Monday, November 22, 2010

The Strange Case of Eric Echols, or the Anatomy of an Illegal Prosecution

I received a message this morning that a Georgia judge has quashed the criminal indictment against Eric Echols, which ends yet another sorry chapter in the discredited criminal case against Tonya Craft. While LMJC prosecutors have four years in which to re-indict Mr. Echols, they have a real problem and they know it: there is and was no basis for indictment, period.

Just because LMJC D.A. Buzz Franklin's pathetic minions have taken another shot does not mean I am dropping my scrutiny of his office and others in Northwest Georgia for this travesty. While Franklin and his "boss," ADA Chris Arnt (who really calls the shots in that office, and Franklin just does his bidding) most likely will respond with their usual "no comment" when handed their heads, in reality this is a huge blow to Arnt's political aspirations.

(I will deal with Arnt's ambitions in future posts, but suffice it to say that this guy had high hopes until he bent over to kiss the posteriors of Sandra Lamb, her father, Dewayne Wilson, and their friends. Sorry, fellow, bad choice. Call it a "bad touch.")

Let me now look at the case against Mr. Echols, or, more specifically, the non-case against him. His problems supposedly began with the "Mommie Dearest" incident when he served (legally) Sandra Lamb with some papers. In truth, Mr. Echols, a first-rate private investigator and an African-American, was quietly ripping up the guts of Arnt's case against Tonya Craft, and Arnt knew it.

If you have not seen the video of Sandra Lamb's 2009 racially-motivated assault on Mr. Echols, it is worth watching and can be seen here. In the video, Lamb then assaults Mr. Echols and calls him a "black bastard."

Legally, this is assault, and when accompanied by racial epithets is a hate crime under Georgia and federal law. However, given that Buzz Franklin and the LMJC are corrupt, prosecutors charged Mr. Echols with a crime. To compound matters, Sandra Lamb filed an assault charge against Mr. Echols, clearly lying on the police report, and then claiming that Arnt directed her actions.

Despite the fact that the sheet on which she made her accusation said that filing a false charge is a felony under Georgia law, Lamb filed charges against Mr. Echols that were contradicted by the video evidence. The way that Arnt and his friends reacted was to ignore the crimes that Lamb committed and charge Mr. Echols with felony witness tampering.

However, the "felony" apparently was recorded and when the recording and transcript of Mr. Echols' conversations with Jerry McDonald were made public, they also contradicted the substance of the charges. Furthermore, had this conversation been made available at the trial, it would have cast serious doubt on McDonald's crocodile tearful testimony that was replayed ad nauseum on television. So, what to do in the LMJC? Continue to run off the cliff, of course!

Once again, Chris Arnt's grand strategy crashed and burned just like everything else in the Tonya Craft case. Moreover, there is more work to do, as others in the LMJC are falsely charged, and compounding the problem is that there is not an honest person in a position of authority in the LMJC. Since we cannot appeal to the better side of people who don't have a better side, then the only other option is to expose the lies and the liars.

Congratulations to Mr. Echols, I guess. He finally can relax, but he also knows that the system of "justice" in Northwest Georgia is not in good hands. Not a good thing.


Mary Jane said...

I hope Mr. Echols can somehow recover his loss of income and lawyers fees. It seems like TC is not the only one who has a legitimate reason to sue SL.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bill for keeping this going! Some have said to drop it or take some high road. I think you are taking the high road by informing many people of what is going on in this area & in many other cases & situations. As I said before, Tonya's case was the "big one" that finally shed a light that needed to be shone.

I also could not be happier for Mr. Echols! His life has basically been at a stand still because of these scumbags (also what they did to Tonya) & now, he can go on with his work (which is excellent) and keep the good of the world chance to survice our terrible "systems".

I see much more good coming out of all of this bunk that has been endured by the good people. Because of their strength & poise, they set a wonderful example for anyone who is facing the minions of Satan. I honestly believe he's (Satan) been working overtime in a lot of areas of NWGA & this country, but it seems as if people are finally opening their eyes. Yes, there are the very, very few who still choose to ignore the facts, but they are becoming less & less.

Just keep putting it out there Dr. Anderson. Not only did you shine the biggest light on TC's case, but you have also opened up a great deal of other instances which demand out attention.

Again, thank you!


p.s. did you happen to see where the wonderful federal judge took a plea deal?

Anonymous said...

that should have read, "the good of the world a chance to survive". gotta love my typos! lol

William L. Anderson said...

Heh, heh, the "hanging judge" gets the axe.

