Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Baths and Bald-Faced Lies: The CAC and Interview Manipulation, Part II

(This is the fifth in a series on the testimony of the child accusers)

When we looked at Perjury Central yesterday, we saw Sandra Lamb's daughter go into the interview complaining about Tonya Craft's daughter, and then we saw how Children's Advocacy Center "interviewer" Stacey Long tried to manipulate the interview to where the child would implicate Ms. Craft. She was having limited success, although her suggestive "No?" seemed to signal to the girl that she was NOT giving the answers that Long wanted to hear.

Between the first and second interviews, the child talked to her mother, and when you read the transcript of what transpired, you will notice that the girl's answers now start to move in a different direction. However, even that was not enough for Long, who asks more suggestive and leading questions in an attempt to get the kind of information necessary to help frame Tonya Craft for child molestation.

There will be other surprises as well. I highlight some notable passages and add comments where they are relevant. This interview also takes place May 27, 2008:

ACCUSER #1: Miss Tonya made me touch her back.
ACCUSER #1: She made me touch her right up here (indicating).
STACEY: Okay. Like on top of her clothes or under her clothes or what?
ACCUSER #1: On top.
[It is clear that she is telling a very different story than she did in the first interview]
ACCUSER #1: She told me to touch her. And I didn’t want to, but she told me that I had to.
STACEY: What did she want you to touch her with?
ACCUSER #1: My hand.
STACEY: Did she want you to move your hand or keep it still?
ACCUSER #1: Keep it still.
STACEY: Okay. Did she want you to touch her anywhere else?
ACCUSER #1: Huh-uh (moves head from side to side)
STACEY: Or was you too scared to talk about it or what? [asking why Accuser #1 didn’t say this before]
ACCUSER #1: I forgot.
[She forgot? Or did she and her mother after meeting decide to embellish the story?]
ACCUSER #1: And a little bit scared.
ACCUSER #1: She told me I had to or I – or I had to go home. [had to touch Tonya]
STACEY: And that was only – did that happen just one time or did it happen more than once?
ACCUSER #1: Once.
STACEY: Okay. And that was the only place she wanted you to touch?
ACCUSER #1: Uh-huh.
STACEY: Or how old were you?
ACCUSER #1: Be 5 or 6. I don’t know.
STACEY: Was it when you were in kindergarten?
ACCUSER #1: (Moves head up and down)
ACCUSER #1: Well, my friend was selling these cards. And Miss Tonya told her no, she didn’t want any cards.
ACCUSER #1: I get to go to a spa today.
STACEY: You’re just going to get all pampered, huh?
ACCUSER #1: (Moves head up and down)
[So, she receives a reward for giving Stacey the answers she wants to hear?]
STACEY: I don’t blame you. I would, too. You and your mom?
[Accuser #1 is marking on an anatomical drawing showing where she ‘had to touch’ Tonya]
ACCUSER #1: I want to put a star (marks on paper).
STACEY: Was it two spots?
ACCUSER #1: No. I just wanted to put a star.
[This child supposedly is "disclosing" about being molested by an adult, yet she calmly is coloring on the anatomical drawing WITH A YELLOW CRAYON -- so much for yellow driving this child to fear -- and wanting to put stars on it. Readers who are familiar with how children deal with real molestation stories might be suspicious to see a youngster acting in such a cavalier fashion while "disclosing" stories with horrible details.]
[Stacey goes out of the room and talks to someone, comes back in and says:]
STACEY: --did you ever, like, take a bath over there?
[Bath was NOT brought up by Accuser #1]
ACCUSER #1: She always – like, Miss Tonya gave me a bath. She would always rub me right here and right here (indicating).
[Readers who are suspicious have a right to be. To whom did Long speak during the break, and since Accuser #1 had never mentioned a bath, why did Long ask the question in the first place?]
STACEY: Okay. And what part is that, that she would rub?
ACCUSER #1: (indicating)
STACEY: What do you call that?
ACCUSER #1: Private.
STACEY: Okay. Was it normal when she washed you? I mean, was it like Mom washes you or –
ACCUSER #1: (Moves head from side to side).
STACEY: What was different about it?
ACCUSER #1: She would scrub me real hard.
STACEY: Okay. But did she have a washcloth?
ACCUSER #1: Yes.
STACEY: Okay. All right. When she would wash you, did she wash, like, in between your legs too, on your private?
ACCUSER #1: Huh-uh. (Moves head from side to side)
STACEY: Or did you wash that part yourself?
ACCUSER #1: Huh-uh (Moves head from side to side)
STACEY: Did that part get washed?
ACCUSER #1: (Moves head from side to side)
STACEY: Okay. Do you understand what I’m saying?
ACCUSER #1: Yeah.
STACEY: Because you were talking about like, on the top of your private.
ACCUSER #1: Yeah.

