Wednesday, June 9, 2010

An Open Letter to U.S. Attorney Sally Yates

Four weeks ago Tuesday, a Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit jury in Catoosa County acquitted Tonya Craft of all 22 counts of child molestation in a case that never should have gone to trial. That was then, but the story is not over, and that is why I am writing to you.

Now, you might ask why I am writing to a U.S. attorney and not to the Georgia Attorney General or the governor. Well, I have written to the AG before, and he seems too busy running for governor to do his job, but since you are not running for anything, I figured you might have some time on your hands to look at this case and its aftermath.

If you tell me that this is a state matter, I would have to say you are correct, but there are a number of options that you have, and I guarantee you that if you investigated, you would find paydirt. Furthermore, you would look pretty good running some corrupt government officials into court, letting the rest of the country know that you won't tolerate corruption.

So, where to begin? First, let us try fraud, as that is a popular charge with federal prosecutors. Furthermore, it seems that these people have used federal money via the Mondale Act in a fraudulent fashion. Look, the main reason that DA Buzz Franklin even emphasized "child molestation" investigations was NOT for his love of children.

No, it provided a great way to bring federal money to his office and to the district. Furthermore, Buzz and his "crack" team of prosecutors, led by Len Gregor and Chris Arnt, have been rolling roughshod over the rights of the accused, gaining wrongful convictions, including the one against Brad Wade.

Their partners-in-crime have been the Children's Advocacy Center of Fort Oglethorpe and the Greenhouse in Dalton, and these organizations have provided fraudulent "interviews" and perjured testimony that would warm the heart of corrupt prosecutors everywhere. Furthermore, these two organizations just happen to get federal money, and using those funds to engage in fraud is, well, a federal crime.

Take Suzi Thorne, who used to be employed by the Greenhouse until she became a deputy with the Whitfield County Sheriff's Department. Read the account of her "interview" with Tonya Craft's daughter in which she managed (with the help of federal funding) to twist statements made by a little girl who was about six years old. Do you really want the federal government funding this kind of dishonesty and brutality?

Sooner or later, someone needs to pull the plug on this operation, and you are just the person to do it. The trial of Tonya Craft was a lesson in judicial and prosecutorial abuse and corruption, and the Brad Wade trial was even worse. And, don't forget that with "success" comes...more federal money.

These are people who not only are corrupt, but have done it in broad daylight. You might want to investigate some other cases while you are at it, as I am sure that you will be shocked by what you see. Furthermore, the investigation won't be that difficult, as these people have not even attempted to cover their tracks.

Do you need another crime to investigate? What about a "hate crime" committed by Sandra Lamb in which she assaulted Eric Echols, an African-American who was acting as a private investigator for Ms. Craft, calling him a "black bastard"? Guess what? This one is on video! Hey, better jump on it before the thing goes to YouTube and then everyone sees a federal crime being committed that the feds are not investigating.

If you were to investigate the madness that is the LMJC, you would be a hero. Oh, I am sure that Bobby Lee Cook would object, given that his daughter might be caught up in the whole thing, but the "Matlock Magic" has been gone from Cook's act for a long time and he would not be a political liability for you.

So, the choice is yours. Investigate and be a hero, or sit back and do nothing, and people will become cynical. I hope you choose to do the right thing.


Anonymous said...

I second that!

LiveLaughLove2002 said...

Me too!

LiveLaughLove2002 said...

Bill, I was just reading the 'Constitution of Georgia' and it has some 'hairy' details in it. Have you read it by chance?

Very interesting. Internet Explorer

eagle1 said...

I KNOW lots of letters have been written to the authorities in Atlanta. And what they told channel 9 about was just a small sampling.
Over the next few weeks we will get to see what kind of officials we have working down there.
I just hope they decide to do the right thing which is AT LEAST look into the matter. The ones that ignore these letters or make a couple of private "friendly" phone calls will say volumes about their real character.
It would be nice to find one with some backbone to step up and actually do something positive to correct the problem.
If nothing happens the the SYSTEM IS CORRUPT, not just the HAG tag team.

Anonymous said...

Mr Anderson, Can we print your letter off and sigh it.And get others to sign and send it in or you would rather we do our own. Some of us are not as good putting word on Paper. Thank's

Kerwyn said...


Take your advertising elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Yes, will this be MAILED to her? I didn't know if the open letters were physically sent or if word of this site was just forwarded. I agree, if we do not hear of the state or federal parties taking action soon, we need to send a second wave of letters until Tonya has her children, Mr. Wade is free, and these goons are OUT of office and replaced with respectable people not just more of the same.

KC Sprayberry said...

Very eye opening article, Bill. I do hope she pays attention. With all the federal money going hither and yon, it makes one wonder if the voters (and taxpayers)should take that checkbook back from our elected officials control. Darn it, I don't want to keep working six months a year to pay for stuff like what LMJC has been doing.

Anonymous said...

