Monday, November 15, 2010

Joal and Sarah Henke: Perjury in Their Own Words, Part III: "The Principal Told Me to Lie"

[Note]: The depositions are not directly related to the criminal charges against Tonya Craft, but, instead, we part of the custody battle that began after Ms. Craft was arrested in 2008. Joal and Sarah were demanding permanent custody of the Henke children, and the depositions are related to that case.

Keep in mind that Joal helped to orchestrate the false charges against Ms. Craft in part as a way to get her out of the picture permanently by having her go to prison for the rest of her life. (He was not the conductor, but played an important role.) [End Note]

After Tonya Craft's arrest in 2008, Joal and Sarah Henke were granted temporary custody of Tonya's (and Joal's) children. One of the first things Joal did was to take the children from the school where they were going and transfer them to Westview School.

There was one problem, however: Joal and Sarah did not live in the district where Westview was located, but for someone like Joal Henke, telling a lie was not a problem. Instead, he simply put a false address and enrolled the children.

As readers will see below, Joal claims that the principal of Westview, Margot Williams, told him to lie. As readers will see below, Joal's version of events differs from that of others. This is taken from the February 18, 2009, deposition. The "Q" is Cary King and "A" is Joal:

Q Have you ever lied on any application relating to the children's school?
A When we spoke with Margo Williams and asked her
Q Would you answer my question, please
A I am answering.
Q yes or no?
A: I am answering the question. I put yes to if we lived in the school district, and we put woody Hollow as the address. And the reason being is we asked the principal: If we cannot get a variance from the school board, we will move in with
her parents, if necessary, to be in that school system. So
Q But you never
A she said go ahead and put Woody Hollow, and if before school starts we have not done that, then then we would we would go from there.
Q All right. Are you done?
A So, yes, I did.
Q You done?
A Yes.
Q Okay. So you lied on your application?
A Yes. I
Q Okay. So you lied to the school

After an objection by Henke's attorney, Charles Dupree, the session continues:

Q See where it says signature of parent or guardian?
A oh, yes. That's my signature.
Q That is your signature. And you filled out this form here, correct?
A Yes, I did.
Q And about four rows down from the top, it says, student address, 9416 Woody Hollow?
A Correct.
Q So that was a lie, wasn't it?
A That was at the time is correct.
Q okay.
A That was not where we lived.
Q And it's still a lie, isn't it?
A Yes. We do not live there.
Q Okay. Have you ever lived at woody
Hollow at any time since these children were enrolled in that school?
A No. We have not.
Q Okay. And who lives at woody Hollow?
A My in-laws

In the July 24, 2009, deposition at Dupree's office, Cary King picks up on this subject. Because the transcript I have is scanned, in the interest of time, I cannot give a full Q and A. However, what transpired is the following:

  1. Henke continues to claim that the Westview principal, Margot Williams, told him it was OK to put down a fraudulent address;
  2. Cary King asks: "And if Margot Williams said that was not true, would she be lying? (Dupree objects);
  3. Henke replies, after Cary asks him again following the objection: "I suppose."
  4. Cary King then plays a recording of an interview between Eric Echols and Ms. Williams in which she emphatically answers "No" when Mr. Echols asks her if she told Joal that it was okay to put down "false information."
  5. Ms. Williams asks, "Why did he (Henke) tell you that?"

The subject is not covered further, although the CD of the recording made by Mr. Echols is listed as "Exhibit 9." I also will make one other point: Eric Echols was doing a very, very good job of not only uncovering the lies being told by prosecution witnesses and the police and prosecutors themselves, but also finding out past incidents of alleged "bad conduct" by Joal Henke.

Thus, I believe readers can understand why Chris "Facebook-Cruisemaster" Arnt and Tim "Dirty" Deal were anxious to get Mr. Echols out of the picture. That is why they trumped up charges against him, and that is why Buzz Franklin and his little minions have insisted on taking Mr. Echols to trial (which is scheduled to take place in March 2011).

So, if Ms. Williams is correct -- and I believe she is -- then we have yet another instance of Joal Henke lying under oath. This is what is called perjury. Of course, Joal and his attorney, Dupree, will claim that "it is just her word against his." That is true, but let me ask the readers this question: If you had to believe either Margot Williams or Joal Henke, which person would you believe?

