Saturday, May 22, 2010

Stuck On Stupid: The LMJC Prosecutors Continue to Pursue Charges Against Eric Echols

One of the memorable quotes from the award-winning movie "Hoosiers" comes when coach Norman Dale kicks out one of the fathers from practice, telling him that his "coaching days are over." The father replies: "Look, mister, there's... two kinds of dumb, uh... guy that gets naked and runs out in the snow and barks at the moon, and, uh, guy who does the same thing in my living room. First one don't matter, the second one you're kinda forced to deal with."

Not surprisingly, the prosecutors of the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit are the guys in the living room, and they clearly are stuck on stupid. Why? These people continue to pursue felony charges against Eric Echols, and the longer they persist in this stupidity, the worse it will be for them. Their cover is blown, and there is no way that (1) they can get a conviction, and (2) they can save their careers if they continue in their foolishness.

I know what happens when people get their backs up, and Buzz Franklin, Chris Arnt and Len Gregor are not used to having their heads handed to them. Moreover, their pathetic line that "We lost the Tonya Craft case because the big bad media and the blogs didn't kiss our posteriors" is getting old. Read the comments on the blogs, and read between the lines elsewhere: these guys are done, their game was exposed in that one "not guilty" moment, and now people are wanting answers that these men are not willing to give.

Now, I need to make something clear. I am going to pound home the Eric Echols case. I am going to pound home the absolute wrongful conviction against Brad Wade. I am going to pound home how these people have teamed up with the Children's Advocacy Centers to gain wrongful convictions against people who were and are innocent of the charges against them. I will not be silent until justice is done.

Eric Echols is a good man trying to make an honest living. He is ethical and he is someone I would want on my side if I had to go to war. Thus, I will defend him, and especially will defend him against people I consider to be dishonorable. From what I understand, Len Gregor's father went to West Point. It is quite a shame that the man's offspring is a liar and is dishonest to the core. A man who lives by West Point values would never try to keep exculpatory evidence out of a criminal trial, but the apple in this case apparently fell miles from the tree.

So, let us look again at the charges against Mr. Echols. Arnt and Gregor charged him with three felony charges of "interfering with a witness," despite the fact that he talked to only one prosecution witness, Jerry McDonald. (McDonald apparently denied under oath having talked to Mr. Echols despite the fact that Mr. Echols recorded him. This is something called perjury, but the LMJC is in such sorry, sorry shape that prosecution witnesses are not just permitted to lie, but also apparently are ENCOURAGED to lie on the stand. It seems to me that the large number of churches in that district have had no effect whatsoever upon the fundamental honor of the people who fill their pews.)

The charges stem from two separate things, first, the interview of McDonald, and, second, the delivery of the subpoena to Sandra Lamb. First, there is nothing wrong with someone representing the defense speaking to anyone who might testify against them. Indeed, at that time, McDonald had real reservations about the case, and don't forget that Arnt threatened to charge him with a felony if he veered from the narrative that Sandra Lamb had dictated.

Furthermore, Mr. Echols did not even speak to Kelli McDonald or her daughter, so the notion that he could have "interfered" with their testimony is a mystery, at least to those people who might think that logic should have something to do with the law. However, given that the original charges were based on lies and fantasies, why shouldn't the felony charges against Mr. Echols be based upon the same? At least the Dishonest Duo has been consistent in lying.

Second, there is the Sandra Lamb affair, one that will be even more clear after Channel 3 plays the video recording of Ms. Lamb's alleged racially-motivated assault on Mr. Echols. If a white person is to call an African-American a "black bastard" while assaulting him, it probably is not wise to do it while being recorded, but Lamb figured that because she and Arnt were "good friends," she could break the law and not have to pay a price.

Bad choice. Chris Arnt is not the law, no matter what he might think, and he no longer has any credibility, and his career as a prosecutor is going to end more quickly than he had planned, and if some of us have anything to do with it, his career as a lawyer will be over soon enough as well.

Furthermore, next week I plan to notify a number of people in the U.S. Department of Justice, as well as the Georgia Attorney General that Chris Arnt and Len Gregor encouraged a racially-motivated assault against a law-abiding African-American. Moreover, I also plan tell the authorities that Gregor, during his so-called cross-examination of Tonya Craft, made a racist appeal to an all-white jury by alleging that Ms. Craft had sexual relations with Mr. Echols because they met in a hotel room which (as Gregor breathlessly pointed out) has a bed.

There is no getting around the overt racism in this case. Lamb's racial epithet against Mr. Echols and Gregor's attempt to flame up racial hatred in the jury by falsely alleging a sexual encounter between a black man and a white woman are reason enough for the feds to investigate this "justice" apparatus of the LMJC. We are speaking of a district that when I was in high school supported Ku Klux Klansman J.B. Stoner for governor and was well-known for its overt violent racism not that long ago.

