Tuesday, November 16, 2010

News Flash! Joal and Sarah Henke Lie Under Oath! (Not That Channel 9 Would Report It)

Tuesday's hearing in Judge Marie Williams' courtroom was about what I expected it to be. Joal Henke and his pregnant wife Sarah lied a lot. They lied under oath, and their friends (including a former minister at Eastwood Church) covered for them. In other words, it was business as usual with the Henkes and the Eastwood crowd. Don't forget that the Eastwood bunch tried to convince everyone Tonya Craft was a child molester, even though the evidence clearly showed otherwise.

Now, if you watched only Channel 9's coverage, you would think that Joal and Sarah are honest, God-fearing people who care only about the welfare of their children. You would have no idea that Tonya's attorneys caught Joal in lie after lie, and that the guy who "suddenly remembered" all sorts of scandalous things about Tonya at her criminal trial had severe memory lapse all through today's session. (Channel 3 has more accurate coverage, not surprisingly, given that Channel 9 worked hand-in-glove with the prosecution in the criminal trial, even giving sympathetic on-camera interviews with prosecutors Chris Arnt and Len Gregor after the acquittal.)

It is hard to know where to begin, but I will begin at one of the lies told by Joal, that being his falsification of his address in order to pull Tonya's children from the school where they were attending and enroll them in Westview School. Once again, as she had in her conversation with Eric Echols, principal Margo Williams denied telling Joal to do it -- which he continues to claim.

Mortgage Fraud, Henke Style

In Tuesday's testimony, we found that Joal's father purchased the house where he and Sarah live, as Joal apparently could not qualify for a loan. (Smart people, those mortgage lenders.)

The problem is that Joal's father got a VA loan, which requires the borrower to live in the residence, and the borrower is required to state that on the application. That Henke's father did NOT live in the house or even intend to live in the house is mortgage fraud, which is a felony punishable by several years in prison.

So, if federal prosecutors in Southeast Tennessee would like a slam-dunk case, they have one right in front of them. Joal Henke's father committed mortgage fraud, and Joal and Sarah Henke were partners-in-crime, and conspiracy to commit mortgage fraud also is a federal felony. Ah! Joal doesn't care where he breaks the law, just as long as he can be a lawbreaker!

Now, as I see it, not only should federal prosecutors be interested in this open fraud, but also the state board of realtors, as licensed real estate agents are not supposed to be committing mortgage fraud. Perhaps someone needs to notify the board of this transgression and let the board take another look at Joal's license.

Here is the Channel 3 tweet on that situation, including the editorial comment:

11:43am Joal's house purchased by his dad, dad lied to get VHA loan, said he would live there, not Joal. (That's a federal offense.)

The Showering Sarah

Before dealing with Sarah Henke's frequent showers with Tonya's daughter, let us deal with another lie that Sarah told under oath Tuesday. Henke told the court that she never tried to "replace" Tonya as the actual mother of Tonya's children.

Yet, all during the trial, Sarah Bass Henke had a Facebook page in which her signature photo showed her holding Tonya's daughter and it was clear on that page (which conveniently was taken down after Tonya's acquittal) that Henke was claiming those children as her own, and she even thanked God for "giving" her those children. The only reason I did not mention it on my blog -- and I did save what I could from it -- was that what Sarah Henke was doing was so vicious and so evil that I did not want Tonya even to look at a picture of another woman stealing her daughter -- and that is exactly what Sarah Henke was doing.

[Update]: It turns out I was wrong. Sarah Bass Henke has a current Facebook page, and she is pictured cuddling to Tonya's daughter. She also writes a number of things pertaining to Tonya's children (claiming them to be her own), saying things like trying to "be a yes mom today" and saying what a blessing it is to tuck in her children at night.

In other words, even now, even after claiming under oath that she and Joal are not engaged in parental alienation, she continues to claim that the children of Tonya Craft are her own. Folks, it doesn't get any more evil than what Sarah Bass Henke is doing -- and continues to do. [End Update]

So, for Sarah Bass Henke to tell the court under oath that she was not trying to cleverly push Tonya out of the picture is a lie, yet another lie on top of other lies. (For those who still might think Sarah was being naive, remember that after Tonya's acquittal, Sarah stood in the courtroom crying, and somehow I don't think these were tears of joy.)

