Saturday, June 19, 2010

Just Doing Their Jobs? I Don't Think So

In a recent conversation with someone who plays a role in overseeing the behavior of prosecutors in Georgia, the person told me that the prosecutors in the Tonya Craft case simply were "doing their jobs." "Yeah," I replied, "If their jobs are suborning perjury, manufacturing evidence, and lying, then I guess you are right."

No matter how dishonest, how brutal, or how outrageous the conduct of police and prosecutors, it seems that they always are excused, as their "jobs" require them to be dishonest bullies. Unfortunately, it seems that the Tennessee-Georgia state line does not have any effect on the outrageousness of the police, as we see the story (as given us by Channel 3) of a young man charged with felonies because he didn't drop his wife on the concrete and bow down and lick the boots of a Chattanooga cop.

The story begins with a young woman who had been married four days earlier, a cancer survivor and an amputee, suffering from what appeared to be a stroke. As Callie Starns's story explains:
CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) – A patient believed to be having a stroke says a Chattanooga Police officer blocked her and her husband from entering the emergency room Wednesday night.

Aline Wright is a cancer survivor, amputee and a newlywed. Wednesday night she began to show signs that she was having a stroke.

"I started feeling some left arm numbness and a facial droop," said Aline, "it appeared to me that I was probably having a stroke."

That's when her husband of four days, and a nurse technician at Erlanger Medical Center, Jesse Wright, put her in the car and rushed her to the hospital.

On the way to the hospital, Aline says Jesse stopped at then proceeded through two red lights, as if they were stop signs. After Jesse ran the second stop light one block from Erlanger, a Chattanooga Police Officer turned on his blue lights and followed the couple into the Emergency Room parking lot.

"At that point we figured because we were so close to Erlanger emergency department that the police would be aware that's where we were going," said Aline.

According to Aline, the Officer caught up with the couple as they were attempting to enter the emergency room at Erlanger Medical Center. Aline says her husband was carrying her in his arms because she could not walk. According to Aline, the Officer blocked the entrance and demanded answers for running the red lights.

"He picks me up in his arms and the officer continues to block the way into the emergency room," said Aline, "he's standing between Jesse and I and the emergency room doors."

Aline says eventually the Officer allowed them to enter the hospital, but says he didn't stop there.

Aline tells Channel 3 Eyewitness News that once the couple was placed in a hospital room, the Officer attempted to enter their room to arrest Jesse for evading the police.

Erlanger medical personnel turned the Officer away at that point, informing him that since Aline could not speak Jesse was needed to answer questions for the doctors.

Thursday morning Erlanger security informed the couple that a warrant for Jesse's arrest had been issued, and suggested he turn himself in. Aline says Jesse went to the Hamilton County Jail to turn himself in that evening. According to Aline, Jail employees told Jesse that they had no record of a warrant for him and told him he was free to go.

So Jesse returned to his ailing wife's bedside at Erlanger Medical Center.

"I thought it was over," said Aline, "but apparently it wasn't, I was awakened abruptly by people coming in the room."

On Friday morning the police were back at the hospital. This time Jesse surrendered to Erlanger Security who arrested him on behalf of the Chattanooga Police Department.

Eyewitness News was the only crew there as Jesse was released on $7,500 bond, about right hours after being arrested. He is facing seven charges related to Wednesday night's events, including felony evading arrest. He's due in court on July 9th.
Unfortunately, the outrage does not end there. The story continues:
Eyewitness News contacted Chattanooga Police today for their side of the story.

lLt. Kim Noorbergen says the officer was just "doing his job".

Beyond that, the department will not comment until a formal complaint is filed with the internal affairs department.
So, we have a brutal, egotistical cop who tries to prevent a stricken woman from receiving needed medical care because the man driving her stopped at red lights, and then went on when no traffic was approaching. And the Chattanooga Police Department wants this man to go to prison for several years?

The Times-Free Press has a good account, too, naming the officer (James Daves) and including this:
Lt. Kim Noorbergen, Chattanooga police spokeswoman, said there was a supervisory complaint filed against Officer Daves following the incident. The officer's supervisor, Sgt. Anthony Easter, reviewed the complaint and determined that "no policy violations, rules or procedures or laws were broken," she said.

If this case sounds familiar, it is because last year, a Dallas police officer held Dallas Cowboys player Ryan Moats literally at gunpoint because he and his family were trying to get to the hospital to be with his dying mother-in-law. The officer, or should I say FORMER officer, claimed that he was just "doing his job." After all, a football player who stops at red lights late at night (and then proceeds when no traffic is approaching) is a danger to us all.

So, while the Dallas Police Department ultimately fired the cop in that incident, we have the Chattanooga Police Department going all out to defend the undefendable. If this does not demonstrate the utter contempt with which the local cops have for the people they claim to "protect and serve," then nothing does. In Catoosa County, Det. Tim Deal fabricates documents that magically appear in the files. In Chattanooga, cops shoot unarmed people and brutalize a young couple who are trying to get emergency medical help.

When I lived in Chattanooga, the police cars had the slogan, "Let None Live in Fear," emblazoned on their sides. Seeing this latest incident makes me realize that decent, law-abiding citizens in Chattanooga should fear the police most of all. Indeed, Jesse and Aline Wright now know full well that Chattanooga cops are brutal, arrogant, and have a god complex.

I'm waiting to see how Mayor Ron Littlefield handles this one. My guess he will go along with the police union and try to make the claim that Jesse Wright is a dangerous criminal who needs to spend the next decade or so behind bars. So, I think we need to re-evaluate "Protect and Serve."

The purpose of the Chattanooga Police Department and the government of the City of Chattanooga is to protect the police from any consequences of their actions, no matter how outrageous. And serve means that Chattanoogans are expected to be the servants of the police.


JD said...

Couldn't this be seen as a civil rights violation since he was preventing someone from getting medical care?

Anonymous said...

One of the interesting parts of this is that hospital staff intervened and prevented the officer from following them into a treatment room and continuing his harassment of them.

Personally, this man should sue the living snot out of the cop shop. Maybe if folks out there get sued enough they will wise up and hire people who actually have more than 2 brain cells to rub together.

This man did exactly what the police and emergency folks tell the residents to do. Treat red lights like a stop sign, if a cop turns on his lights, proceed to the emergency dept. If there is a valid emergency, the police will do nothing as long as they were not driving recklessly.

What a jerk, I hope he gets fired. PLEASE print this moron's name.

Lame said...

I agree with Anon 12:20, publish this Hitler wannabe's name.

Johnny said...

And I can remember a time a friend had sort of a same story except he saw a cop car and pulled up next to it and explained what was going on and the cop said to follow him. Now that is what a fellow human being does for another human being.

People need to demand respect from their "paid" protectors. If it had been reversed the cop would have had no problem seeing as they take care of their own.

Lame said...

I had an incident happen to me in Altamonte Springs, Florida, when driving at around 11:30 at night. I saw police lights flashing up ahead, and so I checked my speedometer to be sure I wasn't speeding. There was a dark-coloured pickup behind me doing the same speed. As I passed the cop car whose lights were flashing, I saw that the cop was writing the guy a ticket. I thought to myself, "Be sure not to speed around here."