Thus, we now see that the stories have changed, and the child has earned a trip to a spa. Long has managed to finagle an account of an adult molesting a child. Remember, it began because some little girls were playing "doctor" with each other, and their parents caught and punished them.

It also is clear that Long was on a mission to implicate Tonya Craft, and she and Sandra Lamb and the others were going to figure a way to do it, even if it took a combination of using both extremely suggestive questioning and the promise of rewards for "correct" answers. Yet, this interview is not the end of the accusations, as we shall see when I post the interview that Accuser #1 had with Suzi Thorne on June 4, 2008.

Again, we are speaking about adults asking young children leading questions, and then making it clear that these girls were NOT giving "correct" answers until they made claims against Ms. Craft. Young girls desire to please the adults in their lives, and it is obvious from this line of questioning that the only answers the adults would accept were those that make Tonya Craft out to be a child molester.

Of course, when people are trying to pull off a frame, they had better get their stories straight, and the LMJC prosecutors and their partners at the CAC were not up to the task. For example, it was Long who brought up the bath (after taking a break), not Accuser #1. This is significant because after a while the child would claim that Tonya not only molested her, but also her own daughter as well as another child -- all at the same time.

To make matters worse, when detectives interviewed other children and parents who often were at Ms. Craft's home, those people said that Accuser #1 NEVER took a bath there. (Of course, the contradictions plus that rather convenient fact that the idea for "molestation while bathing" came from Long and not any children, Chris Arnt and Len Gregor made a big deal of it during the trial.

As we shall see in our next post, the stories that Accuser #1 continue to escalate after Suzi Thorne interviews her next. The CAC/GreenHouse gang had a "disclosure," and they were going to take it and run.


Sandra Pearson said...

has anyone heard of courtney bisbee?

i am reminded more and more every day of what an evil world we live in... filled with people who have absolutely no conscious. and it is frightening to me. how do people such as sandra lamb, sheri wilson and joal henke sleep at night?
and i think of those working for the children's advocacy center... do they go home every night proud of the themselves? prosecutors like gregor and arnt... who KNEW they were attempting to convict an innocent woman! and yet they walk they walk around with their chests puffed up and their heads held high... justifying their behavior... THAT is what a narcissist is, len gregor!

knowing there are others in this country who have suffered just as tonya has suffered over the past two years, breaks my heart.

bill, please look into the case against courtney. just hearing the song on her web site brought tears to my eyes... she has been through so much.

Cyril Lucar said...

A while back someone pointed out that the pastors seemed to be silent on Tonya Craft. The pastor at Highlands Presbyterian mentioned Tonya Craft and Brad Wade last Sunday. The sermon is at The comments are around 19 and 36 minutes into it (it's a LONG sermon). There's also about 2 minutes of Spanish at the beginning. The sermon is titled "Things That God Hates".

Sandra Pearson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sandra Pearson said...

thank you, cyril.

the interviews are clear evidence that the children involved in the false accusations were lead by those conducting interviews... and sadly, even by their own parents.

if they are God fearing people, they should be very afraid.

"And if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a large millstone tied around his neck." Mark 9:42

Lame said...

The pastor was 100% correct in that God hates injustice. There are very, very few things in the Bible that are listed as things that God hates, and one of those things are people who abuse the justice system.

Lame said...

Oops, the previous comment was supposed to say, "There are a very few kinds of people that are listed as what God hates..." God hates things like wickedness, et cetera, but when it comes to kinds of people, Jesus didn't even hate those who nailed him to the tree. But, those who abuse justice, God HATES them.

Anonymous said...

People do things because they CAN. When agencies are left with no external oversight, like child protective services, and small town big fish rule the roost-
evil happens.

There really is no justice unless one is willing to fight for it.

Reader from NYC

Kathy R said...

You are so right reader from NYC. Bill, reading your post and transcripts it is so obvious that these children were coached and lead to say things. If I can see it is garbage how can "seasoned prosecutors" not? They could but were hoping the jury would not see it. They really, honestly believe the average citizen's are idiots. They have been running a muck for far to long. It makes me wonder how many other Brad Wades are in prison because of them and the inept CAC interviewer's. My biggest hope is that Buzz Franklin does not get another term whether he retires or is voted out and whom ever is elected in his place cleans house. and speaking of House, he is absolutely a one termer, no doubt don't even waste your money on a campaign Mr. House. Joan Koplan is a county joke because she runs for Sheriff almost every time and never goes anywhere, wow I think the people of Catoosa County might actually vote for her if she is the only one running against Mr. Summers next time, which is a scary thought but so is Sheriff Summers.
Stacy Long you are not qualified to be in the position you are in. I don't care how many degree's you have or how many seminar's you attend, some people are just not good at their job.