When asked why she showered with Tonya's daughter, Henke once again went with the same perjury she used in Catoosa County: Tonya's children were dirty; they were unkempt; they had matted hair; they stank. Dear, caring Sarah was just showering with the child because Tonya Craft was such an uncaring, unfit mother that she let her own children be walking pigpens.

However, as I posted a few days ago, when Sarah was questioned by attorneys in a deposition in 2009, she did not use the "stinking children" defense. Instead, she said she was just helping the young girl clean shampoo from her hair and the like. It was only at the criminal trial -- and now at the custody hearing -- that Bass Henke tried to employ that rhetorical device known as the Big Lie.

Here is the Channel 3 tweet for the "shower" nonsense:

2:55pm Scott King asking Sarah Henke about showering with Tonya Craft's daughter. She says girl wasn't clean when they picked her up.

Joal Continues the "Neglect" Theme

Sarah was not the only person to push a false "Tonya neglected her children" theme, as Joal insisted that Tonya was refusing to give them even basic medical care by failing to take the children to the doctor even for checkups for three years. Tonya's attorney, Scott King, made short work of Henke's lies. This is from Channel 3's postings:

11:24am King is challenging Joal's statement that Tonya Craft didn't take kids for well child visits for three years.

11:27am Scott King making Joal Henke read kids' med charts. There was no three year gap in their health care.

11:29am Joal seems confused, trouble reading charts. KING: It's not that complicated. JUDGE: Easy, counselor.

So, picture the scene. Joal Henke tells the court that Tonya Craft did not take her children to the doctor for three years, and when Scott King produces the medical charts of the children that demonstrate conclusively that Henke is lying, Henke pretends he is having trouble reading the charts. It was yet another Gotcha! moment in the life of serial liar and adulterer, Joal Henke.

Joal Can't Recall Anything

During Tonya's criminal trial, Joal was a fount of "I just remembered," including recalling what clearly was a nonexistent lesbian affair Tonya allegedly had with her good friend, Jennifer Sullivan. (Notice that "judge" Brian Outhouse refused to allow Jennifer to testify on her behalf.)

However, in testimony Tuesday, Joal seemed stricken with memory loss. (I thought that a "world-class" athlete -- as Joal describes himself -- was disciplined.) Here are some Channel 3 tweets that demonstrate Joal's Alzheimer's act:

11:15am Scott King asking Joal Henke about his conversation with court-appointed therapist. He can't remember what he told her.

11:59am A lot of Joal Henke's answers include "I don't recall" or "I can't remember".

12:28pm Joal continues being "unable to recall" most of King's questions regarding Craft's parents' access to kids.

Why would Joal suddenly be forgetful? It seems that he openly had been violating the court order that Judge Marie Williams herself had set. Here are some more Channel 3 tweets:

11:34am Joal admits he lied on application to get kids in school they weren't zoned for; left mother's information blank on form. (Emphasis mine)

11:36am Tonya Craft had to get court order to access her kids school records.

11:38am Joal called Catoosa court to see if Tonya Craft violated bond by asking for their kids' school records.

11:52am Joal says he denied Craft visitation with their son on Mothers Day 2009. He can't remember why.

11:53am Joal also denied Craft visitation on Mothers Day 2010.

11:57am Joal also denied Tonya Craft's parents' request for time with kids on Mothers Day this year.

There was nothing in the court order signed by Judge Williams that allowed him to do the things he did, yet he did it with impunity. Furthermore, he lied about what he did and why he did it, and when confronted in a court of law, he suddenly got a bout of Alzheimer's Disease. I only can hope that Judge Williams understands that Henke has given her the middle finger, too, because he believes she will do nothing about it.