Anonymous said...

Another waste of LMJC taxpayer's money. And to think the citizens were dumb enough to vote two of the judges back in.

Anonymous said...

Yep, the "pill killer" gets his dose! We could come up with headlines for that all day huh? hahaha

Anon 2:04, sad part, the amount of people I've spoken to is staggering regarding them getting "voted" back in. The polls said it was 100%, but that is humanly impossible. I know way too many people who did not mark or who wrote in, so there is some controversy on that.

KC, if you're out there, do you have the info yet on what we can do about the votes not being properly done?


Anonymous said...

Any idea where we can get a copy of the order?

KC Sprayberry said...

Hey, UGA Mom. November is one of my busiest months, writing wise. However, I also know of many people who didn't vote those judges back in, instead opting for a write in vote. But those in charge of the little people never indicated we can't use that vote unless - get ready for it - the person written is on the registry. Whatever that is. Still can't get a straight answere there. So those votes were counted for the legimitate candidates. Also, voters who left the that part of the ballot blank had their ballot invalidated. According to current GA law, also not kosher. And every other state I've lived in allowed a vote of no confidence on a judge if the voters didn't want them to retain their position on the bench for whatever reason (how California voters got rid of the female judge who wore pink robes). But that wasn't a option for us. Also, before everyone got the word on how to protest the judge election at the GA election site, those in charge of that office validated the vote. Now, how's that for shutting up the protestors before we have a chance to say anything.

The best part of this whole mess? Even if we sucessfully challenged the judge vote, the incoming governor, Old ethics-challenged, can't-balance-his-finances Nathan Deal APPROVES of what Arnt and company did in the Tonya Craft case. Our glorious, money spending, can't figure out which political party he belongs to governor-elect said as much at a campaign stop in Dalton, but that was reported at the end of a long, self aggrandizing report in the Dalton paper, when he claimed he had NW Georgia in hand. So, imagine what kind of judge Deal would appoint if he approves of how things run up here already? Although I hate to admit it, because these guys are so bad, we might be better off waiting until Deal chokes as governor and the voters kick him out before going full steam to clean that house. Can you imagine someone as ethically challenged and financially corrupt as Deal handing down justice? Ah! I just realized what I wrote. We already have that.

KC Sprayberry said...
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Doc Ellis 124 said...

tweeted. thank you for writing this.

Anonymous said...

This is from the Georgia Elections FAQ page for this year, 2010:

January 1--Earliest day to file and publish a notice of intention to be a write-in candidate in the November General/Nonpartisan Election. O.C.G.A. 21-2-133 (a)

September 7--Last day to file and publish a notice of intention to be a write-in candidate in the November General/Nonpartisan/Special Election O.C.G.A. 21-2-133 (a)

victoria said...

Any other details of which judge quashed the indictment and the rationale? We all know the charges didn't hold water and why, but the justice system in that area seems to work in a parallel universe of logic.

Will Echols sue Lamb or others? He must have some legal fees and lost work time.

volfan69 said...

Mr. Anderson, if you have time will you please explain Demurrer in terms I might understand? I looked it up and I still don't understand how it helped and worked for Mr. Echols. Thanks in advance for any information you can give me.

Anyone else that can enlighten/educate me please feel free to do so. I appreciate all of you.

Anonymous said...

Demur is a "yes, but." It is an old term that I wish they would not use. "Yes, but" means that even assuming the facts in the indictment are true, there is no basis in law for the charge. The lack of basis can is typically found in the document itself. In Echols case, I believe he relied on the Delaby case which held that there needed to be actual facts to support how he intimidated a witness. In Echols' case, there were no such facts (eh-hem, because they dont exist).

Anonymous said...

I just read in the Chattanoogan that Barry steelman, criminal court judge, told the Pachyderm club his aim in trying defendants is to "get it right." Hooray for Judge Steelman! He went on to say that despite criticism from the grand jury, a defendant's libierty is at stake so taking the time to get it right basically overrides the notion of getting it done quickly. The scariest thing he said was that grand juries spend an average of 12 minutes per case. He admitted they dont have enough time to review things properly. To think, only twelve minutes on average is given to decide on someone's liberty. The grand jury was intended to be a barrier between the government and the people. LIke I have written before, the grand jury is just a pawn and a rubber stamp.

volfan69 said...

anon 5:16, thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Did I miss something? Who got voted back in when?

If some of these judges got voted back in after all the bad things they've done, you people down there deserve what you get.

