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Learning the "Correct" Lines: Suzi Thorne and Interview Manipulation

(This is the sixth in a series on the testimony of the child accusers)

Eight days after interviewing with Stacey Long at the Children’s Advocacy Center, Accuser #1 now meets on June 4, 2008 with Suzi Thorne, who already had performed her infamous “Who’s On First?” interview with Tonya’s daughter, Accuser #3 the day before. There are a number of notable things about this particular interrogation that I mention below, and also highlight from the transcript.

First, the child now knows the “correct” answer to the question of why she was there. Second, she has caught on to what the adults want to hear regarding alleged molestation acts committed by Ms. Craft. Third, she still is not able to memorize all her lines correctly, and there are glaring errors, as are shown below. Perjury Central was in full swing by then.

SUZIE: Well, let me ask you something. Do you know why you came to the Greenhouse today?
ACCUSER #1: Uh-huh
SUZIE: Yeah? Why did you come here today?
ACCUSER #1: Because a girl was mean to me.
SUZIE: Because a girl was mean to you?
ACCUSER #1: (Moves head up and down)
SUZIE: Okay. Do you know the girl’s name?
ACCUSER #1: Tonya.
[In the first two interview, the “mean girl” was Tonya’s daughter, but now Accuser #1 has learned what the interviewers want to hear. Don’t forget that the previous interviews were eight days earlier, and the child’s mother had plenty of time to fill her daughter in on the details she wanted her to tell.]

ACCUSER #1: She [Tonya] would touch me everywhere, and she would – she would tell me that – she would tell me that my momma was mean to me and she loved me, that my momma didn’t.
[Compare this statement to what the child had said eight days before:
STACEY: Okay. Did she ever talk about your mom, though, like say things about her?
ACCUSER #1: Huh-uh. (Moves head from side to side.)]

ACCUSER #1: She would touch me down here (indicating), right down here.
SUZIE: Okay.
ACCUSER #1: She would touch me on my stomach –
SUZIE: Okay.
ACCUSER #1:-- on my back, and right on my cheeks and my head, all over my body.
SUZIE: All right. What would she touch you with?
ACCUSER #1: Her hand.
SUZIE: Okay, now where would you be?
ACCUSER #1: We would be in the kitchen.
SUZIE: Would anybody else be in the kitchen?
[NOTE: In the previous interview, this happened in the bathroom or near the kitchen.]
SUZIE: Was anybody else at the house?
ACCUSER #1: (Moves head from side to side)
[NOTE: This contradicts what she says later, Accuser #3 was there. We have to ask where were the Potter kids or the Lewis kids who all testified they were there every single day.]

ACCUSER #1: She made me touch her right here (indicating).
SUZIE: What do you call that?
ACCUSER #1: Breast.
ACCUSER #1: [talking about touching Tonya’s breast] It was right in here (indicating). Like all – she made me do it with one hand, just like do it all over.
SUZIE: Okay. What did she make your hand do?
ACCUSER #1: Like – like just have it like this and just go like this all over it (indicating) –
SUZIE: Okay.
ACCUSER #1: --and rub it.
[NOTE: This is what she said about this supposed incident eight days earlier:
STACEY: Did she want you to move your hand or keep it still?
ACCUSER #1: Keep it still.
Embellishment continues]

SUZIE: Now was that on the outside of her clothes or inside of her clothes?
ACCUSER #1: Outside.
SUZIE: Okay. Now you said that she touched your private?
ACCUSER #1: Uh-huh
SUZIE: Where were your clothes?
ACCUSER #1: They were on.
ACCUSER #1: Outside [stating Tonya touched her on the outside of her clothes]
SUZIE: Did she say anything to you?
ACCUSER #1: No. She just rubbed me there (indicating) and just – and she didn’t say anything.
ACCUSER #1: I think I was 6 [when she rubbed me]
ACCUSER #1: I think it was – it was after school.
SUZIE: Yeah? What grade were you in?
ACCUSER #1: First.
ACCUSER #1:… she would make me kiss her on the cheek and squeeze her on the stomach, and she would make me – she would get my hand and start rubbing all over her stomach --
[NOTE: 8 days earlier Accuser #1 stated "
STACEY: What did she want you to touch her with?
ACCUSER #1: My hand.
STACEY: Did she want you to move your hand or keep it still?
ACCUSER #1: Keep it still.
STACEY: Okay. Did she want you to touch her anywhere else?
ACCUSER #1: Huh-uh (moves head from side to side)
STACEY: Or was you too scared to talk about it or what? [asking why Accuser #1 didn’t say this before].
ACCUSER #1: I forgot.
ACCUSER #1: And a little bit scared.]

SUZIE: Were her clothes always on or were they ever off?
ACCUSER #1: They were always on.
SUZIE: Always on? What about your clothes?
ACCUSER #1: They were always on.
SUZIE: How many times did she do that [have Accuser #1 rub her]?
ACCUSER #1: Like, five or – five or six. [In the previous interview it was "once"]
ACCUSER #1: That’s the only place she would do it. She would only do it in the kitchen, like, anytime I was over at her house.
[NOTE: Remember, as pointed out earlier, she had told Stacey Long that it had happened in the BATHROOM after Long introduced the concept of the Bathroom.]

ACCUSER #1: [in the kitchen] We would be standing up and she would just be – like, she would be on her knees.
SUZIE: Did she ever say anything [while in the kitchen]?
ACCUSER #1: Well, she said that my momma didn’t – that if my mom – my momma didn’t love me. And she got me not to say anything to my mom. She told me if my – if I told my mom, she would hurt her. So I couldn’t tell anything.
[NOTE: Remember what she had told Stacey Long eight days earlier:
STACEY: Okay. Okay. What about -- did she ever talk about your mom or saying things to you?
ACCUSER #1: She told me not to tell my mom if she done something.
STACEY: Okay. Did she ever talk about your mom, though, like say things about her?
ACCUSER #1: Huh-uh. (Moves head from side to side.)]

SUZIE: Okay. Did you believe her?
SUZIE: You didn’t think she would hurt your mom?
ACCUSER #1: Huh-uh (moves head from side to side)
ACCUSER #1:… And she said, if you call my daughter that again [Willy Wonka] she’ll be really mean to me. And so, I didn’t call her it again. And she would just be mean to me my whole life. She would be mean to me.
ACCUSER #1: Because she would always want to play boyfriend-girlfriend. And she said she would tell on me, so I would have to play it. And she would all—she would stick her hand down my pants on my panties and rub. She asked me if it felt good, and I said huh-uh. And she made me do it back to her. And I said I didn’t want to, so she said she would tell on me. So I had to do it.
SUZIE: And you said it [Accuser #3’s touch] was on – was it on the outside of your panties?
ACCUSER #1: uh-huh.
SUZIE: Okay. And you said you were 6 when she started touching, when Tonya started touching you?
ACCUSER #1: When I was in first grade, yeah.
ACCUSER #1: …[Tonya] would also turn bad music on and turn bad shows on, and she would turn it up really loud.
ACCUSER #1: … she told me that it’s [working out] the way she gets strong to hurt people.
SUZIE: What did she mean by that?
ACCUSER #1: Mean, like, to hurt them and kill them.

SUZIE: Okay. Now when y’all would be in the kitchen –
ACCUSER #1: Uh-huh
SUZIE: -- where would you be right before you were in the kitchen?
ACCUSER #1: I’d be playing with Accuser #3.
[Remember that earlier in this interview, she claimed she was alone in the house with Tonya. ]

ACCUSER #1: She would tell me to come here, she got to -- she had to tell me something. And then she took me to the kitchen and started touching me right down here (indicating), my private. And she told me to touch her back right there (indicating). And then after I did that, she took my hand and rubbed right on here, down here (indicating). That's when she did that.
[Note: down here where? Is she suggesting she masturbated Tonya on the vagina?]
ACCUSER #1:… she pulled down the blinds, and I couldn’t see. And I was right in front of them looking out one day, and she shut them. And I asked her why she did that. And she goes, I don’t want you to see.
SUZIE: Did it ever happen [Tonya touching Accuser #1] anywhere else?
ACCUSER #1: No. Just in the kitchen. [She has already forgotten the Bathroom story]
ACCUSER #1: I told Stacey [5/27/08 interviewer] – I forgot what I told Stacey. [Note: 8 days ago]
ACCUSER #1: And Accuser #3 would make her friend Accuser #2 get in a bathing suit. One day when I woke up, I thought -- I didn't know what -- and I thought it was pajamas. I said, Accuser #2, why are you wearing pajamas? She goes, it's a bathing suit.
SUZIE: Okay. And then what happened?
ACCUSER #1: And then -- then she told me Accuser #3 made her change into it. And I go, why did she make her change -- why did she make you change into it? And she goes, I don't know.
[NOTE: Here is what she told Stacey Long eight days before:
ACCUSER #1: Accuser #3 would make her friend Accuser #2 put a bathing suit on --
ACCUSER #1: -- early in the morning one day when I spent the night. And I didn't know who it -- and I thought it was Accuser #3. So I said, Accuser #3, why do you have a bathing suit on? And Accuser #2 turned around.
STACEY: Okay. How come she wanted her to do that?
ACCUSER #1: I don't know. She didn't tell me that.]

