Thursday, November 11, 2010

Airport Sexual Assault Updates

[Update, Friday, November 12, 4:20 PM]: My family and I are driving to Frederick this evening to celebrate my birthday at the Ethiopian restaurant there. I'll work on the first post on the testimony of Joal and Sarah Henke after we return, and I anticipate having it up Saturday. This post will deal with Sarah's testimony in court and at the deposition. [End Update]

My apologies for not having more regular posts this week. I'm behind in my Day Job and figure that since the True FSU is paying me to teach kids, I probably ought to be doing that! Nonetheless, to demonstrate that the Len Gregors of the world really don't care about sexual assault and child molestation/pornography unless it affords them a chance to advance their careers, I am listing a number of links that show just how bad the sexual assault really is.

Furthermore, as I noted recently, I am convinced that TSA employment is going to appeal to people (and especially men) who get their sexual jollies by "feeling up" men, women, and children -- when they are not looking at their naked bodies. While I doubt that the mainstream media is going to deal with this problem, given that the TSA has no bigger set of supporters than the MSM "journalists," look for future news accounts that will show that the TSA has an "above-average" group of sexual offenders and other perverts in its employment ranks. Remember, you saw that first on this blog.

(Thanks to Lew Rockwell's page for providing a clearinghouse of material.)
  • Are the TSA porn viewers looking for bombs or something else? Claire Wolfe has the answer.
  • Who does the TSA choose for "groping"? Find out here and here.
  • Dr. Kathryn Muratore writes letters regarding this new wave of TSA sexual assault. She posts them on her new website.
Once again, we come to understand just how the bureaucratic and elected "elites" of this country really despise everyone else. Tonya Craft is forced to spend a million dollars to defend herself against bogus charges (and Len "The Man" Gregor claimed that her very act of defense was a crime), but when there really is evidence of sexual assault going on in broad daylight, suddenly the "child protective" people and the "feminists" run and hide.

Folks, these are not people who care about anything but their own power and influence. If you want proof of the bifurcated society of Those With Power And The Costume To Prove It and "Mere Mundanes," the TSA is all you need for your answer.


Anonymous said...

OH MY!!! I am in awe of all of this. Meg's story is truly horrifying. I can't even imagine how she felt.

Having seen the actual application these "screeners" turn in & knowing how easy it is to become a "screener", this is terrifying. Any pervert with ulterior motives can become one and guess what....they get to have their cell phones on them while "screening". Which means, our privates can be seen worldwide if someone wants to do so.

I can tell of an experience I had at Orlando International a few years ago. I wasn't thinking before I packed & had a "private" item in my carry on. The approximately 19 year old "screener" then called others over to see. They were laughing and having a great time with what they saw. After they finally ok-ed me to go through, I looked at them and said, "hope you enjoyed your little fun. I guess it's not every day you get to see a beautiful woman & her toy. Oh, and I would guess that all of you either have them as your 'girlfriends' or 'boyfriends', so I'm actually getting the last laugh, because I have a real man, plus my little friend." All of their faces dropped & one said, "yeah, I'm sure you do, bi***."

These are the people who "screen" & pass judgement on us. They laugh, they take pics, they call their little friends over, but all in the name of "safety". What a truly scary country in which we live. I have not flown since. If I can't get there by car, then I don't really want to go.

I will say God bless all of our Veterans for what they have done for us.

Anonymous said...

TSA to turn normal citizens into new millionaires?
Make sure you file a complaint with the police department if you feel molested during your pat down. This will protect your rights should the TSA employee be arrested in the future as a child molester or a sexual predator. Should a report be filed and the individual that did the molestation actually be found guilty, you may be able to sue the police department and TSA for exposing you and endangering your children for failure to catch this predator.
The legal risks to local and state police departments for closing a case on someone who is later found guilty due to a future arrest is not something to be taken lightly.
If you or your child was groped by said agent, and you filed a complaint with the Police Department after the incident at the airport, you may be entitled to a large settlement.
When you opt out, and experience what you may believe is a molestation pat down make sure you ask for a police officer to be called and file a complaint immediately. Follow up to make sure you have the Police report number. Protect your legal rights now. Create a record and a paper trail showing negligence in background screening and investigation follow up. The odds that you are being violated are greater than winning the lotto?

Doc Ellis 124 said...

Anon 12.03 pm:

Who do you think pays for the damages if they are assessed? Taxpayers.

Dr Anderson has been writing about how government employees score gains by gaming the US injustice system. Looks to me like you are advising readers to game the system, that is, turn the US injustice system against itself, in the hopes of getting money at the expense of innocent folks.

I advocate boycotting the regulated transportation industry until the scanners and searchers are gone. Find some other way to get to your destination.

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Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I have learned so
much from you. Keep it coming and thanks so much.

William L. Anderson said...

Thanks. We are working on posts on Joal and Sarah Henke for this weekend. With Tonya Craft's upcoming custody hearing, Kerwyn and I believe that the reading public should know a few things about Joal, Sarah, and their truthfulness -- or lack of it.

Anonymous said...

Their lack of truthfulness is an understatement. The sad truth is Sarah and Joal are about to birth another child who will be in their care. I wonder if Sarah will want someone else to shower and bathe with her child. I THINK NOT!! These individuals should not be allowed to have any child in their care! If CPS is reading please investigate Joal and Sarah Henke. Them bringing another child into this world is a travesty!

Anonymous said...

I would just say for anyone who thinks Joal and Sarah are innocent - come next week to the hearing in judge Williams court. Come Tues. Nov. 16th and listen. You may all learn something about them.Especially Joal and how he has been inappropriate with minors in the past- specifically his step daughter in his first marriage. Joal had every motivation to nail his ex-wife. Come and hear the evidence!

Anonymous said...

If this judge leaves these children with their father I hope the media crucifies her. The father is obviously a sociopath and everyone has overlooked the damage he has done to their children. Pray for Tonya. This system is a disgusting display of injustice!

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a grand birthday Dr. Anderson & a wonderful meal with your family.

Now get to work!!! hahahaha j/k

I hope you go into this next year of life knowing you have made a difference. You have opened a lot of minds & hearts.

Can't wait to read your next post. Just kind of hoping you get it on here before mine & one of your alma maters meet up!!!

Go Dawgs!!! :-)


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