Friday, June 25, 2010

And A Good Time Was Had By All

Yes, yes, yes, the post is late this morning, but I have a good excuse. (Actually, two good excuses)

Last night, my wife and I went to the home of Tonya and David Craft and came away with about 40-50 new friends, as a lot of people were there to help celebrate Tonya's acquittal and just to have a good time. From Jennifer Sullivan to Eric Echols, and all folks in between, including Tonya's wonderful parents, we had a good time and I am grateful for Tonya and David's hospitality and the warm friendship shown by so many people.

As much as anything, this was a celebration of the grace of God and the hard work of the attorneys. I shudder to think that two prosecutors and a judge, all three knowing that Tonya was innocent, continued to push that sham of a trial. And I am thankful that God picked a jury that saw not only through the ridiculous nonsense the prosecution called "evidence," but also realized that the prosecution and "judge" Brian House treated them with utter contempt, and they spoke in the only way that a jury can speak: a just verdict.

There are many things that I learned last night, but perhaps the most important thing is that persistence matters. Tonya was willing to knock on doors, see people who did not want to see her, and decided that if she was going to be incarcerated, that she would put up a fight all the way to the prison gates. Hearing her give an account of some of the things she did reminded me of Jesus' parable of the persistent woman and the unjust judge in Luke 18:1-8.

Yes, I believe there is a much large lesson in this story. Tonya was someone pleading for justice, and in her case, not one institution of the State of Georgia would respond in any way other than either hostility or complete indifference. Georgia's attorney general still turns his back on her, and the judicial system has been a joke. One hopes that the Georgia State Bar will come to understand that fabricating documents masquerading as "evidence" is an offense so serious that something must be done to punish those who engage in it.

The institutions of the federal government have been just as bad, and we shall see how the federal lawsuit plays out. We have witnessed not just the breaking, but also the utter trashing of federal criminal laws, yet no one in authority seems interested in doing an investigation, at least for now.

Like the unjust judge, so many people in authority are stirred to action when they want to protect their own, and not carry out the duties of which they are charged. So be it.

Why is Tonya free today? She is free because of the grace of God and the fact that like the widow in Jesus' parable, she would not stop asking for justice until she received it. That is a trait that has served her well, and will continue to serve her in the future. God is not done with this remarkable woman just yet.

Oh, yes, my other excuse. We got back a bit late last night (no, Gregor and Arnt, there were no drunk people and no lewd dancing or anything like that, sorry, guys), and I had to be at a men's prayer meeting with my father at 7 a.m. at Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church. I just got back, and decided to post before the day is done.

Have a great weekend. Don't forget the "Truth for Tonya Carwash" on McFarland Road in Rossville tomorrow, beginning at 10 AM. My van is dirty, and I know where I am going to get it washed!


Mary Jane said...

Dr, Anderson

I am so happy for you to have finally met Tonya and David Craft!

I live very far away from there, so I won't be able to get my dirty car washed there myself.

Enjoy the rest of your stay there, and be very very careful!

Anonymous said...

Everyone READ Angie's Blog on Amy Morton. BRAD WADE JUSTICE.

Anonymous said...

I happen to be one of the lucky one's That got to meet Mr Anderson & his sweet wife. We had a good time lot's of people. Thanks Toyna & David for the invite. And a special thanks To David he salved
over the GRILL...

Angie Granger said...

Bill, you are a great guy!! I am so glad to have finally met you and your wife. We had such a good time and yes we met lots of new friends. Thanks to Tonya and David 'the cook' for opening their home to alll of us. Hope to see you soon!!! Please read my blogspot aobut my Brother Brad Wade. The address is God Bless!!

Tammy Holsomback said...

It was such a pleasure to meet you last night, I have read everyone of your blogs since you started writing about Tonya's fight for justice. Due to the gag order (I was on the witness list for defense) I was unable to contact you or blog during the trial. But I would just like to thank you again for all you have done to help bring Tonya's story (the true facts of what was/is happening in Catoosa County) to as many people as possible. You speek the truth about this case and in my opinion no one else could do it better.
I have seen the reactions of many people in this area and most were afraid to stand up against the corruptiion and against the accussers and I thank you for your bravery in standing up with/for a person you had not even met.