ACCUSER #1:… And one day we were jumping on the trampoline. And Tonya said, Accuser #1, do your back handspring. I said, I can't do it. She goes, yes, you can. And I go and I tried to do it, and I hurt my back. That's when my momma came to get me.
ACCUSER #1: One second. One day when she invited me over, one day at -- me and Accuser #3 were playing, and we -- and we were watching TV. And it was -- and I wanted to change the channel. So I told Accuser #3; she told her mom. And she told her we couldn't change the channel. And I asked her why. And she said, because -- because y'all are -- because I want to watch this movie. And it was, like, a kid movie. And I told her I didn't want to watch it, can we watch something that -- that we all want to watch. And she said, no, we're going to watch this. So I had to sit and watch it.
[So she’s mad about “bad” movies, mad about “kid” movies – sounds like the tv must be on Accuser #1’s channel or else.]
SUZIE: Did you tell your mom that there was something that you wanted to say but didn’t want to tell her?
ACCUSER #1: She said one – I don’t remember.
[NOTE: Thorne is trying to get something – anything – from the child, but Accuser #1 goes on babbling, trying to make up "bad" stuff as she goes along. Notice Accuser #1 never talks about sexual assault, touching, hitting or anything remotely like that when given free rein to say what she wants. She only makes those statements when asked a direct leading question. What conversation did Thorne and Sandra Lamb have for her to be asking this question in the first place? Again, evidence that Thorne is improperly conducting an interview.]

ACCUSER #1: One day when I woke up from spending the night at her house, Tonya was awake. And she would never give me anything for breakfast. She would only give Accuser #3 some. She would only give Accuser #3 some and dinner. She would never give me anything. She would never give me anything to eat; she would never give me anything to drink.
ACCUSER #1: I asked her if I could have something to drink and eat. And she said, no, you can’t. She said that would waste her food.
[NOTE: Here is what she told Stacey Long on May 27:
ACCUSER #1: She would say – like, if I asked her if I could eat, she would say no. And I asked her why. She goes, just because.]

SUZIE: Okay. How many times did that happen [not feeding Accuser #1]?
ACCUSER #1: A lot of times. She would never let me have nothing to eat any time I went over there.
ACCUSER #1: Well, Accuser #3 had this chair one day. And I was sitting in it, and Tonya told me to get up out of it. And I said, why, because she -- because she said she wanted to sit in it. She was putting it up because -- she said she wanted -- she wanted to sit in it. And so, I -- and she was putting it up. After she sat in it, she was putting it up. And I said okay. And she sat in it for a while, and -- and she would just leave it there and not put it up. She told me she was putting it up. And so -- and so, when she left the room, I got back in it. And she said, get out, I'm putting it up. And so, she sat back in it. Then the next time, she put it up. [SHE = Tonya]
SUZIE: All right. Did anything else happen?
ACCUSER #1: Like, if I brought pajamas over there, I would wear her -- I would wear my pajamas. And she said, you could -- you couldn't have worn Accuser #3's, good thing you brought your pajamas. And I said why. And she said -- and she said because. And I -- and then -- and I go, because why. And she goes, just because. And then she left the room.
SUZIE: Is there anything else that you want to tell me about anything?
ACCUSER #1: I was watching a channel at Tonya's house once and -- and she turned it off. And I asked her why she turned it off. And she said, you can't watch any TV. And so -- and so, I just went back -- so I just went back in Accuser #3's room and sat down. And then she turned the TV back on for Accuser #3. And then I wanted to watch it, so I went to watch it. And she said, you stay in her bedroom. And I said why. She goes, because you can't watch TV. So I sat down in her bedroom until the movie was over, and just sat. And I took a little nap, and I sat down. And then she came back in there. And she said, movie's over, come out. And so, I came out. And then she said -- and we started another movie. And she -- and she started another movie. And she told me to sit down. And so, I sat down, and I was just -- and I sat down, and I was playing with some of Accuser #3's toys so she wouldn't see and -- like her Barbies, and so -- and Tonya came back in there, and I was playing with the Barbie. And she said, don't play with those. And she told me to sit back on the bed. Movie was -- and the movie was over and she didn't put back any more movies. And then it was time for me to go. And so, I had to go home.

SUZIE: Okay. Did anything else happen during that time?
ACCUSER #1: Tonya wouldn't let me watch any TV. And when she was mowing around the house, she would always just mow for a long time. And Accuser #3 would -- one time that -- she would be mowing around the house, and if I called her name, she would just, like, mow fast so I wouldn't find her. So I didn't find her, and I went back in the house. And she came in. I said, where were you? She goes, I was outside mowing. I go, well, I looked everywhere. And then she wouldn't answer. And I said, but where were you? She didn't answer.
ACCUSER #1: And one time her -- Accuser #3's dad would -- went to pick her up, and she wouldn't let me go with Accuser #3. So -- and so, she went to buy -- she had been -- that day she was just being real sweet to me, pretending like she was sweet to me and she loved me, so she bought me Taco Bell. And she would take me somewhere, and then she would go pick up Accuser #3. And then it -- and then we went back to her house, and it was time for me to leave her house.
SUZIE: Okay. Did anything else happen while y'all were -- just the two of y'all were together?
ACCUSER #1: She would -- she would, like, go -- like, drive really reckless. She would, like, drive really bad. And she would, like, try -- she would not try to stop at a stoplight. She would try to skip it, but she didn't, and scare me. And so, I was -- I was really scared. And then we went to pick up Accuser #3, and then we -- and then I had to go home.
SUZIE: Okay. Okay. Is there anything else that you want to tell me? (5th time she asked this out of a total of 16 times)
ACCUSER #1: One day she said, what color are your eyes, to me, Tonya did. And I said blue. She said that's a -- and she said that's a weird color. And I go, why is it a weird color, weird color? And she said that is just really just a bad color. And I go, why? And she didn't answer me.
[NOTE: Accuser #1 testified Live that after the third interview while she was holding Suzie Thorne’s hand in hall way – she " just remembered" that Miss Tonya penetrated her vagina with four fingers & thumb – this allegation is nowhere to be found in any DVD, transcript or police summary. Thorne testified live that she was sitting at her desk writing her notes when Accuser #1 comes in (without mom) to tell her.]

This interview was the basis for the supposed “hand rape” accusation that the child made on the stand, and that the prosecution used to suborn perjury from a number of witnesses, as well as manufacture a fraudulent document that “just happened” to appear magically in the files. Thorne is trying to find something – anything that she can use, but the child instead babbles on about this and that.

As we saw from both Long and Thorne in previous interviews, they asked leading questions and they clearly were trying to find a way to get the children to “disclose” that Tonya Craft molested them. They were not interested in any other conclusions; all of the people involved want to implicate Ms. Craft, and they were going to find a way to do it, period. Truth was not an issue; obtaining indictments and a conviction were the only things that were acceptable.

If the Tonya Craft accusations were a “bridge too far,” then the “hand rape” was something akin to the disastrous Gallipoli Campaign of World War I. Not only did the prosecution and its witnesses have to commit felonies to promote it, but even the prosecution’s own contrived “facts” did not allow for it legitimately to be part of the evidence.

(That it was an obvious lie did not stop the prosecutors from promoting it and suborning perjury, nor did the fact that it was a lie keep "judge" Brian House from allowing it to be entered into evidence. Perjury Central was in full swing.)

Unfortunately, this was not the last of the bogus and leading “interviews” by CAC employees and the police. There are more of the same, which I will highlight in future posts, the next one being with Holly Kittle interviewing Lamb’s daughter in April, 2009. Perhaps it is not surprising that 10 months later, the child would be giving graphic testimony that (of course) contradicted much of what she told Long and Thorne.


JD said...