Abraham said...

It seems clear to me that "Mommy" is outside the room, and has already made all these accusations to S Long.
Now it's her job to get the child to say this in an interview.
Even Sandra forgot to tell the child some stuff. So she takes the child back in for the 2nd interview.
Then Stacey has to leave to ask Sandra what she should remind the daughter of.
So much for a "safe" environment.
Seems to me like the mommy could have just been right there with the child telling her exactly what to say.
And this would sure seem to indicate that mommy has been talking to the kid before, during and after the interview.
I wonder if the original accusations were made by Sandra, and is this on record?
Ie.. How did Sandra present the facts before or during the interview?

Kerwyn said...

I want to remind everyone reading these transcripts that they are NOT complete transcripts. They are highlights only.

They are presented to you in order so you can see the development of the questioning and the resulting "story".

In each child's case, Long leaves the room, speaks to someone and comes back in with an "out of the blue" type question.

Line the first interview up with the second and we go from no, Tonya never touched me, her daughter was mean to me, to now it is Tonya who was mean to me.

Wait till you see the third interview.. Oh my.

Mary Jane said...

If I remember correctly, Long doesn't work at the CAC of LMJC anymore, correct? (I think that's what the CAC said the day after Tonya filed her civil suit.)

If that's correct, where is she or what is she doing now?

Narcissist07 said...

Wow, apparently Pastor Travis knows Mr. Anderson. That is a sermon every one needs to hear. I just listened initially to the minutes referencing TC and BW, but I was intrigued, and then listened to the whole sermon.

KC Sprayberry said...

What's even scarier is thanks to these interviews, those poor children believe the stories now. For two very long years, they were taught to hate and lie, and then rewarded for their behavior. Don't any of those people realize that those accusations can and will come back - at them? It's been proven too many times and I've experienced this personally. A mother gave her child a completely inappropriate gift for lying and going along with a hate filled action. That mother can't keep up her expensive gift giving forever and the child will grow up expecting surprises far beyond her age. When those presents stop, that kid will look for attention by lashing out at the people closest to her. Justice may come for SL in a way she never believed could happen when her daughter looks up one day and says to a mandatory reporter, 'my mommy touches me'. Unbelievable? Not on your life. It happens all the time when parents who support these kinds of false allegations stop giving the child what they want. Be ready to live the terror you heaped upon Tonya Craft.
Can anyone anywhere stop this? I have no idea, although I sure tried for a very long time. The decision to overcome the lies and live with the truth comes with each individual. Unfortunately, these individuals are permanently harmed unless they are guided back to true right and wrong. Keep going, Bill. If at least one parent, and I'm betting it's TC, succeeds in turning their child around, the same happening for the others will happen.

KC Sprayberry said...

Mary Jane, Long returned to her position as a Whitfield County Deputy. Now, that's a scary thought. She has even more power to ruin people's lives.

Mary Jane said...

KC Sprayberry,

Thank you so much for the information. That IS scary. I thought it was a joke when Thorn was made to be a deputy, but these people really are systematically rewarded for bad behavior, huh?

Trish White said...

No, it was Susie Thorn that is no longer employed at the Greenhouse in Dalton, she is the one who is working as a Whitfield Co. Deputy. I believe, but could be wrong, that Stacy Long is still with the CAC in Fort Olgethorpe.

Anonymous said...

No Stacey Long is working some where in Alabama..

Cinderella said...

Dr. Anderson, I agree what we are seeing in the LMJC is a microcosm of the United States. We have become a nation without a soul. For a fasinating look at how our constitution has been rewritten by the Supreme Court read David Barton's book Orginal Intent. We have left God out of society and what we have left are demi gods, false gods saying we are doing this in your best interest. All the while we nod and simply say ok. We have been lazy for too long.

KC Sprayberry said...

Sorry all. There are so many bad players here I got two mixed up. But I do wonder if Stacey Long is still involved with kids and prompting them to tell lies. It seems she would run far from any position like that, but her successes in destroying lives might have made her think she's untouchable.

Anonymous said...

Actually Tonya is pretty lucky that these interviews are so well documented. Over in Wenatchee the lead detective would take notes, fill out the police report, then toss his notes in the trash can.

What happened here and has happened other places wasn't really intentional. Adults had preconceived ideas and tried to make the facts fit the theories.

JOHN said...


You are correct, for far to long we just go on with our life letting things go. We have to wake up and I believe this site is awake. I could be wrong but the rewriting of our constitution took a long time and indeed it will take time to change it back.

I think if we locally band together and change things in our towns and only vote for people who have honor will start this process.

