Monday, May 10, 2010

Week Five: What Outrages are Left?

Week four in the Tonya Craft trial has passed, and week five begins, and once again we find that "Judge" Brian House and prosecutors Len Gregor and Chris Arnt have decided to make up the rules as they go along. Now, most times judges and prosecutors pretend at least to play by some rules, but that is not the situation here.

Instead, we have House determined to play the role of a parrot whenever Gregor or Arnt are bellowing at a defense witness: "Awk, awk, he's on cross! He's on cross! Awk! Awk!" As one prosecutor (who apparently is law-abiding) said, just Gregor's misleading statement in his cross Friday in which he claimed that by Tonya's meeting with police in the presence of a lawyer was "not cooperating" with the investigation ALONE would constitute reason for overturning a guilty verdict.

Now, I don't claim that House, Arnt, and Gregor are exactly brilliant legal minds, but even THEY are not so stupid to know that they have been engaging in a legal scorched earth strategy. Their stupidity lies in thinking that they still can pull off a conviction and not be subject to any consequences.

No doubt, they have had at least one or more meetings together with House playing the Blutarsky role in "Animal House," with Gregor taking the role of "Otter" and declaring, "This requires a really stupid and futile gesture on the part of someone," with House chiming in, "And we're just the ones to do it!" (Note to House, Arnt, and Gregor: the Germans did NOT bomb Pearl Harbor.)

So, we cannot help but wonder what stupid and futile gesture these people will try. House already has told the legal world that he is not up to being a judge, and he prefers to have the animals running the zoo, with Arnt and Gregor playing the role of the caged beasts.

As I outlined Saturday, no doubt the prosecution will try to introduce "new" evidence or witnesses that are going to make wild and untrue claims. (This, supposedly, is unlike the other prosecution witnesses that also made wild and untrue claims.) In a court in which rules actually are kept, as opposed to being created on the spot, the introduction of the deus ex machina witness at this point in the proceedings would trigger a mistrial.

Unfortunately, we are in a forum in which the prosecutors determine after the fact what the rules will be and the judge sits on his perch and squawks out the following whenever the defense objects: "Awk, He's on cross, he's on cross," and when the prosecution objects, "Awk, sustained! Awk, sustained!" They don't even try to hide their actions anymore.

I guess the jury will go into deliberations this week (unless they decide, instead, to hold out so they can get in free at the CAC-LMJD "Las Vegas" gala complete with showgirls wearing thongs and vodka and raspberry drinks). Now, no one with a cell of logic in his or her brain could believe that the prosecution "proved beyond a reasonable doubt" that Tonya Craft molested anyone, but this is not a normal trial.

Are there "ringers" on the jury who are placed there to vote guilty? I have no idea, but I do know that when this trial ends this week, the story does not end. Furthermore, my efforts to see that justice is meted out on Brian House, Chris Arnt, and Len Gregor will not end, either. These are three people who should not be in the positions of power and influence that come with their offices, and I will make it my mission in life to see that they are forced to find other work in which they can harm no innocent person again.


Lookout Spy said...

Awk! Awk! I love it, the parrots squawking as the buccanners get ready to walk the plank. And the ship of fools sail on a stormy sea.

Phyllis said...

Fans of Caddyshack will recall Judge Smails (pronounced Smells). He wore funny-looking golf clothes and an air of self-importance. Last week I sent Bill an email which included one of Judge Smails classic quotes -- it kinda sums up the overall theme of this trial:
"I've sentenced boys younger than you to the gas chamber. Didn't want to. I felt I owed it to them".

Another favorite is when Judge Smails yells "you'll get nothing and like it." This kinda sums up the Judge in this trial's behavior toward the defense. Am I right, people?

And finally, one of Judge Smails finest moments when he waxes poetic and says "It's easy to grin, When your ship comes in, And you've got the Stock Market beat. But the man worthwhile, Is the man who can smile, When his shorts are too tight in the seat."