What I find very interesting is that I don't see where accuser #1 ever gets upset. Am I wrong? I believe it was Dr. Aldridge who said (I don't know which interview she was referring to or it could have been all of the interviews)the demeanor doesn't change which is not how a child acts when they have been molested. The only time I read where a child got upset was Tonya's daughter when talking about accuser #1 making her touch her when she didn't want to. Also, doesn't accuser #1 have an older brother? I thought she did, but I didn't know how much older he was. If so, that is probably where accuser #1 learned about touching in private areas.

Kaye said...


WRCB is telling a very interesting story indeed. Check this out!

Sonny Caldwell did try to fire him, but doesn't have the authority to... and the County Attorney advised the Sheriff's Dept to release him?

Holy cow, Batman, I hope this attempted firing isn't the solution that came about as a result of the "stupid meeting in Catoosa county, bring candy."

Things sure are getting interesting.

June 17, 2010 12:54 AM

Lame said...

JD, you are absolutely correct. R Lamb may be a child acress, but she's not a good one, and whoever coached her didn't do a good job. A child, when disclosing these things nearly always becomes emotional. The only emotion displayed so far was Ms Craft's daughter, when she disclosed R Lamb's molesting her. So far, the only person I have no difficulty beliving is a child molester is R Lamb.

You know, I've said before that we should not make this about the children, and we should not talk badly about the children, but I'm starting to see a picture develop that shows the Lamb girl to be a potential sex offender, if not already for what she did to Ms Craft's daughter and likely the Wilson girl, and who knows how many others, but in the future. The Boyd children, the Wilson Children, the McDonald children, I think they are all innocent victims. They need to be treated as innocent victims. R Lamb needs to be treated, she needs to be treated by a professional psychologist who can preempt any potential she has for committing future sex offenses against children.

It is clear, very clear that she's making up allegations against Ms Craft, making up things against Ms Craft's daughter. By all accounts from every source other than R Lamb, R Lamb was the instigator of sexual contact. So, I am finding it harder and harder to believe that R Lamb is a victim of implanted memory. It is so clear that she's making things up, not just to appease the interviewers, but pre-emptively to excuse, or rather blame her own behavior on the Craft girl, that I am forming an opinion that she may not have ever truly believed herself to be a victim, but rather pretended to be one to get herself out of trouble for having initiated sexual contact with a girl nearly two years her junior. In England, about a month ago, two little boys who were roughly the same age as R Lamb, were found guilty of attempted rape for having done far less than what R Lamb did to those other girls.

So, with that said, while I feel sorry for and wish for nothing but the best for all of the children, including R Lamb, I would not want R Lamb to EVER be alone with, be friends with, be in class with, be in the same school with, be in the same neighborhood with my own daughter, if I had one. I recently read of a case, I believe it was in South Carolina, where a 12 year old girl forcibly raped an 11 year old girl in the bathroom at their elementary school. Based upon R Lamb's actions and apparent mental state, I would say that unless she gets immediate and proper counseling she is a risk to the community. Unfortunately, she is not likely going to get that while in her mother's custody. Someone needs to appoint her a GAL, like the Craft children have, who is going to make the right decision for her and get her the counseling she needs so that she will not be a risk to other children in her community.

JD said...

If I'm not mistaken doesn't Sandra Lamb have her in treatment with Laurie Evans? Which will make the matter worse because I'm afraid they will feed off of one another's problems.

As far as the Judge Peters situation, it seems to me Judge Caldwell must not know his authority if he tried to fire Peters without the authority to do so. Which says to me these Judges don't know how far they can go in their jobs, i.e. House doing everything possible to get a Craft conviction.

Anonymous said...

After reading all of this, how can anybody believe anything this child said. JD and Lame you are right, a child who had actually been molested would have cried, been distraught, something, there was no emotion here whatsoever. Guess she isn't such a good actress after all.

Anonymous said...

From this babbling about nonsense it's clear to me that this child has been indoctrinated into believing Tonya Craft is a bad person. Hence why she is going on and on about mowing the lawn too long, watching certain channels, sitting or not sitting in a chair. All very minor issues but clearly this child is trying to please adults by bringing up minor acts that most rational people would ignore in order to receive validation and praise.


KC Sprayberry said...

I had a different take on accuser 1's babbling. She wanted everyone to know how she's always put upon and treated badly. That in and of itself speaks to a lot of coaching from an outside source. And she's two years older, and probably taller and heavier, than accuser 3 so why didn't she just push that child aside if there was supposedly inappropriate touching. Nothing about this child's interview makes sense. It's like, I got a great reaction for what I said here and here, so let's see how well everyone reacts to now. From the interview excerpt yesterday, we know she had a spa day already. Maybe she's cooking up the next 'reward'. One thing I know for certain. None of these kids had any idea their 'interviews' and 'therapy' and 'testimony' would put an innocent person in prison for the rest of her life. I still have problems believing any child would ever display a tendency to do something so vile without remorse at such a young age. There's still a lot of innocence, even with all the information available to kids on the 'net and television. The fine fingers of vindictive adults is clear in this interview.

Anonymous said...

I am with KC on this one...her whole issue centered around being the centre of attention (or not)...what to watch, when to eat, what to play with, Tonya taking too long to mow the lawn and not being at her beck and was an interesting read from that perspective. It is rediculously obvious that she is the centre of attention at home and everyone jumps to her commands...that is not the case at Tonya's and she was having a whine about it.

I agree that it appears she was also the instigator of the boyfriend/girlfriend nonsense by the way she spoke about it versus Tonya's daughter's account. She seems like quite an aggressive, bossy, spoilt rotten child who now has very serious problems to contend with thanks to her Mother and the fantastic (vomit) interviewers who have led her to believe a whole bunch of lies (yes I do think she truly believes it happened now which is the most heartbreaking thing of all because no one is going to step in and help undo the damage that was created for the sake of saving their own asses)

Yank said...

The judge getting fired may not have much to do with Tonya or Eric E.
I hear that he may be going thru a divorce and some sort of mid life crisis. May have shaved his head, eyebrows, possibly even drugs. This I heard on WGOW from a caller. He says the man is just having some bad personal problems.

Anonymous said...

Well I have to admit that I went the long about way to get to my point. To break it down to a simple sentence it obvious that this child receives validation everytime she mentions mean things that Tonya does to her. It's not the neutral background any true seeker of truth and justice would hope for.


William L. Anderson said...

Alunsura10 is correct. Notice that when Thorne and Long are not asking leading questions, she babbles on with stuff that a kid her age would think to get another kid into trouble.

At this point, she gets rewards. As you will see in the Holly Kittle interview 10 months later, however, she now has learned the ropes and no longer needs the same kinds of leading questions. However, even there, she cannot keep her story straight.

I do find it interesting that the people at the CAC never had heard of the huge number of fake molestation cases of 20+ years ago. They run over the same cliff that frauds like the Bragas and others did in the 1980s and 90s. These are people who are arrogant in their ignorance.

Cinderella said...

Lame, ditto! I thought badly of the folks posting "don't want my kids around those kids or get them out of our school, etc". I must say that if I had young children (my are grown, thank God)I wouldn't allow them to play with the Lamb child or be anywhere around her myself. Not to be mean, hateful or anything of that, but rather for protection of my family.

Anonymous said...

I honestly cannot believe that this blog has reached the new low of accusing R. L. of potentially molesting children:
"...the Lamb girl to be a potential sex offender, if not already"
and making assumptions about her character:
"She seems like quite an aggressive, bossy, spoilt rotten child".

I know her personally. She, along with Accuser #2, was touched in the privates by Tonya's daughter. R.'s brother DID NOT TOUCH HER! Please. If that is your argument, did he go over to Accuser #2's house and touch her too?
R.L. She is NOT spoiled and DEFINATELY NOT aggressive. MANY girls at CES go to the spa. NOT just R.L. and NOT just during the interview process.
I know you think that three children were manipulated by their parents who were part of a giant conspiracy against Tonya, but PLEASE do not further victimize this child by saying vile things. YOU DO NOT KNOW HER. My child has been in school with her for five years and in the same class the last two. They've NEVER complained about R. L. disrupting class or anything else. I asked them if they remembered R.L. ever crying or getting sad at school and they looked at me like I was crazy and said, "NO". Teachers at CES don't let "breakdowns" to disrupt class- they have high expectations for learning and maintain the learning environment well.
I just can't handle discussions about a sweet, caring child turn into this kind of sick drama. R.L. is very strong and grounded. "When I die, I'll just become an angel and help girls like me".
And- does anyone think it's ok to withhold food from a child in your care? Or to make them sit in another room while others get to watch a movie? Or to drive carelessly just to put fear in a child's mind? Surely society hasn't become so immoral that this kind of behavior from adults is viewed as acceptable.