I pass the cop, drive on about 1/4 of a mile where there was a red light. I stopped, and it stayed red for about a minute then changed to green, and just as I started through the intersection, a cop car came barreling down the road about 50 mph (20 over the posted speed limit), lights flashing but no siren. The truck and another car behind him had turned right at the light while it was still red and had long gone. So, I pulled onto the soft shoulder to let the cop go past, as we're supposed to do. Instead of going on, the guy slamms on his brakes and pulls up behind me. I thought then, "WTF?" The cop finally comes up to my window and very rudely asks me why I thought it OK to drive so fast. I asked him what he was talking about, and he, still using a rude/arrogant tone of voice, says he clocked me doing 53 mph back down the road. I said that at no time did I pass 40mph, and that he must have me mistaken. He says how he saw me driving with no other cars in front or behind doing 53. I told him that there was a dark pickup behind me and we were both doing the same speed, and when I checked we were doing 35, then slowed to 30. I said he must have me confused with another car. he then started in on how he was using laser which is car specific. Know I wasn't speeding I then asked him if he had just finished writing another person a ticket, because if that was him, then he couldn't possibly have clocked my speed, because when I passed him he was outside of his car writing someone else a ticket, and not holding a radar gun. He then started yelling at me and saying things like, "I should arrest you right now for talking back to a police officer." I told him that (true at the time) I was taking law classes at university, and if he wanted to go to jail for false arest and harassment, then he could arrest me, but I wouldn't give him any reason for arresting me, and that if he wrote me a ticket that he would be wasting the paper, because I'd fight it. He then went back to his car, then came back about two minutes later and told me to, "Get the hell out of here."

I have great respect for most police, but as for Altamonte Springs Police Department, I have ZERO respect for them. It was an ASPD cop who threatened me with false arrest and a bogus ticket, it was an ASPD officer who took a girl's camera at a rock concert I was at and took a picture of his genitals and gave it back to her--something that is a matter of public record and made the local news. It was an ASPD officer who was my high school's SRO who repeatedly raped my friend from the time she was 16 till she was 18 and was never charged and never arrested, even after she filed a complaint against him. It was an ASPD officer who took a criminal suspect over to a witness's private residence so the witness could ID the suspect, rather than have the witness come to the precint, and the suspect after bailing out came back to the witness' home and shot his pregnant wife in the head. I could go on and on about those jerks.

MaidenAmerica said...

This is outrageous! That officer should be stripped of his badge! Is there anything the public can do other than complain to their voice mail or the Mayor's?

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that 226 years ago this same kind of stuff happened and people dumped tea in harbours. Now, we have to just sit and take it because the Constitution has been virtually done away with.

Janet said...

In this Opinion post, the officer's name is given:

Anonymous said...

Hmm, Jim Daves. I could swear I've heard that name somewhere before, and not in a good context.

John said...

Here is some on the story I refered to yesterday in my post about CPD shooting Mr. Heyward 59 shots were fired to bring him down.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see this post from yesterday's post? Where are the police and child protective services in this case, when there is clear evidence that a woman is molesting children? They jumped the gun on Tonya Craft, but they're doing absolutely nothing when the child shows actual emotional signs of molestation and a medical report conducted by a real professional clearly demonstrates the girl was molested.

John said...

anon 653

Sorry didn't see any proof of clear evidence. All were seeing is one side of the story. If there was clear evidence the state would have been involved already. I would want to see more and hear both sides before I jump the gun. Its easy to fall intow every time these claims are brought up.

Hopfully if this is true this person will get charged and the mother will be able to get the proper care for her chidren.

RobertS said...

I must say it's really nice when an officer will offer to turn on his lights and lead the way to a hospital for a real emergency.
Here the opposite seemed to happened, which is really embarassing. And it's not the 1st time. I think I have read where someone died because of an officer doing something like this.
More & more I see young kids as police officers, with very limited judgement. Ego or fear gets in the way of common sense.
They should apologize and trash the file, then hope the guy does not sue...

Jerri Lynn Ward said...

Channel 9 has even more details:

When Mr. Wright asked the officer with what felony he would be charged, this is what the officer said:

"I'll think of something you sh-- head."

Cops really think that they are some kind of occupying army, don't they?

dmk said...

Outrageous stories like this are just another example of "we get the government that we deserve". When you look at what most cops make, it should come as no surprise that their ranks aren't filled with the best and the brightest. For most of us, when we misjudge a situation or make a bad decision at work, probably no harm done that can't be corrected. Not usually the case for cops, so as a society we should be willing to do what it takes to get the best possible people doing that job for us.

I never condemn all members of any group just by association, and I know for a fact that there are some good, competent people working in law enforcement, but in general when dealing with cops I think it is safest to assume up front that you are dealing with a little man (or woman) hiding behind a big gun until proven otherwise. Although not a certified peace office myself, in a previous job I dealt with many who were and in fact had four that I directly supervised, so I know the culture well. These weren't patrol officers, but instead something along the lines of game wardens. When recruiting and hiring, we always had to be very, very careful to weed out those who just wanted the gun and badge even though that aspect of their job made up only 20% or so of their duties and responsibilities. Telling the good from the bad is easy - good ones see enforcement as just a sometimes necessary tool toward the ultimate goal of helping people, the bad ones see enforcement as the ultimate objective in and of itself. If there is even a hint of that last bit of thinking at the start, it is a given it will get exponentially worse once they get around others that have the same mentality and begin to feed each other's ego and god complex.

As a society, all we can do is demand accountability. Don't just work to get them fired, they will just move one town over. File complaints and try to get their certification revoked to get them out of law enforcement forever.

law abiding citizen said...

"let none live in fear" indeed.

i could notice an unknown car in my driveway and would think nothing of it... but if i were to see a police car in my driveway, i would be very fearful. not for what they may be there to tell me, but for what they may have up their sleeves.

this fear comes from two friends who, in the past two years, were arrested and charged for crimes they did not commit. and upon being arrested and charged, were treated so very inhumanely that i cannot help but wonder how they kept their composure and did not verbally and/or physically attack several of the officers involved in the arrest and booking.

it is a shame that so many individuals who have vowed to protect and serve the people in their own communities have attitudes and egos that are so inflated, they choose to bully and display hatred and meanness instead.

i am thankful to know that there are a handful of good, honest police officers in chattanooga. and the only reason i know this, is because i lived next door to one two years ago in waterhaven. he was a man who exemplified honor. knowing him restored a small amount of faith i have in the chattanooga police department.

a few weeks ago, tonya and i were having lunch with a mutual friend who described to us a night he spent riding with a chattanooga police officer. the officer was his neighbor and friend.
he described his friend as a very kind man. he then went on to describe his night with this officer... telling us that when this man put on his uniform and entered his police vehicle, he changed. he became mean and hateful.
our friend then described to us the violence he witnessed at the chattanooga jail. the violence he witnessed was by the hands of officers bringing those they had arrested to the jail, as well as those working at the jail. violence that, as our friend described, was not at all warranted.

what causes these officers to behave in that manner? do they choose to become police officers with a desire to abuse their authority? what recourse does an individual have when faced with such injustice? what can a community do to remove the badges from those who are not deserving of authority? who can they turn to?

Anonymous said...

this is why they are called PIGS!

Jerri Lynn Ward said...


Read this:

Public sector employees are outstripping the private sector in pay. I don't think what they make is the problem. I think that Murray Rothbard's capture theory is at work here. Public sector employees capture control of the entity for which they work and turn it to their own ends. Police unions aid in this and are every bit as bad as the teacher's unions.