While it is true that the majority of the people of that district have moved well past the racism of their fathers, nonetheless the political and legal leadership of that area still wants to appeal to raw bigotry. Don't forget that while the Today Show was more than happy to claim that the state had a decent case against Tonya Craft, its correspondents will not be so kind to the authorities when it comes to racist behavior by its prosecutors.

Gregor, Arnt, and Franklin erred greatly in bringing its disastrous case against Tonya Craft. I can assure you that whatever errors in judgment they made then are nothing to the error that they are making in trying to wrongfully convict Eric Echols. The longer the charges remain, the longer these men remain stuck on stupid, and the longer they will have to deal with citizens who want them to stop their lying and lawbreaking NOW.


Lame said...

Mr Anderson, in your communication with the USDOJ, please also include the bit about how the prosecutor's tried to use homophobic rhetoric in court, trying to link homosexuality, not just with pedophilia, but with actual child sexual assault. It's one thing to make the assumption that homosexuals are like pedophiles. It is true in much the same way that some people who drink beer like to smoke. The connection is one of association but not a cause-effect relationship. Being gay doesn't make one a pedophile just like drinking beer doesn't make one want to smoke. I like beer, but I find smoking one of the most disgusting things ever: and every one of my gay friends will tell you that they find pedophilia revolting. Yet, remember this, a pedophile is a person who is attracted to a person who has not yet reached sexual maturity (i.e. little boys or little girls). That does not mean they will ever do anything harmful to a child. Please don't think I'm sticking up for pedos, but you have to understand that there is a CLEAR difference between a pedo and a child molester. We all know that everyone who is greedy doesn't steel. So, to say that a pedo is automatically a child molester is the same thing as saying a merchant banker is a theif. Just because a person likes money doesn't mean they are going to steal it at every opportunity. Just because a person likes kids doesn't mean they are going to deflower every kid they meet. To the contrary, from the research I have conducted and from talks with some close friends, including one who is an ehebophile (meaning attracted to teenagers), these people are very much against doing anything harmful to a child. It is so easy for some people to say, "But they wanna have sex with children." That's not true. Having a special attraction to something and violating that something for personal pleasure are two seperate acts, coming from two seperate mentalities.

Let me put it this way. You have two people, both love works of fine art. One person goes into the gallery and photographs pictures, stares at them, looking at the lines and curves, the shapes and colors, and leaves having experienced something they enjoy, and hope to see again, just as pristine and lovely. The other person goes into the gallery, finds a sculpture he likes, and then when nobody is looking, breaks off a piece of the sculpture, puts it in his pocket, and leaves, feeling satisfied that he now has something that nobody else has. That is the difference in mentality. It is not an entirely different foundation, the love of art, and wanting to experience it. But, the pillars and other structural components of their mentalities differ. One focuses on admiration of beauty, the other focuses on violating that beauty in order to get something that they want.

So, here is the point, if you read nothing else of this here post, read this: As false a logical assumption as it is to link homosexuality with pedophilia, it is both false and dangerous to make the assumption of linking homosexuality to child molestation. Not all homosexuals are pedophiles. Not all pedophiles want to rape a child. Not all children who are raped are violated by someone who is a pedophile. So who does rape children? The answer is simple: a child molester rapes children. What is a child molester? That is a person (gay, straight, regular or a perophile, adult, adolescent) who, for their own self-gratification violates the rights of a child in a sexual manner.

So, please, everyone, when you contact people in an effort to gain support for an investigation into prosecutorial misconduct, please do not neglect to inform them of how they tried to use homophobia to influence the jurors to convict, using the disproven and highly-inflamatory logic that anyone who would go so far as to engage in a homosexual act is a child molester.

Lame said...

I saw the title of today's post, and I thought this music video appropriate for these guys:

KC Sprayberry said...

