Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Channel 9's Sorry Record of Ignoring Due Process

Of all the news operations covering the Tonya Craft case, WTVC, Channel 9, stood alone in its utter badness. In fact, the coverage was SO bad that Holly "Thumbs Up" Kittle has included this rogue PR operation for corrupt prosecutors as one of her "likes."

One of the reasons I despise Channel 9 so much is that when it comes to people accused of child molestation, there NEVER even is the possibility of a false claim. Furthermore, there is no presumption of innocence at 9, just guilt, guilt, guilt. Its February 19, 2010, coverage of the arrest of James Combs is especially bad, although nothing will sink to the low level that 9 achieved with Tonya Craft, even after the trial was over.

I include the entire article, written by Karen Zatkulak, as from beginning to end, because it is just atrocious and guilt-assuming and shamefully so (my comments in bold):
A man is charged with child molestation while he's substitute teaching. We got the report that confirms the incident took place at an elementary school. (Yes, an accusation means that there definitely was molestation.) This report says James Combs was inside this school, teaching as a substitute, when 2 children say he touched them in a sexual manner.

Parents like Brianna Campbell are not just shocked but disturbed that a man trusted inside the classroom has now spent time inside jail. She says, "Surprising because they hire the teachers to teach not to hurt the kids." (Yes, after people are arrested, they usually are taken to jail. However, there is no "alleged" here. Channel 9 is spreading hysteria among parents, just as our vaunted news team did when it sent reporters to Tonya's neighborhood to scream, "CHILD MOLESTER!!!")

James Combs is charged with child molestation at Boynton Elementary School, leaving Campbell worried about her little ones. "It bothers me, but you still have to send your kids to school and hope and pray they come home okay."

We got the report from the Catoosa County Sheriff's Office. It says two children reported that Combs had touched them in a sexual manner. We wanted to know more about the young victims (How do we know they are victims? Again, Channel 9 assumes guilt.) and exactly when and how this happened, but were told Sheriff Phil Summers was the only one to answer those questions and was unavailable.

We also went to Combs' address to hear his side of the story, but no one was home. The school system did confirm that Combs was a substitute teacher when this happened.

Superintendent Denia Reese says, "James Combs completed the application process to be a substitute in our county, we did a GBI background check and FBI background check and they all came back clear." (Now, this is interesting. Here is a guy who never had been accused of any crimes before, who also passed an extensive investigation in order to be able to adopt two girls from overseas. Does not this raise questions to our Good People at Channel 9 about Mr. Combs' character, and that maybe, just maybe, these charges are fishy?)

Reese says immediately after they received the parent's complaint, they called the Sheriff's Office. "Mr. Combs was then immediately removed from the substitute list."

Campbell is glad that Combs is facing charges, but says she's still worried about the other students and the victims. "You are putting your kids lives and trust in the school system and when they break that trust it's hard to get back." (Why does Campbell get to be an accuser here? Do you think that Campbell would like to be falsely accused? Why does Channel 9 take her for an expert?)

While 2 children reported the misconduct, this report says Combs faces one count of child molestation.

We will be working to get more information, and will pass it on as soon as it's available.
In reading this story, I am utterly amazed at the outright evil that it represents. According to Darrell Patterson's employer, an accusation is proof of guilt, period, especially if it involves child molestation.

Having taught at Rossville Junior High School for a couple years, I have experience with some of the people from that area, and I can say that there were some students who (along with their parents -- and especially their mothers) would be anxious to make a false charge against a teacher. In fact, the only reason that we did not see any of these charges get momentum was that the LMJC had not yet discovered the riches that could be mined from Mondale Act money.

Notice that Channel 9 really made no effort to find out what happened. It just ran the official PR from the LMJC, interviewed a guilt-assuming parent of another child, and then presented it as "news."

I will say up front that I am convinced that James Combs is innocent of these charges, and that this is yet another perjury-filled action from Perjury Central itself, the LMJC. Since the LMJC and Channel 9 are at war with innocent and good people, I will officially say that I am at war with them. They can try to destroy innocent people -- and generally are successful at it -- but I will fight for James Combs and his family just as I fought for Tonya Craft. From everything I can tell, he is a good and decent man, and if Buzz Franklin, "judge" Brian Outhouse, and Alan "Wannabe a Criminal Like Facebook and The Man" Norton are going to try to railroad him into prison, I hope that the good people of the community will show that this is evil.

What is going on in the LMJC is not right. It is illegal and immoral. That Channel 9 continues to run PR for such corrupt people is proof enough to me that it no longer is a news operation. Instead, it consists of people who kiss the posteriors of corrupt liars, and then repeats the lies as "news."