Federal grants to police departments play a role as well. When the locals don't control the purse strings of the police, they lose control of other aspects as well.

Anonymous said...

So they should get about 100k for this. The shit head cop will be a mall cop at hamilton. cheers.

Anonymous said...

Well you can file an internal affairs complaint via email:

maybe if they get a couple hundred they will address the issue. I filed mine;)

I signed it "Just doing my Job"

Anonymous said...

Internal affairs is a joke!!! It is still Chattanooga cops. I can assure you internal affairs will not find anything wrong.We have no current police chief and Mayor Littlefield is the laughing stock of the south. I hope they sue, unfortunately this is the only way the good 'ole boys system in Hamilton County is going to change, when the money runs out from so many lawsuits.

William L. Anderson said...

Amazing. Even Channel 9 this time did not declare Mr. Wright an "enemy of the people" as it did Tonya Craft. I guess miracles do happen.

I find it interesting that the cops charged Mr. Wright with failure to turn himself in, even after he went to turn himself in. So, we find Chattanooga cops fabricating events, lying, and then making transparently false charges.

So, my guess is that the police union will demand Mr. Wright get the death penalty or something, as the union always backs up the cops, no matter how outrageous or dishonest their behavior. Ron Littlefield, as always, will kowtow to these thugs.

Anonymous said...

In a recent conversation with someone who plays a role in overseeing the behavior of prosecutors in Georgia, the person told me that the prosecutors in the Tonya Craft case simply were "doing their jobs."
Umm someone is a mite confused. SCOTUS was very clear about that. The role of the prosecutor is not to seek convictions but to see that justice is done. Amazing that someone who's job it is to oversee prosecutors don't realize that by now.


grits said...

People are becoming polarized on issues and beliefs and see compromise as a sign of weakness, not strength. Furthermore, the words "I was wrong" are viewed as a sign of weakness when, in fact, they usually require the most courage and character. So we see accusers, prosecutors and police painting themselves into corners and not having the character to admit they were wrong. I haven't had any run-ins with accusers or prosecutors. But just interacting with police at downtown festivals and church (several members are police) I am surprised at their arrogance. Their righteousness is absolute and there is no compromise - pretty scary.

Anonymous said...

Back in the 1960’s there was a notion that people who engaged in criminal behavior just needed “help” because they had bad childhoods. That seemingly humane approach did not work, and we now seem to be in the throws of the backlash, where anybody just charged with a crime is by definition a “bad guy” and therefore worthy of no respect.

In the case of Jesse Wright, if “no policy violations, rules or procedures or laws were broken”, maybe it’s time new policies were enacted -- though it appears the question is, who is there to enact any new policies or procedures?

For a veteran to come back to this situation is atrocious. Like the charges against Tonya Craft, this kind of thing can apparently happen to any one of us who, in some way or the other, buck the “system“, whatever “the system“ may be, no matter how reasonable or “safe“ our actions may actually have been.

A government of the people, by the people, and for the people? Apparently not any more.

Anonymous said...

That is a despicable excuse. The tennessee code clearly provides that justification and necessity are defenses to any criminal charge (and running a red light is a C misdemeanor). Necessity means the need to avoid harm outweighs the risks posed by violating the law. This officer was not doing his job and posed a clear threat to the well-being of her. He is ignorant of the law he swore to uphold and ought to be fired. This is typical CPD behavior.

Kathy R said...

Mr Anderson I have read you blog from the beginning and have always enjoyed it but after being attacked for taking up for children I will no longer read it or comment. I have been called ever thing from crazy to Miriam Boyd, which by the way I take great offense to. Go back read my post and tell me one time I have taken up for the adults as one poster suggested. I will continue to support Tonya as I have always done but I will do it in a way that I'm not called crazy or a B#Z7# or a liar. No ill will toward you Mr Anderson I am just tired of defending every comment I make if others don't agree with it.

Anonymous said...


They do not want to admit any guilt by saying 'I was wrong' because of potential litigation.

Anonymous said...

Bye troll

William L. Anderson said...

I understand, Kathy. I'm sorry for those attacks, too. As you know, I pretty much leave the board open, even if I don't approve of all of the comments.

Should you decide to come back, you will be welcome. (And, no, you definitely are not Mariam Boyd, as I figure Boyd thinks I am a direct offspring of the Devil.)

Anonymous said...

I don't have the slightest use for Gregor and Arndt. However, if Mr. Anderson doesn't like people who act like "dishonest bullies," there are plenty of criminal defense attorneys who more than fit that description.

Defense lawyers (with a client they know is dead-bang guilty) shout at and bully witnesses on cross examination. Not every time, but I have seen it in person.

Anonymous said...

The charges for prosecutors and defense council are different. Prosecutors are charged with a quest for justice and given a set of rules to follow (which we see all too often they don't). Defense attorneys are charged with providing the best "vigorous defense" for their client under the color of the law and rules of procedure. I don't agree with their tactics at times either, but they are representing usually 1 client. The prosecutors come to the plate with the full weight of the state so in the "my bully is bigger than your bully" game they hold all the cards.

dmk said...

@ Jerri Lynn Ward

Interesting article, but I think there is a bit of cherry picking going on there. Even if the article was a totally fair and accurate portrayal (which it's not as pointed out in the comments), using California as an example of the rest of the country isn't a good comparison in about any subject you want to pick, no matter how much it fits your agenda in this case.

According to the Georgia Department of Public Safety website, upon graduating from the academy a Georgia State Patrol (GSP) road officer can expect the princely sum of $35,741 for working all sorts of weird days and hours helping pull dead people out of crashed cars along with other fun and satisfying activities. For comparison's sake, the 2008 Georgia Household Median Income is $50,834. And, GSP, aka God's Special People, historically have been some of the most desired law enforcement jobs in GA because of their starting pay and since in the past they have received legislatively targeted special raises other agencies didn't. Without exception, every cop I know in this area works some sort of second job and lives a very modest lifestyle even then. That may not jive with any "millionaire public servant" Forbes propaganda, but it's a fact, and I don't think it's unique to just here.

One thing you can count on in life is "you get what you pay for".

William L. Anderson said...

It is true that some criminal defense attorneys are dishonest and I don't defend bullying behavior. However, bullying by the defense does not go to the very heart of the system.

A criminal defense attorney has the duty to defend his or her client, not offer the person up as a sacrifice for prosecutors. Like it or not, an adversarial system has its advantages in determining justice.

However, when a prosecutor lies or fabricates evidence, as we saw in the Tonya Craft case, that goes to the heart of the system, for we now have the entity that claims to be seeking after the truth to be the source of lies. No society can survive that kind of an onslaught from the authorities.

Now, we don't have to like what defense attorneys say or like their tactics, and I said as much in dealing with the attorneys' tactics in the Christian-Newsome murders in Knoxville (East Tennessee Business Journal). However, our Constitution and our legal traditions hold that each criminal defendant is entitled to a vigorous defense, and I, for one, believe that is the best way to justice.

The alternative is to let the Arnts and Gregors decide who is guilty and what will be their punishment. If you really feel confident in the veracity of people like this, then that is another matter. I don't.

volfan69 said...

Just doing his job? Yeah, "Wright" he was just doing his job. I can only hope the judge will dismiss the charges against Mr. Wright and he can go back to work.

