Tuesday, February 1, 2011

America's False Accusation Industry

During Stalin's infamous Terror of the 1930s and 40s, if one wished to be rid of a troublesome neighbor or family member, all he had to do was to "denounce" that person to the authorities as "an enemy of the state." Soon afterward, a "Black Maria" truck would pull up to the apartment, the denounced person led away, and he or she then would disappear into the system until they were dead, either executed or thrown into one of Stalin's gulags.

Americans like to think that we are above all that, but this country has created its own version of The Terror: false accusations of child molestation and rape. Talk to the families of Duke University's lacrosse team who endured the false accusations of 2006-07. Talk to Tonya Craft or James Combs or Michael Rasmussen or any of thousands of others who have gone through this ordeal or who are going through it now.

We are long past the era in which the authorities -- those who are entrusted with finding the truth -- care whether or not the charges they are pursuing even are true (or logical, for that matter). For example, one of the charges against Tonya was based on a claim that she molested a child in her Catoosa County house -- before she even lived there!

(When that fact was pointed out to "judge" brian outhouse, he ignored the Laws of Time and Space and claimed that the prosecution had all-but-proven the charge, an action that could not have happened at either the time or the place that Chris "Facebook-Cruisemaster" Arnt and Len "The Man-Racist" Gregor claimed. Ironically, at the point when outhouse was claiming the truth of the prosecution's case, the jurors already had decided that the prosecutors were wrong.)

When judges and prosecutors use their powers and authority to bring and maintain false charges, then all is lost in this country. When "protecting the system" becomes more important than protecting the truth, then there no longer is a justice system. Instead, we have a system in which people with bad motives are able to exercise raw power at the expense of the innocent. Like it or not -- and I, for one, don't like it -- that is the system we now have, and it clearly is attracting people like Arnt and Gregor who are fundamentally dishonest people and who use their authority to see how many felonies they can commit without being punished. (And the authorities never really punish their own.)

Last night, I found a wonderful website, The National Center for Reason and Justice. This site highlights a number of cases of false accusation and conviction in which falsely accused people have gone to prison based on spurious testimony with the authorities deliberately hiding exculpatory evidence and outright lying in court. I would urge readers to visit this site if for nothing else to see a small slice of the Hell that "American Justice" has created.

In my opening paragraph, I noted that one could be taken away in Stalin's Russia on the whim of someone else. Things are no different in this country today; only the circumstances have changed.

Sandra Lamb and the Wilsons wanted to extract "payback" on Tonya Craft, so they accused her of child molestation. Joal and Sarah "Clean-Shaven" Henke wanted Tonya out of the picture so that they could gain permanent custody of Tonya's children. Given that Arnt, Gregor, outhouse, and Tim "Dirty" Deal know the drill and were anxious to go along with the scam, along with people like Holly Kittle and Suzi "I Just Remembered" Thorne, it was not hard to put the whole thing into motion.

When one couples that situation with the policy of the Georgia State Bar not to discipline prosecutors no matter how egregious their actions, one can see that as long as people were willing to lie under oath (protected by the authorities), there was and is no limit to the dishonesty that people employed by the "justice" system will perform.

This evil is not limited to the LMJC; the United States is a country now that rewards false accusations. Parents involved in custody battles can make false accusations, knowing that people in authority will go along with the lies. People looking for financial payouts, like Crystal Mangum in the Duke case, will feel free to lie because they know there will be a gaggle of dishonest prosecutors, cops, and "intellectuals" (i.e., most of the Duke faculty) to stand behind them, no matter how fantastic the lies might be.

I appreciate the fact that there are people who DO care about justice and about right and wrong and speak out. That is why I appreciate the people who read this blog and who make comments and who refuse to follow the herd. It still is possible to make a difference.

My thanks to those of you who either have contributed or who have given personal support to our recent campaign on The Point. We have raised the original $5,000, which means that we can move more quickly to the next step. Thanks to all of you who care.


Doc Ellis 124 said...

Dr Anderson

Thank you for writing this, and for having the courage to share personal information.

Doc Ellis 124

A Duke Dad said...

Packard autos could have been sold in Russia with the slogan, "Denounce the man who DOESN'T own one".

Look how the leftists (including the MSM) charged Sarah Palin with the Arizona nut-case murderer's actions.

Global Warming proved by carefully assembled meteorological data .... but the dog ate the data, so we can't see it.
Anyone who doubts Global Warming is an enemy of mankind.

William L. Anderson said...

Yeah, the whole "global warming" business has been a scam, but it is made so because government funds almost all scientific research on environmental matters. The last time I checked, government still was political.

Notice that President Obama has been able to push the environmentalist agenda simply through executive orders, as did Clinton. This is huge, because while Congress has not been passing draconian environmental legislation lately, Obama is doing it by simple order. Scary.

liberranter said...

Notice that President Obama has been able to push the environmentalist agenda simply through executive orders, as did Clinton. This is huge, because while Congress has not been passing draconian environmental legislation lately, Obama is doing it by simple order. Scary.

Scary, and proof positive of the utter irrelevance of congress (for comparison, think: Weimar Germany's Reichstag, circa 1933, and the Roman Senate, circa 30 BC - 476 AD)and the corruption of the federal judiciary by its failure to stop rule by executive fiat dead in its tracks.

Anonymous said...

False child abuse charges will always be with us until we start holding folks accountable.

maria said...

That would be the best solution. Just like in England let the advisers if they are wrong pay for all the bills. That would stop the children and their parents from accusing everybody, just because they can.

maria said...

I meant accusers. Sorry typo

Anonymous said...

Maria, I am with you, The ones that accuse my son have not been out a dime, They should have to have proof
that it happen, instead of lies and
prosecutors pushing it through, no matter what the cost.They could not
any of them tell the same story twice, But they won anyway.Imagine

Trish said...

False charges aren't just in child molestation cases. Our family is out over $50,000 and no recourse to be able to even file suit against this corrupt judicial system. The purposely drug it out, so that the two year statue of limitations would run out, as they knew they never had a case, other than the one they made up.

All our family can do is move on, but believe me, much damage was done. However, we are a strong family, with a strong faith, and while they might get away with this kind of stuff here on earth, they will not get away with it in the eyes of God. They will pay one day for all the innocent people they have hurt!!!

Tyson said...

Thiss is a great post