I agree with Lame, especially the last sentence. The prosecution's use of the homosexual angle was nothing more than highly inflammatory and dis-proven logic in an effort to sway the jury to their side. The prosecutors in this case have had so many wins by using every dirty trick in the book (and a few they made up on their own) they believe they are the law and can do as they please. But these men forgot one thing. This little backwater area they've ruled by threats of prison and terror in the courtroom for so long might be slow to come to things but with the internet, we're joining the 'real' world in leaps and bounds. All it takes are cases like the ones we've seen on this blog to get our 'Irish' up and we will then apply that stubbornness seen when outsiders try to interfere with our lives. Only the only 'outsiders' this time are three prosecutors we trusted who loved their taste of power and let it corrupt them. With everything I've read over the last few months, I believe the corruption goes far deeper than anyone realizes and will probably be accused of being one of those conspiracy nuts but can't help but wonder if one person, one very greedy person, is behind the majority of the problems and the men we see wielding the power hammer in public are doing nothing more than this person's wishes in order to feather his/her nest. I won't say that person's name since, as my husband put it, that'll put us in the cross-hairs. However, I'm certain this person is headed for as big a fall as his/her minions since the people he/she selected to do his/her bidding are as morally corrupt as he/she is. And when the morally corrupt go down, they never do it alone in their quest to retain some small part of their power. However, I don't think any of them will have any bargaining power on them this time since the citizens are about to open a can of whoop-ass on them.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anderson,
This is all just really scary to me.
As a normal law abiding citizen with virtually no connections to crime or the law I know little about how the system works.
Yet as I have learned from this case I feel totally unprotected from the goons that are supposed to be working for the public.
The DA and all the men in uniform are supposed to be there to protect us from harm. Yet I see here only inept and crooked individuals who misuse the public trust in the name of "upholding the law." HOW can this be happening in this country.
HOW can normal law abiding citizens feel safe with these kinds of laws seemingly protecting the ones in charge.
"Prosecutorial immunity"? Really?
Are laws really in place that allow a judge to boast and taunt ANYONE to investigate them?
Can they really refuse to talk about what they have done even though they work for the public?
I understand that constituents get to vote ever 2 or 4 years, but is this ALL we can do? Seem to me the basis for revolutions and folks who seek their independence.
Normally I would not have any interest in this kind of discussion. My general thoughts have been that out court system is not working, yet I have never been educated enough to understand why. Is it the laws in place or the ones who pretend to enforce the law?
I served on a jury once and had a really bad feeling afterwards that the person did not get a fair trial.. not even close.
And I read not that some of the law surrounding sex offenders generated in Washington DC. Wow, really? Are bad prosecutors protected by generic federal laws?
All this just leaves me feeling helpless. I feel like someone in a country with a dictator that does as he pleases and anyone who crosses his could be de-headed.
Considering that you could get the LMJD investigated.. So could you even trust the ones who investigate?
Is this REALLY the kind of country we live in?

Anonymous said...

I would add one further comment to what Lame wrote - child molestation is also about exerting power over someone just the same that rape is about control and power as well. While there may be sexual gratification - the real gratification is having complete domination over another.

Trish White said...

Bill, I am so glad you are going after them, more than I can tell you.

This group of people, Deal, Gregor, Arnt, the CAC, DFCS, the former crime lab in Summerville, which was under the direction of Dr. William Oliver are all in cahoots and don't care if they lie to get what they want, a conviction. I am sure there are many who have been falsely accused and convicted by this bunch. There are probably others, like my son, who thankfully had charges dropped, before it could go to trial, but not before it took years from their lives.

Oh and racism, at least in the legal system and our sherriff's office is alive and well in Catoosa Co. Maybe you should look into the Kim Croft murder case. The family of this young woman has never received justice!!

William L. Anderson said...

To the 7:37

Welcome to the U.S.S.A. The only thing standing in the way of American prosecutors obeying the law is their own personal moral compasses. If a prosecutor is ambitious or believes he or she can operate according to the "win at any costs" philosophy, then there is no legal protection that anyone has.

This is our country now, like it or not. The laws and court decisions backing them are ironclad and never will be modified in our lifetimes. Prosecutors will not give up their powers, judges will not give up their powers, and the U.S. Supreme Court is not going to change its stance no matter who is sitting in its chambers.

You witnessed prosecutors suborning perjury, witnesses lying, and a judge making sure that all of that could take place, yet not one of those people faces even a second of legal jeopardy. That is the reality of what we have created by our politicians running on a "tough on crime" platform. If you want to understand what "tough on crime" means today, it is this: Prosecutors are to be untouchable.

Anonymous said...

Well unfortunately you can't fix stupid. Ignorant yes, you can educate them, but stupid, you just can't fix and that is exactly what we have here in the LMJC...plain ole stupid. Mr. Anderson, you hit the nail on the head with this one, yes they all are stuck on stupid.

Lookout Spy said...

Mr. Anderson,
Your tireles efforts in the furtherance of justice is not unnoticed or unappreciated. In fact, your physical distance from this location is an advantage, as you can escape some actions or "payback" other more local authors might have to worry about.

This is a repost, and I will repost until Mr. Anderson requests I stop. In order to achieve justice, citizen action is needed, and the only way to do it is by writing the appropriate authorities regularly and consistently.

Mr. Stephen D. Kelley Chair,and Barry E. Morgan, Vice-Chair of Prosecuting Attorneys' Council of Georgia
104 Marietta Street NW, Suite 400
Atlanta, Georgia 30303-2743

Sally Quillian Yates, United States Attorney
c/o Didi Nelson
LECC Manager
Richard B. Russell Federal Building
75 Spring Street, S.W.
Suite 600
Atlanta, GA 30303-3309

Thurbert Baker Esq.
Office of the Attorney General
40 Capitol Square, SW
Atlanta, Ga 30334