Kathy R, please don't allow small-minded people to cause you to leave. I enjoy the opinions of all who post here. It doesn't matter if I agree or not...I get different perspectives. I don't believe in reality. There is only perception. We all percieve things in a different way. That is what keeps us learning and growing...when we listen to views other than our own. However, I, too, think people should not accuse the children of anything. They are pawns in this chess game and are innocent. Some of them appear to me to be in need of help, but they are not the ones that started all of the problems. Bobb

drive by said...

I think I am one of those who has been called a “drive-by poster”. I do not live in the Chattanooga area, but I do have friends and family there.

I am very, very, very sorry to see that Kathy R. feels compelled to stop posting on this forum. I can understand her hurt feelings, and I think that we females, especially, have to learn how to identify and stand against what has been called “relational aggression” and “female bullying” ( even though males participate, too.

It seems clear that kind of activity was a big factor in the Tonya Craft situation. I am a woman but I live in a big city and have usually worked in technical fields where social factors take a back seat to getting the work done. I guess one reason I chose that kind of work was that I never got along in “cliques” and never wanted to. Can women with a more “social” orientation than mine learn to have differing views without calling one another “bad” or evil? The relational aggression may be evil. Let’s focus on that, not on each other.

A reader from Atlanta

KDaw said...

Kathy R, I will miss your perspective. Please don't let a small minded few take away your enjoyment here. Bobb and Reader from Atlanta put it quite well. If you decide to come back, I look forward to your opinions. I too HATED the office type jobs just because of the office gossip pools that female colleagues participated in. I used to babysit for income but, now I am afraid to do that. I think I will stick with animals. They love you no matter what and can see through someone's b.s. My dogs are always an excellent judge of character.

Kathy R said...

I promised to stop posting and I will but I have to say thank you to reader from Atlanta, grits, gossip girl, KDaw and Bobb. You may not always agree with me but have always treated me respectfully. I feel as if I am taking the focus off of the reason for this blog and I never intended that. Some say the school isn't what this is about but in a lot of ways it is. The way children are treated today will shape who they are in their adulthood. My son attended CES and was treated poorly by some of the kids zoned for CES because he was a county boy. I worked extra to save money to pay tuition so he could get a better education than what he would have gotten in the county, his second day at school he came home crying telling me some kids don't want him there. Kids said he thinks he owns the school and is special because his parent's have money. Where do kids learn to treat others that way...from anonymous posters that have said over and over they don't want R.L. there. For the sake of that child's emotional well-being if she does return in the fall do not allow your children to be mean and make her feel unwanted. Those feelings manifest into feelings of poor self-worth. The kids have all been through enough and if Tonya herself posted here she would agree. You may not want your child around her and that is your right I would only hope your child has not heard you and in turn bully R.L. if she returns in the fall. I am not pretending to be a Tonya Craft Supporter I am one of her biggest supporters. I have e-mailed Mr. Anderson privately several times, he know who I am and how I feel.

kbp said...

Anon 6:53 AM,

After a couple posts here on the topic, I took the time necessary to read the link and ALL the comments posted by "mmwardmaida", who I must assume is a female and mother, judging from her comments.

On March 27, a day after becoming a member at that message board, her first post is in a thread she started titled sole and Physical custody- re location.

That 10:46 an post states;
" I have sole and physical custody of my daughter, just recently my ex-husband was given visitation, but I am wanting to move out of state, which was planned for a long time. Because I do have sole and physical custody is there anything I have to do to, if anything legally to re-locate? Also in my divorce decree it does NOT have stipulations for re-location and where the child reside. Please help. Thank you"

Her next comments, posted at 10:68, 10:42, 11:30 PM ans 12:41 PM the following day include in part:
" ... And besides because there has and is currently pending criminal charges of domestic violence against him involving & nbs... that I will not have any problems with him fighting the move when he is notified.

... I am moving for better financial opportunity.

... I guess the good thing for me is that my ex-husband is not the kind of person to take anyone to court.

... The only way he could continue his visits is if he goes to the children and if he's not in jail after this Wed coming up.

The next posts by this person, as you had linked, start in a new thread she'd started on June 17, titled sexual abuse against a child.

Within this new thread she states;

" My daughter was molested by her father's live in girlfriend

... Her pediatrician noted in her report of the physical irritation in the vaginal area and the the other doc noted in her report of my daughter stating where and who hurt her.

... this woman has a history and complaints of hurting other children but never charged for abuse

The posts make it clear that the visit to the "other doc" was not at the same time as that with her pediatrician. It's not clear what the "other doc" means or who scheduled this appointment.

Just a small matter here, she also responds to a question about the Ex by saying he admits the molestation to her sister, but then said she "was just making it up" in court.

So we know she wanted to move.

She was moving for financial reasons.

Was concerned about how she could move the children to another state.

The EX evidently handled the charges he faced.

Three months later claims of molestation come into play.

Authorities and the courts hear these claims.

She is now not talking about financial gain from moving.

She wants a restraining order so the girlfriend of the EX can't be in contact with her children.

That's the total I get from the link posted, absent any opinions from me on WHY she has been posting there.

If her child has been molested, I hope for all the protection she can get for that child.

If there has not been a molestation, I hope any responsible for false reports are held responsible for their conduct.

Thanks for the link and have a great day.

Rob said...


It's hard for someone to say he's wrong when he feels supremely confident that he's right.

Anonymous @ 1:12 PM:

Sorry but you're mistaken. It's never been a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. It's always been a government of the government, by the government, and for the government.


While you may not "believe" in reality, as far as I can tell reality "believes" in you. ;)

(My point here is that, if there really were no underlying reality, then each of us would perceive whatever he wants to perceive.)


KC Sprayberry said...

KDaw, you're right on with the animals but I prefer cats. Mine is the best shrink in the world. He'll sit in my lap and purr whilst I pour out my woes. No advice, just comfort.
Kathy R. Come on back. We all need the differing viewpoints to balance us. I haven't commented on your stuff but mostly, I agree. What I don't, I figure is the differences between us. No big. That's life and if we were all the same, we'd be a bunch of huge bores.

kbp said...


Every thread of comments seems to always have some which disagree.

If one leaves solely because of comments from others who disagree with them, that leaves the thread of comments absent their opposing opinion.

Eventually ALL will disagree on something discussed, we're never all in complete agreement, so in the end only one is left to post and read their own comments

...if those who disagree will not keep posting their opinion.

We'll miss your opinion if you leave.

My vote is for you to stay and just ignore those who may bother you and state your opinon without directing to them.

KC Sprayberry said...

Kathy R. I agree with you about not bullying RL. She's as entitled to an education as much as any other child in the Chickamauga system, as any other child in the world. However, kids often repeat what they've heard their parents say. They also take on that attitude. But there is one way to handle it, a way that is considered politically incorrect but always works. Let the kids handle it. They have an amazing way of taking care of bullies without throwing fists or ugly words. Ignoring the child making trouble usually works best to make that kid understand no one wants their drama or grief. Having friends is important while growing up, but kids also need to learn limits. Unless they do, they'll always be miserable.

Rob said...

Mr. Anderson:

By the way, why do you think that all (or nearly all) prosecutors work for the government these days? As far as I know, in earlier times the prosecutors were always private lawyers as well. Back then, the government never pressed charges against anyone; private individuals did. I think it's a real problem when the people making the accusations are a part of (or somehow affiliated with) the government, because the government by definition controls the law. What incentive is there for them to not stack the deck in their favor at that point? After all, then they can make all the false accusations they want, and escape any real consequences for doing so.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on this matter. I suspect you agree with me, but I could be wrong.


