rules for both judges and prosecutors. I have no evidence this has happened and trust that it won't but nonetheless, I decided to ask this question, anyway.

4. Has Judge House reported to the defense his alleged ex parte conversation he had with Sandra Lamb allegedly two days before she testified?

House is obligated by law to let the defense know of this conversation, if it happened. He did not do so before Lamb testified, and from what I can tell, he still has not said anything to the defense team about the alleged incident. While that by itself would not constitute "reversible error," nonetheless it does tell us that judge might be reckless in one area of the law, which would harm his credibility.

5. When Len Gregor received the email and attachment of Dr. Ann Hazzard's summary, did he open the email or did he just delete it and then claim he never got it? Or, if the answer is neither, what happened to the email and attachment?

Gregor claimed, as an officer of the court, that he never received the attachment, yet there is no doubt it was sent, so it should be quite easy to check Gregor's emails to see if there is an attachment. (Somehow, I don't think this email accidentally was sent to Gregor's "junk" email file.) Is Gregor willing to let an independent party check his email? It should be easy enough to see if he received anything from Dr. Lorandos and the defense. Likewise, I would like to check the "sent items" in Dr. Lorandos' email files. If the file shows it was sent (and it did not bounce back), then someone is not telling the truth.

Because Gregor claimed not to have received the material, and that lack of reception resulted in Dr. Hazzard's testimony being truncated, his statement fell into the category of "material fact." Here is what Rule 3.3 says:
(a) A lawyer shall not knowingly:
(1) make a false statement of material fact or law to a tribunal;
The maximum penalty for violating this rule is disbarment.

6. Why has Judge House permitted Arnt and Gregor to engage in behavior that has disrupted the proceedings and to do things that destroy the decorum of the trial?

Today, once again, we saw the prosecutors constantly engaging in objection after objection, and Arnt slammed his books down on the table, yet House said nothing.

The State Bar of Georgia Rule 3.5 states:
A lawyer shall not, without regard to whether the lawyer represents a client in the matter:

(c) engage in conduct intended to disrupt a tribunal.
A footnote adds another important element that clearly applies to this trial:
[8] While a lawyer may stand firm against abuse by a judge, the lawyer's actions should avoid reciprocation. Fairness and impartiality of the trial process is strengthened by the lawyer's protection of the record for subsequent review and this preserves the professional integrity of the legal profession by patient firmness. (emphasis mine)
Indeed, that is precisely what the defense has done. Despite having to put up with childish antics from Facebook and The Man, and despite the overt hostility from House, who makes even no pretense of being fair, the defense has soldiered on and done a remarkable job.

7. Why were supporters of Tonya Craft this evening after the trial told the front door of the courthouse was locked and forced to leave by the back door, but the prosecution's supporters and witnesses were permitted to leave via the front door? Why have prosecution witnesses and supporters been permitted to bring food, water, cell phones, and reading material into the courthouse, while everyone else is forced to go through security and can bring nothing into the building?

One person sent this to me tonight:
We got to the courthouse late Monday evening, just in time to watch people start coming out. Interestingly, Craft's supporters and legal team were only allowed to exit from the back entrance, being told the front door was locked. However, we noticed the usual suspects leaving out the front..Sandra Lamb (and sister), Sherry Wilson, Jerry and Kelly McDonald, Joal Henke, and several other supporters of the state.
This clearly is an action by the State of Georgia that says people are not to be treated equally under the law.

While I might have other questions for the prosecution and House, what I have listed so far are germane to the trial, and if the answer to any of these questions is "yes," then we have seen a judge and two officers of the court -- Arnt and Gregor -- perpetrate a fraud.

And those who perpetuate frauds should be disbarred and NEVER be permitted to work in the law profession again.


Anonymous said...

There are a number of reasons the Honorable Judge Marie Williams labeled Evans "not credible." The biggest is THAT SHE IS NOT! She is a joke in her profession, loves attention, & is educated beyond her intelligence. Any Court that accepts her, and/or validates her conclusion(s), does so with blind ignorance! She is incompetent, biased, & should have her license revoked!!!!

KC Sprayberry said...