Dear Mr Baker, Ms. Yates, Ms. Nelson, Mr. Kelley, and Mr. Morgan,

As a citizen residing within the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit, I am writing to see about the possibility of the Georgia State Attorney General's Office, and the U.S. DOJ Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee coordinating with the Prosecuting Attorneys' Council of Georgia for investigating and prosecuting the official misconduct of the officers of the Court in the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit, as being a pattern and practice to deprive the citizens of the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit of their constitutional rights to fair trial. This pattern and practice extends not only within the criminal prosecutions conducted within the circuit, but civil actions as well, as all four Judges, Judge Wood, Judge Graham, Judge Van Pelt, and Judge House have destroyed so many families by their behaviors and practices. When is the law going to be FOR the people, and not the officers of the Court?
For the purpose of Section 242, acts under "color of law" include acts not only done by federal, state, or local officials within the their lawful authority, but also acts done beyond the bounds of that official's lawful authority, if the acts are done while the official is purporting to or pretending to act in the performance of his/her official duties. Persons acting under color of law within the meaning of this statute include police officers, prisons guards and other law enforcement officials, as well as judges, care providers in public health facilities, and others who are acting as public officials. It is not necessary that the crime be motivated by animus toward the race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin of the victim.
18 U.S.C. SECTION 242
The Government must prove four elements to establish the offenses performed by the Defendants.
First: The person upon whom the alleged acts were
committed must have been an inhabitant of a state, district or territory of the United States.
Second: The defendant must have been acting under color of law.
Third: The conduct of the defendant must have deprived the victim of some right secured or protected by the Constitution of the United States.
Fourth: The defendant must have acted willfully, that is, with a specific intent to violate the protected constitutional right.

I urge all of you to act promptly and diligently to see justice is served for the citizens of the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit.

Sincerely, ________________________

Include your name and address below your signature.

This can be used as a form letter. Feel free to copy, paste and mail 3 letters. For less than two dollars you can make in investment that will help your family guarantee that no one suffers incompetence and corruption in the name of justice, like Tonya Craft has had to go through.

Write today!

KC Sprayberry said...

Anon 8:53. Yup, you sure can fix stupid. It's called a vote. Although, care has to be taken to make sure we don't vote in someone as stupid as the one we're determined to get rid of. No worries about voting out Buzz. Rumor has it he's not running again but instead, looking for a judge's position. The same rumor says Len Gregor or Chris Arnt are after his job. Now, that is a picture I want no part of.
A couple of bits of good news came after I spent a lot of time online doing research. The county coroner does not need to be a doc, just someone who understands paperwork. Neither does the chief magistrate have to be a lawyer. In fact, the only tough requirement for that job is being able to read and understand the paperwork. And lawyers make it nearly impossible to read through their paperwork without a law degree and lots of No-Doz. However, there is another way to handle this problem but will require politicians all over the country ready to buck the system.
Hey, I never said it was a simple solution. First of all, legal language needs to be simplified. Anyone with a high school education should be able to read and understand it. But lawyers fight this particular change whenever it comes up, claiming that will only make the legal system more confusing. Never have believed that statement - I think they keep the language vague and incomprehensible so they can bilk more money from us. The second thing that needs to change is we need term limits for any and all politicians. From the president to a county's dog catcher. People who continuously get elected to a position begin to feel contempt toward those over whom they 'rule'. Term limits - no more than two consecutive terms - will put the brakes on that. Again, only politicians with political suicide on their brains would ever back this particular bill. They'd be out of their cushy job. But the will of the people has spoken before when they are angered - and spoken loudly, at one point in history cleaning out everyone they blamed for a real federal political stink. It can happen again but only if everyone registers to and votes against anyone a professional politician. And to answer they pol's immediate scream that this action would wreck the country. No, it wouldn't. You just want to scare us.

Anonymous said...

As I did my devotion this morning I couldn't believe how fitting this scripture was for Tonya's case and all the other injustice that is coming to light.

Proverbs 22:8 "Those who plant injustice will harvest disaster and their reign of terror will come to an end." NLT


Trish White said...

Anon. 10:16, Wow, indeed, thanks for posting it. As I have said before, many people told us during our ordeal that God had a plan and He most certainly did and I truly believe that plan is unfolding now.a

Kathy R said...

While we are thankful to Dr. Anderson for bringing these despicable men to light, let us not forget we all have a responsibility as citizens to do our part. Everyone write letters, voice complaints, vote on election day. I spoke with someone face to face recently who reads this blog and I ask if they have written any letters and the answer "No one with power cares what I have to say." Please don't feel that way. I would rather write a letter that goes no where than to sit in silence. Write those letter's elected & Government Officials work for you...your tax dollars pay their salary.

Unknown said...

Wow... so, Wendy Murphy published a gem of an article. Bill, please respond to this vapid media whore. It would make me a happy citizen.

Kaye said...

Kathy R., I agree with you as far as us taking an active role.

Lest Lookout Spy thinks the posting of his form letter is done in vain, let me assure you, it is not. I have mailed off several copies and will continue to do so. I am angry enough at this whole mess and stubborn enough not to let this go without at least attempting to make changes for the better.