Anonymous said...

a child does not become emotional all the time. their affect can be flat almost giving off ambivalence. there are not outbursts of crying or the such, mostly. a child giving details of what has been done to them can at times seem aloof, disinterested, and almost nonchalantly retell what has happened. please, please, be accurate in your statements. yes, they can be emotional when disclosing, but that is not entirely the case.

Kerwyn said...

What struck me, having been a participant in interviews like this, is the free form portion of the program.

Once the child is allowed to just "tell her story", it becomes painfully obvious that the child is going through a litany of (from a child's perspective) "bad" behavior by Ms. Craft. She never embellishes on any of the previous statements claiming abuse, she never brings up any additional data about abuse even though she had been talking about it for a previous 45 minutes.

Free form story telling is exactly what a good interviewer wants. It allows the alleged victim to "tell" their story without being led, which of course, a good interview avoids. It also gives the good interviewer a feel for the honesty of the alleged victim.

In this child's case, you can see the "story" against Ms. Craft develop clearly.

Now, does it take more than one interview to get "the whole" story? Yes, in most cases. However, when it is the truth, the core of the story will never change. The child will add specific detail, but the core will not change, at least not dramatically.

When these interviewers introduced specific places of molestation (such as the bathroom and kitchen) simply tainted the interview to the point of no return. This child NEVER said, "it happened in the kitchen", this child originally said "it happened NEAR the kitchen". The interviewer never bothered to pin down WHERE near the kitchen it happened. Again, this child NEVER mentioned the bathroom. Instead the interviewer left the room and came back and said Bathroom.

By the time we get to this interview, the assaults are in the Kitchen, not near it, it happens not once, but maybe 5 or 6 times, the touching is on top of panties not penetrating, Ms. Craft is now trash talking her momma when before she wasn't and so on. It is AFTER all this, AFTER being asked 16 times is there more to tell, AFTER the camera's and recorders are turned off and according to Long, AFTER she leaves the child with her mother that the child appears in her office to tell her about a viscous sexual assault.

One of the things that has also struck me was the child's demeanor. She was not upset. According to those professionals who have watched the video tapes, she calmly colors through the entire session. Also, another thing struck me, that in the "manufactured" summary by Keith, he never notes the child is "upset or crying" while she relates this rape. Long never testifies that she is upset or crying while telling her about this rape and in fact the detective summary goes like this

"After the interview, Child 1 came back in to speak with Suzie. Child 1 thanked Suzie for allowing her to speak with her and stated there was something else that she did not tell Suzie. Child 1 then told Suzie that Tonya had inserted her fingers into her vagina and it felt bad."

That is it. The whole paragraph that never appeared anywhere else until AFTER child 1's LIVE testimony and suddenly the Prosecution has to scramble.

Of course, during that Live testimony she testified that she had "just remembered" this assault while walking down the hall with Thorne. After being asked 16 times if there was more, after THREE interviews, after her momma repeatedly questioning her, she "just remembered".
Oh yes, we must remember that AFTER child 1 testifies to this in court, Sherri Wilson claimed that child 1 told her about this hand rape not 12 days earlier. Oh, she "just remembered".

Wait until you see the next interview...

Anonymous said...

So do you really think Tonya withheld food? Intentionally drove recklessly to intimidate her? Kept her out of the room while her daughter watched a movie? I know Tonya and this isn't her character! She was obviously lying when she accused Tonya of touching her, why would we assume she wasn't lying about the rest?

Kerwyn said...

Anon 9:43

Feel free to post under your real name, I do.

As to claiming this child is a molester, I agree with you wholly.

However, you just made statements that directly contradict Sandra Lamb et al regarding direct testimony about this child's behavior in school. According to witness testimony given by Lamb and crew, she had "meltdowns" where she would lay on the classroom floor. curled into a fetal position sobbing uncontrollably. Apparently not eh? I am shocked at this falsified testimony, shocked.

Also, you forget how very many people testified that this child was RARELY at the Craft house and the times she was there, she was surrounded by other children. She was NEVER "alone" in the house with Ms. Craft.
TWELVE children testified or gave depositions about this Child and her claims. Food was never withheld and in fact the child goes on and on about Tonya getting her Taco Bell. TWELVE other children spoke to what a cautious driver Ms. Craft is and the ONLY issue with "movie watching" was when this child threw a fit because it wasn't a movie SHE wanted to watch.

Twelve other children and several adults testified or gave depositions regarding her behavior at two parties she attended there and that she copped attitude because she wasn't the center of attention and Ms. Craft would not let her disrupt the gathering.

Are all of them lying? You need to understand there were many, many witnesses who were present when this child claimed to be there. What is interesting is that as a whole, NONE of the children who were at Ms. Craft's house on a daily basis remember her being there above a "few times". These children range in age from 7 to 17.

Look, I am glad you like this child. I am glad you think she is just as cute as a button. Ms. Craft did to at one point in time until she pissed off Ms. Lamb and in due course, the cadre of Lamb et al.

I would strongly advise you to cover your proverbial ass and be sure there is an adult in the same room with you at all times that child is present. Should you piss off Ms. Lamb, you too could be next on the hit parade.

JD said...

I never meant to insinuate that the older brother molested the girl. However, if the older brother is enough older she will hear how he talks to friends and be with his girlfriend. She could do this without his knowledge and not being as mature not understand the whole boy/girl relationship at an older age.

Cinderella said...

Let's see the touching began when RL was 6 - then AH was 4, right? A 4 year old had control over a 6 year old actress so the 6 year old HAD to touch her or the 4 year old would be mean to her?

Anonymous said...

Amen Kerwyn!!!! It is obvious this person did not keep up the trial. It was clearly stated by many witnesses that the nonsense about food, bad driving, rap music, etc was another dramatic detail RL threw in during her interviews(I might call them auditions)!!

Anonymous said...

9:34, I don't believe for one second that Tonya withheld food or made her go sit in another room while a film was playing or any of her other silly tattle tales she said, just as I don't believe Tonya STUCK ALL FOUR FINGERS AND THUMB INTO HER NOT believe all she says. This little girl is spoilt and used to being the centre of attention.Blind Freddie can see that!!! The tragic thing though for her is that as long as people like you stand beside her saying," there there we believe you" she isn't getting the help she needs to recover from this. Tonya didn't harm this child. Her own Mother and CAC disgraceful

William L. Anderson said...

Hey, 9:43,

I fully agree with Kerwyn. Right, Tonya never gave her food. Starved the poor child. Played rap music all the time. Drove crazy.

Yes, I do think that the parents committed perjury. What about the R.L. on-line resume that listed her acting lessons, yet Sandra said R.L. had not had any lessons? Then there is Sherri Wilson and the power bill.

Then there is the "hand rape" for which Wilson and Lamb could not even get the dates right. So, yes, if parents are willing to lie under oath (called perjury, which is a felony), then I think they would get together to lie about Tonya.

So, if you want to defend a bunch of felons, that is your business, but do it with your little club of Sherri, Sandra, and Kelli. No doubt, you can think of some new lies.

Anonymous said...

Well said Kerwyn, couldn't have said it better myself!!!!

Anonymous said...

Keep a close eye on this Peters situation. It is VERY MUCH related to this case.

KC Sprayberry said...

Okay, who unlocked the gates and let the troll out from under the bridge? Yes, I love hearing different viewpoints but honestly, accuser 1's testimony on the stand was scripted. Her affect there was delivering the words told to her and when she didn't get the acknowledgement from the jury she did from everyone else along the line, she ad-libbed. And that ad-lib blew the case for the prosecution. That's when they had to drop back and punt, and missed the field goal by a mile. The child's actions, her words, and mostly, her demeanor told the story. Testimony is far more than words. It's how you act and the way you speak. This child is a ticking time bomb. She can and will blow up on the next person to disrespect her, as she defines disrespect. I'm not a medical professional, just a mom who's seen that happen too many times in the past. One thing is predictable about kids who learn they get rewards for their bad actions. They keep escalating until they're alone and then wonder why no one likes them.
BTW - spa trips for six-year-olds? Who are you kidding? Isn't that a bit old for a young child? Why not a trip to Chucky Cheese's or the amusement park. That's far more age appropriate. Save the spa trips for a high school graduation gift.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the kid who started the touching was Child #2, not Tonya's daughter. Remember, Kelli McDonald beat the child for doing what she did...