William L. Anderson said...

Actually, Rob, I believe that there should be no permanent prosecutors, and certainly not employed and protected by the state. Ultimately, we see the self-selection into that profession by people like Arnt and Gregor who are liars and bullies, but are protected by the government from meeting the bar of justice.

Murray Rothbard believed that all charges should be in the civil arena and there be no criminal law at all. I'm not sure as to whether or not I agree with that assessment, but after seeing the LMJC in action in which time after time we see people charged with "crimes" that never even happened, then one has to wonder if the system ever can be "reformed." I have my doubts.

So, no, I have no real good answers. This is the system we have, and it is attracting the wrong kind of people.

Anonymous said...

KathyR tuition is only $500.00 per year,not thousands.A few yeas ago they increased it,for the longest it was only $175.00.

Anonymous said...

I was the poster at 2:51 PM. I just read Mr. Anderson's piece on the Christian-Newsom trials at the East Tennessee Business Journal. I was not aware of it and thank him for his opinion, although I don't agree completely.

I have written several articles on the Christian-Newsom trials for the Trials & Tribulations blog under the name "David In Tennessee." Most were linked at the Liestoppers blog. I attended 3 days of Vanessa Coleman's trial and the sentencing hearing for Lemaricus Davidson on June 11.

I spoke briefly with Chris Newsom's parents. Once, I almost told Hugh Newsom that the defense attorneys were doing what they had to do, but decided not to, as Mr. Newsom did not come out of this with warm feelings for defense attorneys.

Hugh and Mary Newsom think about what was done to their son every hour of their lives.

The dubious tactics by the defense teams did not end with the Davidson trial. The defense argument in the final trial was that Vanessa Coleman, girlfriend of Davidson's brother, was held in the murder house against her will. Theodore Lavitt, Vanessa Coleman's attorney, made Trant and Eldridge look like shrinking violets, and unlike them, he was partially successful.

Lavitt got his client not guilty verdicts on both murders, only facilitation of Channon's rape and murder. Throughout, Lavitt yelled and bullied on cross examination. When the prosecutors objected, Judge Baumgartner overruled saying, "But he's on cross."

At Coleman's sentencing hearing on July 30, Lavitt will be arguing that she should be turned loose free as a bird. "Vanessa was a kidnap victim herself," he claims. Does anyone who has studied this case in an objective way think Vanessa Coleman would have helped the victims escape if she could have? Do you care to guess which of the suspects kicked Channon's vaginal area bloody? I think we know.

By the way, I talked up the innocence of the Duke LAX players anywhere I could. There is nothing inconsistent about condemning Nifong and praising the prosecution in the Christian-Newsom trials.

I could see that the victim's parents have taken to lead prosecutor Takisha Fitzgerald, as Mr. Anderson wrote. She was great in her closing argument for the Davidson trial.

My impression of Judge Baumgartner is that he was trying to avoid an appeal. This is what motivated his decisions, such as providing Nashville juries for two trials.

Thanks to Mr. Anderson for letting me have my say.

David In Tennessee

JD said...

Mr Anderson,

I agree with you 100%, but I wouldn't stop at prosecutors. I believe in term limits for politicians also. Being from Illinois we have had Michael Madigan as our Speaker of the House for 20 years, except for the 2 years the Republicans had the majority. In addition, to Mayor Daley being in charge of Chicago, which has lots of corruption, for over 20 years.

I truly believe the founders of our constitution did not mean for people to make their living at being a Senator, Governor, Representative, etc. People were supposed to come and serve so long and then go back to what they were doing. While I didn't agree with everything former Sen. Frist from Tennessee did, he did do what he set out to do. He said he was going to not be in office more than 2 terms and he wasn't. He went back to his, from what I heard, prestigious career as a cardiac surgeon. That I can respect. The reason for this is so people in Congress will understand what is really going on outside the Beltway.

By the way, our governors don't stick around as long. They have a tendency to leave and then get indicted on charges or get indicted while in office for charges that show corruption.

Anonymous said...

I don't read this blog daily, so I am not familiar with you as others are. Because I don't know you, I only responded to your one post that confused me. When I was saying that the summation of that final interview with R.L. was "crazy"...and I told M.B. that she was hanging with loons. You responded something like "to the poster who made the crazy comment,...I'm crazy like a fox..." I was like..."What"?... I didn't call anyone crazy and I only directed my comment to Miriam. I couldn't understand why you responded.

Please forgive me. I guess I just come on hear long enough to get confused sometimes. Enjoy your interaction with these many friends you obviously have:)

Ooltewah mom

Anonymous said...

RL should not attend any school until she gets real help.No offense to the child,but she should not be around young girls until she does get help.

Anonymous said...

I was remembering it wrong...I re-read what you said, two comments below mine. "Thanks for the crazy a fox baby". Maybe you were talking to someone else about another comment. Still confused,...but I guess that's easy to do with words only, and no facial expressions. Wonder how many wars have mistakenly been started this way...scary thought. Anyway I AM sorry.

Ooltewah mom

William L. Anderson said...

David in Tennessee,

I concur with you about Takisha Fitzgerald and Judge Baumgartner. Because of the racial nature of these charges, the last thing he wanted was to be accused of racial discrimination or worse. Fitzgerald did a very good job, and she did it with the kind of integrity one would hope a person in that position should have.

A railroad would have been quite easy in this situation, but I think that the prosecution held its ground without being inflammatory, which must have been absolutely difficult, given the sheer horror of this case.

The law states that a defense cannot present a knowingly false case, and I thought that the "drug deal" defense fell into that category. I don't think that Baumgartner should have permitted it, but he did and Cobbins got life instead of the death penalty.

Of the four defendants, Davidson clearly was the worst of the worst, but I also think that Vanessa Coleman was no kidnap victim at all. From what I understand, she seemed to be enjoying the whole torture-murder episode.

Now, I do believe that the bar must be set high for a conviction. Prosecutors like Arnt and Gregor want no bar at all: if you are accused, you are guilty. Thus, I would rather have the results we saw in Knoxville as opposed to the conviction of Brad Wade, who was railroaded by professional liars Stacy Long and Len Gregor.

Anonymous said...

KathyR so what if people don't agree with you.Stop crying & deal,how old are you?Only a child would act the way you are.Take the chip off of your shoulder & grow up.

Kathy R said...

Thanks to everyone for the support. My feelings were hurt and I acted a bit childish but I love this blog and it is addictive. There are so many points of view I would have never thought of on my own. I promise from this point on to stay on topic and not respond in negativity. Ooltewah mom it does get confusing, no need to say sorry but I appreciate that you did. I was referring to the poster who said Kathy R you are crazy, I was being a a smart*** with my like a fox baby stuff.
I was pulled over a few months back in Hixson by the CPD. The officer pulled me over for speeding despite the fact others were passing me. He asked me in the course of our conversation "Where are you going and where are coming from?" I told him that is irrelevant, give me my ticket so I can be on my way. I was speeding and I didn't deny it. 10 minutes of questing was really to much at that point. (it irritated me that he thought he had the right to know my business) He said "Well I was just gonna give you a warning but since you asked for a ticket here you go" The majority of the time the attitude seems to be them and us. I asked him why he pulled me over instead of the couple of cars going faster than me, his reply "It's your lucky day, you should go buy a lottery ticket."