I believe Glen Beck has it right and bringing Faith, Hope, charity, will restore our country.

I hope all will read history and look with a open mind and see how our country came to be and how even today we can bring back the beliefs of our Founding Fathers. Most of all I hope we bring GOD back in our life and country.


William L. Anderson said...

I understand your point, Alinusara10, but I am not inclined to be as charitable. Yes, I am sure that Long and the others would say that they really believe that the children were "disclosing" actual incidents of molestation. What else could they say? To admit otherwise would be to admit perjury.

However, by determining beforehand what they believed to be the case, and then pounding square pegs into round holes, they still promote falsehoods. And as I read the material that I have, what I see is such recklessness as to be criminal.

If I were to drink a couple glasses of whiskey and then drive recklessly in heavy traffic, I would be held accountable for the resulting carnage. In my view, the CAC and the LMJC prosecutors are JUST as reckless.

Anonymous said...

It is most clear when you read ALL the interviews from ALL the children. During the initial phases of the interviews, every time the interviewers try to implicate Tonya, the children deny any wrong doing. But they are obviously very upset with ONE ANOTHER. It is clear that this began as a childrens issue and the adults wanted to drag Tonya into the middle of it!

To the poster who was concerned that the children have now been brainwashed to believe these lies....Do any of you think that if the children read all of the interviews when they are older, they will see how their own words were twisted? The interviews might actually spur on memories of the truth, like the fact the issues were clearly with the other children. That's the point in the interviews when the children act upset....when they are talking about what the other children have done...Particularly Tonya's daughter when she talks about the hitting and arm twisting. She was very upset when she was forced to talk about the boyfriend/ girlfriend games the other child tried to pull her into.... Seriously, I think those kind of details and obvious manipulation, will make a pre-teen, teen or young adult see things much more realistically! (Depending on when the couselors think they are ready to read this stuff...) Man, could it turn the tables again, because they will also see how the other children weren't first implicating Tonya either... They were ONLY implicating each other. That is the striking commonality among ALL the interviews.

Anonymous said...

I can only hope that each of the "players" in this travesty live every day like Tonya did...not knowing what will become of them when it's all over. I hope it is filled will fear and dread that their world is falling down around them! T4T!!

Anonymous said...

I have been watching this case for quite sometime. Living in Catoosa I have seen alot some I wish not to discuss. I feel for Mrs. Craft and what she and her kids been through. Thier lives will be damaged for awhile, all of them. I have seen Mrs. Craft on the TV Shows talking about her case and the job her "legal team" did. I have read about Mr. Echols and have talked about him in my circle of friends soley becasuse he was smart enough to record and video Sandra Lamb and Jerry McDonald.

I used a PI once and she was ok, but she was white and all the people in the case were white. But she got what was needed and I thank her for it. I know that Mr. Echols black and all the people in the case and town were white. Which I know that made his case hard. He had to have been doing a great job if he was arrested and those so and so's in my county made up reports to secure his arrest.

My point to all of this is WHERE IS MRS CRAFT for MR. Echols. I have not heard her mention his name not once. If she has, let me know. I will support him if he is tried. Now if there is a reason why Mrs. Craft has not mentioned his name maybe someone can explain it to me.

Catoosa County has ruined a lot of lives in this case and they should pay. Mrs Craft I hope you get all you ask for; Mr Echols a job well done and I'm sorry how we have treated you in Catoosa County.

Anonymous said...

When does the people in the suit that Tonya filed have to respond by? Will there be a court date or will they try to settle out of court?? I just would like to know their response.

William L. Anderson said...

They have to respond by today. Tonya's lawyers will respond to the responses, and then later, the people will respond to the responses. It all takes a while.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing about 5 years before a jury is seated in this civil suit. It's rather amazing that criminal trials, which take years from the person, can be so quick and short yet civil trials, where money changes hands, are a long drawn out process.

Anonymous said...

A few things I've been wondering about...

Is there a transcript anywhere of Accusor #1's lines from the movie where she played an abused child?

And second...
What is the timeline between Accusor #1's first interview and when Tonya was arrested? How did that progress? Did this actually go before a grand jury? And if so did they have access to the transcripts you just posted?

kbp said...

Det. Keith's Investigative Summary states;
"On 052708, Stacy Long of the [CAC] spoke with [Accuser 1]. During the interview, [Accuser 1] disclosed that ...Tonya Craft had touched her privates while at [Accuser 3's] residence. See file for interview summary."