Narcissist07 said...

KC, a prime example of a child used to having their way, and blowing up when they don't is our good Sheriff's son. I was an umpire in Boynton many years ago. When Phine Phil's son would come to bat, the coaches as well as Phil himself would stand close to the batter's box, because when he would strike out, which he did frequently, he would blow a gasket, and throw the bat at the coaches, other kids, umpires, and even his dad. He was a menace then, and grew into quite a criminal. Anyone remember him totalling his three day old Lexus that Daddy bought him, after he totalled his second mustang? I think he was 21 then.
To Phil's credit, he let him sit in the jail for a while, but he did get special treatment even in there. As the sheriff's son, he was a prime target for retribution against the CCSO.

William L. Anderson said...

And- does anyone think it's ok to withhold food from a child in your care? Or to make them sit in another room while others get to watch a movie? Or to drive carelessly just to put fear in a child's mind? Surely society hasn't become so immoral that this kind of behavior from adults is viewed as acceptable.

First, none of this makes sense, as how come other kids didn't make the same complaints (when they were in Tonya's care)?

Second, let me ask you this: Is it OK for adults to lie under oath on a witness stand? Apparently, you approve of that, so whenever you claim that those of us on this site are supporters of "child molesters," then you proudly can claim that you are a supporter of perjurers.

Kerwyn said...

Anon 10:52

You said "Keep a close eye on this Peters situation. It is VERY MUCH related to this case."

Would you please enlighten us

Anonymous said...


I was about to ask the same thing.

kbp said...

JD said:
"...As far as the Judge Peters situation, it seems to me Judge Caldwell must not know his authority if he tried to fire Peters without the authority to do so. Which says to me these Judges don't know how far they can go in their jobs, i.e. House doing everything possible to get a Craft conviction."

Just FYI: Peters and Caldwell are MAGISTRATE Judges. The educational requirement for that position is a high school diploma. Some may be attorneys, but holding that position does not tell us they are. House is an attorney, FWIW, and must be to hold his job.

kbp said...

"...These are people who are arrogant in their ignorance."

That describes the whole lot involved, from a few moms up to the judge that presided over the case.

"...What about the R.L. on-line resume that listed her acting lessons, yet Sandra said R.L. had not had any lessons? Then there is Sherri Wilson and the power bill."

Also, remember that an old newspaper interview with Saundra, which cited her stating the company involved in the lessons, was linked in a comment here.

JD said...

Thanks kbp for the clarification. Pardon my ignorance, but what kind of judge is House? To be honest I thought all judges involved with the judicial system had to have a law degree. Now I'm curious about how things work in my state of Illinois. Of course, to be honest, you guys don't hold a candle to us when it comes to corruption, unfortunately.

kbp said...

There are 8 new filings in the federal case, including an "Order on Motion To Seal".

I haven't read them yet, but the "Seal" may be interesting.

Who is hiding what????

Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve said...

Dr Anderson:

If memory serves me correctly, both the Gallipoli disaster and the WW II invasion of Holland, “a bridge too far,” were the products of command arrogance and hubris, first by Churchill and then by Montgomery. The world witnessed these same traits in Judicial Pimp House’s Star Chamber during Mrs. Craft’s inquisition. The goal was persecution and conviction, facts be damned, move along now, “He’s on cross.” This same mentality sent ANZAC troops charging into Turkish machine guns and Allied paratroopers dropping into Holland with insufficient support. I would include history as among the many things Team HAG never studied so they will never learn its lessons.

Your last 3 posts have made it clear that these children were questioned with the sole intention of developing “evidence” of Mrs. Craft’s guilt. The children had been coached so that they would provide the desired responses and the interrogators were not interested in any other answers. These questioners functioned as tools of the prosecution, not dispassionate seekers of the truth serving the children’s best interest. The better title for the CAC is “Criminals Abetting Convictions” as their method of operation has nothing to do with advocating for children.

THANKS for all you have done to right the wrong perpetrated on Mrs. Craft. Your blog often reminds me of Emile Zola and the Dreyfus Affair. One intellectual’s voice, using the media of the day, corrected an injustice perpetrated by a government determined to quash the truth. Your blogging is the 21st century equivalent of J'accuse!

KDaw said...

Found this to peak my curiosity;

Most interesting is this:

both Judge Peters and Chief Magistrate Sonny Caldwell were temporarily suspended Thursday by the Georgia Judicial Qualifications Committee pending an investigation.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:34
Hi Miriam Boyd! or forgive me if I'm mistaken. Whoever you are, you might want to find better company to keep. That's free advice, so you should be grateful.

Anonymous said...

I think the seal motions deal with the disclosure of at least one of the children's names in the attachment to the motions.

Cyril Lucar said...

Here's the new story on Catoosa judge suspensions on the Chattanoogan.

9:34 - I certainly agree with you on not attacking or accusing kids. I think, however, the accusations of Tonya's alleged cruel treatment of little girls has as much veracity as her alleged sexual abuse. While there is a small group of you who continues to believe many or all of the charges, the 12 jurors, the overwhelming majority of the community and almost all legal analysts think this is a boatload of gossip and resentment that should never have turned into a trial.

volfan69 said...

According to Judy Frank of the

from a May 3, 2000 article, "Judge Peters is a...member of the Catoosa County Child Abuse Protocol Board." Does this have a tie-in in any way, Kerwyn? Thanks, Bobb

William L. Anderson said...

Amen to that, Cyril. However, I am wanting to see if this person is willing to stand up and say she supports perjury, for her friends were caught engaging in it.

Trish White said...

Wow, guess I don't need to add anything to what has been said, especially Kerwyn's post, good job!!! Lady, give it a rest and like the other person said, watch your back!!

By the way, had some trolls join the FB page I created for my son, so it is now a closed group, but you can still ask to join and I can approve you. If interested it is Restore Jason White's Parental Rights.

Anonymous said...


I's over the top to suggest R.L. will be a molester. But she will need REAL help, not the K-Mart quality she is now receiving from small town nobodies w/ no degrees. I suggest the doctors from Vanderbilt and Emory who have written published literature on child abuse, and spent the better part of their prestigious careers testifying for the prosecution, in order to put child molesters away. Yes... these professionals who, in a rare case, testified for a defense...Tonya Craft's defense.

You are not an intelligent person. You cannot think for yourself. I'm from Alabama, and I don't know any of these people. But, reading these children's interviews says it all. Hahaha...and you BELIEVE all that Why don't you believe the countless times all of these girls said Tonya did nothing to them...But of course that's before they started getting rewards for "ringing the bell"....(that went right over your head didn't it?)

Ooltewah mom

KC Sprayberry said...

Oh wow! Sure learned a lot about the current judicial problem in Catoosa from the Chattanoogan article. And something else. "1983 Georgia Constitution provides that any judge may be removed, suspended, or otherwise disciplined...or for conduct to the administration of justice which brings the judicial office into disrepute. (I removed the other reasons, as this one seemed the one that fit the purposes of TC's case)

Now, the JQC is using their extremely limited funds to get into a fight between two magistrate judges over some unstated argument and overreaction on the senior judge's part, but they can't step in and take care of 'judge' Brian House over his conduct in the TC trial? Seems to me the last reason, the one I listed, is good enough to investigate him. What's going on here?

volfan69 said...

According to John Madewell:

Peters says he filed a complaint with JQC on May 14 regarding "nepotism" inside office.

Also Van Pelt's secretary was arrested for theft. Are there NO HONEST people there?

Anonymous said...

It did strike me odd that when the child was permitted just to talk all she talked about was how Tonya was mean to her.. what would be awful in a child's mind, one that HAD NOT BEEN molested! To a little girl, people being mean to her is the worst possible thing ever! I remember a close friend's child when she was about 5 said of another child. 'She's mean, mean, mean!' So anyone with any sense could see through this nonsense. Unfortunately this type nonsense nearly caused a person her freedom and DID cost her home, her job, her credit and worst of all, her children.

Anonymous said...

Pretty decent article:

Tonya Craft Declares War on Her Accusers


kbp said...

As usual, Channel Nine is good for --PART-- of the story!!