Joal's Lack-of-Character Witness

In Dennis Norwood's report in The Chattanoogan, he goes into detail about one of the "character" witnesses for the Henkes, Joshua McGiness, who was a former minister at Eastwood Church. According to The Chattanoogan:
A former minister at Eastwood Baptist Church where the Henkes attend, Joshua McGiness, also testified in support of his friend and former tae kwan do instructor, Joal. When attorney Clancy Covert asked him why he had attended the Craft criminal trial, he answered, “To support Joal and Sarah.”

Mr. McGuiness told the judge that while he respected Mr. Henke now, he had not always. Asked by Ms. Craft’s attorneys what changed his mind, McGuiness said, “It was the way he handled his divorce from Ms. Craft.” He stated he did not attend any of the divorce proceedings, but came to his feelings from hearing what Mr. Henke had to say in their church small group meetings. “We asked Joal some pretty tough questions,” he said.

Addressing both Sarah and Joal as to the issue of Sarah showering with the daughter, both said they found nothing wrong with the practice. Ms. Craft had earlier complained to authorities about this practice. It was only after a psychologist associated with the case told her to stop the practice that it ended, according to trial testimony.

As a former minister, Mr. McGuiness said he didn’t find anything wrong with the practice either, saying there were just too many variables and facets to look at.
I think that readers should know that Tonya was pretty much run out of Eastwood Church because she was divorcing Henke. Now, Tonya did not leave him for someone else; no, she left because Joal was sleeping around, abusing her, and then claiming he was a "changed man."

I'm sure that McGuiness would claim that Joal just wanted to "restore his marriage" or nonsense like that. I would put it much differently, and I think that what I am going to say pretty much describes Joal Henke.

Henke is both tenacious and competitive, but he also is a sociopath, a person who will look a person in the eye and then lie with the most sincere voice one can imagine. If he is caught in a lie, he simply tells another, and then another.

It was not that Joal wanted to keep Tonya as his wife because he loved her; he wanted to keep her around because for her to leave -- and leave with the children -- would be for him to lose, and one thing that Joal Henke cannot accept is losing. He was tenacious throughout the divorce proceedings, but when it was clear that Tonya had a stack of videotapes of him having sex with other women, even Henke realized that he was finished.

The faux child molestation case was just another example of him trying to beat Tonya -- because in his twisted mind, she "beat" him at something she she successfully divorced him and won the child custody rights. True, he could manipulate the people at Eastwood Church, and if McGuiness is typical of the kind of person who attends that "emergent church," then it is not hard to figure what is happening there, and why so many people there still insist beyond all reason that Tonya Craft was and is a child molester.

The Wednesday hearing is closed to the press and public because it will involve psychological reports of the children. I only hope that there is one more psychological report: about a certain sociopath named Joal Henke who is unfit to be anywhere but in a jail cell.


KC Sprayberry said...

I find the 'children were baptized' comment from yesterday interesting. Joal Henke reminds me very much of my first husband, in that he uses lies and a church to justify his methods. Therefore, if these men are actually the same, the children would have endured lessons from other church members in which they heard something along the lines of 'you're going to hell becaue you aren't a real Christian' the definition of real Christian being 'only people belonging to our church are real Christians'. Now, I don't have any other reason to believe this other than Henke's constant lies and manipulative behavior. But as a mother who held her sobbing children when they explained this to her, I can tell you this is not only parental alienation to the extreme but abuse of the highest degree. Watching this custody trial play out reminds me so much of the pain I endured during my divorce, my heart aches for Tonay. However, she is doing what I did - taking the high road by keeping the parent problems from the kids. Keep up your good work, Tonya. Your kids will realize who is the better parent very fast. Kids always know. And as I read in a book last night, when a child is hurt, in trouble, or lonely, the first person they call for is Mama - and not a stepmom.

Anonymous said...

You forgot where Mr. Henke violated a court order by allowing his son to attend a camp out of state. Personally, I don't find anything wrong with it but if a person wants to go to the letter of the law rather then the spirit it applies equally. My prayers go to Ms. Craft. It appears the courts gave her a raw deal.

Jerri Lynn Ward said...