Also, we need to keep in mind that we make it be known LOUD and CLEAR that we are open to welcoming candidates who are committed to representing ALL of their constituents in a fair and even-handed manner. Both Sheriff Phil Summers and DA Buzz Franklin ran for the elected office UNOPPOSED in 2008.

Summers continues to spout off on UCTV about additional victims in this case, and continues to fully support his employee, Det. Tim Deal despite the utterly unprofessional manner in which he conducted his not only his investigation but how he presented his findings and represented LE in a court of law. Disgusting! That tells me that this Sheriff needs to hightail it out of that position and I, for one, would be very happy to aid in that effort come election day. If he runs unopposed, I will write in Mickey Mouse, but I promise you, he will not get my vote again.

I find it humorous that it is rumored that both Gregor and Arnt may be interested in Buzz's position should he decide not to run. If either of of them are successfully voted as a DA after the stunts that they have pulled, I promise you this-- I will put the "For Sale" sign in my front yard, and move out of the LMJC pronto.

Anonymous said...

Most child molesters are heterosexual, actually. There is no link between sexual orientation and child molestation so it actually follows the breakdown of the population as a whole, which is mostly heterosexual.

What's shocking about this case is that you'd think both parties, Liberals and Conservatives, would be against this, but both parties are perpetuating it. Clearly, corrupt and insane is just politics nowadays.

KC Sprayberry said...

Hmmm? Vapid media whore certainly does seem to describe Wendy Murphy. I guess she thinks we have to accept her word and only her word on the subject, even with all the evidence against her opinion. And I'm sure any juror who read her column came away feeling very humbled. They obviously weren't educated enough to make a decision? NOT! The jurors are probably thinking about how much Ms. Murphy loves the sound of her own voice and the look of her words on paper. Wendy Murphy is a shining example of what's wrong with our justice system today. The prosecutor isn't always right. That's why we have a jury to listen to both sides of the case and make a decision. In this case, the jury figured out from the very first day the truth and let the prosecutor know.

Bill, isn't Wendy Murphy, with her article pretty much saying Tonya Craft's guilty of child molestation, guilty of slander. I agree Murphy wrote her opinion but it was slanted in a way of she knew everything and the jury didn't, so therefore the world must believe the ALL KNOWING WENDY MURPHY.

William L. Anderson said...

I am not sure Murphy can write anything without slandering someone. She is a pathological liar, and one of the most evil people on the planet.

Trish White said...

Just read the Murphy crap. She is insane!! If anyone from the jury reads that garbage, please be assured you made the right decision. This entire case was built on lies and deception!!

Anonymous said...

There are some truly scary people who post on that bad teacher site. I think some of them need to be investigated!

Lame said...

Wendy Murphy is certainly about as qualified an expert on this or any other legal matter as a peasant farmer is qualified to write the instruction manual for a Bugati Veyron. She and Nancy disGrace are loud-mouth know-it-alls who must have one serious fetish, considering how often they put their feet in their mouths.

While I do agree with one thing she says. Women can and do commit crimes against children, and against girls. If the prosecutors were really interested in doing justice here, they would have presented studies that show this. Instead, they went the route of painting her as a closet lesbian who has manipulated everyone she's met in the past 30 plus years just so she could molest three specific girls. That should never have been introduced, because it's based on flawed logic, and there is no precedent that I'm aware of that allows such chracter assassination of a defendant by the prosecution during the presentation of the prosecution's case. Where Wendy really loses me is when she says the jury should be screened to weed out anyone who might vote not guilty. That's the same kind of mentality that we saw coming from Buzz Lightsmear.

Lame said...

As for the comment about our rights being eroded, you have to understand that this is all part of the plan of a very few highly elite individuals who work behind the scenes. It is called hegelian logic, thesis and antithesis. They have democrats on the left and republicans on the right. The left and right are merely manufactured elements that are used by the elites to effect change. The conservatives and liberals are really working towards the same goal, total control, total power. The left gets into power, and they push, and push, and push until the people say, "Enough!" and vote in a right wing government. They then push, and push, and push, until the people say, "Enough!" and vote in a left wing government.

Since FDR we have had four swings to the right and four swings to the left. Tell me, has government grown smaller? Has Washington's power over your daily life decreased? Every campaign they get up there and promise to reduce government. Bill Clinton in his inaugural address declared, "The era of big government is over." Since 1993, has the government grown smaller in any area at all? It has in but one way, education. The only area of government to see consistant cuts is education. All they ever do to education is cut, cut, cut. Was there ever a period in your lifetime when you heard someone say, "WOw, we teachers have so much money we don't know what to do with it all?"