Anonymous said...

You talk about federal money and throw out the Mondale Act. It's called C.A.P.T.A. Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act. The name was changed from the Mondale Act many years ago. Here's a link for where the money is going in Georgia: For those that don't want to open it it basically says the money goes to DFAC's and for training. No mention of money going to fund local law enforcement or prosecution. I can't find where DFAC's is involved with this Combs case. You want to accuse people of making up crimes for money. How about showing the money trial. You can't and will not because it doesn't support your skewed opinion that all law enforcement is corrupt. You just need to declare yourself a sovereign citizen and make up your own rules. Let me ask you what you are doing about child abuse investigations in Frostburg Maryland. My guess is nothing.

Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve said...

Dr. Anderson:

News Channel Slime belongs to the “Sleaze Sells” school of broadcast “journalism” whereby a talking head, (it used to be Bob Johnson) trumpets a story of half truths or wreck scenes. The blow dried anchor (or he may wear a hair piece like Darrell Patterson’s) is assisted by flunkies in the field. They shoot the film, complete with blood and guts if it’s a wreck, or they accost neighbors or onlookers for a taped “comment” to reinforce whatever line of bull they are pushing in the story. Zatkulak is just another in a long line of those field flunkies turning out whatever slanted reports that the “news” director or traffic manager assigns.

“Notice that Channel 9 really made no effort to find out what happened. It just ran the official PR from the LMJC, interviewed a guilt-assuming parent of another child, and then presented it as "news."

This is typical of the way they cover stories. Get the official word, rustle up somebody in the area who will provide a quote to reinforce the story line (at least the lady interviewed in this story appeared to have a full set of teeth and did not appear to be drunk or stoned) and then run the accusations as fact. This station is a mouthpiece for the powers that be on both sides of the state border and wouldn’t know true investigative reporting if it bit them in their hair spray. My only up close and personal experience with them years ago convinced me that the prostitutes downtown had more integrity than their female reporter.

News Channel Slime’s coverage of the early stages of Ms. Craft’s inquisition matched your quote perfectly. Go to the accused’s door and try to get someone to answer your knock so you can practice your ambush journalism tactics. If that fails, ask the accused’s neighbors how they feel about having a child molester for a neighbor. When challenged on this type of reporting, deny that you did it. They did it to Mrs. Craft, Mr. Combs and have done it to many other defendants over the years. News Channel Slime hasn’t been a legitimate news operation in many, many years, probably not since you taught at Rossville Junior High, if then.

Jerri Lynn Ward said...

To Anon 10:29

"CAPTA also provides competitive grants to states for programs relating to the investigation and prosecution of child abuse and neglect cases."

Sure are a lot of references to grants to states for the investigation and prosecution of child sex abuse in this online version of CAPTA: .


Sec. 107. [42 U.S.C. 5106c]


GRANTS TO STATES.--The Secretary, in consultation with the Attorney General, is authorized to make grants to the States for the purpose of assisting States in developing, establishing, and operating programs designed to improve--

the handling of child abuse and neglect cases, particularly cases of child sexual abuse and exploitation, in a manner which limits additional trauma to the child victim;

the handling of cases of suspected child abuse or neglect related fatalities; and

the investigation and prosecution of cases of child abuse and neglect, particularly child sexual abuse and exploitation.


Anonymous said...

Maybe channel 9 gets some MONDALE money? Can't help but think it so it's probably true. Think I'll spread the news! I haven't watched ANYTHING on channel 9 since April and won't ever. Anon 10:29, after all the lies your side has been caught in do you really think anyone would be stupid enough to believe your so called CAPTA plan?? ROTFL!!!!!!

Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve said...


At the risk of prolonging the lunatic ravings of Anonymous 10:29, our resident LMJC troll, I would like to point out to him or her that the Mondale Act label is shorthand for the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act. Look up the act’s legislative history. It was sponsored by Senator Walter Mondale from Minnesota and signed by President Richard Nixon in 1974. They are the same thing and always have been. The Ward post @11:37 explains why the rest of your post is wrong better than I can and in more detail.

KC Sprayberry said...

It was obvious during the Craft trial that NC9 was taking their cues from the prosecutor's team. John Madewell came out one day, after a defense expert testified, and read off a prepared statement, even going so far as lift his eyebrows and stare at the camera in confusion after using a large word. Not sure what the word is but I got the impression this man wanted the world to believe it was far too complicated for his simple mind to understand. And I was under the impression reporters actually went to college. Or does he think his viewing audience is so dumb they need visual clues to be lost or think the defense experts are throwing up a bunch of smoke and mirrors.
But NC9's actions during the Tonya Craft trial, both before, during, and after. Their actions against Mr. Combs, and anyone else arrested or caught in the act of doing anything they construe as wrong, were completely normal. Their reporting is always slanted toward the worst. And their end tag line of depend on us to bring you more on this story is never really fulfilled, unless they can find a scandalous angle.