I am becoming increasingly disgusted with these antinomian, Arminian, dispensational churches. They act as if Jesus is but a life insurance policy and God's laws mere suggestions.

This is what you get from them. A flouting of His justice and enabling of evil.

Churches like this are a greater threat than the specter of shariah law taking over the country. In fact, if it does, I think that it will be God's judgment, in part, because of churches like this.

Anonymous said...

Another part that truly got to me as a mother & showed parental alienation was them allowing the children to call her Tonya. Let me take back the word allow & replace it with encouraging, if not forcing, them to call her Tonya. What was the sociopaths answer? Um, well, we were told not to discuss the case or um, anything, um, about anything, so we um, just had to let it go. REALLY???? If that isn't a load of crap, I don't know what is! A real parent & one who wasn't encouraging the behavior would have said, "no children, she's your mother & always will be."

When I had contact with Henke a few years ago, I knew he was a scumbag, just didn't realize how large of one. If I would have known, I probably would have knocked him out rather than laughing off his advances. Damn hindsight!!

Now presently, I will be making a call to the local board of realtors. They do take this stuff very seriously. Honestly, they probably saw & heard what happened yesterday & are already on it. While I dabbled in real estate, I saw them take action on several people for lesser crimes. And yes, what he & his father did is a crime. Did you know that if a realtor is caught drinking & driving & is convicted of a dui, they lose their license? Did you know that if a realtor is reported to not be paying child support, they can lose their license? The latter was enough motivation for JH to start the bogus charges, along with Tonya's call to DFACS for the showering & shaving incidences. For the people who still have to ask "why JH would put his children through this?" need to look at the big picture. Believe me, it's very large & after he gained TEMPORARY custody of the children, he made that picture even larger.

You're right Bill, he's a sociopath. He reminds me of my biological father in so many ways. Trying to hide behind "religion" while doing all of his dirty deeds. I have no problem with non-denominational churches, but with this one & a couple more in the area, I do. It is not religion, nor is it based on the teachings of Christ. Old & New Testaments are thrown out the door.

Sorry for the long post, but these were a few things that boiled my blood even more after yesterday.

Praying for Tonya as she has to listen to the psycho-babble from "Dr. Nikki" today. TC is strong & will walk through fire for her children. Lord knows she's already gone to hell & back to get to this point. Just a few more trips & she WILL have her children.


Anonymous said...

Jeri, you are so right!!! I guess it was last week or so when some idiot compared this blog to the WBC people. I think they need to check the comparison between WBC & Eastwood. Neither teach the Word of our Lord, they simply make the rules & standards as they go & pick & choose what applies. It is disgusting.

Sorry I had 2 in a row.


Doc Ellis 124 said...

tweeted to FaceBook, MySpace, LinkedIn.

Thank you for writing this.

Kerwyn said...

Actually, Bill left out MANY references to Joal's violation of the court order. Once, he allowed his daughter to go to a lake accompanied by a female (22 yo) "nanny" of another family that he basically knew nothing about.

In reading his depositions, he is caught in falsehood after falsehood. He claimed he did not tell the "therapist" anything that his daughter told him because "They are the professionals, it's their job to get this out of her".

He also claimed yesterday he was cut out of his children's lives after the divorce, yet it TWO depositions he says he had them for every visitation, went to all the school events, ball games, birthdays, holidays and parent teacher conferences. Ya sounds like he was cut out to me.

Most importantly, Joal has no problem throwing his friends and family under the bus to save himself. He has now admitted his father committed a felony and of course, Joal was partner to that felony. "Federal law makes it a crime to make “any materially false, fictitious or fraudulent statement or representation,” and the penalty can be a fine and imprisonment for not more than five years". I will be calling the FHA today to report this crime.

So this sterling parent is setting this example for these children; it is ok to lie, it is ok say whatever you want as long as it benefits you, it is ok to defend your actions and do it at the cost of those around you (including accusing them of lying, stealing, fraud, being whores, lesbians or child molesters) as long as you get what you want in the end.