Ah, gee. Had to check out all the news stations. Channel 3 and 12 still reporting in a professional manner. But News Channel 9 made a huge deal of Dr. Aldrich using words like seemingly and alleged. Kind of made me sick how the innocuous verbiage implied Arnt, House, and Gregos are putting up with this defense witness and letting her testify without a problem. Nothing said about the prosecution's childish behavior. In fact, if one viewed nothing but this station they would believe the judge and prosecutors are putting up with an aggressive defense but will shine through for justice. Oh yeah, when the reporter filed the report, after 5, the defense was 'cross-examining' their witness. Reporter's words not mine. This just gets better and better.
Bill, I don't think anyone will ever know answers to your well phrased questions. And the hearing where Judge Marie Williams labeled Evans not credible, wasn't that where House represented Tonya's ex? Have to go back through the timeline but I think it was. Another reason Judge House should have run from this trial. Before it even began, he showed his bias.

Anonymous said...

I think what the citizens of LMJC "DESERVE" is for some highly accountable, respectable and recognizable people who hold office, have law firms, local companies, pastors etc... to come in to court and sit thru the trial Wednesday when Tonya is suppose to testify and make their presence be known. Maybe then will Tonya receive a fair "day" in court and the pros. team, including House, won't be showing their butts. Would really be impressed if our own DA Buzz Franklin would show himself during this trial, whether he supports it or not. They are his employees or whatever they are, if they filed charges against her with him telling them not to, isn't that insubordination? Fire them!! He needs to be there, let the citizens know where he stands with this, we DESERVE TO KNOW if he is supporting their decision to continue this disgrace!!! I have been a Catoosa County citizen for over 25 years and I am utterly disgusted by the way this whole prosecution team including House have acted. They have disgraced our county and the people who work for the county. Yes there are still good men and women who work for Catoosa County and agree with what I am saying. But the prosecution have painted a very bad picture of our great town. Ringgold is a great little town and what the citizens must do now is fight for Ringgolds dignity that Arnt, Gregor and House have destroyed!!! Let's demand their resignations, if Buzz has any backbone he will have already started this process!!!! The citizens of Catoosa Cty are greater in numbers, we (not I) put them in office, let's take it back and put someone with dignity and integrity in their places.

William L. Anderson said...

I guess I am naive, but I always thought that a prosecutor was supposed to be interested in finding out the truth, not just trying to win. Here, we find that the prosecution, with the help of House, is trying time and again to suppress important information that really gets at the truth in this case.

Like the Duke Lacrosse Case, in which it became clear that the lacrosse players really were innocent and that Nifong had no credible reason to charge them, it is clear that Tonya Craft is not guilty of any crimes, except maybe not kowtowing to Sandra Lamb and Sherry Wilson.

While the State Bar does not decide guilt or innocence, nonetheless when a person clearly is not guilty, yet the prosecution pushes on, it makes these people look as though they are trying to win at all costs. Most prosecutors are like that, but when one clearly is caught with the hand in the cookie jar, then THAT person will be slapped hard.

William L. Anderson said...

Channel 9 has been absolutely reprehensible in this case. That is the only news organization in the tank and I for one never will watch any news on that channel again.

Anonymous said...

BOOYAH!!!! Willie!

See Keanu Reeves in Devil's Advocate. Have Facebook and The Man ever lost a case?

Anonymous said...

Catoosa and Walker are both great towns. Believe it or not MOST of us have integrity. Those of you that don't live in this area don't judge either of these counties by the circus that is going on. Alot of us believe in being fair, do not have affairs, and don't just sit around and gossip all day. The Lambs and the Wilson's are just trash. House and his buddies are just well a big joke. Both of these counties need to stand up and say enough is enough to everyone involved in this wrong doing.

Kerwyn said...

I note, channel 9 did not twitter at all today (to my knowledge)

Anonymous said...

Can one of you crack investigators out there tell us if either of these ego maniacs has ever lost a case?

That would be a very interesting tidbit of info that Bill might be able to use.

I was impressed at how fast someone came up with the campaign contributors this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Channel 9 is to busy trying to dig up additional dirt on Ms. Craft to report the trial in an honest manner.