It was such a blessing last night to see Tonya surrounded by so many people who have stood by her through the unimaginable ordeal that she has endured. To see her smile and laugh was so amazing.
I want to remind everyone that the most important fight for Tonya is still ahead of her, the fight to get her children back. I have watched her heart break many times in the last two years but nothing compares to the heartache she feels for her chidren,that is truely where her heart lies.
Tonya is an amazingly strong, beautiful, and courageous woman and my life has been blessed beyond words because of her friendship. I ask everyone to keep her and her children in their prayers.
Bill I ask that you continue to blog about the father and step mother of these children lest we forget the horrendous things Joal has perpitrated on his own childen. Just the fact that he is trying to keep Tonya's children from her speaks volumes
I thank God for you Bill

William L. Anderson said...


I have not even BEGUN to deal with Joal and some of the other villains in this story. My plans were to go after him today, but other stuff took precedence (such as having fun at Tonya and David's place). So, I have a whole weekend to get ready!

Angie is a real gem and a most lovely gal, and she is doing a great service not only for Brad, but also for anyone who is concerned about the LMJC Railroad, courtesy of the CAC. I have read the blog on Brad on a regular basis, and consider it to be required reading.

This story hardly is over. There are other people caught in the trap and others are in prison who should not be there. These are good people who do not deserve this state-sponsored abuse, and they need our support and prayers.

The party was especially eye-opening for my wife, Johanna. She saw me on the computer hours at a time, or on the phone, and it made things difficult on the home front. Yet, last night, she saw the fruit of our labors and I will say that it is much more fun to party at someone's home than at some prison. There is work to be done, folks.

Anonymous said...

Mr Anderson- You are a true blessing to all of us!! You are exposing the LMJC and all involved in the case against Tonya for the crooked, scum bags that they are!! I can't wait for your future posts and look forward to hearing about Tonya and her story. I pray that she will have her kids back very soon:)) Thank you again for all you have done and continue to do!

Lame said...

I sure wish I could have been there with y'all. I'm so glad to see that she, they, you have all put God at the center of all of this. It could so easily be all about ME: "Why is this happening to ME?" "Why is God doing this to ME?" Instead, Ms Craft took the same road as Job, she refused to curse God, and instead gave glory to Him. Like Job, at one point she had lost everything, her family, her home, her livlihood...but she kept the faith, and in the end, she has come out much stronger, and I'm sure her faith is very much reinforced. Her relationship with her husband is stronger than before, and when she gets her children back, in time, I'm sure that they will have a much better relationship than she would have had, and hopefully won't have the interference of a meddling, manipulative ex (a lucifer figure). Speaking of lucifer, if you look at the Job/Tonya Craft comparrison, there seem to be many luciferian figures, but chief amongst them is Joal Henke. Yes, Dr Anderson, go after him! He is the serpent who has bitten Tonya Craft's heel, but soon enough she shall crush his head.

Does anyone have a link to audio of Dr Anderson's radio interview?

I'm sorry that I won't be here for a couple of days. I'm going on a church campout, so I'll be without internet until late Sunday.

Tammy Holsomback said...

I spoke to Kevin West last night and asked if there would be pod cast of radio interview. I missed it as well and he said that there would not be link as the interview was done on such short notice
You are so right about God getting the glory for all that transpired in Tonyas behalf. She was surrounded not only by her wonderful husband and family but countless friends that continually lifted her up in prayer and continue to do so. I have learned great lessons by walking long side my friend in this journey, I have seen Tonya stumble and even fall to her knees but she continually got back up and continued her fight and all the while she never lost her faith. She is truely the strongest person I know
What else can I say.......YOU ROCK!! I have no doubt that you give Joal equal time that he so deserves and I for one can't wait

Mary Jane said...

Apparently, they had a public forum on "hate crimes" in Chattanooga last night. I wonder if they talked about Sandra Lamb's crime against Mr. Eric Echols at the forum.

Anonymous said...

Tonya Craft is a warrior.

Victoria said...

