Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"I'm With Stupid"

"Stupid is as stupid does."
-- Forrest Gump

Today, I am taking a break from going over the transcripts of the interviews with the children to take a longer look at what we have witnessed these past two years, and especially in the last two months. I'm tempted to say that the principals of the LMJC, from the judges to the prosecutors, are stuck on stupid, and stupidity does seem to reign.

However, I don't think the stupidity we are seeing is from a lack of intelligence, as even Forrest Gump would have understood that Tonya Craft did not molest any children and that Eric Echols did not commit any crimes. No, I think that we are seeing a group of people who are dealing with the consequences of their own long-time arrogance to a point where now they are scared stupid.

Even now, the prosecutors and police are trying to claim that the jury gave an "O.J. Verdict," ignoring the fact that jurors were not stupid (even though the prosecutors thought they were) and could recognize lies from Chris Arnt, Len Gregor, and the witnesses. Did Arnt and Gregor really think that when they deliberately misrepresented testimony from the defense witnesses in speaking to the jury that jurors would not remember what actually was said? When Arnt and Gregor told jurors that they had "caught Tonya Craft telling lies" in her testimony, that the jurors would not be asking themselves the simply question: What lies?

No, it is obvious that Buzz Franklin, Arnt, Gregor, and "judge" Brian House believed that they had handpicked a jury of near-moronic people who would be enraged that the defense attorneys were not from Catoosa County, and that the expert witnesses for the defense were from Atlanta and Nashville. The prosecutors and "judge" tried to appeal to the worst instincts of jurors, thinking they were as malevolent as themselves.

As for the Echols case, the longer the LMJC principals try to hold onto the charges (thinking that Eric will plead to "something"), the worse off they will be. Does Franklin understand that if he continues to go down this road, that he will be dealing with organizations such as the NAACP and other groups that will take a special interest in the fact that Buzz is trying to railroad an African-American into prison, despite the fact that the only testimony Buzz can get will be that which is perjured?

Arnt and Gregor already are going to be turned into the Georgia State Bar, and now that they have dumped off the Echols case to a lower-level ADA, does Franklin not realize that if this guy tries to prosecute Eric via perjury, that he also is going to find himself a target by people who want him disbarred? Does Franklin not understand that he himself could face disbarment if he continues to press this Big Lie?

Arrogance and stupidity are a lethal combination, and it seems that the LMJC is full of that stuff. House's recent power play regarding the magistrates in Catoosa County is one more example of the LMJC being stuck on stupid.

There is nothing they can do about the past. However, I would tell Buzz and company that if they really want disbarment to be their future, then go ahead and continue with the prosecution of Eric Echols. True, Mr. Echols is likely to bring some lawsuits and there will be some political fallout should they drop the charges. However, at least Buzz might be able to salvage his law license if he bites the bullet and does the right thing.

But, it is hard to know what to think when Stupid and Stupid and Stupid join hands with Stupid and Stupid to claim they are Masters of the Universe. Indeed, Forrest Gump was right: Stupid is what stupid does.


Anonymous said...


Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve said...

Dr. Anderson:

To further develop your Forest Gump example, the box of chocolates that his momma talked about (the chocolate box represents the LMJC) contains mostly nuts. So, yes, life in the LMJC is like a box of chocolates, you never know which nut you will get.

KC Sprayberry said...

And just goes to prove, never lie. It's too hard to keep them all straight and they will come back to bite you. Can we hear those men yelling about being bit yet? No? Well, then I guess they ought to check their job meter. To quote from Backdraft, 'see that little light out of the corner of your eye? It's your job career dissipation light. And it's just gone into overdrive'. Bye, HAG team plus F.

kbp said...


Police Officer Under Investigation
"...I am perfectly willing to pay the tickets for running the red lights, it's a fair price to pay for getting my wife to the hospital in a timely fashion," Mr. Wright said.

But Wright is charged with several crimes, some felonies, that include assault on a police officer, reckless endangerment, evading arrest and traffic charges.

"It's crazy, I think it's just insane for me," Mrs. Wright said.

I do not see this as being planned, as the Mrs. has been more free with her opinions than the Mr. here, but it looks like a perfect screenplay and I love it.

Eric has been very polite and acts like he'll always the kind that just wants to get along with others, volunteering to shoulder the blame, while the one that could have lost her life in this fiasco, Aline, spells it out just like it is!

Anonymous said...

I do hope Saundra is enjoying her pool this summer.

Next summer she maybe looking for the maid service Joran van der Sloot has been waiting on.

Anonymous said...

Any more news on this new mess with the CC Magistrates office? What else can we expect to find out with the buddy system? Whose "relative" can we expect to take the next magistrates position if it becomes available? Still part of the Good Ole Boy family and the commission is right in there with them. Remember citizens of CC careful who you vote for in the commission, they are part of the buddy system too.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff Bill.