Make sure and vote for Summers again too. Maybe you could even get "dirty deal" to run for DA.

Anonymous said...

KC, thank you for all of your research on that! And might I add an OMG!!! So basically, before the next election, we need to have people in place to either run against these crooks or have someone eligible for write-ins, which must be done in January. We must stay on top of this. Also, that means all of the info we were given beforehand was not true. Ugh, that's frustrating! Thank you though! I know you actually have other things to do, but you seemed to have the most knowledge on the subject.

anon 7:10, NO, we did not vote them back in & that is what we were discussing. We were all given false info on how to basically invalidate them. It was late in the game. They did not "run", they were already in place with no opposition and with the amount of people I know, KC knows & how we got the word out, we know that if we would have had the info earlier in the year (January), then we could have been successful. But as KC said, do we honestly think our new crooked governor would replace them? No. Also, Summers is not supposed to be running again, but I believe there will be a good candidate to replace. If this person decides to run, I will definitely "get out the vote" for him. And no, it's not Larry Black!!! Believe me, we want these people gone with the wind!

Anyhoo, it was Van Pelt & Bo Wood who retained their seats.

Again, thanks KC!!!


KC Sprayberry said...

UGA, what's really funny here is some folks contacted the elections supervisor in LaFayette right before the election and none of this information was imparted. I was only going by what I knew from other elections, in other states. But it seems GA has rules that make it close to imposslble to get rid of someone sitting on the judicial bench. A vote of no confidence would have been met with far more interest than how the election was run.

As an interesting side note, the head of the elections office made a comment about the judicial election the day before the actual election: "I don't why these men are bothering to run. There's no one running agains them. So, they will keep their jobs." Sounds a bit rigged to me.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:10, before you get all huffy and insult our intelligence, why not take the time to read KC Sprayberry's post. It will explain it to you. Unless you knew who was running under write in, you HAD to unless you wanted your ballot to be invalid. Personally I'm more upset that no one had the guts to run against them. It really shows how intimidated people are of all the corruption going on around here. And "Dirty Deal" got elected as governer. Not everyone in GA knows what is going on in NWGA.
KC Sprayberry, as far as Deal and Barnes, it was hard for me to figure out which was the lesser evil. They are both very corrupt. Although I've always been an avid voter, this year it literally took giving myself a pep talk to go vote. I really have lost all faith in our system. Too many men have died for me not to exercise my right to vote, but for the first time in my life, I feel like...why bother?
And last, while I'm glad they dropped the case against innocent Mr. Echols, it still doesn't change anything. That's just one case.

Anonymous said...

KC, After learning this, I guess we see now why Outhouse hasn't been the least bit worried about losing his position. He's up for the ballot in 2 more years right?

Anonymous said...

You're right LA, it was very hard. I chose to vote for Barnes because I have a lot of friends who are teachers & they all expressed regret in helping getting him voted out against Perdue years ago. He actually could see what was coming down the pike & froze their wages, but they didn't see that it was actually going to help them in the long run. With Perdue, they received pay cuts, furloughs & job loss. The other problem people had at the time was the whole flag ordeal. I do NOT believe in political correctness, but at the same time, I believe that was way overblown. Barnes really didn't do anything bad or corrupt while he was governor, so I prayed long & hard about it. I actually preferred Monds, as I'm a Libertarian, but a vote for Monds, was a vote for Deal & I had to put that into perspective. I was able to vote for a great deal of Libertarians though & that felt good. None won, but until we get rid of the 2 party system, it will be rare for them to win anything.

I too am glad they dropped the case against Echols, but there are so many more we need to keep our eyes on & support. It's hard to get the information needed from our system & it's very frustrating. I'm seen as an outcast because when I work, it's in HC, but I should still be allowed to get the information needed to help people. They just don't care for me too much down at the old courthouse though. haha. It's ok, it's a compliment.


Anonymous said...

Well UGA Mom, maybe you would be more accepted at the courthouse if you accused women wearing thongs or sports bras of being child molesters. You should really consider this. It has seemed to work for others around here. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I almost laughed myself silly!!! I will definitely try to work on that......nope, can't do it. But you are so right. It is how the LMJC works & it's disgusting. Of course, it may actually be my thong wearing that upsets them. Hmmmm, never thought about that.


MikeZPurdue said...

Channel 3's brief story on the case against Eric Echols being dropped at this link:

Not many details.

MikeZPurdue said...

The Times-Free Press says there will be complete details in tomorrows' paper. I assume they mean the Thanksgiving Day paper.

Anonymous said...

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