Simon Bolivar stated that an uninformed populace will become the instrument of its own destruction. This is all part of their plan. They cut education funding, so that teaching becomes less attractive to people who have great ability and knowledge. They set up a system whereby schools need to get money from the community to fill in the gaps that government funding leaves. The way to get money from the community is to have winning sports teams. They cannot afford to hire stand-alone coaches, so they hire teachers primarily for their coaching. This further hurts students, because teachers aren't teaching, they're just there to coach. I know this, because I have lost out on scores, nearly 100 teaching jobs now, because the first question I am asked by the principal in nearly every interview is "So, what do you coach?" And, doing my practicum and student teaching I observed teachers who knew so little about the subject they were teaching that they were actually teaching as fact things that are part of viral emails. It is really no wonder that Jay Leno finds people so easily who don't know anything about their country or the world; it is because their teachers aren't teaching them. And it is all part of the plan, to dumb down Americans so that election time they will not know when the politicians are lieing to them. And all the manufactured scandles of the past 40 years has made us too cynical to care when they are caught lieing. The politicans aren't really the ones calling the shots. It is people behind the scenes who call the shots. The same people who controlled Bush still control Obama. They controlled Clinton, Reagen, and they have all the way back to Taft. Theodore Roosevelt was the last president we had who was either not controlled by or one of the members of those secret inner circles. And, as we have seen, their grip on power grows tighter and tighter. And, it's too late. We have gone too far. The corruption, manipulation, power-grabbing will only end when the Rock of Daniel 2:35, 44 hits.

Anonymous said...

I just read the disgusting piece by Murphy. Amazing how much has been invested in the railroading of Tonya Craft. Lies, half truths and inuendo, call me disgusted.

John said...

Well Bill, another fine job and the post today are great guys.

TO sMurphit: You and spacey Gracey have for years made me puke! If you "two" could remove your posteriors from around your necks, maybe some O2 could get to the marbles you call brains. Time and time again your on the wrong side of Logic, but I keep forgeting your SOCIALIST.

John said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
William L. Anderson said...

I'm reading through the documentation on the Brad Wade conviction. The more I read, the more I am convinced that the people at the CAC must know they are framing people, and the prosecutors and the police must know what they are doing.

In other words, I am openly accusing Buzz Franklin, Len Gregor, Chris Arnt, Tim Deal and the staff of the CAC of knowingly framing innocent people. There is no way any reasonable person would have believed Tonya Craft was guilty of child sex abuse, and there is no way that any reasonable person would have believed Brad Wade was guilty of the same.

When Tonya was acquitted, I said she had exposed a major crime ring, and I don't back down from those words at all. If Franklin, Arnt and Gregor, all of whom are "experienced" prosecutors actually believe that the state made a "compelling" case for conviction, then they really need to find another line of work, since they cannot separate fact from fantasy.

Since I don't think they are that stupid, the only other conclusion I can reach in a reasonable fashion is that they fully are aware of what they are doing. Unfortunately, they are protected by the law, which they have chosen to despise.

However, there is a higher justice that they will experience, and they will have no immunity there.

Anonymous said...

To, kbp, Anderson1953, SeattleDan,

Great work setting the facts straight and calling out Wendy Murphy for the despicable tyrant she is!

Anonymous said...

What dumb cow Wendy Murphy is!!!!She can't even get figure out that the whole Tonya Craft case was in Georgia! In the above referenced article, she said that it was Tennessee. Nothing says credibility like having a total cranio-rectal inversion that prevents one from seeing the light of day. She's a moron.

Anonymous said...

What's the latest on SLamb? I wonder how she's be treated when she's out and about. She has got to be freaking about the assault video being shown on Channel 3 this coming Monday.

Victoria said...

I am looking forward to when you expose the details on the Wade case. I hope this blows the lid off their little crime ring.

Sheesh, you would think these DoDo Birds would drop the Echols case, keep a low profile and hope this blows over soon. The longer they continue with their crime spree the more attention is being given to dig through their sordid affairs and the more of their crimes will be exposed.

They are going to be thrown for a loop when they discover that peoples interest isn't fixed on this case because people thought Tonya was an attractive lady. Rather, the interest is in the complex and systematic crimes of a legal system gone wild.

Great Job!!!!!

William L. Anderson said...

Trust me, they WILL drop the Echols case. If they insist on taking it to trial, they are going to have to understand that the price they will pay will be enormous and definitely will cost them their careers.

Don't kid yourselves. The misconduct is that great, and if they want to run over the cliff, I will be happy to help give them a push. Furthermore, Eric Echols is NOT going to be convicted of any crimes, period. It will not happen, my friends, because, well, because it just ain't gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious as to where SL's wealth comes from and what business her father owns. I'm so sick of hearing that she's from a wealthy, fluent family. Would sure surprise me as she has no class.

Anonymous said...

Wish Sandra Lamb would pack her bags a move her rich family far away. Nobody wants her here!

Kaye said...

I seriously doubt that the Echols case will go to trial either, but only because if the interview was documented, which Mr. Echols claims it is, then the contents will be right there out in the open for all to hear.