Denise, I hope you don't mind but I took the liberty to copy/paste your post on yesterday's Brad Wade article...I knew many today would like to read it. -Ooltewah mom

My name is Denise Williams, I sit through the trial of Brad Wade, After reading the Column of Mr William L. Anderson, and Justice for Brad Wade, My self along with
Lavelda Chambers, Robby Aselton,
Kadum Aselton and Makayla Aselton
pray that the truth will prevail,
That is truth in all areas. I have known Brad Wade for at least 29yrs.
We've worked together in Church in different position's I have never know Brad to be anything but loyal
and honest.
Is there anything to hard for GOD.
Absolutley not and be assured the whole truth will prevail.
If GOD be for us who can be against us.
Just one more thing, His conduct has never been that of which he has been accused of.

Anonymous said...

My name is Denise Willams I sit through the trial of Brad Wade. After reading the column of Mr William L. Anderson, and Justice for Brad Wade. Myself along with Lavelda Chambers, Robby Aselton,
Kadum Aselton and Makayla Aselton
Prays that the truth will prevail.
That is truth in all areas. I have known Brad for at least 29yrs. We've worked together in Church in different positions. I have never knowm Brad to be anything but Loyal and Honest.
Is there anything to hard for GOD.
Absolutley not and be assured the whole truth will prevail.
If God be for us who can be against
One more thing Brad's Conduct has never been that of which he has been accused of. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Times-Free Press story of the latest in Mrs. Craft's battles to regain rightful custody of her children.

Henke, be afraid, be VERY afraid.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprise if Joal Henke files a similar suit as Tonya Craft. In his shoes I would be pissed that his little girl went through all that she did in an attempt to frame her mother. By the way the prosecutors got it wrong when they stated that the witnesses didn't want to pursue the prosecution of Mr. Echols. The correct way to state it is the victims didn't want to testify.


Mary Jane said...

From the Times-Free Press article regarding Tonya's child custody case:

"He (Dupree, Henke's lawyer) said they were waiting to hear the daughter's therapist's opinion about the child before agreeing to any type of visitation schedule."

Tonya's daughter should be evaluated by a therapist who is not hired or paid by Henke.

kbp said...

Well, when Clinton was POTUS it became quite clear that NOBODY can avoid testifying just because they do not want to.

Of course we're still not sure what "IS" is!

Anonymous said...

Well kbp avoiding testifying is one of those fuzzy grey areas courts have to deal with. Numerous appellate courts have ruled that the victims of domestic violence cannot be compelled to testify. Perhaps the same theory applies.


William L. Anderson said...

Hey, 11:25,

Joal would file a suit against himself, huh? And how were these people "victims" of Eric Echols. He has his conversations recorded, and one of your friends, Jerry McDonald, said under oath on the witness stand that he had no contact with Mr. Echols.

So, a person who commits perjury is a "victim" of Eric Echols? That is a new one; by speaking to Jerry McDonald, Eric Echols MADE him commit perjury.

You prosecution lackeys really have a lot of nerve. You lie, cheat, and then try to pretend that you are the victims. Go back to the hole from where you came.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Andreson,i just love you,you really are the greatest.Thank you for all of your hard work.NW Georgia is greatful.

Unknown said...

LiveLaughLove2002 is there something specific that you want to point out as 'hairy' in the Georgia State constitution?

The ususal convention is:

Have you seen this 'hairy' part of the Georgia Constituion?
Quoted section here


BTW, neither searching by hair nor by hairy yield any results other than the 'hair' contained in 'chairman' and 'wheelchair'.

kbp said...


I think you might have misread 11:25, or I have!

I took it to mean, in a pinch of dry humor, that Joal would file suit against all parties Tonya had EXCEPT himself. It is his daughter and the same reasons provided in Tonya's lawsuit sort of would apply in his.

As for what was said about the Echols case and "witness", I agree. The "witness" is not the one that makes the decision whether or not to prosecute in this situation.


To Alinusara10,

You said "...victims of domestic violence cannot be compelled to testify".

I had overlooked that. The ONLY ones I know of covered there are when a cannot be forced to testify against their spouse, and it is a bit of a grey area.

If you know of more circumstances that allow one to refuse to testify, I'd certainly appreciate you passing them along, if only to better educate myself.

Anonymous said...

"Katina Britt claims to have been savagely beaten by an ex-boyfriend against whom she refuses to testify. Accordingly, a California judge has ordered her to be jailed on contempt of court charges this week. Britt's attorney is filing an appeal with the U.S. Court of Appeals in San Francisco on the grounds that state law permits Britt, as a domestic violence (DV) victim, to decline to testify in at least one trial with impunity; the testimony in question would constitute her first court appearance.

The appeal may hinge on a technicality but Britt's case illustrates a fundamental change in the legal system's stance toward DV victims. Critics of the change, like me, argue that there is something wrong with a system when those it purports to protect refuse to co-operate and risk imprisonment instead."

Changes to the law occurred due to Katina Britt case kb. Oh by the way Bill I don't consider the ones who brought accusations against Mr. Echols as victims but since I'm not a prosecutor it's not my call to make.


kbp said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kbp said...


A search showed there are a few other situations in which one can refuse to testify, though very limited.

I feel certain the DA's office could subpoena the witnesses in the Echols case, if they so choose.

Anonymous said...