Bill's post yesterday:
STACEY: Okay. Did Tonya ever do anything like that to you?
ACCUSER #1: Huh-uh. (Moves head from side to side.)
[So, Long asks a leading question, trying to manipulate the conversation to get Tonya as the perpetrator. Notice that Accuser #1 denies that Tonya molested her]

...ACCUSER #1: Well, she did pat me right here (indicating).
STACEY: Where at?
ACCUSER #1: Right here (indicating).
STACEY: Okay. What do you -- what do you call that part right there?
ACCUSER #1: Private.

Bill's post today:
STACEY: --did you ever, like, take a bath over there?
[Bath was NOT brought up by Accuser #1]
ACCUSER #1: She always – like, Miss Tonya gave me a bath. She would always rub me right here and right here (indicating).
[Readers who are suspicious have a right to be. To whom did Long speak during the break, and since Accuser #1 had never mentioned a bath, why did Long ask the question in the first place?]
STACEY: Okay. And what part is that, that she would rub?
ACCUSER #1: (indicating)
STACEY: What do you call that?
ACCUSER #1: Private.

(I should point out that a few of my previous comments completely ignored the fact that there were TWO interviews the first day, so what was in the initial interview of that day would not eliminate the possibility more was revealed in the second interview concerning the 'hand rape'. My error.)

Is Det. Keith's "touched her privates" based on Tonya allegedly giving Accuser 1 a "pat" and washing her "private"? In his Investigative Summary he tells us that on;

"...052908 ...[Accuser 2} disclosed that [Accuser 3] and Tonya both had touched her privates"

We do now have BATH mentioned in the first day of interviews, but are still short of the "fingerS" noted in the 'hand rape'.

With Kerwyn having mentioned these posts "are NOT complete transcripts ...highlights only", I anxiously await finding out if there is any indication that Wilson's testimony about the hand motion (May 24, 2010) Accuser 1 told of comes out in the first day of interviews. That could be a factor in when the 'hand rape' came out in the process, or even how it started before it had fully progressed.

What the transcripts of the first interview with Accuser 2 will reveal is also of importance there.

At this point it appears they have little in the way of evidence to use, with the child protective services officer, when they coerce Tonya into signing away custody of her children a couple days later, on 05/31. I do not doubt that the threat of an alternative to her signing off on the plan was to put the children in foster care until the courts could get around to having a hearing for placement of those children ...'in their best interest'.

kbp said...

"Over in Wenatchee the lead detective would take notes, fill out the police report, then toss his notes in the trash can."

It is common practice for law enforcement to toss away their notes after they write the reports just as they want them.

Otherwise, they'd have to disclose all their notes, and that might show evidence of what went on BEFORE they'd had the chance to tweak them just as they wanted.

KDaw said...

I haven't seen either movie. I do know the titles which are LOST AND FOUND FAMILY and ONE MISSED CALL. In editing, they often cut out a lot of footage. If one could find a DVD with special features, a lot of the deleted footage would be included. That may give a little insight.
I think ONE MISSED CALL opened last year at Halloween as it was a horror movie.

Anonymous said...

Traditionally victims of false sexual abuse accusations have done poorly in civil suits. I guess juries have bought the argument that honest mistakes was made in protecting the children. However I found this interesting read.

Jury Awards Man $16 Million for Ex-Wife’s False Molestation Claim


Anonymous said...

And interviewers notes are VERY misleading by design, particularly if its an FBI 302 (which is their interview summary form). For example, a person is asked if they were in Dalton on a particular day. The person responds with "No, I was in Panama City on vacation with my family." The notes might read, "Person denies being in Dalton on X day." The investigator can then read from his or her notes during trial. The whole practice of interview summaries has been roundly criticized for failing to properly characterize what a person says, and, as in TC's case, misrepresenting what in individual says.

kbp said...

Anon 2:11,
The first interview was 5/27, the arrest warrant was issued on 6/10, and Tonya turned herself in on 6/11.


Add this to my comment above regarding what Accuser 2 might have said in her first interview.

Det. Keith's Investigative Summary:
"On 060908, Detective Keith spoke with Kelly (sic) McDonald. Mrs. McDonald stated after first interview ...[Accuser 2] told her during first interview she stated Tonya Craft had only touched her privates on top of her panties but that was not true. ...Tonya had actually touched her privates under her panties and it hurt her."

I hesitate to jump to any conclusions about what Accuser 2 said in the interviews based solely on Det. Keith's reporting here.

kbp said...


The courts have been slowly moving towards holding agencies responsible for injuries suffered by children, even making CPS employees subject to a much lower bar for plaintiffs to overcome in holding those employees PERSONALLY responsible (qualified immunity that provides fewer qualifications).

The present lawsuit is ONLY for Tonya. I'm fairly certain that the statute of limitations for the children does not start running until they turn 18 YO.

The state and all involved may be held liable when those children are old enough to file a lawsuit.