Just wondering if the Judge's shorts are feeling a tad bit tight today. Or has an Deus ex Machina been set in motion -- should we watch for the floor to open up tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

Some people just have a desperate need to be right. So it doesn't matter what evidence contridicts their "rightness"...they cover their ears and start humming. We have all seen children do that. So I have a few examples of how anyone who is not humming really LOUD can "get it."
1. Why do these people try to convince the world that a doctor who trains doctors, from Emory University would risk her credibility to testify for a child molester, when her PRIORITY has always been to put child abusers away. (She testified that she has worked with the prosecution 175 times and the defense ONLY 15 times.)
2. Why would a professor/doctor from Vanderbilt University put his credibility on the line by testifying for Tonya when he wrote the reference book regarding child abuse detection and interviewing techniques.. (THEY DON"T NEED HER was funny..)
3. After 15 years in education, Tonya has been around multitudes of kids. Why has she only been accused by her ex husband and a couple of bitter friends (one of whom desperately needed to deflect her childs extreme behavior by blaming the teacher. Otherwise someone might think the child learned it...say, HOME!?! An abuser has a track record people!!
4. Why did daddy testify that he didn't ask his son if he was molested. The average female abusers target their sons more often than daughters. Wasn't it worth asking? Oh, or was that child too old to convince something so ridiculous happened to him...
There's more. Much more. I have friends from my old highschool near Nashville who are all talking about this case. I saw their conversation on-line. These men think only their little town is taking notice. WRONG!! HAG is becoming is infamous...they probably think this is a good logic...

kbp said...


Prime Candidates to Refute Testimony Given
David Craft - Shanika Lewis' breasts(!), T pleading the 5th, away fishing/work

Tonya - TonyaCraft says no child took a bath @ her home that night or morning after. Accusers allege abuse in the tub. Gregor asks on this 2 or more times. (impeach defendant's testimony here = guilt???)

Directly Involved w/Group of Accusers
Kim Walker - Lamb called & threatened her.

Paula D. Potter - kids spent every day w/Tonya - the "pre-slut" ?

Potters 12 YO daughter - @ Tonya's every afternoon in 2007

Mike Potter - no calls on his kids by LE - Vegas W/family & Tonya

Ms. Shanica Lewis - cleans house, attended limo birthday & Halloween party - 2 accusers didn't spend night @ slumber party - Lamb called her...said T "evil person"

Courtney Lewis was 7-8 when parties held, same as mom in testimony on accusers

Courtney Lewis's 10 YO brother?

Shanika's teenage daughter - never saw 1 or 2 there in '06, '07 and '08

T's daughter's friend (Tonya's)- wrote "sex" on walk

(many friends mention 'bad mouthing' by Lamb & Wilson)

Experts the State Can't Touch
Dr. Fajman - pediatrics / SANE id BS

Dr. Ann Hazzard - clinical psychologist - canned Evans - SW take records -

Dr. Nancy Aldridge - PHD in psychology and social work - When asked why cops left out girl saying mom told her where she was touched - Aldridge said, "It didn't fit with their theory"

Dr. Bill Bernet same old...

Fellow Workers
Cindy Coulter is 1st grade teacher - #1 was OK w/T

Kim Parvin 1st grade teacher helper - #1 journal absent allegations

Sherrod Heart kindergarten teacher - screened the Wilson's daughter

Donita Breeden, school nurse

Teresa Lee, to testify on #TonyaCraft's interaction around children at school.

Nancy Gurganus former principal

Connie Fouts retired June 07 after 28 years teaching

Chickamauga Elementary School Principal Connie Fouts

Neighbors (law mowing witnesses!)
Francis Woodard neighbor

Karen Milton (neighbor across street)

Mr. Milton

Joey Walker - father of 3's friend -

Tough to Refute (no reason?)
Carolyn Cobb with the Walker County Sheriff's Office - a certified forensic interviewer & took stepmom shower report

Rhonda Lawson - DFACS in Ringgold- May 18, 2008 mom1 asking about T hurting #1

Laurie Evans - liar & lunatic -


I might have missed somebody here. These are the basic names and a little on what they testified to.

There is much more they testified to, I just hit enough to remind myself.

They can't make all those involved with the "group", those people the accusers come from, out to be liars in rebuttal.

The experts the state will NOT touch.

The co-workers have little to impeach.

Neighbors didn't help Tonya enough to go after.

The "tough to refute" are state workers and a crazy lady.

So we're down to David and Tonya Craft's testimony or introduction of new evidence.


So what is the state going to do????

Anonymous said...

Could someone tell me what M.Boyd did to Tonya supporters?

William L. Anderson said...

Boyd accosts the Tonya supporters wherever she sees them, and she has followed some of them home after the court proceedings have ended for the day.

In other words, she tries to intimidate anyone who is not with the prosecution. And there are too many witnesses for her to deny what I just have said.

Kaye said...

Looks like the national news will still be on the scene. WRCB has just posted on Facebook that a segment will air in the 7:30 hour on the Today show (not sure if it's live or taped). Up until this point, they still haven't touched on the misconduct, which IMO has really become the headline in this whole trial. Anyway, if the national media is present, there has been an obvious change in tone from the prosecution-- a kinder, gentler attempt at character assassination, I guess you could say.