Arnt and Gregor are pretty much washed up as prosecutors, at least in this area. Arnt's lies during closing, Gregor's salivating for the conviction, and House teaming up with them for the kill didn't escape anybody's attention, especially the jurors in this case. They misbehaved and I would venture to guess a large percentage of the local residents noticed, which by the way, is going to really taint any jury pool they will have in the future. Personally speaking, if I found myself performing jury duty tomorrow, with any components of HAG, I would immediately question whether they were hiding evidence or lying to me about certain things. And I would wonder these things about ANY case that HAG had a hand in... it wouldn't only have to be about child molestation. They have damaged their credibility and their reputations beyond repair and as a result have become ineffectual prosecutors.

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone,

I was just on #tonyacraft (twitter) and someone said that there was a Tonya Craft reference on the show The Office last thursday.

I didn't catch the show does anyone have any info?

Denise C. said...

You can go to and watch the episode. It occurs at exactly 1 minute into the show.

Anonymous said...

Just watched it on It is in the very beginning of the show!!

CJones said...

What do Wendy Murphy and Miriam Boyd have in common? They appear to be camera whores who will spew any bit of garbage to anyone willing to listen.

Dan said...


They misbehaved...

Ma'am - this was not misbehavior, these were much worse than that. Bullies that under the color of the law committed crimes. These are criminal acts.

I am sorry to contradict you here, as I know you are being polite. And that is a natural reaction, by good people, to such things. But it is time to call it for what "it" really is...

The people of Catoosa County witnessed first hand the real criminals at work. They know it, you know it and sooner or later they will answer for their deeds.

How can these non-men live with themselves.... It is beyond me.

Lame said...

That bit on the Oriface was really hateful. "Don't let the pedophile win again..."????? What, are they trying to make her out to be a new Michael Jackson--a person twice exonerated of charges brought by money-seeking individuals and prosecuted by fame-seeking Distric Attorneys? Michael never did anything wrong, and yet he died never having been vindicated. Tonya, if you're reading this, I hope you are able to successfully sue every last one of those bigotted, corrupt, arrogant, slandering and hypocritical so-called christians. The comments that continue to be posted on badbadteacher are awful. Ms Murphy shall hence-forth be referred to as a food item you can buy at Wendy's--Frosty Murphy (Frosty because her head is obviously filled with soft-serve ice cream). Frosty Murphy has perpetuated the untruths that have been put out there by the prosecution. I'm frankly astounded that Nancy disGrace hasn't jumped on board. Then again, she's too busy with a case that happened blocks away from where I once lived, Caley Anthony--Give it a rest, Nancy, give it a rest. The woman who raped and murdered Sandra Cantu admitted to her crime two weeks ago. That's right there is a REAL woman who is a child-rapist, who MURDERED her victim. And, not one whisper about that from any of the networks. And Rachel Helen Stockwell, a special education instructor in Minnesota is set to take a plea deal after she admitted to sex acts on one of her 15 year old mentally handicapped students. But, not one word about that. No, only go after the woman who has been found not guilty after the prosecution so blew the case that even if she had done it, the way they presented, there's no way the could have convicted.

Honestly, folks, that's what I find THE most reprehensible aspect of this whole case right there. Even if Tonya Craft did do everything they said she did, the investigation, the lead-up, and the trial itself was so bungled by the authorities that they couldn't have convicted her. I know she didn't do it, but let's say for the sake of argument she had. The stories didn't jive, prosecution 'expert' witnesses waivered on direct and then fell flat on cross, the defense witnesses held firm on cross (despite Channel Slime's spin saying "Prosecution Gains Ground"). The defense didnt knock their case out of the park, and their closing was at best a sacrafice bunt that advanced the runner to third base; while the prosecution's closing was a foul ball into their own dugout that hit every one in there square in the nuts (what the 'thong guys' think with). So, even with "the best evidence" they did such a piss poor job of presenting it that no jury this side of the Civil Rights Movement would convict.

So, what I find so reprehensible is that with such utterly poor performance in the court room, anyone they convicted must have had the worst attorney this side of Rick Moranis' character in Ghostbusters 2. And, that 2 percent who didn't get convicted by those bozos might really have been guilty, but didn't have powerful people or special interests wanting them convicted. What does that say about the judicial system of today?

Kaye said...


I have never been afraid to admit when I am wrong and I will admit it now; these men are guilty of much more than misbehavior. These men committed crimes.

Thank you for pointing out my error and allowing me to clarify my position on this matter.

johnlichtenstein said...

About "the CAC knew they were framing people". It's better to say they were maximizing revenue while protected from the true costs of their decisions. Mix in a lack of oversight and the result is unavoidable.

Anonymous said...

My neighbor was also threatened by Tim deal that if she didn't sign papers they had for her saying she was pressing charges against my husband she might by thrown in jail for non cooperating with the case against him. She told him she wouldn't sign anything because nothing happened. They said they would involve child services and send them to her daughters school to question her there.