I do hope that Judge Marie Williams and the other officials involved with this case will take a hard look at what Joal has said. Furthermore, I believe that every word Joal and Sarah Henke say in court needs to be scrutinized (for obvious reasons).

Further posts will deal with more of Henke's deceit.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Anderson, I am not sure you know the whole story. There is a old connection here between Ms. Margo (I work at Ace Hardware during school hours) Williams and "Mr.Modesty" Joal Henke. It goes back to softball, where Ms. Williams' husband coached Sarah "bald eagle" Bass Henke in softball. The Williams are personal friends with the Bass family. I think to excuse Ms. Williams from this fiasco is entirely wrong.

Jalaby said...

You are wrong about one thing...I have not seen Mrs. Williams at Ace during school hours in at least a year and a half.

Anonymous said...

Everything boils down to the lies that this man and his wife have told and they still have these children in thier care - that is despicable! Joal should be a politician - he would fit in perfectly!

Anonymous said...

Keller Williams should be ashamed to employ such a dishonest person. Do they think he would hesitate to cheat this company? I think not!!

Anonymous said...

Joal and Sarah ought to feel bad but he is too arrogant and she is too - I don't even know the word for her - niave is too kind - ignorant implies she does not know the facts - I guess just plain stupid. The fact that they are having a child is unfortunate for both the child and for this woman who chooses to live with her head in the sand. They both deserve exactly what they get.

Anonymous said...

This principal should angry at Joal for throwing her under the bus. Don't think if she is on the stand she won't be asked about this. Will she risk her job and protect Joal or protect herself - I think we all know the answer to that!

Anonymous said...

The only way this goes down so that Henke gets his kid into the school of his choice is if there is at least one co-conspirator on the inside of the school. A quick search of publicly available hamilton county tax records indicates the Bass family has owned 9416 Woody Hollow for at least ten years. There is no way this just slipped through based on Henke's lie alone.

Anonymous said...

The school system does not thoroughly check a student's address. I wonder if any conversation took place between Henke & Williams. I doubt if Henke went through the system at all to get the children into the "school of choice". He probably simply wrote down the address & had his parents do an affidavit saying the children lived there. That is something Covert needs to subpeona from Hamilton County Schools. If the Bass' did do that & so did Henke, there is a hefty fine (if I remember correctly, it is around $25k) and possible prosecution. Now wouldn't that be interesting???? If he simply filled out the paperwork & never lived at the address, he would be responsible for fees & still possible prosecution, but the money & penalties aren't as stiff as if there was an affidavit. Just a little fyi on whole that thing works.

Now, even if Williams said, "yeah, go ahead & write it", it doesn't make it truthful on Henke's part. Any way you look at it, Henke lied on the application. Period. Exclamation point!

Hamilton County is one of the easier ones to pull the wool over on anyways, but it doesn't make it right.

The Henke's & the Bass' are worse than just plain stupid (it's really offensive to stupid people). I'm thinking there should be a category just for them. Give me a few minutes & I'll get back with you.

Prayers for Tonya & the custody hearing! These children deserve to be with their mother & step-father & to never be exposed to the Henkes again!!!


maria said...

I'm praying for you tanya. Hope this nightmare will be over for you soon!

Anonymous said...

I see with your extensive knowledge in statement analysis your able to decipher the facts for us. How about telling the gentle readers about Tonya's past "bad conduct".

MikeZPurdue said...

I look at it this way, either the conversation never took place OR Joal suggested the idea to the principal. Either way, Joal initiated the lie and was the person who actually lied on the form

His testimony on this matter is a lie no matter how you look at it, because there's no way that Williams suggested the idea to Joal. Maybe she went along with it (which is wrong), but I'm sure she didn't tell him to do it.

And as pointed out above, Joal is such a scum bag, he threw Williams under the bus -- which could cost her job -- and he obviously didn't give a darn. Just like he didn't give a darn if Tonya went to prison for decades based on his lies.

ANYHOW, this whole exchange was critically important as it was all about witness impeachment.

Anonymous said...