It's nice to hear that Tonya was actually smiling and laughing - I can only imagine how this ordeal has taken a toll on her and how much stress she is still under to get her kids and her life back. It is also wonderful that Mr. Anderson was able to meet the good people involved and they to meet him. I wonder if during the celebration any added insight was gained in the Echols case, the custody case, or in Craft's lawsuit against the accusers and officials involved in her false arrest.

Rob said...

Mr. Anderson, I wondered whether you were going to visit Ms. Craft while you were in Tennessee. It's very heartwarming to hear that you did so. You must've been overjoyed to have the opportunity to finally meet her. May the rest of your visit be as uplifting!


maria said...

It's so wonderful that you went to her house. Wish we could have been there. My husband is in the same boat tonya was in, we are still waiting for the indictment since february. It's all sooo scary, since we are in the hands of the same people. Hope you will get your kids back soon tonya!

JD said...

I'm getting a little confused. You can charge someone, not indict them and leave them hanging like this? For how long? I thought after you charged someone you had to go to trial quickly, which is something that confused me from the beginning. Why weren't the prosecutors forced to come to trial at least within the year after Tonya was charged?

maria said...

It's sad but true, and all this time he can't go back to work. They put him on leave without pay, and he can't get unemployment because they say that he's still on leave. Our kids can only see him when I'm at home from work, which means he has to be out of his own home the whole day.

justiceseeker51 said...

I am so glad for all of 'you'. (hands clapping, smiling) I wish I could have been there, but too far away. Keep the Faith!

Trish said...

JD, they can drag out a trial for as long as they want. If you want a speedy trial you have to file a motion to get one. Sometimes it works to your benefit for time to pass, especially, for instance as in Tonya's case when people get so up in arms and believe that because a person is charged that they must be guilty. No, they don't have to hand down an indictment right away either. In my son's case, he was indicted a little over two months after being charged, but we spent the next three years and nine months waiting for a trial, and then they dropped the charges. The real world is not like TV, justice is rarely swift for the innocent or guilty.

Bill, I am glad you got to meet Tonya and glad it was a joyous occasion.

I do hope she will be back in her children's lives soon.

Cyril Lucar said...


You warm my heart. My wife's been sick and if she feels well enough I'll be at the car wash tomorrow. God bless you.

JD said...

Are you saying that Tonya was better off having it take so long? Since I didn't start researching this until after she was acquitted I'm trying to figure things out. I would think she would have wanted the whole thing to come to a close quickly and filed a motion for a speedy trial to get her life back, but I can see where it might have helped her since they did pile it on too thick to make not believable at all. Is it better to have waited the time to have the charges dismissed for your son or to have filed a motion for a speedy trial?

My thought had nothing to do with TV. I remember during the time of Katrina that people were supposedly worried that defendents would be able to get off because of lack of a speedy trial due to the lack of a court system for a time. In, addition since the Michael Jackson molestation charge and trial took from Nov. 2003-June 2005 I figured that was the longer time frame for these things because his was considered more complicated.

Lookout Spy said...

Folks, after the carwash, come to the Walnut Street Bridge to join in the Sierra Club's gathering for a clean energy future. It's called "Hands across the Sand", no donations expected. We want to eliminate any further oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico such as were caused by the Deepwater Horizon rig and the criminals who carelessly are causing billions in damage day by day. There will be live TV cameras on site filming the event. Gathering begins at 11, noon is the specific time, and it is not a protest, but an affirmation that we want change in America's energy policies. I'll be there, have to stay anonymous though as I'm still mired in issues with the LMJC.

eagle1 said...

I never was really introduced to Tonya's family, but did learn who part of them were during the trial.
Especially "Mamma", but they all seem like real nice folks.
I am sure she is embarassed with some of her past friendships, but mostly she has a 1st class circle of friends & family.
I bet she could raise money by having a LARGE cookout at someplace like Camp Jordan and invite the public. They will need a stage, some music with a fiddle, and Tonya needs to be prpared to Clog for the crowd.
Bill, Tonya, and others need to make a short speech.
A $10 donation get a plate and drink. $5 more gets a picture made with Tonya.

Trish said...