Lame said...

They are not allowed to question chldren without a parent present. If they do they can be held liable, and anything the child says is inadmissible in court. So, I'd say, "Go ahead and question my kids Mr Deal, I could use a few hundred thousand in a settlement against you and the county."

Trish White said...

Lame, during my son's case, my grandson, (his sisters child) had a bruise on his leg and he spent the weekend with his father and step-mother and they called dfcs on my daughter. A dfcs worker came to our house (they were living with us at the time) about 15 min. after he got home from his fathers. She talked to my grandson, his mother and us and said she was satisfied it was just a bruise, not belt marks or anything like that. Well, somewhere along the way, my son's name was drug into it and Tim Deal and Stacy Long went to my grandson's school, without his mothers knowledge or permission and questioned him. Thankfully the school counselor refused to let Stacy Long talk to him alone, but she questioned (badgered) him for 45 minutes, trying to get him to say his uncle had hit him. She only stopped when the counselor told her the bell had rung and my grandson needed to catch the bus.

Lame said...

Trish, was there a video tape of this session? They made a big deal of their videotaping the girls in the Craft trial, and tried to poo-poo the defense witness who didn't videotape her sessions. I wonder if they only video tape when they aren't clearly breaking the law. What they did in that session is borderline. First, if the police go to a school to question a child they are required to notify a parent. Even if the parent is not there, the parent needs to be notified. The counsilor can act in an ad leitum capacity until the parent arrives. A parent can also inform a school that police are not to interview their child under any circumstance unless they are present. If the parents have informed the school of that wish, under no circumstance can their child be interviewed by police unless a parent is present. In your case it could get iffy, because not both parents are on the same page. Still, a parent must be there. You daughter could also request that if she is not the parent present when an interview takes place that two impartial persons with the school, either the principal or VP and a councilor be present during interview. That way, if the one parent influences the child to answer falsely, if it is shown that that parent put undue influence on them, based on the testimony of the two non-partial school employees, your daughter can sue for sole custody based on parential alienation. It is not against the law to attempt to alientate a child from a joint-custodial parent, but it can be a serious negative factor a judge will take into account when deciding custody cases. I know of a case where a parent told their child that because their mother was a lesbian and goign to burn in hell and all sorts of other stuff, and judge granted full custody to the mother and set the father up for only supervised visitation.

Trish White said...

Lame, this happened in 2006. My son had been charged in the death of his step-daughter and they jumped on this chance to try and prove he beat on kids. He didn't and nothing came of that. My daughter was not notified until after the interview had been done. Thankfully, the counselor is also a friend of our family. The charges against my son were dropped last August after almost four years, when the state medical examiner reviewed the case and completely disagreed with the local medical examiner. All these same people were involved in my son's case, Tim Deal, Stacy Long, Len Gregor, etc. The more I find out, the more I know we were very fortunate that the charges were dropped. I just wonder how many others out there have been falsely accused and/or falsely convicted of crimes involving children. A few years ago, the state of Ga. passed a law that every death of a child has to be investigated to see if any foul play was involved. Their mindset is that if a child dies, it must be either neglect or murder. They don't want to admit that accidents happen and sometimes they lead to death or severe injury.

Lame said...

Trish, you're right that that law is stupid. If foul play is evident, yes, investigate the hell out of it. But, if a car spins out of control and crashes into a child's bedroom, what kind of investigation is needed beyond checking the driver for toxicity? Apparently the legislature never heard of something calld SIDS. If they blamed every child's death on foul play, then Jack Tripper would have gone to jail. Just curious, does the law apply to children to are stillborne? If so, who's to blame? What about babies that are aborted?

Trish White said...

Lame, I don't think it involves babies that are stillborn,nor abortions. They have a team that investigates child deaths. Tim Deal is a part of that team! The doctors at T C Thompson Children's Hospital are to blame as well, they jump on cases and run with them. Kids get hurt, sometimes in freaky ways and sadly they also die. I understand that when injuries are severe, questions need to be asked, but when they are asked and answered, they need to let it go. Furthermore, when investigating, I think they need to only ask those who were directly involved or were present when the accident occured. When you start asking everyone in the world, the waters get cloudy real quick.

Also, emergency workers, doctors, nurses, etc. shouldn't be so quick to make snap judgements. They are suppose to treat the patient, not have opinions about what may or may not have happened. In my son's case, there were out and out lies and guesses from the beginning as to what happened, all the way from the EMT's to the nurses in the PICU. Unless someone knows for sure, they need to keep their opinions to themselves.

Lame said...

As for doctors, all doctors are trained, some well, some not so, to detect signs of abuse in children they deal with. Urologists are especially encouraged and, hopefully, trained in this matter. The thing is, the better training and continued education a doctor and medical professional has, the more likely they are to make the right call. Still, studies show that doctors are right less often when no abuse happened than when abuse did happen.