Anonymous said...


GENERAL RULE.-- Except as provided in paragraph (2), a State requesting assistance under this section shall establish or designate and maintain, a State multidisciplinary task force on children's justice (hereinafter referred to as State task force) composed of professionals with knowledge and experience relating to the criminal justice system and issues of child physical abuse, child neglect, child sexual abuse and exploitation, and child maltreatment related fatalities. The State task force shall include--

individuals representing the law enforcement community;

judges and attorneys involved in both civil and criminal court proceedings related to child abuse and neglect (including individuals involved with the defense as well as the prosecution of such cases);

child advocates, including both attorneys for children and, where such programs are in operation, court appointed special advocates;

health and mental health professionals;

individuals representing child protective service agencies;

individuals experienced in working with children with disabilities; and

representatives of parents' groups.

William L. Anderson said...

To the 10:29:

Excuse me, pal, but it is the LMJC that seems to be sovereign and makes up the law as it goes along. Did you know that suborning perjury is illegal? Yet, prosecutors did it during the Tonya Craft trial and "judge" Brian Outhouse REFUSED to permit the defense to enter information that would have PROVED the prosecution witnesses were lying.

Outhouse did not do this out of ignorance or concern for the law and justice. He did it to try to help rig a conviction.

I am quite familiar with CAPTA, or "Cash for Kids," as Kerwyn and I call it in an article we recently wrote. (Not yet published.) As for the Combs case, the people who are involved are Tim Deal (the detective in the case, the same "Dirty" Deal who participated in a forgery of documents in the Tonya Craft trial), and Holly Kittle, whose performance during the Craft trial was one of ignorance (she proudly admitted she never reads any literature on her profession) and arrogance (she laughed, rolled her eyes, and basically acted as though no one had a right to ask her questions).

Let me tell you something else; the Combs case is even more outrageous than the Craft case, if that is possible, and the LMJC will go to any lengths to try to get a conviction, as Buzz and Outhouse and the rest of that criminal gang cannot afford a second defeat.

However, there are people who are going to get the truth out there one way or another about what happened, since Deal certainly is not interested in telling the truth and prosecutors in the LMJC and CAC people regularly lie. These lies need to be exposed and exposed regularly and forcefully.

KC Sprayberry said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KC Sprayberry said...

Anon 8:16. You are posting and referring only to parts of the section you gave us the link to. I read it this morning and it does provide for the district attorney's office to receive money through grants. Also, all these outside agencies aligned with the DA are also part of DCFS, if you would take the time to do your own research and not use a prepared script from men trying to discredit those of us who do our research. LMJC is not the only judicial district using CAPTA or the Mondale Act as most people call it for an end to their own means. Their claims are easily disproved but they refuse to accept real evidence, preferring to make it up as they go along. I find it really hysterical that they claim the Craft trial didn't cost all that much, certainly not the half million she spent. -End Part 1-

KC Sprayberry said...

The cost of examining those children needlessly and their supposed interviews and therapy at state expense had to come out of someone's budget. Can it be you're defending them to take the focus off the real purpose of their agenda - to put as many people in prison for false charges so they can rake in more money? It's long been proven that the use of unregulated federal funds leads to corruption. For an example of that, just look at all the former military contractors who padded their budgets with hundred thousand dollar hammers or million dollar toilets. Politicians and their hangers-on, of which you are one, will always get caught when they get too outrageous. Please, post to both sides of the matter. Open your eyes and really look at the evidence. Many believers on this blog now started out not believing, until we heard the testimony and evidence offered at the Craft trial. What we are trying to do is change a system so corrupted the only solution is to cut off all those lovely federal funds and force local prosecutors to go back to the business of trying the real criminals. -End Part 2 - I was really on a rant today.

Trish said...

Keep it up Bill!!!!

KC Sprayberry said...

Sorry for the multiple post. Blogger seems to be of two minds about whether or not I have an account this morning.

Anonymous said...

Im the 8:16. Im on your side so whoa up on the attitude! What I posted that for is to demonstrate that law enforcement, judges and attorneys are at the head of the feeding trough! Don't really know what you were thinking I meant, but rest assured after my dealing with "Dirty" Deal and the CCSO I'd like to see them all go down in flames.