Magistrate Peters Under Investigation, Speaks Out
The GBI confirms to NewsChannel 9 that it is investigating Catoosa Magistrate Judge Anthony Peters. Newschannel 9's John Madewell sat down for a one-on-one interview with Peters this morning.
Assistant Special Agent In Charge Greg Ramey says the "GBI was requested by the District Attorney's Office of the Lookout Mountain Judicial District to investigate certain issues of Mr. Peters."
Agent Ramey would not disclose specifics because the investigation is still happening.
Judge Peters was placed on administrative leave with pay Wednesday by Chief Magistrate Judge Donald "Sonny" Caldwell.

That's the ALL of it Nine will have for you!!

Maybe the DA's office would like to tell us WHY they called in the GBI.

Anonymous said...

1:34...I don't think it's "over the top" to assume anything about this little girl. And I do know we are to never "assume". To assume always makes "ass" out of "u" & "me." I know we all agree that this is a terrible situtation that words can not even describe. My heart aches for all the children involved. So please understand I mean no malice toward R.L. What obviously started as a "normal child experimenting and exploring" has ended in a fiasco. The more that comes out, the more I wonder if RL had issues prior to all the allegations. I don't believe girls, children, would normally engage in the extremety of these allegations...such as a hand rape. How would she even know this? (If her mother described it to her,, I have no answer to that...) RL has obviously participated in doing things to other girls that are outside the boundries of what one would call normal. If she does this at age 6, What will she do at age 12 or 15? Would you allow her to babysit your child knowing all she has been through, and all she has experienced at such a young age? How "educated" she is regarding sexual issues at age 5/6?

My own daughter (age 11) has just recently started her period. She was invited to go swimming, but it was a bad time. I explained to her there were options she could try that would allow her to swim during that time. We go to store, get home, we talk, I explain, she enters the restroom. She comes out with big tears in her eyes and says, "I don't want to swim mom." Of course, I hug her, tell her that's fine, those things can come later....the moral of the story is most "normal" young girls don't feel comfortable with things, people, in, on, or around their private area.

Based on the interview, because I don't know her, she just seemed too comfortable and too relaxed telling all the things that went on with the children and even when she was accusing Tonya. Her "comfort" (coloring and such) was a complete opposite demeanor than that of my daughter, who is older and WAS doing something's just my opinion... and I'm sure some will disagree. I just hope she gets the right help she needs...

And the comment about her being an angle helping girls like ya think she knows deep down she was forced to lie and she don't want other kids to go through that? I keep reading "these little girls believe this DID happen to them." What if they don't? What if they really know it was just their circle of friends playing bf/gf. They just can't tell anyone because they have already been through soooo much. Just a thought.

dmk said...

Ooooh, the lid is fixing to blow and this is really going to get good I think. I'm not sure if there is a direct link to the Tonya Craft case or not, we'll see, but I think we are seeing the first rats start to turn on each other, at least in the broader LMJC sense.

The LMJC called in the GBI on one of their own? The best defense is a good offense sometimes, and at the very least a good scandal with a Magistrate Judge (which in Georgia usually means someone who doesn't even come close to having the experience or education to deserve the title and associated power of "Judge") instigated by our honest and true DA's office would be welcomed by many who have been begging for a distraction to take the public's gaze off their own actions. No first hand experience with them, but I've always had the impression that the GBI doesn't take much crap and is probably the most competent, honest, and upright of Georgia's law enforcement agenciesy, which of course is a relative thing. Another thing I've noticed is the GBI seems to be really good at finding the hidden fire once they smell even the faintest smoke. Slip up just a bit and give them a slight hint of what might be there, and you're got.

Anonymous said...

da office asked gbi to investigate peters because peters turned in there pet magistrate for abuse of office.

Anonymous said...

Over the past weeks many of you have called me a troll & a uneducated idiot for saying the very thing you all are now saying.All I was trying to do was to protect my children from RL & the parents.I am just glad you all now see the light.I love this blog but have felt unwelcomed at times for feeling scared about my children being around these people.

Anonymous said...

Lisen folks all they are doing is trying to take some the HEAT off them, I do not give a hoot what happens to any of them, They deserve what they get Judge's on down. Bring it on.. Clean house get them all.. Can't wait..

Anonymous said...

Most of the GBI in this area is as crooked as the LMJC!!!

Anonymous said...

Most of the GBI in this area are as crooked as the rest of the LMJC!!!

Anonymous said...

KathyR i hope you are reading today.

Q.A. said...

Anonymous at June 17, 2010 9:34 AM said...

“....I know you think that three children were manipulated by their parents who were part of a giant conspiracy against Tonya....”

Yes, I do think that.

Is your phrase “part of a giant conspiracy against Tonya” intended as ridicule?

The Craft Lawsuit, Filed in U.S. District Court, N.District of Georgia, on May 24th, 2010, repeatedly alleges that the various Defendants “conspired”, engaged in a “conspiracy”, or had “a common objective” (see ## 94, 119-122,189-190, 192-193, 195, 198, & 204).

The Legal definition of conspiracy is simply “an agreement between two or more parties to deprive a third party of legal rights or deceive a third party to obtain an illegal objective.”

If you look-up a Legal Description of Conspiracy, here is what you typically find:

“In order to establish a conspiracy offense it is not necessary... to prove that all of the people named in the complaint were members of the scheme; or that those who were members had entered into any formal type of agreement; or that the members had planned together all of the details of the scheme or the 'overt acts' that the complaint charges would be carried out in an effort to commit the intended violation.”

All that is required is a common illegal objective, and one overt act in furtherance of that common objective.

Tonya’s lawyers know all this, of course - that is why they included those words in the Lawsuit.

Tonya is the victim of a conspiracy using fabricated false accusations.

Anonymous said...

9:34 her third grade teacher said on the stand what she did with her leggs & went on to say what else she did.This was during class with students around to see.Kristen Bradley said on the stand that one day she was out of conrol to the poine she had to take her into her office.She would not calm down until she could call her mommy & brother.If that is not disrupting to the childrens learning environment i don't know what is.

Lame said...

Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve,

Actually, the Gallipoli operation's failure was not Churchill's fault. And Market Garden's failure wasn't Montgomery's fault. Both weren't a case of arrogant leadership. One, Gallipoli, was a case of division and corps level leaders not taking initiative after their initial landings and instead of immediately taking advantage of initial gains, sitting on their laurels and waiting for reinforcements before seizing the high ground--something many people blame Gen Ewel for having done at Gettysburg. It also didn't help any that not long before the invasion a British agent was captured by the Turks who spilled the beans about the up-coming invasion.

Market Garden failed because intelligence branches didn't properly communicate--something we heard about after 9/11--and so plans for the invasion were made without accurate knowledge of German troop strength and positioning. It also was a hinderance to Montgomery's troops that Eisenhower didn't furnish him the fuel he needed to keep his troops moving at a fast enough rate to keep the Germans on their heels when they had gained initial surprise. Eisenhower's strategy was to advance on a broad front. Montgomery and Patton both were more lightning thrust, blitzkrieg attack generals. So, when Market Garden took place, Eisenhower took some of the fuel away from Patton for Monty to use, but he didn't want Patton to stop completely, nor the rest of the advance to stop, so while he took some away to give to Monty, he didn't do enough. So, it was also a lack of logistical support that doomed Market Garden.

Neither Market Garden nor Gallipoli would have certainly worked, without a doubt, if those problems hadn't existed. HOwever, both would have had a much greater chance of succeeding.

Now, if you want a case of a leader making a completely arrogant decision that caused disaster, look to Sir Henry Clinton's ordering General Cornwallis to stay encamped at Yorktown rather than breaking out, and not sending timely reinforcements.

Lame said...

I have to agree with a couple of the above statements about R Lamb's inappropriate behavior. To the person who said they know R Lamb personally, and I want it noted here and now that I am not trying to attack her personally but rather am stating concerns that I have about her and for her, there are people who testified on the witness stand who said she behaved inappropriately in class. So, unless you are willing to yourself take the witness stand and testify that those people committed perjury, R Lamb did do inappropriate things in school, in the classroom, things such as masterbating.

Again, I am not saying that R Lamb WILL become a sex offender, or that she IS a sex offender. I am saying that what she did to other girls COULD BE CONSIDERED a sex offense, and that unless she receives the proper counseling she is a a high risk of becoming a sex offender. It is not an attack on her or her character, it is a statement of concern for her welfare and that of those around her. Like I said, I only want the best for her. I do think she is somewhat of a victim here. However, from the answers she gave and the demeanor in which she gave it, from her behavior towards other girls, from her behavior during the parties, from all the things I've heard, I would say that while she's confused about many things, she knows enough to put blame upon other people and make up wild stories. I don't blame CAC for the latter. That is something she likely learned from her mother (re, the "angel for all the other little girls").