Homer said...

Is it true that Tonya's first husband built Len Gregor's house? If true, should he not have disclosed that as a conflict of interest?

Lookout Spy said...

As to Mr Anderson's questions in his post, the responsible party to come up with the answers to those questions would be the Office of General Counsel of the State Bar Association. However, one pitfall: the OGC has a policy of not investigating allegations of misconduct by attorneys regarding ligation UNTIL the litigation has ended, and all appeals regarding that litigation have been exhausted. So, other than Buzz Franklin, no one is responsible for or has any purview over the behavior of the prosecution. As we have seen, Mr. Franklin is laying low and has no intention of peeking out from his turtle shell anytime in the near future. This gives plenty of time for the prosecution's computers and e-mails to disappear.
Theoretically, Jon Bolling Wood, as Chief Judge of the LMJC, has some oversight over House's conduct (I won't dignify House with any title, as I don't believe he deserves one), however the official disclipinary purview over all judges in the State of Georgia lies with the Judicial Qualifications Commission, which budget allocation for the fiscal year 2009-2010 was expended sometime last September, as the Georgia Legislature in it's infinite fiscal wisdom has funded the JQC at the lowest per capita rate of all the States in the Union. The JQC essentially is funded for 3 months a year, and the next fiscal year begins July 1, 2010. So, they have funds to work with for the months of July, August and September. Essentially, what this means, is nobody is in charge, nobody's minding the store. Like anything else, when it comes to a system of justice, we get what we pay for in the State of Georgia, and apparently, it ain't much.

Anonymous said...

I also find it interesting who Brian House is friends with on Facebook, lots of Ringgold attorneys, House of Rep, and Leroy Wilson, who I believe is Dewayne Wilsons father. Someone correct me if I am wrong please. Hard to think that anyone in Catoosa County could get a fair trial when all the attorneys are friends with each other. Do they conspire behind closed doors to make proceedings last longer for more $ against each other?

KC Sprayberry said...

To Anon @ 7:41. Waving hand over head here. I live in Walker County. While not a native Georgian, I embraced this area as my home when my husband suggested we move here 16 years ago. Love the place. It's quiet. People care about each other. Well, most people. The rest we have ignored until now. But most of us are working hard to make ends meet in the middle or trying to keep our kids from ending up in trouble. Problem with that is they see all these folks supposedly in charge of taking care of lawbreakers breaking the law themselves and think it is okay. Had a long discussion with my youngest, a teen, over the weekend on this very subject. He thinks I'm old fashioned. If old fashioned means taking responsibility for your actions, then I'm guilty. And I hope one day he turns around like most of the rest have done and says, thanks', Mom, for staying on my case all those years. You're right.' Those are the sweetest words in the world, especially when that child is making a success of their lives. Only a couple of my kids have disappointed me. The rest are raising families and teaching their kids the same values their dad and I instilled in them. None of those values are evident from the terrible trio in Catoosa County.

Anonymous said...

"Like anything else, when it comes to a system of justice, we get what we pay for in the State of Georgia, and apparently, it ain't much."

So depressingly true as evidenced by House and company.

Lookout Spy said...

@ Anon 7:56, Can we say Duh? If one goes lawyer shopping, you'll find lawyers in the LMJC charge minimum retainers and hourly fees WELL above the going rates in Chattanooga, TN, just a few miles north. What does that tell you? They have a lock, a monopoly, and further, the Judges get their percentage. Cost of doing business in a Monopoly=higher prices. And the closed door ex parte conferences are well known for their purpose: the "magic envelopes".

Anonymous said...

The 1890's Day Celebration in Ringgold, GA is May 28 & 29th, I invite everyone who supports Tonya to come out those days and wear a tshirt or whatever and show your support for her. House can't keep you from showing your support there!!!

Anonymous said...

hello, I have been following the blog daily ever since I first came across the trial on and this is my first post.

I live in Toronto Canada.

I have a particular interest in the American Justice System, in particular minimum sentencing laws. The reason for this is our current Federal Government has been pushing "Tough on Crime" and has recently past minimum sentencing laws for drug offenses. It's convenient to take discretion away from judge's but truly tragic when that discretion is needed. But that's another topic for another blog!