You are correct in the fact that these people are arrogant and have had their way for a long time. Now they are in it up to their necks and have no escape but to pass time. The more time that passes the more people tend to forget. I sure thank you for keeping this going. Awesome job sir. Catoosa Resident

Jerri Lynn Ward said...


It is absolutely fascinating how the cop apologists justify their guy by completely ignoring the facts, and making up their own. It makes me believe that they actually ARE police.

Also, the garbage about calling the police "for permission", rather than calling the hospital so that the doctors and nurses could be ready and more effective? That just shows what the "blue line" thinks of us. We are mere mundanes who live only at their discretion.

John Washburn said...

I would submit the better "quote" would be:

Tyranny is as Tyranny does.

We Americans have always defined a tyrant as "A Prince, whose character is thus marked by every ACT which may define a Tyrant"

The actions of the LMJC actors are those that mark the character of a tyrant. Tyranny is as tyranny does and we may know tyrants by their fruits. Whether that tyrant is across the globe or across the street.

kbp said...

Jerri said:
"... We are mere mundanes who live only at their discretion."

Check out Judge Fills Out Warrants Against Arresting Officers

Sheriff 'Amateur' Summers, of Catoosa County, is on his rampage fabricating inference of hypothetical dangers to justify conduct of his department in how they eliminated the "POTENTIAL" hazards created by a Magistrate Judge that evidently resulted from him >>>locking his office door<<<!!!!

I actually LMAO when I read what the Sheriff had to say. I'm uncertain WTH Peters is hoping to gain by going back to the courthouse, maybe he's hoping for a replay of the Sheriff's staff going beyond what they have the authority to do.

Q.A. said...


kpb - re your 2:02AM OT Post :

One of my colleagues did what Eric Wright did - except that he bypassed a traffic-jam by driving along the side-walk, as well as running-the-Red.

The Police, however, then escorted him, and precious cargo, to the ER, leading the way with flashing lights!

The magistrate ignored his side-walk offence and fined him pennies for running-the-Red..

A humane solution.

Six said...

Do you REALLY believe anything is actually going to happen to these people? Is the cop going to be charged and convicted? You keep referencing that these attornys will be turned in to the BAR... is anything going to actually happen? I hope so... I am just skeptical about those in power being held accountable since it happens so infrequently.

Anonymous said...

To best describe a lot of these cases, comparing it to Nifong, I would call it riding the tiger.

The person knows he was stupid to get on it in the first place, the more the person stays on tiger the madder it gets, and yet the person is too scared to let go and take his licks.


volfan69 said...

Heard on Channel 12 the charges against Mr. Wright have been dropped. That is great. Hopefully he can return to work. Bobb

volfan69 said...

Oh, also heard that a reporter from Beliz, where Eric Echols' mom lives, contacted Melydia Clewell about the case against Mr. Echols. That is a beautiful country! Bobb

volfan69 said...


Some days I worry about me. On the days I don't, I know that I should. Bobb

Anonymous said...

Looks like Chattanooga Police Dept. is a lot smarter than The LMJC and company! They've dropped the charges on Jesse Wrigh, Yeah!!

Anonymous said...

Don't let up Mr. A! We love you!

Trish said...

Yes they are stupid and arrogant and they treat people, decent people like crap in this county. I probably shouldn't, but I am going to enjoy seeing all of them get what is coming to them!! Maybe soon, we will see some real justice when they are all disbarred and out of jobs.

KDaw said...

Bobb, That is great news. International attention to Mr. Echols fight with our local stooges is exactly what is needed. While I am deeply ashamed of the way that their actions portray those of us that live in this district. It would definitely turn up the heat on the stew pot that they have landed themselves in.
IMO at the emergency meeting with candy, they knew then that they intended to "frame" Peters. I hope he can continue his fight and get his name cleared. It is ridiculous that because he shaved his head he may be suffering an "emotional breakdown". By that standard all of my boys and my hubby must be nuts. The super short buzz cut is the summer favorite in our house. Poor dears have been letting me practice with the clippers. Revenge is

I am very pleased that someone in the CPD had the good sense to drop the charges against Mr. Wright. Perhaps common sense has not died after all. I was beginning to mourn the loss of the concept.

I really hold out hope of a complete house cleaning in LMJC.
We really need new blood in the positions. Abuse of power has run rampant for way too long.
I am just terribly impatient.

Anonymous said...