Anonymous said...

oh and KC, I'm NOT the idiot 10:29!!!

kbp said...

Evidently Anon 10:29 had trouble reading the link he/she posted, or simply can't understand what it said. So, out of the kindness of my heart, I’ll quote and explain what the link tells readers (multiple comments required do to count limits per comment and I’ll use excerpts of the report.)

CAPTA Plan Goals and Areas of Improvement for focus FY 2010 – 2014:

The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act provides federal funding to states to support improvements to the child protection system in fourteen (14) specific areas. ….The areas identified for CAPTA focus reflect current divisional priorities, are responsive to CRP recommendations and support state efforts to meet key legislative requirements.

This is ONLY their goals, not a summary of their budget. However, you need to realize that these goals, under their budget, addresses more than just state offices, as is summarized throughout in this report.

Note: They do NOT address all “fourteen (14) specific areas” in this report.

kbp said...

To Anon 10:29

(1) Improve the intake, assessment, screening and investigation of reports of abuse and neglect
Georgia’s Diversion/Family Support practices are ultimately determined at the local level, where county departments interpret broad state or regional guidelines.

Here they tell you about the “LOCAL” involvement; IOW, explaining that the state involvement is more or less limited to guidelines for assistance in procedure and policy at the local level.

kbp said...

To Anon 10:29

(2A) Create and improve the use of multi-disciplinary teams and inter-agency protocols to enhance investigations
The Division is committed to supporting the use of multidisciplinary teams to improve the investigation, intervention and prosecution of child maltreatment.

(2B) Improving legal preparation and representation
The Division will continue to provide Legal Services Training to Child Protective Services and Foster Care staff to increase their knowledge of the justice system and enhance collaboration with the legal system to protect children. The primary objective of the Basic Legal training is to provide staff with an understanding of Georgia law related to the protection and movement toward permanency of abused and neglected children through deprivation actions in the juvenile court.

Georgia Department of Law and DHR/DFCS Legal Services Office co-sponsor an annual conference for Special Assistants to the Attorney General (SAAG) to provide specialized training to attorneys representing DFCS in deprivation and termination proceedings.
The Office of the Child Advocate (OCA) sponsors a three-day conference for attorneys and lay Guardians ad Litem (GAL) who represent children in deprivation proceedings in juvenile court.

There they have identified the “local level” entities involved as “teams”, mentioning a few and what they hope to do for them (make it more legal to avoid appeals in court, from the reporting level through the legal members involved!).

kbp said...

To Anon 10:29

(5) Developing and updating systems of technology that support the program and track reports of child abuse and neglect from intake through final disposition, and allow interstate and intrastate information exchange

(8) Developing and facilitating training protocols for individuals mandated to report child abuse or neglect

The Children’s Justice Act three year statewide assessment conducted in FY 2009 included a stakeholder survey to solicit feedback from a full spectrum of child welfare professionals involved in cases of child abuse including CASA, community based providers, child welfare agency staff, attorneys, law enforcement and judges.

Since all reporting starts at the local levels, be it child advocacy units or CPS investigators, you see they hope to make it known to all other federal, state and local agencies across the nation.

The next section addresses “training” people required to report possible neglect, ranging from nurses, teachers, paramedics and loads of others MANDATED to participate in policing our nation.

That last paragraph starts out by identifying ONE of the ‘too many to count’ acts that supplies funds at the local level, while also noting a few who receive those funds.

I’ll skip over the next “area”, #11, as it merely more federal funding, by way of the state, for local learning lessons to get MORE kids.

kbp said...

To Anon 10:29

The introductory portion of the summaries should also be beneficial in understanding where the federal funds went;
CAPTA Basic State Grant
The CAPTA Basic State Grant has contributed to training initiatives that supported the selected improvement areas and provided scholarships for county staff to participate in various training opportunities.

Hopefully the identification of how this federal funding went to ”COUNTY STAFF” will help you see what you had linked to. You should also realize that this report was merely an inter-agency summary of a small portion of the funding the state and local entities receive from the federal pockets.

Anon, I was just a little surprised that you'd posted this same comment 2 times, including in the previous thread of comments.

If you can find the time, you should consider looking over Reading Comprehension. It is a free source that would be helpful for you.

Good luck! :)

Anonymous said...

Do not watch Channel slime anymore. And won't they are not reliable. They are bias, But if it was one of them would they want the same treatment. People need to put themselfs in the these sad situations. one day they might just be there, with this crooked bunch, of Da's Ada, Judges all of them. this is the last thing we thought would happen to us, But let someone just say it and it is true with these people and they will lie and lie till it happen's. And you are in Prison as innocent person.