Anyway, the reason for my post is that Mr. Anderson has changed the way I feel about a fundamental truth.


A google search proves it

While it is true that others have supported the innocence of this women. I have never seen an individual (particularly given the nature of the crime) so systematically derail injustice and while the trial is in progress.

I don't think I need to go on as the blog and comment sections speak for themselves.

I think we all know that this trial and those responsible will be scrutinized at the national level (at the very least). For what it's worth, a guy in Toronto Canada is sitting at a bar drinking a pint is telling his buddies about a women in Georgia who got railroaded -- and the trial isn't over yet

William L. Anderson said...

Thanks much for those very kind words. As much as anything, the one who really has made the difference has been Tonya Craft herself. This woman is amazing.

I don't know her, but she has been a great model of an innocent defendant, and where most people would have collapsed, she has remained strong. It has been an honor for me to publicly defend her.

dmk said...

"Like anything else, when it comes to a system of justice, we get what we pay for in the State of Georgia, and apparently, it ain't much."

So very true. There is a reason many of these agencies came into being to start with and that was in response to outrageous acts and to fight this type of corruption. But, after the outrage fades, if the citizens aren't willing to continue to pay to fund them at a functional level, then history is doomed to repeat itself.

Politicians love the way things are now - they blow smoke about ethics and accountability at election time knowing there is no real threat to being held accountable since they've made sure the regulators exist in name only and the public goes along with it without even considering the ramifications. Nobody likes government until they personally need the government. When the cry is why isn't/can't the government do something, sometimes looking at ourselves in the mirror will help answer that question.

The real tragedy here isn't that it is happening just to Tonya, but instead it's happening to Tonya after it undoubtedly already happened to Bob, Jim, Sue, Joe, Bill, etc, etc, and no one hardly even took notice or maybe even blindly cheered it on.

Anonymous said...


I have read some of the innocence projects case studies on wrongful convictions that have been overturned by way of DNA evidence.

What's incredible is the lack of evidence that got them convicted in the first place.

It's no wonder why so many people plea bargain (particularly the poor).

Anonymous said...

Now that I can see what kind of women that wilson and lamb are, I bet this is what is happening. Wilson got what she wanted, Tonya in trouble and in a mess and she only had to play a small part in it. Then sitting back laughing at Lamb because she was stupid enough to be manipulated by her, and is getting most of the heat. Dumb and Dumber.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Heinke,
Your husband is a cheater. I know that you think that he would never cheat on you. What man could cheat on someone who is pregnant and taking care of his children your step-children. You see he has you where he wants you. Not only are you pregnant now but your time is also being taken up by taking care of his children. Your at home with the kids and well he's been seeing a friend of mine. Well she was a friend of mine until she told me about this. I will not be friends with anyone who goes after a married man. This girl isn't the first in the last 6 months and I am sure she won't be the last. Joal is like a disease you need to get away while you still can.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anderson,
From what Lookout says, it seems that there may not be a snowball's chance in hell of nailing these cretins to the wall. What is your opinion on the points he made?

Anonymous said...

Lookout Spy - I have to say that if Bo Wood is our only hope...we're screwed. From what I've heard, he and Gregor have partied together very recently...they are ALL in bed with each other.

dmk said...

You've hit the nail on the head about Gregor and Arnt's success at railroading the innocent - the demographics of this area are well below average on income and education compared to the rest of the state much less the nation. People in those circumstances sadly often don't have the means or knowledge of the system to fight effectively for themselves.

I've posted here before I think that in my opinion what has helped Tonya is not only is she an attractive female that held a position of respect in the community (she didn't "look" like a child molester) but that she is a well-educated, smart woman with a good grasp of how things work and that gave her the means, but much more importantly, the confidence, to fight.

William L. Anderson said...

Ordinarily, prosecutors are off limits, but in this situation, the prosecutors have crossed the line to a point where other prosecutors cannot cover for them. Furthermore, there is videotape evidence of their misbehaving.

Look, once their antics make it onto the TV screen, the other prosecutors are not going to back up these clowns. I saw it with Nifong. At first, the NC prosecutors stood behind him, but in the end, every one threw him under the bus (where he belonged).