Probate Judge Gene Lowery comments that according to GA State Law, several stipulations must be met before a hearing regarding the warrant for Sheriff Phil Summers arrest can be considered. So name them. Most of us can read and comprehend the English language. After all, if all that is required to be a magistrate or probate judge is a high school diploma, I think Joe Public can figure them out.
"They" want to paint Judge Peters as crazy, but somehow the "stable" ones can't define the charges against him. Quit talking in circles and answer the questions. Tells me, they do not have anything and if they close the office long enough the inconvenience to the resident's needing services from the magistrate offices will be blamed on Judge Peters.
And BTW Phil, has Sonny stayed away from the office? I believe the county attorney said he showed up at the office also. Why are you giving him a free pass.
Next-- what was the disagreement between the 2 judges about? If Judge Peters struck "fear" in the courthouse employees why didn't they evacuate the building or the magistrate office? It sounds to me like Sonny deserves half of the credit for causing the so-called fear. My guess is, no one left because they were not going to pass up a chance to "listen-in" on a juicy argument. How dare someone stand up to the "old guard"--especially a bald guy. I wonder how much hair Sonny has?
Could Sonny and Company be trying to draw attention away from the charges Judge Peters cast on them in mid-May? BTW, what is taking so long to address them?

justiceseeker51 said...

Trish said: They treat decent people like crap.

I so agree!!!

Decent people are treated like 'criminals' by them. Why? Who knows?

In my opinion: It's because they have gotten away with it for so long, we turned our heads, and didn't want to get involved. No one wanted to be near the criminal element! Well, it's time for us to take 'our' counties back. We have to start somewhere to clean 'our Country' up, so let's start local.

In the beginning of our country, most laymen didn't understand the language of the law, as our country grew, we got more educated.

Nowadays we have been subjected to so much 'Legal Abuse', that we KNOW: When its right & when it isn't.

We do not need their legal mumbo jumbo. We know what is right and is wrong, those of us that have a 'HEART' that is.

Anonymous said...

House's recent power play regarding the magistrates in Catoosa County is one more example of the LMJC being stuck on stupid.

Mr Anderson,

I have suspected all along that House was somehow behind this due in part to his friendship with Sonny Caldwell. Are you free to elaborate more on his involvement?

justiceseeker51 said...

Go to:

Thet are trying to hoo-doo The Judge!

Anonymous said...

You are exactly right, justiceseeker. "They" do not want anyone shedding light on them or their actions. If you do, as Anthony Peters says, "look out!" He ought to know--he has worked with them long enough. He is entitled to an opinion. No telling what all he has witnessed and suppressed. I imagine he has hit his breaking point and is ready to tell all.
As far as lay people are concerned...we must realize our counties/states/country are not necessarily being led by our most educated population. Check the resumes of our elected officials and you may be unpleasantly surprised. Anon 2:48 is correct about some of our elected officials. A high school diploma may be all that is needed to work some of these jobs, but I would bet most voters think they are casting a ballot for a candidate with a higher education level. Granny's estate, our tax dollars, money for wards of the court, budget, educational spending, land purchases, etc. should be handled by people with education, training, experience, etc. A background in finance, economics, business, banking, accounting, mathematics, etc. would seem like a job requirement as opposed to other tactics used to win elections. Judges are supposed to be neutral. A background in law enforcement could allow a judge to lean toward the side of the fellow police officer, supervisor, or boss from previous work experience.
Commissioners, city and county managers, school board members, state reps, etc. should be held to the same job requirements as CEOs, CFOs, supervisors, chairpersons, presidents, etc. of companies. I cannot imagine a successful company operating effectively without requiring proper training and job skills from incoming employees. On the job training is not the choice of most businesses. Let's hope our brain surgeons are selected after viewing a resume, skills training, and appropriate references.

William L. Anderson said...

I have heard a lot, but am still not in the situation in which I can separate facts from allegations. That is about all I can say.

We arrived in Chattanooga today, and I am at my daughter and son-in-law's place to celebrate my grandson's first birthday!

justiceseeker51 said...

Bill, Enjoy your time!!!
They grow up too fast...

Anonymous said...

Wow - you are going to have fun! Grandchildren are such a blessing. A friend of mine says if he had of known how special they are he would have had them first. Have a great visit.

Avril said...

I am wondering how the non-fabulous four are going to feel when they hear Mr. Bill's in town? Think that Bill should do an interview while he's here.


volfan69 said...

Mr. Anderson, enjoy your stay here! Grandchildren are God's gift to you for not killing your children. LOL

Anonymous said...

Chattanooga welcomes you home Bill! I can only hope you have the opportunity to meet Tonya. You will realize you are in it for the right reasons. Is it hot enough here??? Enjoy your family.

Anonymous said...

Saw Judge Peters on the Judy Oneal show last night. He did not help his cause. He should have stayed quiet, rather than try to explain some of his delusions. He went to Tennessee to file the warrants and had to be told to file them in Georgia. His explanation of a lack of sleep did not cover his statement that he was afraid for his life and that he planned to setup his office in a building with a second floor so he can watch out for those trying to get him.