Just imagine what Saundra may face if she upsets her daughter, inherits money from her father, and the little actress wants her share!

volfan69 said...

Everytime I read these interviews I want to go shower and spray myself with sanitizer! These people are so dirty.

Mr. Anderson, do you know if the responses to the lawsuit by Ms. Craft will be made public?

kbp, Det. Keith is "friends" with these families? Is that correct? How can he keep his job and testify? This just blows the mind.

Thanks to all, Bobb

William L. Anderson said...


The responses are part of the public record. I have some of them in my files and will be waiting for the responses to them before writing about them.

Trish White said...

This will be my son's fifth Father's Day without his kids, since he was falsely charged on Jan. 5, 2006. Charges were dropped last August 27, but here we are almost ten months later and he has still not been able to have his legal visitation back. His x-wife is in contempt of court, but the court won't hear his case and she gets away with breaking the law.

KDaw said...

Something of interest:

Judge barricades self in office; Standoff in progress

Posted: Jun 16, 2010 3:19 PM EDT Updated: Jun 16, 2010 3:19 PM EDT

RINGGOLD, CATOOSA COUNTY, GA (WRCB) - Catoosa County Sheriff's deputies are reportedly in a standoff at the Catoosa County Courthouse.

According to sources, Magistrate Judge Anthony E. Peters has barricade himself into office and refuses to come out.

Reports from the scene indicate that Magistrate Judge Peters was asked to leave the courthouse shortly before he barricade himself in his office.

Channel 3 Eyewitness News has a crew on the scene and will have the latest as soon as it becomes available.

KDaw said...

By 3:27 already in custody and arrested.


Anonymous said...

anon @ 2:11 PM

I haven't read this so I don't know what is contained in it but here is a link for the transcript of "One Missed Call"


Anonymous said...

Catoosa keeps getting better and better!

kbp said...

Who would demand a Magistrate (wannabe) Judge to leave the courthouse?

KDaw said...

Isn't it Judge Peters who signed the arrest warrant on Mr. Echols?
Anyone else think he's the fall guy?
This seems almost orchestrated. The timing is just too perfect.

Anonymous said...

Peters was indeed the magistrate who signed the Echols arrest warrant. He was a tool for Team HAG and I wonder if that has anything to do with today's incident.

Anonymous @3:34 was right, it just keeps getting better and better. You could not create fiction as strange as real life in Catoosa County.

Anonymous said...

RE Peters here is a Tweetpic from Callie Starnes

KDaw said...

Callie has job security with all the crap going on in Catoosa county. Gotta love a feisty go getter like that. :-}

Anonymous said...

The only thing faintly funny about the Craft lynching was watching Arnt literally run from this 5'2" female reporter while he shielded his face with a book to keep from talking to her. Jeff Styles said it best yesterday, "She is a bulldog. She will get the story."

You are right. She will have a job as long as there is a Catoosa County.

Anonymous said...

Heard numerous sirens headed in the same direction as Catoosa County Courthouse today a little after 3. This must have been in response to whatever was transpiring at the courthouse. I had just assumed this was another large car accident on I-75.

Can't wait to get the info on this story.

Kaye said...

from newschannel 9:

They've been working this story for the last couple of weeks??? Well. Interesting.

Wonder why he was fired.

Anonymous said...


Source tells me the arrest of Magistrate Peters in Ringgold is related to #TonyaCraft. Working to confirm and figure out how

KC Sprayberry said...

Anon 3:54. I'm a writer and I can tell you, if I ever tried to sell this story as fiction, no reputable editor would buy it. Real life is far stranger than fiction any day of the week. And more entertaining. That judge will probably strike a deal to help bring down the house of cards. He's only guilty of one issue while the others are far worse off. This will be too weird to watch work its way out right in my area.

Anonymous said...

I don't think this arrest has anything to do with Tonya Craft, or Eric Echols.

Cinderella said...

We called Catoosa County Sheriff's Office. We're told the GBI, Catoosa County Sheriff's Office and Ringgold Police were involved in this investigation.

We can only hope...

Anonymous said...

Hey, KC, I agree wholeheartedly with your "Real life is far stranger than fiction any day of the week" comment. I listen to my police scanner for just that reason. I don't know what, if anything Peters may know, but would hope that Team HAG is sweating bullets right now. As a cop friend of mine said, "First one on the train gets the best seat and the rest get a longer ride."

Anonymous said...

I partially changed my mind. If this arrest has anything to do with Eric Echols then it just gave a plausible reason for all 4 judges to recuse themselves from the case.

Anonymous said...

Not sure Judge Peters needed to be arrested, but there sure are some others that need to be taken off in handcuffs from the LMJC and the CAC!!!!

William L. Anderson said...