There are other things that I am not at liberty to say, but let me assure you that the combination of a lot of things is going to be devastating to these prosecutors. (I'm just going after Arnt and Gregor. Someone else can handle House.)

I told all of you before: I'm making disbarment of these two rogues my mission in life, and they will get the Nifong treatment -- and worse. Go to my Lew Rockwell articles on Nifong and the Duke case and you will see that I stick to something and see it through to the end.

William L. Anderson said...

As for the others, don't think that I have forgotten them. By standing up for the right, Tonya Craft also is going to have an impact on the lives of other wrongfully-convicted people.

Please trust me when I say that we have lined up behind a remarkable person, and when this is over, some good things are going to have been accomplished.

Lookout Spy said...

@Anon 9:24, Oh indeed they all are in bed with each other, not only figuratively but literally. If any of you have seen Teresa Watson's blog at Rome News by Watson, these people, the "elite" of the LMJC have some very wild and kinky parties. Bo Wood and Kristina Cook "Man of the Month" have quite the reputation in Lafayette. Bo loves his Heineken, Kristina is quite the party gal. People jump off cliffs in Alabama, they have so much fun down there.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure I speak for many people when I say how grateful we are to have a person with your integrity help those who have been crushed by this corrupt judicial system.

Lady justice smiles upon you Dr. Anderson and I know that the Almighty will give you the strength and support you need to rid us of these despicable cowards.

Darth Scooter said...

My wife went to the court house last Friday and spoke with Tonya Craft after the trial. She had never met Ms. Craft, but a friend of hers introduced them. Tonya told her that whether she is found guilty or innocent she intends to get her law degree to defend people in her situation, because of all she has learned from this experience. As Mr. Anderson said she truly is a remarkable woman.

Denise C. said...

I can definitely see Tonya becoming a voice for persecuted people. She can use the money from the law suits, book deal and movie deal to pay for law school. If nothing else she definitely knows what kind of lawyer she doesn't want to be.

Joe C. Loser, Jr. said...

On behalf of the faculty and staff of the Nashville School of Law, we welcome Ms. Craft (and Mr. Anderson) into out Class of 2013!

(Yes, that's really my name! My dad is a bigger Loser, as the old joke goes.)

William L. Anderson said...


I'm a bit too old for Law School, but Nashville School (or YMCA Night) indeed has a good reputation, the best law school of which no one has heard.

But, I did get an A in communications law in 1974 (and my Summa Cum Laude daughter took the course in 1999, and got a B+, and I always hold it over her!!). So, that was my legal training.

The book that changed my life was The Tyranny of Good Intentions by Paul Craig Roberts and Lawrence Stratton. It is worth reading.

Anonymous said...

I have spent several days in the courtroom...just to see for myself what was going on. I was not convinced one way or another about the case....wanted to hear the evidence.
I have never seen such outright bias by prosecutors and a judge. This evening... out of the blue....the prosecution turned to the (left side) of the courtroom and asked what the comotion was about? We all looked at each other in shock as we had not noticed anything and may I add, the bailif, two deputies and Judge House were facing the courtroom. They looked confused as well.
Arnt and Gregor were like two children pitching a fit because things were not going their way. There is the right hand and left hand side of the middle. If you sit on the left side... prepare will be considered a "Tonja Cronie" and treated as such.
I think that is a shame.
My heart goes out to Tonya and what she has been done to her. I thank House, Gregor and Arnt for helping me decide what I think about this case.

Anonymous said...

When you walk up the front steps of the Catoosa County Courthouse, and pass through the security, you will see a door with a glass window directly in front of you. This window has glass that is tinted so that those passing by cannot see in, but those on the other side of the glass can see out.

Behind the guessed it......that is the room where joal henke, sandra lamb, kelli mcdonald, dewayne and sheri wilson and their ignorant friends and family relax while the trial is going on.

they are allowed food and drinks, cell phones and computers. they have no rules. they do not go through security......and i fear for Tonya and her family should the jury return with a "not guilty" verdict. i fear for their safety as those people in that room everyone faces as they walk into the courthouse are unstable sociopaths who can not be trusted. they could have a weapon in their possession, and no one would know.