In the late 1990's my former brother-in-law, took my sister's children from her, stating her mental "instability" as the factor for his right to full custody. My sister (who is NOT unstable) told the judge that her husband was spending every dime she earned on cocaine (he didn't work).... Long story short, because they lived in HIS small town, he won. Oh but it didn't end there. As the children entered their teens, they discovered drug stashes in the house, informed my sister, and she got her children back.

Joal Henke, you can fool a child, but you CAN'T fool a teen. Believe me, O.J.'s kids KNOW their dad killed their mother now... And your daughter will be able to READ and PROCESS that interview in a few short years. She will see how her OWN WORDS were manipulated. She will see, as described in her own words that YOU were the one who was behind so much of this. You sir, forget that children grow up fast. You may be saving child support now. You may be saving face (so you think) today by walking around with these children, as if you deserve the custody you deceitfully have gained. But let me tell you, children love freely, but as they grow up and discover that not all adults are good and honest, is then that respect has to be EARNED. You will find yourself alone one day when Sarah takes off her rose colored glasses and your children grow up. You are NOT a stud. Even little Henry Winkle convinced us he was on Happy Days because he played the part so well. You, like him, are just an actor....

Anonymous said...

1:31 you seem to have an issue,what is it?

John said...

Only the persons that are the lowest in the chain shall fall. The rest walk away as usual, noone wants a blimish on their little precious political "carears" (misspelled on purpose). There's no HONOR in most any more. It's all they can get for themselves. Talk,talk,talk is all you get. For Example a “judge” can forget to pay their bar dues and say “it was just a honest mistake”. I can forget to pay a ticket or forget to renew a permit and I’m a criminal. I don’t even know what to say anymore I’m so disappointed in this country. I’m more disappointed in people ,people who just don’t’ think it can ever happen to them . I guess only when some are on their knees begging for help will they wake up to what is really going on in this country.

William L. Anderson said...


THAT I understand quite well. The State of Maryland owes me more than a thousand dollars and sooner or later, the authorities will get around to sending me the money -- when they feel like it.

On the other hand, if we owe taxes and are a day past deadline, they can seize our property and our paychecks. Forget about this nonsense that government is "public service." We are dealing with a master-servant relationship, and it is seen in the LMJC courts as well as any place.

And you are right; the biggest offenders here don't have to worry about being held accountable for anything.

kbp said...

Anon 2:45,

1:31 was answering my question.


Anonymous said...

kbp,sorry i misread.Again i'm sorry.

volfan69 said...

According to Melydia Clewell there will be on Channel 3: transcript of Eric Echols & Tonya Craft witness. It's the conversation that led to his indictment for influencing a witness by ADA Chris Arnt. I'm looking forward to that! Bobb

Anonymous said...

volfan69 will that be today,do you know what time?Thanks

John said...

“We are dealing with a master-servant relationship”

You are right, and most trot along thru life seeing were they fit in that scheme. Some will lie, cheat and steal to see where they fall in the pecking order. Some think that if they help those above them it will move them up the “order” (i.e. Thorne, Long, Deal, Evans, etc…). What they fell to realize was the ones’ they were helping had NO HONOR.

What folks should wake up to is we are all the same. There is no pecking order in GODs’ eyes, we’re all the same. Yes it’s true that some do things better than others and God put use on this earth to use are skills, to help ourselves to survive and help are neighbors.

It’s true that I did not apply myself in school when I was growing up. That’s no one’s fault but my own, but I have been thru the “school of life” (or hard knocks). I’ve learned not to trust anyone who does not have honor in their belief system.

We are all slaves in this new “progressive movement” that now haunts us. We need to stand up side by side and fight back. For are children’s sake, stop this madness and come together as one. Live the Constitution that our forefathers spilled their blood for. Live the life Christ spilled his blood for. WAKE UP my friends.

volfan69 said...

@Anon 4:00

I know it is tonight. I don't know if it is 5:00, 5:30, or 6:00. I'm sorry that I can't narrow it down, but she didn't say. She just said tonight. I hope you and I get to see it. I get up at 4:00 so it is too hard for me to watch at 11:00!LOL Bobb

Kaye said...

I so want to see the contents of the transcript revealed! Poor ole Arnt... it sucks to be him right now. LOL

Somebody asked this question on a previous thread, but this cryptic message can be found on the website. Anybody know what it means?--

Stupid Meeting In Catoosa County!!!

3:00 p.m. Wednesday in the Grand Jury Room BRING CANDY!!!!

Anonymous said...

volfan69,thanks i always enjoy reading your input on the topics.I also bleed orange lol.

volfan69 said...

Hey, ALL, there is a snippet of what's to come on the WRCB website. I don't know when it will all be made available. Bobb

Kaye said...

Very interesting.

Link's up--

volfan69 said...

Did any of you get to hear what Melydia Clewell had to say at six? It and the website info are interesting. Thanks, Kaye, I get excited and forget to give the website info. Bobb

Kaye said...

Also, WRCB is making all 43 pages of transcripts available--

Anonymous said...

In defense of Judge Connely, she may have not heard the testimony correctly in the Brad Wade case. She did not hear the shot gun blast that went off in the room beside her. Her neighbors heard it, but she didn't. She also forgot to pay some fee that a judge has to pay. I guess she could go on disability for being hard of hearing and having alzheimers, as well as, not having a conscience.