Well, let's sit back and enjoy the show. Face it, you really cannot make up this stuff!!

Trish White said...

Bill, I am hearing from various people that Judge Peters is a good man, do you have any sources who can check to see what this is really all about? It is possible, he is going to be made a scapegoat in all this mess. I have heard he has been having emotional problems, guess I would too, if I worked in that environment!!

By the way, I have started a FB group for my son, sent you an invitation to join. I may also start a blog.

William L. Anderson said...

I joined a few minutes ago. Good idea. We shall see what this is about, but I am sure that Mr. Peters has some interesting information on the arrest of Eric Echols.

It ain't over House. It ain't over Gregor. It ain't over, Phil. It ain't over Arnt. It ain't over Buzz. Not by a long shot.

Anonymous said...

Channel 9 is reporting that Judge Peters was fired and the stand-off occurred when Chief Magistrate Judge Caldwell delivered the news to him. Michael Caldwell is listed on the LMJC website as Judge House‘s assistant. I wonder if they are related? If so, there is a lot of inter-tangled relationships going on in that jurisdiction.

Anonymous said...

My husband is guessing if he "barricaded himself in his office, what do you think he was doing?" Our guess he was probably either copying files/incriminating evidence/computer files, or trying to destroy them. While I understand that it's @ a courthouse, I think that it's odd the GBI was so Johnny on the Spot about this. And Trish, I've heard he is...but he still signed that arrest warrant for Echols, so I'm sorry but...I don't really have any sympathy. People make mistakes,yes. but I feel strongly that things stink too bad in Catoosa for there to be that many "good people" left in any position of power.
Lisa Aikens

Trish White said...

As far as I know, Michael Caldwell is not related to House. There wasn't a stand off and he did not barricade himself in his office, he just told them they would have to arrest him to get him to leave. Who knows where this will lead!!!

Thanks Bill!!!

If anyone else wants to join the page on FB, it is an open group.

KDaw said...

Just because he signed the warrant for Echols doesn't make him a bad person. He was, after all, going on limited information from the DA's office and a county resident's false statements to police. In my opinion, When the four Judges recused themselves from the Echols case, they knew full well they intended to have him fired. My guess is because he wouldn't play the dirty games of the big 4. The railroad is still running in Catoosa county. All Aboard.

Anonymous said...


I'm just going by the news reports and so far everything I have read states that he locked himself in his office.??

From what I have read, Peters was fired by the chief magistrate Donald (Sonny) Caldwell. I was wondering if Donald Caldwell is related to Michael Caldwell who is Judge House's assistant. No real reason, just curious.

Trish White said...

I have a friend who told me he didn't barricade himself in his office. He might have locked the door, I don't know. I know they are all saying that on the news, but they don't always get it right, though channel 3 comes the closest, at least they have lately.

I don't know if Donald Caldwell and Michael are related, but guess it is possible.

Anonymous said...

Michael Caldwell is the son of Donald Caldwell. They do, or did live at the same Ringgold address.

Anonymous said...

It's a nest of snakes in good ole Ringgold and the LMJC. Incest is everywhere. Bobby Lee and his judge daughter, House's assistant is the son of the chief magistrate. And then we have ole sheriff Summers with his criminal son. One LMJC dating the nut at the CAC. I hear all these folks no how to party down at Buzz's brothers big party in Wildwood every year.
They would bust normal people for the goings on that happens at this party every year.

Anonymous said...

Left out a word: "One LMJC judge dating . . . "

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if y'all ( hope that is right, I used to spend a lot of time in Atlanta and this New Yorker never quite lost the urge to say, y'all-it rolls off your tongue ) down in Georgia, the Tonya supporters, realize what you have accomplished.

It is not often that a public outcry such as yours actually has an effect.

And for any of you wondering where Tonya is in all of this, well, if I were her attorney, I would also advise her to pick and choose her battles carefully right now as the matter of the children is still in play.

I don't think anyone following this case has cause to doubt Tonya and her motives.

But y'all in Georgia, you did good.

Real good.

And, Prof Anderson, you performed a mitzvah, an act of human kindness, a need to do what is just.

Reader from NYC

Trish White said...

NYC, thanks!!! Come visit anytime, I promise we aren't all crazy in Catoosa County!!

Anonymous said...

I hope team HAG,Deal,Buzz & Summers are spinnig on there little wheel like the RATS they are.I also hope Sandra,Sherri,Dewayne,Kelli,Jerry,Joel & Sarah are also spinning in their tracks right now.The sh#$ is hitting the fan & it is about to fall in on you people.I bet Miriam is real glad that she did not get in too deep.

kbp said...

I have a copy of the complaints and investigative summariy for Echols arrest, so I'm doubting Peters can be held responsible for that.