Wow, nice guy. I REALLY want him for a friend. I can only hope his father read with HORROR what his son testified to and know, that he will (I can only hope) be prosecuted for mortgage fraud.

Anonymous said...

No doubt his father committed an egregious crime. Not only is it straight up mortgage fraud (he wouldnt have qualified without having lied), he did so when the economy was going in the tiolet, and he took money from legitimate VA eligible funds that could have been used for a deserving veteran.

But don't think its for naught. Dupree will argue that since Joal has made admissions against his interests he is being truthful in his testimony. It is a backhanded way of arguing that Joal's testimony is trustworthy.

KC Sprayberry said...

Anon 10:34. Dupree might represent Joal's testimony as truthful since he tesitifed against his best interests but I see it as hiding lies within lies. These fools actually believe the judge will listen to the words of a pathological liar instead of looking over written evidence, therefore, Henke will keep his children. Another thing I found pathetic was how Sarah kept to her trial testimony, even after no one believed it then. My thinking there? Dupree coached her to do so. That way, when the kids do go back to Tonya, Joal can do a righteous screaming match against his child bride about how she's the cause of him losing his kids. Been there, done that, never want to repeat the experience.

Anonymous said...

Kerwyn, I don't think there is enough space in cyber space to list all of his lies. He is such a poor example of a human, much less a parent. I could not feel more sorry for those children. They have been so abused by Joal & Sarah. It's sickening to say the least.

I think when old Joal opened this can of worms, he didn't look far enough ahead to see what it was going to cost him. Most pathological liars don't. He is the epitome of that. Lie, lie to cover up lie, oops, lie again to cover up that lie. In the meantime, you have fools who do not pay attention to what is black & white. Such as the former minister, well, after hearing Joal's side in small group, I believe every damn word he says. Oh, we asked some pretty tough questions. UGH!!!! The blind leading the blind. I too want to know if any of the "tough questions" involved Joal's extra-marital activities??? Doubt it.

Wonder if we could just get a simple list to post of his depo lies & courtroom lies. Just a one by one outline? That would be a great post!

Anonymous said...

I see that the Eastwood crowd is still dinking the kool-aid. Years ago they deeply hurt someone very dear to me...they KNEW her husband was a bi-sexual achoholic and yet when she asked him to leave... they kicked her out of their "church"... part of true Christian leadership is having wisdom and discernment. Obviously the leadership there is lacking those attributes when it comes to the Henkes. It makes me want to puke because I know how devastating their mis-judgements can be. The women in that church need to be careful! The men are ALWAYS in the matter waht the proof is!

Anonymous said...

Would you in good faith take your child to Parkridge Medical Center if you knew Sarah Bass Henke was going to be his/her nurse?

I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

"Former minister at Eastwood". You may as well say "Hitler's minister of the occult".

volfan69 said...

Are any of you following the updates from Callie Starnes in court today? She is following the case of the Soddy Daisy teacher that supposedly held several teens at gun point in a cemetary. One of those teens is the son of Sandra Lamb. He said that he was the one with an air rifle. Interesting stuff.

Anonymous said...

Oh my word! I did not know this until just now. I'm following Callie on twitter for the Swallows case & lo & behold, one of the teens is none other than Hayden Lamb!!!! I guess we know the answer to how Sandra's kids will grow up.

Anonymous said...

lol volfan, we were typing that at the same time.

To the 11:11 & 11:12 regarding Eastwood, I would be very interested in seeing their "pastor's" credentials. Knowing how easy it is to become ordained, I would be interested in how many theology or seminary classes they attended. Wouldn't you?

William L. Anderson said...


You are correct. Furthermore, it was late, I had been working on other stuff, and I was tired. Kerwyn also is right in that there is a bunch of stuff I have not even put up here.
There just is so, so, so much, as Joal has weaved a really sticky and vast web of lies, and Sarah has been his accomplice.

Kerwyn said...


I have been reading both of Joal's Depositions and Sarah's as well. Every time I read,I find MORE lies, exaggerations and I wish, I dearly wish I was trained in statement analysis. They would have a field day with his blatant dishonesty.