Anonymous said...

Before I start this post excuse my spelling. This post is based on reallity common sense and inside infomation. This trial will end with hung jury I know this because of money behind scenes. I believe that the legal system of Catoosa County will be forever changed {for the good] because of people like WL Anderson, Lookout Spy and many others. But my big concern is that The citizens of Catoosa County finish the Job and deal with families like the Wilsons, Lambs, Newtons, Heinkes and others. For they are the root of evil here.

Phyllis said...

What would a hung jury mean for Tonya?

Anonymous said...

It is a good thing that Tonya has the best of the best representing her in this farce of a trial, or she would be toast. The way I see it, she has two things going for her, 1. Her defense team, wonderful. 2. The state hurts themselves by pulling rabbits out of their hats with no evidence to base it on. whereas, the defense doesn't even talk without the evidence to back up their talk. Tonya is innocent and everyone knows it. Oh, and by the way, not only am I and my family going to boycott Wilson funeral homes, but also channel 9.

William L. Anderson said...

To answer Phyllis, a hung jury in effect would be a "not guilty" verdict for Tonya. The reason is that if the prosecutors wanted to try her again, they would be facing scrutiny that they did not face the first time.

Look, I NEVER have seen a local newspaper running cartoons DURING a trial making fun of the judge and prosecutor. That means that the NFP would be putting the hammer down, editorially speaking.

Furthermore, you can bet that people downstate, influential people in the prosecutorial and judicial system, would make their voices heard. People like Dr. Nancy Aldridge, who gave good testimony today and who absolutely is convinced of Tonya's innocence, would not be silent.

The best thing that Arnt and Gregor can do is to give it up NOW. That is the only chance they have even of saving their careers. If they continue to run toward the cliff, their comfortable lives as they have known them are over.

Anonymous said...

Mr Anderson I beg to differ with you. Their careers are already over. You see they have taken the envolpes. They can't turn back. Apparently u don't understand money has passed.

Lookout Spy said...

Mr. Anderson, I have no qualms about saying this: Gregor and Arnt ain't smart enough to find their way out of a paper bag. How the hell do you think they ended up in a backwater like Ringgold, Georgia? This town is the best they could do. Same goes for 80 % of the legal/justice establishment in the LMJC. They've got themselves a sweet little industry here. It's not about the people, trust me. These folks can't get their beady littles eyes out of the mirror, because all they know is what they see. Grease. That's what it's all about.

kbp said...

Dennis Norwoods' article

"...According to Dr. Aldridge, Ms. Long’s entire line of questioning was inappropriate and put new ideas into the child’s memory which could have led her to believe she had been touched inappropriately when she had not."

Dr. Aldridge not only did a great job for Tonya's case, she may have helped to build an argument for the parents of the accusers to go after the state also.

Going with the only theory I believe - Tonya is innocent - a large portion of any damage suffered by the accusers could be attributed to the interviews conducted.

I do not consider this case to be a product of some masterful scheme, especially one involving all the parents of the accusers. It's much easier to blame it on coincidental events and one or two vengeful minds at work who may truly have believed what is now claimed to have happened.

Should it work that way - the parents of the accusers filing a suit against the state - it would really benefit any innocent parents that are faced with such battles.

Certainly this is an outcome unlikely to happen, but it's food for thought. This case is a fine example of just how far they can go to take children, and I've seen worse cases.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lookout
Grease = Money right or wrong?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard that Joal Henke's nickname is "homewrecker" because he has a thing for married women? Okay, I live three counties away and a friend from out of state called me and told me that. She use to live in Chattanooga, and she and her husband knew him. She said Tonya just got caught in his web...

kbp said...

Anon 10:33 PM
"...If you sit on the left side... prepare will be considered a "Tonja Cronie" and treated as such."

If more come to support Tonya, there will not be an 'opposing side'.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lookout you and I know the real deal here. I happen to know the Newtons and the Farris Family. Newtons have more grease but Farris had enough to fight and get public opinion on their side. I believe that the truth in this case will clean out the grease. I hope you agree.