Anonymous said...

This thing is looking more like a RICO case against Arnt, Gregor and House the way their criminal enterprise has been cooking cases and intimidating witnesses. The beauty of RICO is that they would not enjoy immunity.

Anonymous said...

I just read on WRCB a brief look at the transcripts,shame on the Mcdonalds especially kelli.Are they so stupid that there friendship with crazy ass Sandra meant more to them than their own child.Jerry why do you put up with Kelli? She has harmed your child in ways that are unspeakable,all to be friends with Sandra.

Anonymous said...

Kelli is a horrible mother just like Sandra.Kelli,Sandra the Wilsons & Henkes deserve what ever comes their way.

Kaye said...


This was the lead story at 6 and basically Melydia presented the info that you can read at the link. She did also state that all defendants have now beeb served regarding the Craft civil case and have one week left to respond.

I can't help wondering if Lenny and Squiggy got a chance to watch this lead story tonight. I'm thinking Lenny probably wishes he wouldn't have been so quick to dress down Ms. Clewell in front of the court at every opportunity, and as far as Squiggy is concerned, I envision him viewing this lead story, while cowering in a corner, sucking his thumb, and repeatedly mumbling to himself, "oh $h@#."

Lest we forget House--he's too busy recusing--, I mean distancing himself from Arnt and Gregor, Summers is wishing he would have conducted SOME kind of investigation discovering in the process the existence of the Echols/McDonald audios, and Franklin-- well, he's still trying to figure out whether who he can deflect blame onto.

It just warms the heart, doesn't it? ROFL

Cinderella said...

Kaye, could you repost the link please to the transcripts please? That one doesn't appear to be correct. Thanks

Anonymous said...

There is alot about this case that really gets to me,but 1 really good fact is that Summers very own son is nothing but a repeat offender,that boy has spent more time in jail than he hasn't.What is wrong with that picture?

Kerwyn said...

I just read the transcripts and they are painful to read. McDonald is a man in great pain mentally, emotionally and spiritually through out it all.

I cannot imagine going through this, but there are two things I would (and have done differently) is my child would be talking to me. Either with a therapist present or without AND NO ONE would question my child without me present PERIOD.

As to the Judges..

Think about this, if they have a valid reason to recuse themselves in THIS case (Echols) which involve the issues and people from the Craft case, then they should have recused themselves from the Craft case too.

Kaye said...


double-checked and the link works for me but just go to and the transcripts will be listed underneath the lead story. It is a PDF version and is 5.16 MB.

There's also video available of the story there.

Anonymous said...

Kerwyn,i agree but why did he sit back & allow his wife to put the child through hell?

Anonymous said...

I think the Lifetime Network would love to get their hands on this story.Crazy messed up parents & a corrupt legal system.

Cinderella said...

Thanks Kaye.

William L. Anderson said...

You know, I absolutely admire Channel 3 for sticking with this, and not just moving on after the trial was over. Melydia and Callie have been digging and digging, and they are coming up with great stories.

This is what good journalism is all about. Other than Channel 9, I think that the local media really did a great job with the trial, but Callie and Melydia went one step further and stayed with the follow-up stories which are dynamite.

To the 6:22, I only wish I had the ROFL smileys to use for that. Great post!!

justiceseeker51bednesc said...

John, The pages to the constitution that LiveLaughLove was talking about may have started on 41. The Judicial Article VI Sect VII

KC Sprayberry said...

Kaye, I believe, having heard of similar meetings in the Air Force, that stupid meeting refers to a 'how do we cover a**es in this one' meeting. Bring candy means it's gonna take a long time and they want to fire up their few remaining brain cells. Unfortunately, having attended a few of those meetings, to my disgust, all candy does is make everyone more hyper than a three-year-old invading his mama's chocolate stash

Anonymous said...

The past few weeks we have talked about how mental Sandra is,I think we need to add Kelli Mcdonald to the crazy list.Shame on you Kelli,you are not in school trying to make friends.You threw your own child under the bus,just so you could be friends with Sandra.

Janet said...

Has the link to the transcripts been removed from or am I just blind?

Anonymous said...

Link to the story:

Link to the transcripts:

The transcript is now listed at 4.5 mb rather than 6.5 earlier.

If these do not work, go to the Channel 3 website and click on the story. It is the first story under "Top Stories."

John said...

It got taking down and names were marked out, someone forgot to edit it. Now its back up with names block out.

What a read, Bill, I think someone got some explaining to do to the DOJ.

Anonymous said...

I just went to WRCB & clicked under the story about Echols,I was able to read it all.Trust me you will become angry with Kelli Mcconald,I also feel angry with Jerry.If he was pressured,why?Why did he allow Kelli to pursue.Most husbands would tell their wife to sit down & be quiet.What did Kelli have on him that she was willing to put her child through that?

Lame said...

For longer links, you have to break them up into two lines when posting, or the link goes too far over to the right to be read or copied & pasted properly. The only way to get the link copied when it's too long is to left-click in that blank space underneath it and drag the curser directly up.

Kaye said...