I could most likely write a book just on his two depositions.

Anonymous said...

Let's do this whole thing again when Sarah has this baby. EVERYTHING will change then!!! Anybody wanna take bets on it!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Bill, that was me, old UGA Mom at 11:03. I've been so fired up, I forgot my little tag.

I just can not fathom people actually taking up for these people. I don't get it.

Then I saw where Lamb's kid was involved in taking yet another great teacher out of the community, and I got even more insanely angry.

You know, I talked to my daughter after court ended yesterday & we spoke about the whole point, which I've taught her since she was very young, that the truth is always the best way to go no matter what the consequences. She said, "Mom, I'm not sure Joal would know the truth if it smacked him in the face. Hmmmmm...maybe that's what he needs, a good smack in the face!" I love my child so much.

You're doing great & so is Kerwyn! Just always know you are doing this because you were called to do it.


Anonymous said...

everyone in the area should plan a Sunday to attend the church... and everyone go in yellow together and sit in the front row! I would go and I am a Seventh Day Adventist!!

William L. Anderson said...

Thanks UGA Mom. I'm just sorry the Dawgs did not defeat the Gators. I always have had a lot of respect for Richt, even though I cannot forgive him for the win in 2001 (our only regular season loss).

I just put in a post on the TFP story.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I'm about to read it. Oh, please forgive him, the guy is having it pretty rough right now. Alumni, fans, bloggers....they all want his head on a platter. The hubby & I don't. I would rather have his character any day of the week. Want the "W's" too, but that will happen in due time.

Actually kind of excited to se SC play for the East. I know they are ecstatic.

Now, on to read your new post!!!

p.s. i've said since pre-season that bray should be y'all's starting qb & i don't even like the vols. lol

kbp said...

From what may have been more than one source, for I did not keep track of which articles or blogs these quotes came from;

…For those who still might think Sarah was being naive, remember that after Tonya's acquittal, Sarah stood in the courtroom crying,

…When attorney Clancy Covert asked [McGuiness] why he had attended the Craft criminal trial, he answered, “To support Joal and Sarah.”

The daughter (and son) was the alleged victim here, not the father and his newer wife (being polite).


Scott King produces the medical charts showing records JH could not recall or follow or had ever seen evidently, and;

” 10:13am ATTY: And when did you remarry? JOAL: Uhh, these are difficult questions”
One so forgetful to questions like those and more certainly places their parenting skills in question


Channel 9’s Madewell is a puppet, whose reporting will always be absent any investigative results.

Anonymous said...

kbp, excellent observation! I guess he was wondering which "remarry" he was referring to.

Also, you are so right on about "supporting Joal & Sarah". The kids are the ones who suffered & suffered at the hands of these 2 fools. Trust me, I'm not forgetting about the other fools either, but sticking to the topic.

Oh, also check out the Stacy Swallows story. Very upsetting & yet the eldest Lamb child was involved with it. I know many teachers who are friends with Mr. Swallows & he is a stand up guy. He was trying to do the right thing, now he will have to pay, just as Tonya did. If you want a run-down so you don't have to go back & research his story from the beginning, just let me know.


Anonymous said...

UGA Mom,I cannot believe Mr.Swallows is having to pay yet the Lamb kid & his friends are guilt free.Wow! It truly blows my mind.Yes kids are kids & do stupid things just as we all did back in the day.If the police felt the kids did nothing wrong fine,but what did Mr.Swallows do that was wrong,I do not understand.

William L. Anderson said...

I cannot help but wonder if French Newton is a hidden hand behind the Swallows prosecution.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Anderson,I think you are 100% right.Some how Sandra & her father seem to have their hand in anyone who is anyone's back pocket.Somewhere down the line you would think someone would have a concious & not take the money.I guess evil sticks together.

Anonymous said...