KC Sprayberry said...

Anon 8:15. Mea Culpa. I thought you were the same idiot at 10:29 last night. These fools do hit and run pronouncements and today was one of those days were I'm totally crazed. Prepping for a book release and trying to keep up with current work has me going in circles, in addition to keeping up with everything else.

Anonymous said...

another drive by @10:29 with typical deflection from the real issue (what is being done in Frostburg). Gimme a break. There is years' worth of work to be done in the LMJC to root out the corruption. One blogger cant be responsible for solving all the problems. But one thing is for sure, if there was a problem in Frostburg, I know who I would want to tackle it. (Hint, its not you 10:29). Your comment is telling. You express obvious disdain for the assumption that all law enforcement is corrupt. Since you appear to be a cheerleader for LMJC, let me ask you, what is it like to have such a presumption of guilt against you? No need to answer, you already did. You hate it, and you have't had your life ruined yet. That's what it feels like from a citizen's perspective and that's why there is such a backlash. People's lives are ruined because of law enforcement on the barest of allegations (from a kid or parent who has an obvious motive to fabricate a story). Then you have the audacity to make your stupid statements on a board made of people who are very educated about the issues.

On a side note, the framers of our constitution insisted on freedom of press being an express right. The thinking was that an uninhibited press kept a government in check. That was when the press was not scared of the government. That Channel 9 is a lapdog for law enforcement reveals their cowardice, bias, or both.

William L. Anderson said...

To be honest, Frostburg (Allegany County, Maryland) actually has more honest prosecutors and police than does the LMJC. It is much harder for false allegations to get legs here than it is in Catoosa County and elsewhere in the LMJC.

Furthermore, our prosecutors don't forge documents like your good friends.

If there are problems here, I will speak out. However, I can recall NOTHING as outrageous as what I have seen in the backyard of 10:29.

Oh, and I think you need to learn how to spell. I it such an important tool, especially when one is forging documents.

Anonymous said...

10:29 is an example of cherry picking: "If you can't beat your opponent on the substance of an issue, then crush him on the minor details."

10:29 is picking rotten cherries, though, and doesn't even know it.

Doc Ellis 124 said...

Interesting stuff. When do y'all start killing the team members? I am with Solzhenitsyn when he asked what would have happened if folks had killed corrupt government officials and corrupt government employees instead of tolerating their behaviour. I am rapidly approaching an appreciation for the slaughter of the guilty parties who hurt the innocent. So why don't y'all just go ahead and whack 'em?

liberranter said...

I wonder too, Doc, when the sheeple will finally shed their wool, grow fangs and claws, and start striking back. I would like to think that even the brainless ovine herd that makes up the majority has a tolerance limit somewhere. Casual observation, however, doesn't give me a reason for optimism.

Even if there IS some point at which people finally snap, the call to arms will be immediately followed by everyone looking at everyone else and saying "You fire the first shot. I'll follow your lead."

KC Sprayberry said...

To Doc and liberranter, just a hint as to why people act like they do down here. My husband grew up in this neck of the woods. I, on the other hand, adopted this area as my home when we moved here 16 years ago. So, when this mess started, all my husband said was to be very careful. Don't upset the wrong people. When I asked why, he said I didn't want to upset the wrong people. They had creative ways of getting even. Well, anyone following or reading my blog tomorrow will understand I didn't follow his advice, further than I've taken my comments here. I'm feeling very surreal tonight. Perhaps tomorrow I'll be more with the mind frame I need for a big announcement this weekend. One can only hope. But you can say this much for me. I AM NO SHEEPLE! Always did hate the lemming attitude.

Kaye said...

KC, you've picqued my interest with your comments... I can't wait to read your new blog entry!

I, too, am a tranplant to this area and was given the same warning by the locals as she did. It is hard sometimes to rock the boat and be willing to suffer the consequences when you live, work and are trying to raise children.

Things withing the LMJC seem to be shifting, though, since the Tonya Craft trial. More people are watching. More people are speaking out. Maybe the tide is turning.

Anonymous said...

Tonya's radio show starts Tues...keep up via the Facebook group "The Truth of the Matter with Tonya Craft."

liberranter said...

KC and Kaye:

It sounds like Northwestern Georgia needs more "transplants" to "chlorinate the gene pool."

Trish said...

As a resident of Catoosa County and someone whose roots run deep in this county, not sure we need "transplants". It could be those that are causing the most trouble are not deeply rooted here in the first place!!

Sorry couldn't let that one go, I am proud of my heritage, but I am deeply disappointed that the county that I love has sunk so low, when it comes to truth and justice.