Lame said...

Here's something else. Chely Wilson, the famous country music singer, just came out as a lesbian. I have seen her, and she's very pretty, and obviously cares that she looks good. I have also seen her in pictures with children, with her ams around them. According to statements by the prosecutors here, Chely Wilson is a child molester. Are they going to swear out a warrant for her arrest? Does listening to her music now constitute behavior of a potential child molester?

Lookout Spy said...

@ Anon 11:36, One can only hope. There's a generational history behind all this which the average person wouldn't believe or comprehend if it were laid out in a 1000 page thesis. But Anon 11:20 has got the idea straight.

Anonymous said...

Is the Today Show still keeping up with the case? Does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anderson, I have not read your blog today because I have been too busy with work and family. I will catch up tomorrow.

If you haven't already, I would encourage you to investigate Laurie Evans and what she did to her husband when their marriage ended. The steps she took to ensure she got exactly what she wanted will shock you.

Additionally, there are a few people who believe Joal Henke has been involved with Laurie Evans for a while now.........and that would be in addition to his involvement with Sandra Lamb. Busy, busy man, that Joal Henke.

Victoria said...

Watch this to see how "evidence" is cooked up for cases like this:

Too bad the "expert" witnesses for the persecution weren't up to date on this topic. Sheesh, I think this segment was put out in the '80s - you'd think those involved in Tonya's persecution would have caught onto correct interview / investigative procedures in this day and age. If they had just watched this short segment it would have saved untold grief, money, and time for all involved.

Anonymous said...

Lookout Spy thanks for responding I'm glad that there is someone else besides me that really knows what is going on here. I really believe that what is happening on the national scene with the american public finally making politicians accountable is happening here on the local scene

Dan said...

I do hope that these overzealous (a word that has become significantly more difficult for me to use after following this case) prosecutors do face their individual consequences. I also have no doubt that Bill Anderson will play a significant role in their demise.

However, I do (most sincerely) hope and pray that of all the public ire, retribution and political (let's call that) "reflection", that will occur post trial. The good citizens of Georgia send a laser beam of demand for change.

First and foremost, the system that provided credentials and oversight of those that "interviewed" these children must be corrected and changed completely. Of all the uncovered facts during trial, this should stand as a shocking example and discovery. How any state sanctioned training for investigators of sexual child abuse could omit the problems of McMartin, and similar cases as required reading, brings a new meaning to the definition of unconscionable.

Think about it. If competent interviews and interviewers were in place this could have played out very differently, even with the venality in the office that has a sworn duty to represent the best interests of (and is paid for by) the people.

Those are really two separate outrages (among many others) here, I think it is a moral imperative to keep them that way.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me Mr Anderson I'm anon 11:01 spelling correction envelopes

Lame said...

Is it possible that Judge House is starting to realize he's making a mistake by siding so blatantly with the prosecution? It was reported today that at one point House didn't even acknowledge Arnt when he tried to object, because House was listening so attentively to the defense witness? Could this be the perverbial, "Oh SHIT!" moment, when he realized that he's been putting fuel into a car that's already wrecked, sort of like when the Germans woke up one morning in Stalingrad to realize they were surrounded by Russians?

Anonymous said...

Lame House is realizing his envelope was not thick enough

Anonymous said...

Hmm. As for all the legal folks in bed together in Catoosa County, I am somewhat stunned that Channel 3 would use McCraken Posten for "legal commentary." While I have nothing personal against Ms. Posten, he is in the "legal pool" with the others in that he practices in the community. My point: You won't get too much truth or light from Mr. Posten put on the prosecution - everybody's on the same payroll. Including Mr. Posten. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

About Mr. Anderson's 9:29 PM comment:

I watched all of the cable TV "legal" shows. This is where public opinion is formed on a national basis. The NC prosecutors were not the ones standing behind Nifong. It was people like Peter Neufeld who made a statement that helped Nifong. Why didn't he and Scheck come out publicly against the Hoax early on?

I saw Talking Head types who took a pro defense stance most of the time who were obviously reluctant to support the Duke LAX players. Not their kind of defendants, apparently. Court TV's Miss "Best Defense" Jamie Floyd was virulently hostile to them.