Anonymous said...

Cobbins' attorney did not use the "drug deal" defense. Only Davidson's team (at his direction) did that. Scott Green, Cobbins' attorney, admitted his client raped the girl, but claimed Cobbins was afraid of Davidson.

The judge severed the trials, which was a break for the defense. You had the spectacle of the most horrific murders in recent Tenessee history with each suspect claiming to have seen and heard nothing while admitting being in a small house.

Davidson was indeed the worst of the worst. Observing him in person at the sentencing hearing, he didn't look concerned. During the powerful victim impact statements, Davidson wore a defiant expression.

Vanessa Coleman kept a journal which was produced in court. The day after leaving Knoxville, she wrote of her "Great adventure in the big T.N." The Nashville jury ignored it, judging by their verdict.

I admit to having strong feelings after writing about this case and attending some of the proceedings.

David In Tennessee

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kathy....and I'd have said to that officer..."Yes sir I will, but if I win you just forfeited your cut by giving me this ticket"

Ooltewah mom

Anonymous said...

KathyR oh boy we get to keep hearing from you.Do you feel better after acting like a two year old?

Trish said...

Seems like a lot of police officers these days, were bullied in school and now they have a badge and a gun, so they have become the bullies!! Really sad when we have to fear those who are suppose to protect us.

volfan69 said...

@anon 7:12
KathyR is grown up enough to post a name. YOU are the two year old that keeps posting as anon. Go away troll! I'd rather read what KathyR writes than read your foolish, illiterate scribble. Pppffffftttt!

@Rob 4:28
"...If there really were no underlying reality, then each of us would perceive whatever he wants to perceive." Thank you for proving my point. We all preceive what we want to preceive. You can say the sky is blue and I can say the sky is green...who can prove their point? NO ONE! You can say that grass is green and I can say that grass is brown...who can prove their point? NO ONE! You can say that there is no God and I can say that there is a God...who can prove their point? NO ONE! Therefore, we all preceive what we want to preceive. AN EXAMPLE: I preceive anon 7:12 as a TROLL! Can you prove that I am wrong? As always, thanks, Bobb

Kathy R said...

Ooltewah mom that's a good one. I did buy one but I didn't win anything. I thought it might be an omen or something hahaha

Anonymous said...

I am very sorry to hear of this incident wherein a police officer, one who is pledged to protect and serve, caused this family so much grief.

While our police officers are not all saints, God Bless the NYPD, Protect and Serve is their motto and they have done so for the most part for generations.

Never, ever, would I have heard of a NYPD officer arresting a gentleman for speeding to take his critically ill wife to hospital.

Perhaps it might be because our NYPD cadets must have at least 2 years of college -preferred a BA -before entering the Academy? And, also, a a slew of recommendations.

Again, the NYPD is not perfect, we have had our share of renegades--but OVERSIGHT.

Oversight. That is what is important.

Methinks this officer--more likely , his superiors, should be disciplined and set out to do other tasks, but not to be accountable to protect and serve.

Anonymous said...

volfan69 i have never heard you speak that way before.KathyR did act like a baby.Volfan i like you i always have,but she did act childish.

Kathy R said...

Thanks Bobb. Your thought on perception are right on point.

KDaw said...

Anon 7:12, Grow up and stop the childish name calling. It seems you are unable to form a coherent thought without calling names.

Kathy R. I think I need to come walk with you in Chick-town. My Granny graduated from Gordon Lee many moons ago. I would like to visit a few places in town and it would be good to have a friend that has like interests.

Kathy R said...

That would be nice. I would like the company. I truly feel greatful for all of you. I would love it! Before I go to bed tonight I will say a prayer not that Joal Henke have a Happy Father's but that Tonya's daughter will have the truth laid on heart and not feel afraid of her mother anymore. K

gossip girl said...

i am curious as to whether or not you will choose to delve deeper into the churches that certain accusers/investigators/DA's are members of. churches who seem to have chosen to look the other way in this case.
the church i am most interested in hearing about is eastwood church on ooltewah-ringgold road in ooltewah. the church tonya and joal attended when they were married. where joal now attends with his new family. there were many members who attended the trial sporadically and a few who attended every day. to the best of my knowledge, they all sat on the prosecution side.
i paid close attention to one in particular (who i believe never missed a day of the trail), each day wondering how he continued to sit there day after day, absorbing the same information that i was absorbing, and yet, has had no apparent change of heart.
i have heard several say that joal is a very deceptive man. is he really that good at deceiving people, that an entire church would choose to become so ignorant to the facts of this case, facts that very clearly show joal's character and manipulation of his own daughter? how can every one else in chattanooga/north georgia see him for evil man that he is, and the people of this church continue to bow to him? i want to understand this.

Lame said...

Drive by,
A "drive-by poster" is not someone who doesn't live in the area. As previously stated, I live in Utah, and unless some of you reading this live in Ogelthorpe Co, I have no relatives you might know.

A "drive-by poster" is someone who logs on here, reads something and doesn't know the context and makes a totally ignorant post. Your post is not drive-by in the least.

kbp said...

For those following, Angie has new post up on Brad's case.

Now for the investigators role

Anonymous said...

kbp, I understand your hesitance to accept this woman's version, and Laurie Evans' history of false accusations of sexual abuse for financial gain makes me warry of things too. Still, this following statement she made is striking:

"The catch on this issue is that the father has visitation approved by the court, I'm NOT wanting to keep the children from their father, I just want that woman to stay away from my daughters. Someone Please help me keep my daughters safe from this woman!!!!"

Lame said...

Volvan, you are almost right. The perosn on here who keeps on calling Kathy R names is not childish, that person is a troll, the sole purpose of their posting being to get someone's goat and cause general emotional harm. People like that come on to the internet to insult people because they're too chicken to say things in person, and they hide behind an "Anonymous" name because they would piss their pants if someone knew their real name and confronted them.

William L. Anderson said...

Gossip Girl,

Indeed, Joal Henke is a manipulative person. His nickname for years was "Homewrecker," and I think all of us understand how he got that name.

Don't forget that he and Sarah committed perjury during the Tonya Craft trial. I can tell you that anyone who openly lied like they did and who were members of our church would be disciplined and, if they did not come clean, would be excommunicated.

Unfortunately, Joal and his wife will continue to manipulate people at Eastwood. The whole thing is pretty disgusting to me, especially the fact that the people from that church were willing to approve of the lies Joal and Sarah told, as well as the lies and abuse from Arnt and Gregor.

When churches embrace lies, then they no longer are places where the Gospel is preached. As far as I am concerned, Eastwood, while having good people in its membership, no longer is a Christian church. As long as it embraces lies, then it needs to get rid of the Cross and take another symbol.

I know that sounds harsh, and I know there are good people at Eastwood, but what a number of people did there was so wrong and so evil that I cannot ignore it and sweep it under the rug. I'm not condemning everyone at Eastwood, not by a long shot, but nonetheless if people there really believe Joal Henke is a wonderful Christian, then they need to re-read their Scriptures.

William L. Anderson said...