Anonymous said...

Miriam Boyd has been doing for her "good neighbors" exactly what she has been doing for years when she finds out her husband is having yet another affair....she gets on the phone with threating phone calls and becomes a stalker..oh yes, and let's not forget...verbally attacks outside the courthouse....who knows what else!!!! Glad she had her one minute of fame last week so this all could come out....I see she has made the paper again this morning....she has been staying "behind the scene" in her support...behind the phone receiver, behind the cars!!! Yep,,,she's been behind the scene alright!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wendy Murphy? Are you kidding me? Who got to the Today show?

Anonymous said...

Horrible, horrible coverage this morning from Wendy Murphy. She completely failed to inform that the REAL experts, the CREDENTIALED experts negated all the supposed evidence that the prosecution presented. What a sham by the Today show.

Denise C. said...

I was thinking the same thing. No mention of the expert testimony from both sides. Wendy Murphy was a former prosecutor, of course she is on the side of the prosecution. She needs to see the whole trial. I don't think she did. She says that a child can't lie that well to fool adults. How about a child actress? Isn't that what she is paid to do? GRRRR!!!!!

Kaye said...

And also Wendy Murphy is wanting Tonya to explain the motive. Had she invested any real time looking at this case, she would have discovered all of the different motives behind the lying. Sometimes have national coverage is good, other times it is not. I'm so disgusted.

Anonymous said...

The Today show spot was horrible...

So disappointed that the national media can taint the truth sooooo badly


Kaye said...

The children did NOT lie that well. The inconsistencies are absolutely in the children's stories are absolutely glaring. She just doesn't have the whole story. Period.

William L. Anderson said...

Murphy is a liar and a psychopath. She was front-and-center in the sham Amirault case in Massachusetts, and has supported EVERY sham child molestation prosecution in the country.

During the Duke case, she claimed that Crystal was telling the truth, and after the NC AG Roy Cooper dismissed the charges with the word "innocent," she claimed that the families had paid off Crystal Mangum, the accuser EVEN THOUGH SHE SAID PUBLICLY SHE WANTED TO CONTINUE TO PRESS CHARGES.

Harmony said...

could someone post the link for the today show coverage?

Anonymous said...

There are innocent men locked up for child molestation all the time. How come no one makes blogs about them? How do we know this woman is really innocent? I have seen no evidence that disproves the testimony given by the children.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 844 What??? Where have you been for the past 4 weeks? Have you listened at all to the educated EXPERTS in this case? It is beyond me how any intellectual person could make such a statement!

Anonymous said...

Did she really equate homosexuality with child abuse? (Remember...Tonya testified that she and her friend had too much to drink, put their jammies on and went to bed.) This accusation was a bomb dropped by her unfaithful ex-husband. Tonya's home was raided. NO PORN OR CHILD PORN WAS FOUND!!! Homosexuals have no issue, I assume, with looking at websites and such. That is their business. Child molesters, who are DRIVEN to abuse can't help but feed on the images on-line. Tonya had NO INTERNET of MATERIAL connections with either type of sexual persuasion. So we are to believe an ex who Tonya had just reported for his wife, 15 years his jr, shaving her pubic hair in front of their 5 year old. Tonya had also scheduled to have a forensic doctor check the little girl for any abuse....A few days later this avalanche falls on her head!!! Today professional enough to study the facts. And SOMEBODY let the gay and lesbian leaders know about this sick equation...

Anonymous said...

Anon. 8:44,
Let me help you ... "She put ALL her fingers in me." child

"I found NOTHING abnormal" Dr. Nancy Aldridge of Emory University (expert witness 175 times for prosecution and only 15 times for defense.)

Other people chime in and help enlighten this person...

dmk said...

It was ok until it got to "expert" Wendy Murphy, who was terrible. She was speaking of things that she presented as facts undisputed by the defense (same sex affair, physical genital injuries, etc, etc). It's fair to say those things have been alleged by the prosecution but then give the other side of the story, but not just present them as the undisputed truth. When challenged by the interviewer, she then dialed it up a notch into even more craziness.

I have never heard of her before, but that women is completely unethical. She came off as a talking head so-called expert paid to advocate for one side under the guise of an impartial expert paid to come on and give context and analysis.

Anonymous said...


Are you saying she presented as facts things DISPUTED by the defense?

Anonymous said...

just to let the MCdonald dad in on a little tidbit. You got on stand and said you had been sexually abused as a child. And if this be the case my heart feels for you. I think however that you should know that your soon to be ex wife had at one time told several people at the ballfield it was someone in your immediate family. She stated exactly who it was. And. Not that shes exactly an honest person but mr MCdonald you are being exploited because of your abuse. Wake up an see that you are just a pawn in a frame job.