Dan Abrams did a lot to turn it around. After awhile, the TV shows had a hard time finding a serious lawyer who would take a pro-Nifong position.

Did you yourself watch these cable shows?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:37 - My apologies - Mr. not Ms. Posten - a typist, I'm not.

Anonymous said...

Sarah thinks she is the "ONE" for Joal, what a nut. History repeats itself. He uses her for sex, babysitter, and baby factory. She will one day grow up and see him for who he is. All you girlfriends of Joal, write her a little note.

Anonymous said...

I just want to know if someone can get me the address for "Buttface" and "The Loser", i already know where the Louse lives, so i can stick Truth for Tonya signs in their yards while everyone is in court...little joke...they would have me arrested for trespassing in a New York minute....

Lame said...

What we need is a law that will make it such that making false accusations of sex crimes is a felony in which the person who makes up the allegation gets to choose one of the following two punnishments: 1) spend the time the law requires one to serve in jail for having committed the alleged crime, without any parole, serve the full time, no suspended or reduced sentence; or 2) pay to the person they accused one half of their earned wages for the rest of their life. Why so harsh. One accusation like this can completely destroy a person's life and ability to earn an income. Even if you are acquited, when applying for a job, you are required to disclose that you were arrested for a sex-related crime. Who would hire such a person for anything? So, the accuser should be legally liable for lost wages.

Of course, the point is to make this so that it doesn't discourage disclosure of REAL sex crimes. So, it would apply when it is PROVEN that the accusation was false.

Anonymous said...

a police officer is liable for his/her actions while acting under the color of the law. Tonya can sue Det. Dirty in civil court for his part in this.

johnlichtenstein said...

The analogy of approaching a cliff is not quite right. It is extremely unlikely that this case is an outlier. There are probably dozens of cases where Deal, House, Facebook, and The Man did professional jobs of railroading innocent people. Here you are noticing because they are botching the job.

Anonymous said...

I've heard someone else say this and I agree...It is so sad that this case is going to:
1. Make caring adults become fearful of caring for children...One false accusation and you could be walking in Tonya's shoes.
2. Cause TRUE victims to have a more difficult time because people will be prone to doubt them, due to this case. My brother-in-law, a pediatritian at T.C. Thompson's, told me the amount of incest in this area was staggering. So sad these children could be affected by these people's actions.
Finally, I have mutual friends with Sarah. She is young and needs to believe she can trust this man. I will tell you, this trial, and all that surrounds it, just makes me feel so negative...the gossip and everything, which no doubt most is true.... But let's just pray God helps us ALL through this. We are ALL being affected by the poison of this case... (Why else would I be awake this time of night?)

William L. Anderson said...

To the 4:49,

If it makes you feel any better, I was awake, too. I get about 4-5 hours of sleep right now with this trial.

I agree with the 2:25 about the tip of the iceberg. That is one reason that the judge and the prosecutors are going all-out here. They went after Tonya because of the influence of certain people in Catoosa County, and figured it would be another easy railroad.

WRONG! Tonya Craft fought back, and she has the potential to bring down a pretty big racket with the prosecutors, judges, and the CAC. The key has been the CAC, which has been a one-stop shopping excursion for prosecutors in the LMJD.

As for watching Cable, we don't have TV reception at all in our home, and have not had it for nine years. All I have is Hughsnet and its semi-weak signals.

Anonymous said...

Mr Anderson, I probably don't have any thing to add.But any questions that i could answer to help your cause i would.I was once very close to Tonya.And know alot about Mr Henke and his ways

Anonymous said...

Someoen who just left the courthouse said that when they went back into the chambers (defendant goes too) that Tonya gave Gregor a look and smile. Like its coming down on ya boys, I told you so!!!!

He said it was priceless.

friend or foe said...

You are 'right on' anonymous as to what you said on May 3, 2010 about L. Judge Marie Williams: She is incompetent, biased, & should have her license revoked!!!! She favors the woman in a divorce - thinks she knows it all yet she is sickeningly stupid. Plus she must be a woman scorned obviously.
I can see why!