He based the arrest warrant on what the law enforcement provided.

Kaye said...


investigative summary? If LE was unaware that Echols possessed audio and video documentation at the time of his arrest, I would have to assume there was minimal, if any, investigation to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Anderson,if I may ask a question.What the three girls have gone through,as far as being brain washed & manipulated in the very worst way by those they trusted.I know Tonyas daughter in time will be ok,because Tonya is a great mother.The other two girls in my opion do not have good mothers.What they are going through is it anything like post dramatic stress?You hear of soldiers coming home who cannot face every day life.They need proper help to feel able to rejoin people.Is this anything like that?Please know I feel so bad for the children,I am just trying to understand.

Kaye said...

Update from channel 9:

NOT fired, but on administrative leave with pay.

JD said...

I have been wondering myself about what will happen to the other two girls. To me Tonya will make sure that her daughter knows she was manipulated and it wasn't any of her doing, but the other two will eventually have to come to grips with what they said. Was there any research done about what happened to the children that recanted their story in the McMartin case or any case? If there was and it shows the children eventually have problems then its more important that Tonya get her children back because the Henkes committed child abuse.

Anonymous said...

Trish, you and yours aren't the crazy ones.

Thanks for the invitation. I may get a chance to come back down to your neck of the woods some day.

Godspeed to Tonya and to all who have been wronged by the local courts and child protective services.

Your friend-
Reader in NYC

Anonymous said...

I just find it hard to believe that no other parent is worried about these two girls being around your children or especially the mothers.God help the girls,but what they have gone through who knows how they may react over something simple.I hope they get the help they need,but until then who knows what can happen.Is no other parent worried about that.If not ok,but just realize it is your child seeing & hearing everything.And I am sure the class will be disruperted just as it has the past two years.The children deserve better than that.They should not have to deal with melt downs.They go to school to learn,not to watch someone break down.

butt said...

just you 1036

Anonymous said...

butt your name says alot about you.Go back to the trailer park.

William L. Anderson said...


Thanks for the kind words. BTW, I am going to do some battle for Sholom Rubashkin, as his conviction was an outrage. I'm surprised that the federal prosecutors didn't hand out Elders of the Protocols of Zion as "evidence."

Anonymous said...

did that for you 1050

KC Sprayberry said...

Braved NCSlime's website to find out what Kaye meant. From fired this afternoon to administrative leave with pay? And now there's an investigation and the report alludes to the denuded Judicial Qualifications Council? Didn't that group just have a funding decrease so bad they can't afford to pay the two people working for them? This doesn't make sense, unless it's an effort to gag the judge until funds are allotted to deal with this case, probably at the bottom of the barrel. I see some well-known fingers at work here.

Anonymous said...

11:03 you do not even know how to do : when you are talking time. Let me guess your kids are covered with head lice.You bring it in at the beging of the year & you never treat your kids.What great trailer trash.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:24, your comments on this blog indicate a very fearful person. Makes one wonder exactly what you have been doing and what you are afraid of. Would be better for you if you kept quiet. You have given yourself away several times. Especially note worthy is your lack of education, knowledge of grammer and ability to spell. Spent all the energy you have been expending here on something productive; maybe cracking open a school book. Wonderful things can be learned if you only apply yourself. You may find yourself so interested in all the things related to learning that you will not even be aware of the children involved in this situation come fall.

Kaye said...

WRCB is telling a very interesting story indeed. Check this out!

Sonny Caldwell did try to fire him, but doesn't have the authority to... and the County Attorney advised the Sheriff's Dept to release him?

Holy cow, Batman, I hope this attempted firing isn't the solution that came about as a result of the "stupid meeting in Catoosa county, bring candy."

Things sure are getting interesting.

Anonymous said...

Both wrcb and NC9 report they have conducted an investigation for weeks regarding the CC magistrate issue. The times free press reports that Peters filed a complaint about Sonny Caldwell and that they have obtained a copy of the complaint dated May 14 from the judicial commission. The complaint raises issues of various things that dont appear to have anything to do with Craft (misuse of county time and property). Peters said he "feared retaliation" from Caldwell. He was right. Apparently, if your not 100% in with the scheme, you get charges trumped up against you.

Link is here:

Kaye said...

Just read the story at the Chattanooga TFP. I found the following excerpt from the story interesting as well:

"Judge Peters had just lost his job as Ringgold city judge on Monday night, according to Ringgold Mayor Joe Barger. The mayor said officials were “told some things” on Monday and the council voted unanimously to relieve Judge Peters from the post immediately."

So, this same Magistrate Judge Peters was also fired as Ringgold City Judge Monday? I'm confused here, people. "Told some things"???