Anonymous said...

Talked to a Catoosa County Officer yesterday, and he said, he thinks she is innocent and he is so tired of hearing about this case.

So please don't think everyone with Catoosa is corrupt. I believe its just the higher ups. (Outhouse, and not to forget Kingpin Summers)

William L. Anderson said...

Well, if the officer thinks she is innocent but is willing to go along with his superiors, then he is even more guilty, for he is helping to cover up corruption and lies.

Anonymous said...

Scroll down to Parenting and Relationships section and click on the video.

This made me so angry to watch. The woman at the end who was giving her opinion on the case had absolutly NO clue about any of the real evidence and made Tonya look like she was guilty and a terrible person. She said she encouraged the jury to look past the "sweet kindergardan teacher exterior" and really see that this woman had a wild life basically especially with her homosexual affair. UGHHHH NOT TRUE AND SO ANNOYING

Matt Lauer did act a bit offensive when this woman was saying this about Tonya which was very good.

Anonymous said...

I really do commend you for your work on this case. I have followed you and this case from the beginning. I truly believe Tonya is innocent and there is major corruption in Catoosa County.

But for the officer I am talking about, he is a good man and an honest cop. But what can he do? He is not involved with the corruption or the investigation, nor can he end it. So I don't think he is as guilty as you say.

Anonymous said...



Each side allowed 2 hours to make closing statements.

Anonymous said...

Miriam what a fine one. Everybody knows that you are a gossip and a wanna and as unfaithful as your husband is you might want to spend more time at the clinic getting checked for stds instead of worrying about stalking people and getting your a** whipped. Oh an why not ask your husband what it sounds like to touch a vagina.Hes certainly had enough experience with his...But what would i know.

Anonymous said...

It seems it won't be 2 hrs for each side. Defense and Prosecution will have 90 mins each for closing statements. #TonyaCraft

Callie Starnes via Twitter

Dan said...

Click here to view the NBC Today Show video.

Kellie G said...

Typical miriam, happy do nothing but more than willing to find a spotlight. Of course everybody knows she's BF's with S.Lamb, really, yes really.

David said...

Bill, I agree with anonymous 9:22. As an officer of the law, he is sworn to uphold the law. As a deputy if that is what he is, then he also has a responsibility to obey the chain of command. It should say something about the law enforcement community in Catoosa Co that he felt comfortable enough to share his opinion. If the man is doing his job, it is not his responsibility to be the judge and jury. The system is designed to protect us from governmental abuse, but I agree with the majority of the posters here that it has failed to protect Mrs. Craft in this case. Obviously the prosecution's case doesn't have the ring of truth. Since their case is weak, Arnt and Gregor have resorted to some pretty outlandish efforts to try the character of Mrs. Craft. In this case, the one that has been the most horrendous failure is Judge Brian House. As an "impartial arbiter of the law", he has failed miserably. Either he has predetermined that she is guilty, or the fix is in. Rules of law are one thing, but he has so obviously biased his rulings and his conduct towards the prosecution. His behavior has been inexcusable and I will remember this clearly at the next election.

Anonymous said...

Closing arguments have started, each side will have 90 minutes. Gregor has started with a fishing story and conspiracy theories. Praying the jury will see through this sham.

David said...

I'm following Gregor's closing arguments. Apparently he is attempting to convince the jury that Tonya's defense has been an attempt to show a conspiracy. Am I mistaken? I thought the defense was a point by point rebuttal of the evidence that was presented. The only ones that appear to be selling a conspiracy theory is the prosecution, the accusers and their friends...

Anonymous said...

I agree!

Its hard to blame the ADA's and the Sheriff's office (but they have acted totally unprofessional and should have ended their investigations along time ago) because thats what they do.

But the person I am angry with and the person who should be held accountable to this is Brian OUThouse.

daisy said...

Okay so does this mean closing arguments and it goes to the jury today or am I confused again?

William L. Anderson said...

It goes to the jury after the judge gives his instructions. THAT should be interesting, as he is in the tank with the Dishonest Duo.

Anonymous said...

Yes it will go to the jury after closing arguments.

Trish White said...