Bill & anon 2:54, I truly don't understand it. Moon is usually the more, how should I put it....logical of the judges. Yes he's done some goofy things, but I've sat in his courtroom on several occasions as an observer & once as a witness for the plaintiff, and for the most part, he's pretty dead on. Either old Frenchie has a hand in this or maybe Moon knows the GJ won't indict. If you will notice, Mr. Swallows didn't testify today and his defense didn't put anyone up, so maybe they have faith the GJ will do the right thing. The prosecution hasn't really pushed this very hard either, so if Frenchie (just like calling him that) is "helping" the prosecution, he's not doing a very good job. Very confused about today. I just think Moon should have come down harder on the kids. But we know at least one of the parents believes she & her little angels are above the law. Maybe Hayden will be a guardian angel for all of the delinquent 19 year olds when he goes to hea....can't finish it. ;-)

I also agree that kids will be kids, but they weren't there to read the Bible, but none of them have to admit what they were there to do & quite frankly, I would have done the same thing as Mr. Swallows. If I were the parent of one of the "kids" (most were over 18), they still wouldn't be able to sit. He was tired of what kept happening at the cemetary & not only did he call 911 before he went out there, he had an unloaded gun on lock. I wouldn't have been so kind. :-) Also, this particular cop who testified....don't get me started. Not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Hoping my insider was able to get inside of TC's hearing today. If so, I will email Dr. Anderson, only if it's info I can give out right now. I don't want to do anything to hurt Tonya's case. Plus, she has Dr. Bernet on her side & he blows that quack job Dr. Nicky out of the water!!!


Anonymous said...

I am astonished that 'ole Joal even still has a job,with the downturn in the economy being what it is. I don't think I would ever use Re/MAX simply because he is there. I wouldn't trust him in an empty home to show it to someone that actually might do business with them. My impression of the one encounter with Joal was he was selling the wrong things. He ought to be a used car salesman!!! (No offense to used car salesmen here) He comes across as a "slick Willie" who thinks his fake smile, and "Charm" (and believe me, I use that term very liberally) will just make you melt!! What a "Bogus Charlie!!!" He is as phoney as they come.
And then, just the thought of Joal dating and then marrying a former Sunday School student of Tonya's. Dr. Anderson said it right when he said, "If this were published as a book, no one would buy it. You can't even make this stuff up." There is more fiction and fantasy than the movie Avatar, or Star Wars!!!
I will tell you this, I will never again step foot in Parkridge Hospital, nor would I ever use Re/MAX realty to buy or sell a house as long as these two are employees there.
Poor Sarah, she must live behind rose colored glasses. She has seen first hand the destructiveness of being involved with Joal, and now she is going to have a child with him. How sad!!! You can't help but wonder in the back of her teeny mind if she is thinking, "will I be next?" I never knew I was capable of having such hatred for people that I don't even know, but with all that has happened in this case, that is what my emotions are boardering on. Hatred and Contempt. I just hope the saga ends for Tonya, and I also hope somehow, someway, we are witnesses to the demise of Joal and his child bride!!!! Karma is a bitch, and it is coming for you Joal and Sarah!

Anonymous said...

retract, it is Keller Williams realty, not Re/Max.

Anonymous said...

lol 2:09, you are so right on! He does believe he can "charm" anyone. The only people who fall for it are the mindless. Tonya realized early in their marriage what a slimeball he was. She just tried to do the right thing. She felt, as many who go on to 2nd marriages, that if she left, people would consider her a failure. The only good that came out of her marriage was having HER wonderful children. She did the right thing by leaving him and at some point, SH will grow up & realize what is going on & leave him too. Too bad she does wear blinders. I don't feel sorry for her though. She is an adult & is going along with his sick & twisted behavior.

You're right, Keller Williams needs to drop him like a hot potato & after the information of mortgage fraud, it probably won't be too far away. He couldn't & wouldn't support his children after the divorce, what makes anyone think he can/will now? Especially now that the beast is to be born. I'm not faulting the child, as it did not ask to be born into that household, but between these two jackholes, it has no chance to become a normal, productive member of society. So sad.

I honestly think Tonya just thinks of Joal as a sperm donor & knows she must get her children back so they can grow up healthy and normal.