So, like I said, R Lamb is still a victim, and I feel sorry for her, and wish the best for her. However, I do not think that at present she is someone that other little girls should be around, not until she gets proper counseling. And, for goodness sakes, get her away from Laurie Evans and get her away from Sandra Lamb.

Anonymous said...

Mrs.Day,I know sometimes you read this blog.I pray today is one of those days.

Anonymous said...

Hope Catoosa has a good insurance policy...

"Peters is now working with Tonya Craft's Attorney Scott King. He says a civil suit is likely the only way he can get his reputation back.

"The politics around this place," said Peters, "if they get it in for you, look out.""

Things are gonna get real interesting real fast!

Anonymous said...

Anon @9:34 et al

Consider this: The answers this child gives re the accused does not coincide with the actions of a molester. This child is saying that food was withheld-never give her breakfast or anything to drink, that her mother didn't love her (of course first she said Tonya never mentioned her mother), she wanted to change the channel on the TV cause it was a kid movie and Tonya wouldn't let her, etc. etc.

What would a molester try to do? Logically? Would not a molester want to make the child at least LIKE them? Give them gifts, toys, special attention. One would not be 'mean' in the way this child described it.

Her description made ZERO sense.

Narcissist07 said...

Anon 5:55, you beat me to the punch... I was just about to post that along with this.
I guess Scott King made an impression on some people in the court with his court room manner...

If this guy is working with Scott King, you are right... This is fixing to get REAL INTERESTING!!! You know he has all the inside goods on the happenings of the Eric Echols case, since he was the one that signed the warrant.
Sounds like Arnt and Franklin are trying to kill off those that can sink them, and they haven't figured out that they are all going to implode the corruption of the LMJC, and the only one that is going to stand and be crushed in the end is good old team FHAG.

Kathy R said...

Anon 4:01 pm Kathy R is reading today and Kathy R feels sorry for R.L. and all the children involved. She is a child that should be receiving proper counseling. I will not change my stand that the children are innocent victims and if she is spoiled and use to getting her way who made her that way...her mother, the adults are to blame Not the children. I agree with Kerwyn I would not want to be in a room alone with R.L., but I pity the child and I can't help that. The adult accusers, interviewers, A.D.A's, Law Enforcement should all be held accountable not only for what they did to Tonya, but what they did to the children in the process. If that irritates you I'm sorry.

Anonymous said...

The families involved are so crazy with greed,they cannot see straight.One day God will bring you down to earth,or should I say your knees.

Anonymous said...

Kathy R are you worried about what RL could do to your daughter?If you are who I think you have all boys.So no you have nothing to worry about.

volfan69 said...

Why does the interviewer constantly ask this child if Ms. Craft said something about the child's mother? What has that got to do with anything?

Someone above needs to give me a big fat break! Kids view the world differently from adults. Just last weekend I kept my 5 year old grandson on Saturday while his Dad ran errands. I had cleaned the floors, but I had not mopped. The grandkids bedroom has bunk beds, books, puzzles, games, toys, crayons and paints and coloring books, a table with four chairs, and a TV and radio. Also they can walk out of the bedroom into their bathroom. I told him to stay in his room while I mopped and the floor dried. I gave him apple slices and juice as a snack. If any of you mop you know that it doesn't take long. Every 30 seconds he was asking why he couldn't leave the room. As soon as the floor was dry I told him he could leave the room. He said that he was playing and didn't come out. When his Dad came to get him he said, "Daddy, Gram was mean to me! She locked me in my room and wouldn't let me out for a long time." Does that make me a child molester? His Dad just rolled his eyes and looked at me to get the real story.

Several months ago I was taking my 7 year old granddaughter to the library at Northgate. I was doing the speed limit on Hixson Pike. I came upon the traffic light at Hixson Pike and Big Ridge Road and it turned yellow as soon as I got to it. I ran the yellow light instead of throwing on my brakes at 45 MPH. My granddaughter talked for over a week about how I was driving in a bad way. It is the way little kids see their world.

You just can't believe everything a child tells because they tell it in their way and they don't always give the entire story. Bobb

Anonymous said...

According to a previous post, this whole new mess with the magistrate judge might have something to do with the Craft trial. Could it be that Peters knows something and that is why the LMJC asked the GBI to investigate him. If the GBI has any brains, they ought to investigate more than Peters, try the whole LMJC, the DA's and House himself. I bet they could find a lot more!!!!

Cinderella said...

Yank said in earlier post:
"The judge getting fired may not have much to do with Tonya or Eric E.
I hear that he may be going thru a divorce and some sort of mid life crisis. May have shaved his head, eyebrows, possibly even drugs. This I heard on WGOW from a caller. He says the man is just having some bad personal problems."

June 17, 2010 8:48 AM

Sounds to me like the smear tatics of lmjc. Just saw him on WRCB and guess what - He has also retain TC's attorney Scott King.

kbp said...

One On One Interview With Magistrate Judge Anthony Peters

"...Scott King, who defended Tonya Craft, has been in contact with Peters. King told NewsChannel 9 "it appears that I will be" on his case."

As the plot thickens...

Anonymous said...

This is gona be huge news when it comes out its much deeper than the TC and EE cases. I will Let Bill tell the news. Can't wait Bill

KDaw said...

The suspense is killing me. Hurry Bill, can't wait either.

Cinderella said...

Seriously, some of the "allegations" against him were
1. His father committed suicide 5 years ago (plse correct me if I am wrong on timeline)
2. He is going thru a divorce
3. He shaved is head
He must be having a break-down!
Does this seem familiar??? Smear tatics - LMJC first line of prosecution.

Anonymous said...

Some previous poster got it RIGHT! A child abuser "courts" the child. Any REAL abuser would feed the child for sure, along with offering candy and allowing them to watch movies.... These people think we are all stupid. Let me tell you...any doubt I have ever had concerning Tonya's innocense was completely wiped away by Lamd's 2nd interview. I am a former school teacher. Many of my classes have had at least one little drama queen. Trust me, you have to take every word they say with a grain of salt!

Anonymous said...

It's disheartening seeing people saying negative things about Sandra's daughter. After all, Tonya herself said that the children where every bit the victims she was.

Anonymous said...

Until RL gets the real help she needs,she should not be in any school system.Children are not safe being around her & her mother.No ill will towards RL,she is a child,but she needs proper help before she should be around other children.

William L. Anderson said...

One thing to keep in mind is that I am not attacking Sandra Lamb's daughter, no matter what she might be saying. Had the child been left alone, there would have been no accusations, nothing.

This girl, as well as the other two girls, were pawns of Lamb and Joal and Sarah Henke because they all wanted to get something from it. They were able to use corrupt cops, dishonest and corrupt prosecutors, and a dishonest judge, and in the end, they were routed.

Unfortunately, without the children's testimonies, there is no story, and my purpose is to demonstrate how it was that the children ended up on the witness stand telling fantastic and untrue tales. None of them would have been there had it not been for the agenda of corrupt and dishonest adults.

So, no, I don't blame the children. Unfortunately, I suspect that all three of them will have difficulties in life because of the fact that corrupt adults used them for nefarious purposes.

Lame said...

Anon 7:57 appears to be another person making a drive-by comment. We are saying that she needs help. I order to provide evidence that someone needs psychological help, some negative aspects need to come out. But, we are not saying these negative things not out of spite or for the purpose of making her seem like a horrible person. Rather, we are saying them in support of our argument that she needs proper psychological treatment, and she will not get that treatment from Laurie Evans, and she will not get the support at home that she needs from her mother, a person already proven to be manipulative, spiteful, calculating in her use of racist demogogery, and prone to megalomania.

I have no doubt that R Lamb can function properly, even prosper, within society some day. She's not a monster. She's in need of help. Let me put it this way: Think of a rotweiler. A rotweiler, if treated wrongly, is dangerous and inappropriate to have near children. If treated lovingly and properly cared for, is gentle and entirely acceptible to have around children.

I'm not saying she's a dog, I'm writing metaphorically, that R Lamb's mother and crack-pot therepist have turned her into something that is dangerous. If she gets the treatment she needs, not only will she no-longer be dangerous, she'll likely be prosperous--she has at least some talent for acting and at least some talent for creative story telling.