JD in a big case, it is better to have time pass. It takes time to mount a good defense and to do the research needed, especially in high profile cases. Most good defense attorneys will tell you that it will at the least be a year before going to trial. In cases, especially where children are involved, it can be better for things to quieten down, for the media to move on to something else. In Tonya's case, though I think she did the right thing in going public. In my son's case, no, I wish that after two years, we had pushed for a trial, but then again, our attorneys weren't able to get the state medical examiner to look at the autopsy report until three years later. The case actually could have been dropped as early as Feb. of last year, but the DA's office drug it out for as long as they could. I also wanted to go public with our story, but was repeatedly told not to by our attorneys. If, I could go back, I would most certainly bring it to the public eye. My son was being railroaded by the same people who were railroading Tonya. They absolutely don't care about the truth, just convictions at all costs. I think that one of the reasons that they really were so bent on convicting her was that my son's case got away from them. I could be wrong, but it would have also been a big feather in their cap. Thank goodness, Tonya had the ability to hire excellent attorneys and fight like she did. Without that, I can guarantee you she would have been convicted. I am also thankful that by her courage to bring it to the public, she has exposed a very corrupt system.

William L. Anderson said...


I could bring my fiddle, but then everyone else would leave!

Trish is correct regarding the mindset of the prosecutors. I used to be that prosecutors, when faced with a set of facts, would ask themselves, "Why should I prosecute this case?" Today, it is: "Why should I NOT prosecute this one?"

In scientific terms, the null hypothesis used to be DON'T PROSECUTE. Today, the null is PROSECUTE. In terms, we effectively have changed the legal standard from being assumed innocent until proven guilty, but today it is guilty until proven innocent.

That is a HUGE change in the legal landscape, for in science, there is no way to "prove" a negative. One never can "prove" one is innocent. For example, I cannot prove that I DID NOT shoot JFK. All I can do is to show evidence that I was not in Dallas (I was at Boothwyn School) on that day, but anyone can claim I was lying, I had a double at school, or that since no one at school that day can remember seeing me there, I MUST have been in Dallas pulling the trigger.

This is a sea change in prosecution, and it also changes prosecutorial ethics. It contributes to "convictions at all costs," and we see what it does to people, and especially to innocent people.

William L. Anderson said...

I mean, "it used to be...," not "I used to be...."

JD said...

WOW! I have been reading each day's accounts from the WRCB website and find it fascinating. I really believe this was malicious prosecution, especially on the part of Tonya's daughter. We have a Dr that evaluates the child and says there is no evidence of child abuse and the prosecutors don't drop those charges and they get it withheld. If I had been on that jury, I would have been so angry about that being left out I would have been like the juror that did decide to talk afterwards.

Anonymous said...

It appears that prosecutors in Georgia can do what they want, when they want, and no one will hold them accountable, which brings this thought to mind: the fact that state and federal officials are apparently going to let this slide doesn't mean that God will ignore it. It doesn't matter how many times a week you go to church, there is no place in heaven for dishonesty of any sort. "Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord; I will repay", and you can count on that! This may not faze them now, but His judgment is CERTAIN, and to God be the glory!

John said...

Your very correct on its about getting a conviction, I guess I’ve went around with my head in the sand. I had no clue that this is how prosecutors acted, I had seen it in the police departments, but thought for sure when it came before the DA it would be look at with a different set of ethics. On Aug. 2, 2009, boy did I ever learn a lesson. I’ll tell the story some time as soon as my atty. clears it. But its how I came to find your blog and Mrs. Craft. I’m appalled at how our justice system is and I’m turning over a new leaf in my life and going after those who serve with no HONOR.

Cyril Lucar said...


I think the problem is a lot bigger than our LMJC prosecutors. I was reading on the Channel 3 website and I saw a post which said something to the effect, "she didn't prove she didn't do it." We've quit teaching children and adults the principles behind our justice system and people don't get it until they are the ones in the spotlight.

You are absolutely right, we CANNOT prove negatives, which is why the judicial assumption must be innocence and the prosecutorial assumption must be to not prosecute. Child abuse charges (unlike your JFK example) are always difficult to DISPROVE, which is why the state has to, in theory, PROVE them. The charges almost always have to do with children the accused has contact with. In Tonya's case the charges were spread out over years. How could she PROVE that she didn't do something to a child YEARS ago. I might be able to work up a defense for something that happened last week, but how could I prove what I didn't do two years ago?