Kerwyn: I feel like this father feels like he is between a rock and a hard place with all the pressure put on him by the DA's office and his own wife. Echols suggested time after time for him to seek out legal counsel, especially suggesting he go out of the area and even going so far as to telling him to not call Bobby Lee Cook. sigh. I sure wish this father had heeded that advice.

Bill, you are right! WRCB has really stepped up to the plate with their investigative reporting, and especially Melydia Clewell. I think Kevin West, of WGOW, has also done a very good job with not only his coverage of the Tonya Craft trial, but also his long interview with Eric Echols. His podcast gave me better insight from Echols' perspective than I could have gotten from a shorter segment available the evening news. I hope they all keep hammering on this story!

Lookout Spy said...

Mr. Anderson, we may have to work even further up the chain. Mr. Eric Holder is currently the US Attorney General, having served as Deputy Attorney General and acting AG before being replaced by the confirmation of President George W Bush's nominee for Attorney General, John Ashcroft.

Apparently Mr. Holder has strong feelings about prosecutorial misconduct. So in addition to Ms. Sally Quillian Yates, a qualified anti corruption prosecutor, surely Mr. Holder would hold feet to the fire any white redneck bullshit happening in the yonder edges of Georgia, especially if it involved racism, and misuse of Federal funds. It so happens Mr. Holder has served as a Federal judge as well as a prosecutor, and like President Obama, is a very talented and intellectually gifted black man.

Below is an excerpt from a biography of Mr. Holder at Wiki:

"On April 1, 2009, Holder announced that he had ordered the dismissal of the indictment against former Senator Ted Stevens on corruption charges. Stevens had been found guilty, but hadn't been sentenced; Holder's action effectively vacated Stevens' conviction. Holder was reportedly very angry that the prosecutors had withheld potentially exculpatory evidence from Stevens' attorneys. After the prosecutors had been held in contempt of court for failing to turn over required documents, Holder replaced the entire trial team. Soon afterward, the Justice Department discovered a previously undocumented interview with Bill Allen, the prosecution's star witness. In this interview, Allen gave statements that directly contradicted his testimony at trial, including a claim that he'd been asked to get a note for a repair bill on his house. By nearly all accounts, Holder wanted to send a message that he would not tolerate any behavior he deemed to be prosecutorial misconduct."

Somewhere we need to analyze the federal money that comes here to promulgate these prosecutions, and calculate the social costs as well.

John said...

please watch its been a long time since i seen this Red Skelton's Pledge of Allegiance

Lame said...

I think it was changed because the version I read had the name of the McDonald's daughter in it, which shouldn't have happened.

As for the charges, it appears that he believe she MAY have had something happen to her, but he's not sure. Remember, he says that his daughter "never lies," which is nonsense, but he's saying he believes his daughter.

His main topic of contention with the trial is that he doesn't want to put his daughter through the ordeal of testifying. He repeatedly says his family wanted out, and that the DA wouldn't let them. It's more like a mafia kind of thing, once you're in there's no leaving.

Lame said...

I'm now of the opinion that Jerry McDonald SHOULD have been named in the lawsuit Ms Craft filed, and that he SHOULD be charged with purgery. Why? Because of this:

In the transcript of his conversation with Mr Echols, Jerry McDonald states that he was told not to discuss the accusations with his daughter, not to ask her about them under any circumstances, unless she brought the issue up. He says he did not. THEN, at trial, "He says he didn't feel comfortable talking to his daughter about this, but he did before the case was first set to go to trial."1 "The father said he asked his daughter more than once if she was being honest and said "I'll never forget the look on her face or in her eyes, she stopped everything she did and looked me dead in the eye and said I know it did daddy."2

She did not bring up the subject if she was doing something else and then had to stop doing it in order to answer his question. Also, the fact that he asker her more than once shows that he not only willfully disobeyed protocal, but did it multiple times, if he indeed did ever ask.

So, if he did ask his daughter, he's broken protocal and unduly influenced a witness, and has broken the law, or he lied whilst under oath, which is criminal. Either way, he broke the law. Either way, he's in the wrong. Either way, he's culpible in trying to send an innocent woman to jail. Either way, he should have been named as a co-defendant in the $25 million lawsuit. Either way, he has lost all respect I once had for him.



Anonymous said...

Lame i agree.Some feel sorry for Jerry Mcdonald,but i think he is just as bad as Kelli & Sandra.What is really wrong with these people?The poor children do not have a chance in the world.They are looking up the parents for guidance but what can these parents really offer these kids?

John said...

Well I see he had no choice because if he had buck the system, DA would have had DFACS step in and take the child. It happens all the time But I would have went strait to the media and to the highest mountian tops screaming.

But thats easy said after the fact. So no one knows for sure what they would do.

I no in my case if I buck the system I'll be sitting in the pen.

It seems goverment can do as they please and unless you have access to money your screwed.

Sandra Pearson said...

great letter, bill!

i am curious as to whether or not anyone has contacted social services to report the mental and emotional abuse these children have suffered over the past two years... abuse brought on by their own parents.
the parents involved not only need to pay for their role in the conspiracy to falsely convict tonya, they need to have their children removed from their care. they are beyond unfit to parent a child.