David, I agree, the DA has obviously been reading facebook and other posts and from what the "people" think he is getting his conspiracy theory. In no testimony from the defense did anyone say on the stand that all these people have conspired against Tonya. The defense brought credible witnesses to refute what the DA said and they did it well. Personally I don't think it is a conspiracy as much as it is a vendetta of shallow people with too much money and who like to be in control. I think it was what it was first reported, child on child fondling and out of embarrassment, the blame had to go somewhere and unfortunately it was put on

I hope and pray the jury will look at the facts and nothing else. If they do that, they have to come back with a not guilty verdict. If they buy the DA's "fishing" story, then they will say guilty. However, as bad as that will be, it will open the door for more trouble than the "team" would have ever bargained for. Interesting in a Bible study I just finished last week, Kay Arthur states that "sin will cost you more than you ever expect to pay." I think the sins of those who have abused their power is about to catch up with them.

Anonymous said...

I honestly am sickened by this judge and his cohorts beavis and buthead.And seriously what in the hell is wrong with this picture? I mean the judge and his puppets go to these big fine churches then go to gambling parties with thonged hoochies an mixed drinks in abundance. Churches open your eyes dont you know thongs and liqour make you a child molester....really what hypocrites

Anonymous said...

Most sincere churches distance themselves from the kind of activities that the three stooges will be attending. But I guess sad to say some churches can even be bought. Wonder if their pastors will be there?

Anonymous said...

Brian House raises his hand on sunday to praise God and he raises the other to bring down his corrupt judicial hammer on an innocent woman.Brian House you truly are a viper a wolf among lambs. An believe me MR. House God is in control and I wouldnt want to be in your shoes for nothing when he separates the chaff from the wheat.

kbp said...

Anonymous 8:44 AM...
"How do we know this woman is really innocent? I have seen no evidence that disproves the testimony given by the children."


Do you have at least 3 brain cells to compare that testimony with each other?

If one knows the testimony of the children, the accusers, then they should know their testimony conflicted with each others!

Victoria said...

Okay, I just read the Tweets of D-Lo's arguments and I must admit that it seemed pretty weak. Of course, it sounds like the persecution prevented him from presenting the crux of his argument, but still it didn't seem to have the punch it needed. I am really worried for Tonya.

I hope the jury has at least one person with their thinking cap on. I know there is always pressure to come to a unanimous decision.

Anonymous said...

If there are witnesses to Boyd following people who support Tonya home, then I for one would slap a stalking charge against her. Her hubby had better be prepared to pay her bail. She wouldn't intimidate me. You need to get in peoples face that would do that kind of crap.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anderson, please promise that you will not let the actions of the judge and ADA's pass after this is over, regardless of the outcome. No one in this country should ever go through what this woman has gone through. I never in my entire life would have thought such corruption would happen in a court system in this country. Judge Curly, and prosecutioners Larry and Moe have made a mockery of the judical system. This should not be allowed to pass and be forgotten. No wonder the scripture announces a woe upon lawyers. I would not be in their shoes for their socks on judgment day.

Trish White said...

GMA did a good job reporting on the case, very unbiased and very fair!

Anonymous said...

yes shea and jeff beagles are giving food to school but at what cost???? all of the county people involved in this mess at chickamauga school they give money food and oh yes they are at school all the time that way they can control the school i dont know of one person that lives in city that controls the school only the ones that should not even be there. mrs bradley and shea text each other all day long or phones one another does mrs bradley not have enough to do at school to keep her busy like watching our children and make sure they have the best of education mrs bradly care for the children of the wilsons lambs mc donald and boyd and lets don't forget the beagles.if any one wants to give to chickamauga school they should not be given special treatment believe it or not there are other children at this school the lamb child has always and will always get special treatment and of course sandra does because all the gifts she gives to teacher and mr bradley most parents can not afford to give such gifts and can not be at school all the time like shea beagles does we have to work or take care of younger children at home so i guess our children does not matter my child really needed extra help in school a few years ago did they make a special class for her?? of course the answer is no we took care of that a home not have a special teacher just for her such as per 1st grade. i wish some one could tell me why these families are treated so much better than the familes that live in the city. afew years ago if any student had done what the lamb child did in class with her sex act they would be out of chickamauga school that day but mrs bradley saw to it her buddy sandra child was not why was that and sherry wilson has turned our town UP SIDE DOWN ,but every thing is fine at school with her because she is part ot the gang with lamb beagles mrs bradley and the boyds, this is not right we live in the city its our town our school not the county people, we need to take our school back our town and tell the countY people to PLEASE GO TO YOUR SCHOOL AND LET US GET BACK TO THE WAY IT WAS BEFORE YOU CAME, we did fine, no wonderful until these families came and took all that away. we dont need you to give somthing such as gifts to teachers food or what ever and then think the school owes you the right to control us, take all your so call gifts and leave chickamauga to people who love our town and schools