I would like to add that perhaps the first place for the people at Eastwood to look when reading the Bible is Proverbs 6: 16-19:

16 There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him:
17 haughty eyes, a lying tongue,and hands that shed innocent blood,
18 a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil,
19 a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers.

This coming week, I will be devoting some space to the lies that Joal and Sarah told on the stand. To me, committing perjury so that a woman can be sent to prison for the rest of her life is about as evil a thing as one can do. If the membership of the Eastwood Church wants to believe those lies -- despite the fact that they are transparently false -- then there is not much hope for the place.

Anonymous said...

Why is everone behind KathyR she acted like a spoiled rotten bratt today.Can you not read her post?

Anonymous said...

If Mr.Wright were an African-American, he would have also been a patient in Erlanger emergency room because the CPD officer most likely would have shot him. They have a history of that.

Anonymous said...

anon 11;45 don't go down that road.The CPD shoot gang bangers.No one misses them.

kbp said...

Anon 10:58,

What one might perceive as "hesitance" by me is the result of contradictions within the numerous comments posted by the same person.

As an example, you quote one where she claims she is "NOT wanting to keep the children from their father", while less than 3 months earlier she was wanting to move the children to a state away from the father for "financial" reasons.

Maybe it's just a coincidence or maybe it's not. I don't know, so I stated what my hopes were for the situation both if it were true, or if it is not.

That's about the best I can do with the limited information provided. The only opinion I'll add on the topic is that this blog has centered on a case about false claims, so I do not see any advantage for one posting about the claims unless they want us to point out what shows they too may also be fabricated.

KDaw said...

Anon 11:37,
Don't you understand there are no sides here. This is not high school or a popularity contest. This forum is for open and sometimes brutally honest debate, among people who don't always see eye to eye. However, we do try to debate in a civilized manner, name calling and outright meanness are not a constructive way to achieve anything. We all have bad days where what we post may be misconstrued by someone who may not have been following all of the actual conversations.
I have learned how to take my anger and channel it in a way that can actually change things in the LMJC. This is my home and I take offense to the way that the DA's, Judges, and law enforcement have abused the power that we the voters have entrusted them with. My ancestors were among the first white settlers in this area. They fought and died for the rights that our constitution allows us. And most people take those very rights for granted until they are stripped from you. For example Tonya Craft.
Please stop with the personal attacks and just learn. We are not at war with each other and no one is going to get a prize for being most popular. Here we are equals.

Lame said...

On the issue of the woman whose child was possibly molested by a woman, I think it is important to discuss issues such as this here, and that is not off topic, because what is clearly needed is a proper investigation, and not a shoddy one that could put somoene in jail who doesn't deserve to be there.

Also, it does show the duality wherein some people are railroaded with absolutely no evidence, and the child is coached into disclosing, whereas in cases such as this, where there is at least some evidence and the child disclosed of their own valition, some people are left to molest again and again. It shows that prosecutors and police pick and choose that which they investigate and prosecute rather than doing the job to which they are sworn, to serve, protect and uphold justice.

Abraham said...

I still wonder what was the real relationship between Arnt & S. Lamb; "Friends" is all I have heard.
Was their relationship maybe so close, that he respected her enough to accept all she told him as the absolute truth, then help her in every way to prove what she was saying to be fact?
This whole story got WAY OFF TRACK somehow early on, & I am just trying to determine how & WHO is mostly responsible?

Anonymous said...


Determining who is responsible for these false allegations will be the focus of the civil trial. I assume the more responsibility one shoulders, the higher the $$$ amount rewarded to Ms Craft.

I'm hoping that all motions to dismiss are denied since I think it may get very interesting watching these folks turn on each other in an attempt to deflect blame.

Also, just by gauging the response of the CAC, the DA's office, and Sheriff Summers, this federal lawsuit MUST come to fruition in order to really make substantial changes to our local system. Instead of acknowledging that perhaps their methods or practices should change to better serve the public, we continued to hear thatthey were all just "doing their jobs." Pathetic!

Kerwyn said...


Whether I agree with your comments or not, I will give you this advice.

In the blog world you take everything with a grain of salt. You could say the sky is blue and someone WILL disagree with you. That is the way of the anonymity the web offers.

One of the ways you can assist yourself is in how you post. Prior to posting, re read your comments, be sure you have correct punctuation, spelling and basic grammar. Make sure the idea or opinion you are trying to convey is stated as clearly as possible. If you choose to call someone crazy or any other negative word, explain it. Remember although you may be terribly passionate about your feelings, remember, so are they.

Spirited debate is an excellent tool for change as well as education, however spirited can, at times, devolve into hurled insults.

I have noted that you have made posts that then require you to explain yourself when others attack your words, hence my above advice on careful posting.

Lastly, people WILL disagree with you and as such, you must grow a bit thicker skin.

kbp said...

Lame said:
"...Also, it does show the duality wherein some people are railroaded with absolutely no evidence, and the child is coached into disclosing, whereas in cases such as this, where there is at least some evidence and the child disclosed of their own valition, some people are left to molest again and again."

Unless I am reading this incorrectly, it shows that in a "case such as THIS", that which mmwardmaida posted about, it is conclusive that "some people are left to molest again and again."

What may have caused the "physical irritation in the vaginal area" is unknown, or inconclusive.

Regarding the alleged victim's own volition in reporting the alleged crime, I'm uncertain how you came to that conclusion. In addition to the claim that a pediatrician reported on the matter, the posts also tell us;

"...the other doc noted in her report of my daughter stating where and who hurt her. The doc did verbally tell me that she was molested", and

"... the medical exam from the specialist did not happen until after the hearing",

so I see nothing conclusive about how the alleged victim came up with or volunteered what she is said to have disclosed.

As for any person being "left to molest again and again", the claim made about the girlfriend of the EX was that "this woman has a history and complaints of hurting other children but never charged for abuse", which leaves me uncertain that the type of unproven allegations of "hurting" or "abuse" involved molestation one or more times.

In my always skeptical opinion, the totality of what mmwardmaida has posted can only lead me to ask many questions before I could even begin to form a conclusive opinion on what may or may not have happened.

About the strongest conclusive factor I saw in the comments was that the court had concluded it would not restrain contact between the parties in question, and the court had much more to go on than I do.

Dan said...

So let me get this straight.

An RN is showing symptoms of a stroke. Her husband, a trained nurse technician (also a veteran medic AND mobile EMT), calls then rushes to the very same local trauma center, where they both work.

During the trip, he deploys emergency blinkers, uses the horn, obeys signals at intersections, proceeding through red-lights only after stopping and establishing it is safe to do so. A police officer, patrolling near the hospital observes this, follows the car to the ER entrance, then tries to detain the driver as he is carrying his wife, with only one leg into the ER.

During triage, the officer enters the treatment room and interferes with the ongoing assessment to the point he is asked by medical staff to leave. While his wife is being treated, this officer informs the EMT husband driver, he will be charged with a felony that "he will think up later", and to turn himself in for arrest.

Later, after his wife is admitted to the hospital, he voluntarily presents himself for arrest at the police station. Hours later, he is released because there are no charges filed. Nearly two days later, after the charging officer’s supervisor reviews and Oks the charges, while his wife is still at the hospital, the husband is arrested (outside her room no less) and is charged with seven crimes and misdemeanors, including assault on an officer and felony evading arrest. The husband is required to post a $7,500 bond to stay out of jail.