Anonymous said...

What am I missing?What was the real reason Jerry folded?I have read different oppions,but I feel like something has not been said.I really do not think Jerry was affraid of loosing his daughter,something else must have happened.How could DFACS stepped in,on what ground could they,just if he didn't believe it how could they take his child away.I just don't buy it.

Anonymous said...

sandy,great point i love it.

John said...

Anon 1030

DFACS can step in to your home at any time and take your child if they feel there's reason to believe harm may come.

Yes you may be correct that there's more to be seen but keep in mind the child had already been question by the police and was found to be a victom. So Dfacs had the power to step in if needed to protect the child.

Some may not agree but if you really done some research you would see what power they have right or wrong.

So, what Tonya had to go thru was a disgrace. The lawsuit is all you can do to fight back and make some changes.

KC Sprayberry said...

Anon 10:30. DFACS doesn't need a reason, just a complaint called in and the caller doesn't even need to leave their name. Far too many parents in this area have had social workers show up at their homes with blatant lies as accusations from people mad at them. Those social workers might not find any 'abuse' but they'll keep an open record on your child until eighteen because of that complaint. I asked the one that appeared at my door, saying my son's stepdad abused him, did they ever prosecute these liars. She said no, because then no one would call in complaints and they do get about 1 valid complaint for every 100 invalid ones.

Oh, how did I know the complainer was lying? My son lives with his married natural parents. And I told her that. Even then she had to continue with all the initial interviews and make my husband, my son's daddy, feel like he was about to face charges. Even when she already knew the person lied about the relationship and therefore might be lying about the supposed abuse. Just another part of the broken system uncontrolled prosecutors use to threaten people into going along with their fantasies.

John said...

google CPS and read

Lame said...

Anon 10:30 has a good point. I don't buy that he was afraid of losing his child. Not once in his discussion with Mr Echols did that come up. And, Echols time and time again told him to call a lawyer. It appears as though he never did that. It may be that his wife cajoled him into it, but as someone who experienced molestation as a child, he would be in a state of mind that would want to look out for his child's welfare even at the risk of pissing off a "pistol" of a wife. He says in the conversation that if someone tried to mess with his family that he'd go after them, says it in a way that can be interpreted that he would beat up anyone who threatened his family--which makes his criminal complaint agains Echols all the more laughable, because if he was so apt to defend his family, if Echols threatened him, why didn't he just deck Echols right then and there? I'm thinking that Jerry McDonald is the kind of perosn who says one thing and then does another, who promises to do something, then never follows through. Many times people who are in service fields of work are like that in their personal lives: real go-getters, on the ball at work, then completely un-reliable for anything when off-duty. I'm not denegrating anyone who works in EMS, I'm just saying that service jobs are so stressful and emotionally demanding (from EMT to pastor to social worker to teacher) that their personali lives are left wanting.

Anonymous said...

DFCAS cannot come in & take a child.They have to have a reason & feel like like there is some serious abuse.There was nothing pointing at Jerry.

John said...

You got KC, wish more would wake up goverment got you ever way you turn.

Anonymous said...

Professor Anderson-

A bit off topic but I am wondering if I might introduce you to a minister out of Vancouver BC who is, as you are and have been, championing a just cause?

Pastor Ron Unruh of Vancouver, BC has been assisting the Bayne family of that province.

The Bayne's children have been out of their custody for nearly three (3) years.

I have urged Pastor Unruh to contact you.

Anonymous said...

What about a "hate crime" committed by Sandra Lamb in which she assaulted Eric Echols, an African-American

Where's the hate crime? According to the FBI, which I assume they know what they are talking about, a hate crime is: "criminal offense against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by an offender's bias against a race, religion, disability, ethnic origin or sexual orientation."

And secondly you have all this talk about federal money and fraud. Why don't you do an open records request to the DA about funding to see where the money comes from. Why do you continue to call CAPTA the Mondale Act? The name was changed in 1988. In all of the articles I've read about CAPTA the anger is directed at state welfare agencies. Why no fingers pointed at DFAC's? They are usually centerally involved in these type cases.

John said...

Not trying to be disrespectful to you Anon 1058,

But they damn sure can, if jerry and his wife had buck them the child would have been removed. once you step in the process they will do whatever they want to get there conviction.

And thats not giving them any moral reason for what they done to Tonya.

But the facts are the facts when DFACS is used as a tool in the prosucutors office.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1106

Whats wrong the heat to much???

Anonymous said...

Lame,thank you.I think Jerry is no better than Kelli or Sandra.I really think it is that plain & simple.No conspiracy theory was there.Jerry was just weak & went with the flow.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I never knew DFACS could come in & do that.It scares the shit out of me.

John said...

@ 1123
I didn't either till it happen to me and I started doing research. Just put CPS in a search engine and you will find all that is wrong with the system.

I know I'm being very hard on them and there are some who really mean to help families. But the system is full of people who have know clue on how to be a parent.

Kerwyn said...

One of the things the "common man" (meaning us regular folks) does not think about nor really understand. is the unlimited and unchecked power that the CPS has.