I did find it humorous that he went to church with Sandra Lamb and stated he was friends with her. He said SL called him after the Echols incident and he referred it to another magistrate due to conflict. I would love to see the look on her face when she read in his statement that "Catoosa County arrests people with no evidence, like Tonya Craft, but refuses to arrest people on evidence and public knowledge of violations."

Kaye said...


I saw the show, too, and commented about it on the previous thread. I agree with your overall thoughts, too. Very strange interview, and his answers to questions often seemed rambling and incoherent. I can't chalk that up to simply being tired either. Perhaps stress is a factor, too.

Just a small correction, though. Peters didn't go to Tennessee to actually file the warrants but instead went there to inquire about filing a civil lawsuit in federal court. The folks there told him he was in the wrong state. doh!

I found his admission to be friends of Sandra Lamb and her husband, Greg, to be interesting as well, for the same reasoning as you. How many people do you hear claim that Tonya Craft was falsely arrested and then turn around and claim Lamb as a friend?! I would think that to be something of a rarity. I guess he and the Lambs attended church at Woodstation United Methodist Church together at one point.

Were you watching when he said he nothing to do with Eric Echols? I was under the impression that he was the magistrate on duty when Echols was arrested. And then, he didn't seem to recognize the name, Eric Echols like he was completely unaware as to who that was. If Peters wasn't the magistrate at the time of his arrest, then who was it? Anybody know?

Anyway, Peters also claimed that he was travelling to Atlanta today to meet with his new lawyers, Cary and Scott King. If they are really his legal counsel, then I have to wonder if they know how poorly he comes across in some of his media appearances?

I hope he does more good than harm for his sake, but just going by what I saw during his hour-long appearance last night, I kind of have my doubts.

Anonymous said...

If Peters wants to file a warrant in FEDERAL court, why can't he do that in any state? And if he was just inquiring about how to go forward it would make sense to make the short trip to Chattanooga for info.
As for the Judy ONeal show, most people do not come across in a very positive way. No offense to Judy intended--it is just difficult to speak to a camera and you can easily become distracted by the activity going on around you.

justiceseeker51 said...

I agree with you 10:51.
I know I wouldn't want to be interviewed without plenty of sleep, or with 'High Anxiety.

Kaye said...

Talk about bizarre--

Last night, Sheriff Summers was the guest on UCTV. He was there to give his perspective on what happened at the courthouse which led to Peters being led away in handcuffs.

It took a very, very weird turn when Peters, himself, called in to ask Summers a few questions BUT he attempted to disguise his voice to do so. After asking some very pointed questions which made Summers' face turn red, he then announced that he was indeed Anthony Peters. It was at this point that I felt I was witnessing two elementary school children having a fight on the playground.

Later in the program, Anthony Peters' mother called in. She did say a few things that shed some light on the nepotism allegations that he supposedly told the Judicial Qualifications Committee about in his complaint about Sonny Caldwell.

Peters' mother said that Caldwell told Peters he would soon retire and then he would appoint Peters to fulfill the rest of his term. Peters could then maintain that position by running for the position in the next election. Instead Mrs. Peters says that Caldwell had changed his mind and now if he retires wants to appoint a family member. I think she said it was his son. I don't know, but I do wonder if his son isn't the Caldwell that somebody pointed out on this blog as being listed as House's assistant on the LMJC website. Does anybody know?

As a Catoosa County resident, I watched last night show on UCTV and I must confess that I don't know which person, Peters or Summers, bothered me more to have serve the public in their current positions. Perhaps they both need to go.

Please, people, I don't really mean to sound like I'm beating up on Anthony Peters. Even though I'm trying to describe the content of these shows, I really am not doing it justice. I guess you would have to see it to believe it.

Kaye said...

Also, despite Anthony Peters' denial of being involved in the Echols case, I have received confirmation from one media source who says he that was the magistrate at the time of Echols' arrest. Aug 7, 2009.

Anonymous said...

Peters is just one of 4 magistrate judges. I think one left and went back to the sheriff's dept. and another police officer took his place as a deputy magistrate. Peters has been a magistrate judge for over 10 years so he was in office last August, but that does not mean he handled the Echol's case. I was told the one who returned to the sheriff's office was.
I also find it interesting that all of the magistrate judges are former deputy sheriffs or worked with Phil Summers. Aren't judges supposed to be neutral and not subject to side with fellow law officers against the person being charged with ...?

Kaye said...

I have now received a second confirmation from another media source that says, "Yes, Peters was the magistrate who held Echols in the courtrm til they could serve the warrant." These are both reliable sources who have covered Eric Echols case.

I find it interesting that Peters denied any involvement yet it was he who WAS involved, and by his own admission is good friends with Sandra Lamb.

Anonymous said...


You may be does not add up.

The Anthony Peters I met, seemed to like and be liked by everyone so I am not surprised he was/is friends with SL. Even Tonya Craft was her friend at one time.

Anon 4:05