As for the sexual contact with other girls, I am not in a position to say where that comes from, whether or not someone molested her. Remember, not every child who is molested molests other children, and not every child who molests other children was themself molested. I was never molested, and I engaged in some very inappropriate behavior with my neighbor when I was that age, and I didn't turn into a child molester either. So, remember, even in my strongest criticism of R Lamb's behavior, I am not trying to hurt her, I am trying to show that she needs help before her current state of affairs causes her to become something I think we all want her not to become.

Anonymous said...

Mrs.Bradley,RL should not return to CES in the fall.She needs real help before she should be at any school.The other children should not have to suffer because she is a special actress.She needs more help than Sandra can give her.Please do the right thing & take care of the other children.

Yank said...

This IS getting more interesting, if that's possible.
I fully expect some in the LMJC to start to defect in order to separate themselves from the corruption. Surely there is a few who want no part of all these seriously inept players.
I thought Phil S. might step up, but he is so afraid of the questions, he must be knee deep in the stuff that is hitting the fan.
I cannot imagine that Buzz is not about to resign.
Judge Peters may be the tip of an ugly iceberg.

Anonymous said...

I swear I was just reading the 7th in this series, and now it is gone!


Anonymous said...

Shea Beagles wants to leave a good job to get on full time at CES.Shea you are a good person & will be great with the kids,but you like to be in the popular group.Be careful or they will bring you down with them.

Anonymous said...

All of the children involved in these proceedings have been damaged, that in my humble opinion.

I believe I read that Ms. Craft did much research on previous cases of false accusations and even spoke with some of the now grown children of those cases.

This whole witch hunt--and it was a witch hunt has destroyed many.

My only concern is for justice -for Ms. Craft and for her children as Ms. Craft is also seeking same.

As to the other children, it would be up to their parents to make the wrongs right. Will they do so?

Who knows?

Reader from NYC

John said...

Seems the Ada can't read the law before they make a charge. They just charge you and make the law up as it works for the case.

Guess will have to see what the judge has to say. About how things are done in CC.

I think a big balloon is about to burst, should be fun to watch.

"can't make this stuff up"

Anonymous said...

NYC 9:39 that is the sad fact that many do not believe the other two parents will help the children in the way they need.The parents are not so nice people,who only think of themself,not the children.They pretty much much threw the kids under the bus for their own gain.Not great parents.

Anonymous said...

Lame,I always appreciate & admire your thoughts on the matter,you always know the right words to say.I hope only the best for RL,but until she receives the help she needs she should not be around other children.Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:49 pm

An old proverb:

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

These children are in the hands of their parents.

You and I can only do so much.

To take these parents to task with child protective services would, in my opinion, only compound the wrongs done to Ms. Craft and her family.

If the parents of the other two accusers don't see right from wrong, well, there is no way, we can make them see same.

Some people are just too ignorant to see the writing on the wall.

Reader from NYC

kbp said...
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kbp said...
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Anonymous said...

@ anon 9:24 I started reading it too; it was about Holly Kittle. What happened??

kbp said...

Yank said:
"This IS getting more interesting, if that's possible.
I fully expect some in the LMJC to start to defect in order to separate themselves from the corruption. Surely there is a few who want no part of all these seriously inept players."

In very few cases, if any, will you see prosecutors or judges rolling on each other.

Law enforcement officers occasionally do, and personnel from outside agencies more often than the others.

It's not like they all get together and agree to purposefully go after the innocent and can turn on each other. The majority of what is done has excuses ready to explain how it is proper procedure.

They do just a little more each time they have a case and accept it as what should be done, most of them innocent in their own minds as they do what's best for the children.


As for Peters, about the only thing I can think of he may have regarding this case is knowledge of something regarding the arrest warrant for Echols. Maybe there was favors in the process for Lamb and Echols missed out on just letting the entire matter slide by, make Saundra and LMJC happy.

If I recall correctly, Echols said Magistrate Judge Peters told him he had no reason to come back to that county.

Peters was not involved in the Craft case in any other way I know of (unless it involved the original charges that were dropped and went then to a Grand Jury).



Anonymous said...

I am wondering, if this incident at the CC courthouse happened so quickly, who gave channel 9 the heads up to get there with all the cameras so fast?

Anonymous said...

Mrs.Day please hear what we are trying to say.Please protect the other children,not just one child.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:38 ---

Mrs. Day is the mouthpiece of the school board. Mrs. Day does and says as she is told. Please don't waste another post on your pleas to Mrs. Day. Shed your anonymity and go to the school board if you truly have concerns.


Polished Turd

Anonymous said...

@10:34 - Channel 3 was def there with the cameras - I didn't think 9 was there at all (they said they'd been investigating for weeks - sounds like a cover to me!)

Anonymous said...

What happened to the post about Holly Kittle? Am I having false memories?

Anonymous said...

Polished Turd what does your name say about you?Mrs.Day is a class act,unlike you.

Lame said...

Anon 10:49, I was wondering about that too. I thought it might have been a typo, considering this only happened this week, unless it's part of an on-going situation.

William L. Anderson said...

No, you guys are not having false memories. I timed it for 12:01 AM, but accidentally pushed the "publish" button, so it popped up before I could finish it and make my final check for errors.

My apologies. It will be up at 12:01, unless I say "what the heck" and put it back up in a little while, before I go to bed.

Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve said...

Lame @5:11.

It appears that we study the same sources and draw different conclusions as is true w/many historians. Your assessment of Clinton, Henry not Bill, is dead on and I think you are much too generous towards Montgomery but those are arguments for a different blog, or a meeting over a chilled adult beverage. And yes, Ewell was guilty of timidity on Day 1 at Gettysburg, a charge that never could have been made about his predecesor, Stonewall Jackson.

With your skills and sense of humor ("Your momma says hey" still makes me chuckle) a classroom somewhere is being deprieved of a first rate history teacher.

Lame said...

I appreciate your comment. Yes, I agree that Ewell wasn't the best person for the job. I do, however, think that Jackson, while he was a very good independent commander, was not an outstanding subordinate commander. He was horrible, just horrible during the 7 Days Campaign, was average at Antietam, and nearly lost the battle for Lee at Fredericksburg--lucky for him that Burnside screwed up so badly with his commander's intent for that battle and Meade's breakthrough was completely unsupported. All that is moot, really, because even if Jackson or Ewell or whoever commanded the 2nd Corps at Gettysburg had attacked Clups Hill on Day 1, they did not have enough fresh troops on hand to make the attack against what was already by that point a fortified position. They made their biggest mistake by ever even trying to attack Meade in that position, because it actually played exactly into Meade's overall plan for the campaign, which was to place himself between Lee and the Potomac, and force Lee to attack him on ground of his choosing. It was a battle of relative accident, but thanks to Buford, Meade was given exactly what he wanted. People often criticize Meade for having not attacked Lee after the frontal assault of Day 3 (I refuse to call it Pickett's Charge, because 2/3 of the men in that attack were actually from A.P. Hill's 3rd Corps). However, that, first of all, did not play into his overall plan for that campaign, and second, Lee was a master of defense, and held high ground himself. There is evidence that Meade planned to try to hold Lee in place with the bulk of his army, and send a good-sized force to try to turn Lee's flank, which could have been done. However, the rain storm of July 4 prevented that, and in the end, Lee used the rain to slip away -- the one thing I can really criticize Meade for there is not positioning cavalry to block the roads, something Napoleon would have done.

I will say that I'm not a big fan of Montgomery. However, in America, we have gotten so indoctrinated that Patton was so much better, especially by the film Patton, that we often fail to recognize that Montgomery was a very capable commander, was not as cautious as popular history makes him out to have been. I know it's almost heresy to say this, but in Sicily, Patton was indeed fighting the second rate German and Italian forces while Montgomery fought against first rate German troops. When Patton finally came up against first rate Germans in his drive from Palermo to Messina, he got just as bogged down as Monty.

One other thing, the failure of the Gallipoli campaign, when we say that it was lost entirely because of British arrogance is really disrespectful to the incredible sacrifice made by the Ottoman troops. Their losses were horrendus, to a man one of their divisions was wiped out holding out against the ANZAC troops in the first battle, and to honor that unit, the modern Turkish Army does not have a division with that number, sort of like how we retire numbers of great sports heros. When we talk about the "defeat" at Gallipoli as a failure of leadership, we need to realize that in many ways it was also a "victory" of Turkish leadership and sacrifice.

Anonymous said...

In an earlier comment, I was ecstatic about Bill's use of the word "insider" to describe his source for the secret jury room details. An insider, and the fact that LMJC would know there is an insider, can easily turn that place upside down. Could Peters be that insider?