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Joal and Sarah Henke: Perjury in Their Own Words, Part II: Joal "Just Remembers" to Lie

In putting together posts of the lies that Joal and Sarah Henke told during depositions and the trial against Tonya Craft, Kerwyn and I have found it to be a more daunting task than we could have imagined. We have come to the conclusion that we cannot expose every lie, given that there are not enough bytes in the universe to handle all of that material.

However, with the Tonya-Joal child custody hearing scheduled this week in Judge Marie Williams' court in Hamilton County, we figured that we needed to get something in front of readers to give everyone the opportunity to judge Joal's credibility. That is why we had some of Sarah's falsehoods featured in this post, and now we turn to Joal.

First, there is no way to handle all of Joal Henke's lies in one post, given that I have no intention of competing with Moby Dick and War and Peace for length. Second, if we wait until we have compiled everything, Tonya's children will have grown up and will be celebrating their grandkids. Thus, we need to zero in on a few things.

In this post, I wish to zero in on Joal's April 23, 2010, testimony in which he claimed to have "just remembered" some pretty awful allegations against his former wife. As readers will see, what Joal says is highly questionable, and given that the testimony was drawn out by Chris "Facebook-Cruisemaster" Arnt and upheld by "judge" Brian Outhouse, the two of them are implicated in promoting perjured testimony, not that anyone in an official capacity in the State of Georgia gives a rip.

Almost immediately into the direct questioning, Arnt asks Henke about any allegations of pornography and other extra-sexual activities involving Tonya. Because the transcripts are scanned and not in a format I can copy, I will paraphrase, although I am making sure everything is correct.

Joal replies that Tonya got pornography tapes of women-on-women sex and she and Joal then watched the tape together. (This is something Tonya denies.) Then Arnt asks about an alleged "girls' night out" with her friend Jennifer Sullivan.

Henke replies that Tonya woke up in bed afterward with Jennifer, something that both women deny. It should be noted that "judge" Outhouse refused to let Jennifer Sullivan testify about the alleged incident, declaring, instead, that if Tonya had engaged in "bad acts," that these allegations were germane to the case, since they went to her character.

What is important to point out here is that when Henke was deposed by attorneys twice in 2009, Tonya's attorneys, Cary and Scott King, repeatedly questioned Henke about any affairs or sexual "incidents" that Tonya might have had with others. Henke said that he could not think of any.

Suddenly, he comes to testify and his memory "improves." In fact, Scott King reminded him that none of this material he suddenly was alleging was in any petition for custody, in the depositions, or any other legal document, and the depositions in February and July 2009 lasted for many hours. What was Joal Henke's response?

King: Okay. Have you told the detectives at any time about this pornographic material?

Henke: Just as coming into this trial and just remembering things.

King: So you just remembered it right when this trial started; is that right?

Henke: Probably in the last short while.

So, just as Sarah had "just remembered" that Tonya's daughter was dirty and smelly with matted hair (which is why Sarah claims to have showered and bathed with the little girl), Joal suddenly "remembers" all sorts of things about his ex-wife.

What makes this worse is that Joal Henke's allegations came out on direct with Chris Arnt. Remember that Arnt was familiar with Henke's previous testimony and with the materials regarding the custody fight and divorce, so Arnt also was fully aware that Henke never had alleged anything like he was claiming on April 23.

In other words, Arnt openly and knowingly suborned perjury, and "judge" Outhouse upheld it. This is significant, for in my mind, we are seeing a criminal conspiracy at work (not that it will be prosecuted, of course). The idea that Henke would have forgotten about something like what he had just alleged -- especially when it could have been used as ammunition in a custody battle -- just does not pass the smell test. Henke knew he was lying, Scott King knew Henke was lying, and, most important, Arnt and "judge" Outhouse knew Henke was lying.

Out of the mouth of babes

During Henke's cross examination, Scott King asked him if he had told his daughter that Tonya had lied to the police.

Henke: No
King: Do you know where Child #3 would have gotten that concept?
Henke: No.
King: Okay. Do you know why Child #3 would have said my daddy told me she (Tonya) lied to the police?
Henke: No.

(A few lines below)

King: Do you agree that that would have been a bad idea to tell Child #3 that her mommy had lied to the police prior to the forensic interview?
Henke: Yeah, yes, yes.

The interview to which they were referring is seen below when Tonya's daughter had her infamous "Who's on First" interview with Suzi Thorne, the high school graduate masquerading as a "forensic interviewer" for the Greenhouse and the CAC.

SUZIE: Okay, and you said you used to live with your mom?
CHILD #3: Yeah but she was lying to them.
SUZIE: [Tonya] was lying to who?
CHILD #3: The, uh, police.
SUZIE: What about [What was Tonya lying about]?
CHILD #3: They [police] asked her a question and she was just lying about it.
SUZIE: Well, what did [Tonya] lie [to police] about?
CHILD #3: I don’t know. She just lied about something.
SUZIE: Oh, you don’t know what she lied [to police] about?
CHILD #3: But my dad told me that she lied about something. (Emphasis mine)

So, according to Arnt, Len Gregor, and "judge" Outhouse, Tonya's daughter is a trusted source when she was claiming (after much coaching and manipulating) that her mother had molested her. However, when the child says that her father told her that her mother "lied to the police," that is discounted.

More to the point, Joal Henke contradicted his own daughter in court, and the prosecution went along with it. And why should we not be surprised, given that the prosecutors not only suborned perjury, but also lied to jurors during the closing arguments.

As for relevance in the upcoming custody hearing, it is clear that Joal Henke has engaged in Parent Alienation, and has been pretty successful at it, given that he is both dishonest and manipulative. Courts tend to take harsh action against parents who engage in this kind of conduct; we shall see if Judge Marie Williams takes a hard look at it, or gives Joal a free pass -- as so many other people have done.

We are not simply dealing with lies; no, we are dealing with pathological liars. There is a difference. People will lie at times when cornered, but from what I can gather, Joal Henke lies constantly, and given that the members of the LMJC prefer lies to the truth, I think we certainly can say that people like Arnt, Gregor, and "judge" Outhouse also fit into that category (and Buzz Franklin deserves at least an honorable mention).

In my next post, I will continue to deal with Joal's various contradictions in his testimonies.

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