When we remove the burden of proof from the State and place it on the accused (something Buzz Franklin seems wont to do) then all of a sudden it doesn't matter if there is no physical evidence, the children initially deny the abuse, the interviews are conducted clearly improperly and the accusations were manipulated out of the kids. It doesn't matter than women almost NEVER sexually abuse their pre-pubescent daughters. It doesn't matter if the accusers ALL have clear malice toward the accused. It is impossible to PROVE that she didn't do it.

Perhaps some of our readers still "feel in their hearts" that Tonya did something wrong. The question for you is, would you wish to be prosecuted with the same methods as Tonya was? Would you want the prosecutors and the judge to require you to PROVE that you didn't do something? Would you want people for the rest of your life to judge you as evil if you couldn't PROVE that you DIDN'T do something.

In the denomination to which Bill and I belong, we have a line in our Book of Church Order which would have stopped the Tonya Craft trial before it began:

Great caution ought to be exercised in receiving accusations from any person who is known to indulge a malignant spirit towards the accused; who is not of good character; who is himself under censure or process; who is deeply interested in any respect in the conviction of the accused; or who is known to be litigious, rash or highly imprudent.

Does anyone else notice that Tonya's accusers resemble some of these qualifications?

justiceseeker51 said...

Anyone in Criminal Justice or DFAC's has a God complex. It started in small towns, NOW it's everywhere.

justiceseeker51 said...

It is called 'Legal Abuse',"Karen Huffer" happens everywhere, all the time.

justiceseeker51 said...

edit: Karen Huffer

JD said...

I think it happens where a prosecutor has aspirations and doesn't care what he has to do to get to where he wants to go. The best way to get there is to get a lot of convictions. In that domain it happens just as much in big cities.

Awhile back Chicago had a rape and murder of a child. The police got a "confession" from two 8 or 9 year old boys and charged them. The victim had her panties stuffed in her mouth which they were able to get DNA. The crux of the matter was that the DNA was from semen. Boys don't produce semen until puberty so the 8 or 9 year old couldn't have done it. The Chicago PD and DA had them stay charged until the DNA came back and they could charge someone else. Hearings were held like they believed they were the perpetrators when they knew it couldn't have happened that way. People were calling for an FBI investigation. I think it was, but I can't remember how it came out.

William L. Anderson said...


Excellent point, my friend. I had forgotten about the Book of Church Order and what it entails.

People think that the only incentives on the prosecution side are based on "justice." That was and is nonsense. When people have a vested interest in the outcome, then don't be surprised if when those people have a say in the proceedings, that injustice will be the result.

Earlier this year, I wrote this piece on some federal trials and the role of incentives for some of the journalists covering them:

As you can see, certain people did not come into this matter with clean hands.

Jennifer Sullivan said...

It was great to finally meet you Bill! You are a wonderful and intelligent person. I am so thankful that you decided to take on the injustices that have happened to Tonya and show the world just how bad they really are. Kepp up the great work and keep in touch!!

Anonymous said...

Don't ever believe in justice being automatic, one needs to fight for same, ergo defense attorneys.

Tonya had the wherewithal to realize same and to hire a competent and able defense.

If nothing else, this is what she can show to others.

Reader from NYC

Anonymous said...

I didn't have time to read all the comments today...Just caught the "liberal" discussion... I was thinking today about how many liberals want to make it difficult for us to drill for oil...thus pushing exploration miles into the ocean. To me it's like..."Where do you want your children to play?" In your own backyard (where you can supervise) or in the yard of a crazy "Hugo" or the Saudis... How about out in the street? (Like the OCEAN)...Don't blame the kids when they get hit!

I was just thinking today. If that mindset controled America 100 years ago, no one could plow their field..That would be oxen abuse. Horses couldn't pull the stage coaches or wagons...especially on hot days...

I'm trying to find out how to get rid of carpenter bees that are destroying my home and I keep running across these online sites telling me how to trap them instead of killing them! Where the heck do I release them?? No one else wants them eating their home and I sure don't want to keep them as pets!!!

Just a little tired today...