I deal daily with false accusations. I have had young children brought to me by "mom" who is POSITIVE dad is sexually abusing them. The real story? a bitter divorce and custody case. What really ends up happening is CPS steps in as soon as that accusation is made. The child is forced to go through the examinations and interviews.. forced because once you make such a claim or a child makes such a claim you will NO LONGER have any parental control except that CPS gives to you.

CPS can FORCE you to allow them into your home for "inspections", interviews with all your children, co workers, neighbors ect and the decision they come to is iron. The ONLY recourse you have is to strip yourself of every dime you have to hire and attorney and HOPE you can overturn their decision. Of course you won't see your children for YEARS while you fight it in court.

While there are many skilled and well meaning folks in CPS, having that much power without check simply adds up to disaster as we have seen in this case.

As to Jerry McDonald. ALL of you need to step back and re read the "forensic" interview that was done. That is simply an example of what those kids went through. By the time they were done with his daughter SHE believed it. Remember this clearly as we go on.. False memories are just a clear, detailed and painful as if it really happened. Remember that.

Do I agree with how he handled it? No, but I was not walking in his shoes either so I will withhold any judgement until I see differently.

My only issue so far.. He lied under oath.

Anonymous said...

John,thanks I will definitely research the matter.I'm sorry for what you went through.It is truly scary.

John said...


Well put, I sometimes get so much running thru my head over all that has happen to me. I can't put two words together and make it clear what I'm trying to say.

Thanks for making it clearer for the folks. Also I might add that some will say, but you can call for the state to investigate. But they police theirselves, theres no one doing an independent investigaton on these people.

Once in a while such as I have you get a juvy judge who want play their game.

johnlichtenstein said...

What might be a huge problem in the transcript, top of page 19 of the PDF and is labeled 69. Accuser #2 did go to "your doctor", presumably the girl's pediatrician, who saw no sign of abuse. It seems impossible that prosecution was unaware of that.

I had assumed the state had been clever and made sure that no pediatricians ever saw any of those girls so it would never be told anything it didn't want to hear. But it was not. So did Sharon Anderson's analysis agree with accuser #2's pediatrician? If not there is a problem of cherry picking by the state. (IIRC it was accuser #3 who Anderson thought looked fine.) If Anderson agreed with accuser #2's pediatrician we need to look at the timeline to see if the state knew about the pediatrician's opinion before Anderson's examination.

kbp said...

Just right click and open the comments into a new tab or window. Then you'll have a larger window to read. You never have parts running off the screen that way.

They do as they damn well please, period.

They can allege neglect, so abuse is NOT necessary.

After they take a child, most states have a hearing required within 48 hr's. The CPS has no problems showing immediate physical danger, maybe just showing you fed the kids wrong!

Then the child is assigned an attorney to represent that child, known as a guardian ad litem. Most of them are regulars who the CPS assigns often.

Most cases then have a Court Appointed Special Advocate assigned by the CPS to help the child. There is zero qualification for this, except CPS has to like you and you'll have to act like an expert to testify about all the bad if you want this feel fuzzy volunteer job.

The parents are not charged with a crime here yet, most often never, so they do NOT get a public defender assigned to represent them. They must pay for their own attorney.

The courts are most often Family Courts, not open to the public and many records are sealed from inspection. The judges in these courts are often handpicked to please the CPS.

Jerry McDonald

Probably the nicest guy in his neighborhood, when he is ever home. I get the feeling he is away at work to avoid being the man of the house and father of his children. He struck me as being one that can very easily be manipulated. May like wearing uniforms because he has a difficult time selecting his own clothes to wear, which Kelli probably sets out for him on his day off.

That may be exaggerated a bit, but he sure isn't a take-charge guy. Master of reactive, can't spell proactive.

kbp said...

john lichtenstein,

I noticed that also. I skipped on past it thinking there was some error on Jerry's part.

We know this transcript was originally the property of the defense, not just something they are seeing now. So I assume the defense is aware of this.

If the prosecution handed the Dr's report to the defense in discovery, it may be a moot issue should the defense have decided to not use it.

I saw no mention of that Dr's exam in the records of the trial we've had available. There was mention and objection to one for Tonya's daughter. So much was included in the 4+ week trial, that exam might not have been considered as worth the time and cost when compared to all the other evidence presented.

There was no mention of this in the civil complaint that I recall.

johnlichtenstein said...

Thanks kpb. I am sure dad #2 is not wrong. The natural course of events would be that all the parents would have had their children examined by pediatricians who would have expressed opinions that should have outweighed Sharon Anderson's. It would be expected that all the peds agreed with Fajman. So the state had to plug its ears to any MD evidence, or coach Anderson not to contradict the MD evidence they had heard, while supplying prosecution supporting evidence in the other cases. That's a tight rope and I think they might have slipped.

IIRC the way that they slipped is that accuser #2 was supposed to have evidence of abuse. But they hid from the court that a more competent expert had asserted that there was none.

Lame said...