The attending ER physician, with 25 years of experience and a Vanderbilt MD, writes a letter to the police, commending the actions of the husband and underscoring the critical need for immediate medical attention. The same hospital, adhering a no-tolerance policy, suspends the husband (without pay) while the wife is recovering from a stroke.

Finally, the charging officer is on the job, the husband has a court date, and the police brass have no comment.


kbp said...

Hi Dan!

Things I may have missed or not "straight" on;

Was it "hours later"?

Was he detained and then "released" that time?

Did the wife actually have a "stroke' or just the obvious symptoms of one?

Whatever the "straight" answers are does NOT change the point you did so well in your summary of the matter!

One has to suspect the officer felt belittled when nobody would let him be in charge(!), maybe even overly vengeful as he tried to display the significance of his involvement and cover for his unprofessional performance witnessed by the emergency room staff.

Dan said...

Hi kbp - happy father's day!

Thanks for keeping me honest, I probably did take a little bit of license with "hours"...

From the News Channel 9 report Mr. Wright presented himself for arrest Thursday night following through on his promise late Wednesday - early Thursday to do so. "... after waiting a long time ... he was told by a jail employee, there were no warrants against him."

No one has published her actual diagnosis, but a commenter on the News Channel 9 blog, who appeared to be and insider, called it a "Transient Ischemic Attack" or TIA, which is commonly referred to as a warning or mini-stroke.

We hear the typical "fire the cop" commentary on this and agree. There is no possible excuse for his total lack of professionalism. However, exactly like the Tonya Craft case, the root cause does not rest with one individual, it is systemic.

Everyone who had the opportunity or responsibility to provide "adult supervision" and inject common sense failed to do so. From the police supervisor to the hospital administrator who applied their Draconian "guilty until innocent" suspension policy.

volfan69 said...


Anonymous said...

It seems that this "officer" is a recent hire, only on the "job" for 3 years, and has been suspended once already.

Anonymous said...

Police wonder why they are so hated.. Idiots like this. I hope they sue the department for millions (after all she could have died) and this officer gets fired (he should be put on leave WITHOUT pay while the investigation is going on but that won't happen, protect your own). Teach them a lesson.

William L. Anderson said...

I wonder why Daves was suspended. It was five days without pay.

Anonymous said...


Kathy R said...

Thanks Kerwyn. Your advice will be taken to heart, awesome as always.
Do the Wright's have grounds for legal recourse? Does anyone know if Mr. Wright could face jail time if convicted? Very sad story.

jp said...

>> I wonder why Daves was suspended. It was five days without pay.<<

I suspect it was his penchant for bringing or escalating violence to those plebes he comes in contact with while “protecting and serving” his community.

Here’s an article (and “mugshot”) of the cowardly officer James A Daves in action back in March:

liberranter said...

The purpose of the [insert municipality here] Police Department and the government of the [City/County] is to protect the police from any consequences of their actions, no matter how outrageous. And serve means that [inhabitants of city/county name here] are expected to be the servants of the police.

Bill, that last paragraph is a template description of EVERY "police department" in EVERY city/county/state in the UFSA today. While the Chattanooga PD (and its counterparts in neighboring cities and counties in the area, on both sides of the state line) might arguably practice said brutality more openly and with less "finesse" than in other "police departments" around the nation, their behavior is the new norm, not the exception.

The good news is that a growing number of sheeple are finally beginning to see through the traditional "cops as heroes in blue" BS that has been drummed into their heads by statist institutions since early childhood and are now beginning to see cops for what they really are: the private enforcement arm of the klepto-plutocratic class that continues to rule over us - for now. The escalating brutality engaged in by said psychopathic knuckle-draggers is a direct reflection of the escalating panic that their corporate-state/criminal syndicate handlers are feeling as more and more of us across the nation are saying ENOUGH! While we can expect the levels of brutality from the Fat Blue Line Gang to continue to escalate in the near term, ultimately there will come a point at which the proverbial straw will shatter the proverbial camel's spine. At that point, wearing a blue uniform and carrying a state-issued piece of aluminum will become a losing proposition, even for the most talentless and desperate among the economic underclass from which the ranks of the Fat Blue Line Gang are traditionally filled. May that day come sooner rather than later.

jp said...

The purpose of the [insert municipality here] Police Department and the government of the [City/County] is to protect the police from any consequences of their actions, no matter how outrageous. And serve means that [inhabitants of city/county name here] are expected to be the servants of the police.

Sad but true.

Also, they never fail to trod out the old tired cut and paste line:

"no policy violations, rules or procedures or laws were broken…"

Of course not when those policies, rules, and laws are made up as you go.

Chaps my ass!

Anonymous said...

liberranter what is sheeple?

Anonymous said...

KathyR you said you were going away,why are you still here?You made a fool out of yourself.

kbp said...

As I know it, sheep follow the lead to slaughter, people that duplicate them are sheeple.

Anonymous said...

KathyR when did your son attend CES? The kids today do not care who are city or county.My child started off as a county kid,we did move to the city about a year later.He never had any problems as a county student.Most of his friends are county kids.

William L. Anderson said...

Well, I am sorry that Officer Daves was cut, but I don't think that Mr. Wright exactly was as dangerous as a pit bull. Nonetheless, if the cops want to charge Mr. Wright with a felony, and if Bill Cox wants to get an indictment, then they will have to deal with this blog and the people who make comments.

One hopes that the Arnt/Gregor/Buzz disease does not creep over the border, but if it does, then we can diagnose the disease and recommend a cure.

Anonymous said...

If Chickamauga schools only charge $500.00 a year than what is the big deal.

Anonymous said...

KathyR I was not trying to start anything.I was just asking a question.

Anonymous said...


kbp said...

It is the administration over those $35,000/year starting pay jobs where "CHANGE" must take place.

Establishing the 'policies and procedures' is not a job duty for any applying at the "STARTING" level.

Six said...

Re: the officer in question - I wonder if she would have gone in to full blown blood clot in the brain if there could/would be legal liability for the PD in delaying someone obviously in need of medical assistance from medical assistance so that he could write his ticket?

Sadly it takes an amputee, cancer survivor having a stroke to catch the attention of most people at the regular abuse of power by those in law enforcement. I hope that the additional attention Mr. Anderson has recieved because of his blooging about Craft will open the eyes of many who had chosen to be ignorant about misconduct within the criminal justice world. I think many believe because it has not happened to them, that somehow police misconduct was rare - or at least deserved to those on the reciving end to some degree. Police abuse thier authority, and lie about it, every single day - Even your pets could be victims. (Fair warning: The last link is a tough-to-watch video for any pet-lover)

Law enforcement (including prosecutors and judges) need to be held accountable for thier actions just like every other citizen. Think of the number of people who unlike Tonya Craft were not able to raise the awareness to the abuses in thier trail now either either executed or serving life sentences because of thier circumstances do not make as sympathetic victim like an attractive (white) blond woman such as Mrs. Craft or are an amputee cancer survivor who just wed.

Jerri Lynn Ward said...

Will Grigg with some wonderful perspective on Officer Daves and the idiocy of cops.

Anonymous said...

Now Officer Daves is on paid leave.

WRCB is trying to find out why he was on suspension for 5 days before.

johnlichtenstein said...

It seems like Daves got some real bad advice from someone. There were several points where the situation could have been diffused or capped. Instead it looks like Daves was encouraged to write a fictional report to support bogus charges.