John, you're right. And Mr Echols even mentions that before it's all said and done that Ms Craft would sue everyone involved. Why hasn't Mr McDonald been included in that suit? The only reason I can think of is that he's doing what I did when I was involved in the impeachment of the UCF student president in 1999, turn around, talk with the other side, and apologize. I didn't "cut a deal," but I did write a letter for him telling what my involvement was, and that I thought he got a raw deal. I think that Mr McDonald has either seen the light or is acting in a self-interested manner, and is now playing for the other team. I'm thinking it's more a case of him behaving in a self-interested manner, as that is what he did before and during the trial.

I think that you may be right, KBP. I know several men who are total push-overs, and I get the sense that something happened to them in their childhood. Seriously, there are a lot more male victims of sexual abuse, at both the hands of men and women, than is close to being reported. There have been some recent studies that have shown that while more girls are more frequently targeted, and victimizations of girls are more frequently reported and prosecuted, male victims still make up a large proportion of sex abuse victims. Unfortunately, stereotypes have pushed male victims underground, with most either not believed at all or not considered victims. Take the Deb Lefavre case. I remember a friend of mine saying about the boy, "I'm sorry, but that kid's no victim, he's just lucky." The boy's life was ruined by a female sexual predator. He's anything but lucky. And, statistics also show that a 2/3 to 3/4 majority of men who sexually abuse children were themselves abused, and that in almost 2/3 of those cases it was a female who abused them. So, making out with your babysitter when you're 12, while it won't gurantee you'll be a sex offender, there's a hell of a lot greater connection between that and becoming a child molester than wearing a thong bikini.

So, what I'm trying to say here, is that Jerry McDonald, a victim of sex abuse, has behaved in a manner typical to male victims of sex abuse. I'm not saying he's a bad parent. I'm not saying he's likely to do anything bad to his daughter--although, his history of suicidal behavior might increase that liklihood (he's one person I would make sure does not have access to a weapon). What I am saying is that, despite what I think he deserves for his involvement in the railroading of Tonya Craft, he is more deserving of some Christian love. Yeah, I've lost respect for the guy, but respect can be earned back, and considering his past, and considering that we're all sinners, I think he needs to be offered forgiveness. If he isn't just looking out for Number One here, and is truly sorry for his involvement, then he may deserve not to be named in the lawsuit, so long as he makes a public apology for what he did. I wouldn't tell any church to take him in with open arms and not give a second thought to what he did, but I would say that any true CHRISTIAN congregation would be willing to accept him in, and foget the past, if he is willing to forsake it (the past)---after all, that is what repentance is (not just forgetting the past, but coming to God with a truly sorrowful heart, asking for forgiveness, and turning away from that which separated one from God).

Anonymous said...

Not sure why people are taking up for Jerry. He had many options before the case every went to trial. One option would have been to contact the GBI. All he had to do was make a phone call or show up & tell of his situation & the fact they were "forcing" him to commit perjury and follow along with a plan to frame an innocent woman. He had a great deal of power. He had the power to stop this mess before it escalated. His weaknesses and fear should NOT have stopped him from doing the right thing. From a Christian standpoint, he did the ultimate wrong. I see people feeling sorry for him for doing the wrong thing. As a crime victim, never once did I deter from telling the truth. It put my life & my family's life in danger for as long as the perpetrator lives, but yet, I did the right thing by us & society. There is always someone higher up the food chain & he should have contacted them. Eric Echols was handing him that information on a platter & he still chose not to handle it correctly. He makes the choice of staying with a controlling woman, he made the choice to lie & he makes the choice to not stand up & fight for what is right. He is not in the federal lawsuit because he wasn't a main player & his testimony will aid on Tonya's side. The same for Greg Lamb. These guys are going to make it right once this hits Rome, GA, but both had the opportunity to do so before. Yes, their repentance & help with the federal lawsuit will help gain back some respect, but I refuse to feel sorry for weak men or women. It takes a greater person to stand & fight than to lay down & fall. Tonya is living proof of that. She could have said, well, they're threatening me, they're ruining my life, they are going to make my life impossible...oh well, guess I will just have to take it. Nope, she went up the food chain, got the best she could & fought. That is what God wants from us.

The jack holes with all this "power" in the LMJC, just thought they had us all by the balls, well they don't. Their world is crumbling around us & their "stupid meeting w/ candy" is proof of their fears. I've been to "stupid meetings w/ candy" and I know exactly what they are for. Sad part is, they published that on their website and think that everyone is too stupid to know what they were referring to, well, guess again idiots. Once again, you thought we didn't know. Grant it, some people won't & it's not their fault. It just means they didn't work in certain areas of business, the government or military to know what they were, but there are plenty of us that do. So get your pacifiers & your binkies & try to figure out how to get out of this mess, but it's too late. The feds are watching you & you know it. You should be as afraid if not more than the people you have abused with your "power".

Best wishes to Brad, Tonya, Eric & the many who have suffered from these people. You have the greater power on your side. Satan is losing his power for the LMJC because God is overwhelming them & they are running scared. Isn't it amazing at what the power of prayer can do? Before Tonya, we didn't know we should be praying for this corrupt system, but with Dr. Anderson's help, he made the world aware & people started going crazy with prayer. He is helping us all & it was just by asking.

Thank you Dr. Anderson, Melydia, Callie, Kevin and Dennis for shining a light on something that needed the sunshine on it.