This principal better be careful if she testifies. Joal is out for one person, and that is Joal. She could find herself in a world of hurt if she lies on the stand for this snake. Personally I would like to see them both go down and this system actually do something about Joal and his non=stop lying.

William L. Anderson said...

To the 12:04,

We are not talking about simple "bad conduct," but rather perjury. Tonya Craft did not commit perjury; Joal and Sarah Henke did.

Gee, I wonder if your past has been squeaky clean. What if we were to find out who you were and write about you past conduct?

This is not about things Tonya or others may have done in the past. I have not written (yet) about Joal Henke's serial adultery and his abuse of women (and there is plenty there).

Instead, I have concentrated on one thing: lying under oath. Furthermore, because he was encouraged to do so by Chris Arnt, who clearly knew that Henke and others were lying and who told some lies of his own, we also are dealing with serious felonies committed in broad daylight by officers of the court.

By the way, if you know so much about Tonya, then by all means identify yourself the next time you post.

Doc Ellis 124 said...


ChattMom said...

In Hamilton County this year they had a system wide address check for the first day of school. Each parent had to show 2 proofs of address (electric bill, water bill, etc)
Either 1. The school didn't do its job and check the addresses. 2. The Henke's actually switched the bills into their name (done often) 3. The school turned a blind eye, which would mean someone at the school is just as guilty.
My guess is that if this principal knew of the family..she knew where they really lived.
Henke's are still a bunch of lying, arrogant, nut jobs ~ but they can't be the only ones guilty on this school issue. However, Bill is correct in that this shows that its nothing for Henke to lie.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 12:04...Looks like someone's been drinking too much...again.

Anonymous said...

anon 12:04, you made me giggle. Would you like us to know of the "bad conduct"? Is it the crap spewed by the prosecution & their witnesses during the trial? Because if that's all you have, then Lord help you.

We all have "bad conduct" in our past, present & futures. It's called life & we're all sinners. This is about who deserves custody of these children. Not about who got drunk at a party. If you want to bring that into it, there are more stories regarding Joal than there are Tonya. Also, I consider brainwashing children, such as what Joal & Sarah have done, far worse than most of their everyday unsavory behavior.

So do tell, we would all like to know "what you have". HA!

ChattMom, that makes me think that they did do the affidavit which actually makes it a criminal offense. I just hope Covert dug deep enough. I'm sure he did & it should be interesting.


Anonymous said...

Nosie_Rosie Joal admits he lied on application to get kids in school they weren't zoned for; left mother's information blank on form.


Anonymous said...

I think they should start a facebook page with all the women that Joal has cheated on all his wives with. They could name it "the I slept with Joal Henke club"!!

William L. Anderson said...

What about a bumper sticker: Honk if you slept with Joal!

Anonymous said...

LOL! The horns would be blaring all over the tri-state area! Then you could have a special one that said, "while he was married". :-)

NotAnotherHenkeBedPostNotch said...

Apparently the snake is still up to his old tricks... his daughter takes dance in the same studio mine does, and a couple of weeks ago he not so subtly started hitting on me, until I informed him I knew who he was and that I had in fact grown up with his now pregnant wife...

Some people never change...

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! He never will stop. Same thing when he hit on me. It was so blatant & actually was worse than a drunk at a bar. I literally laughed in his face. This was a few years ago, but in a professional environment!!!

Thank you for sharing that. I wish people would just line up & tell that dimwit SH every time he pulls this stuff. Of course, she wouldn't listen and would say you were wrong & he was just being friendly. Like most of us women are as idiotic as she is, NOT!

NotAnotherHenkeBedPostNotch said...

I did try to tell her. She basically told me I was lying and to stay away from her husband. This is a girl I have known since she was 7 years old. I told her that I felt sorry for her, that I in no way flirted with or encouraged her 'husband', and that he needed to leave me alone, not the other way around. I even asked her if he told her that he talked to me (which I assumed he would, after I informed him that I had grown up with Sarah and knew what was going on with their lives), and she looked at me like I was insane for even thinking it. I told her if he was as smart as he thinks he is, he would have told her, and turned it around that I was making advances at him. I guess you really can't teach an old dog new tricks. And this was literally a couple of weeks ago. Did nothing for me but give me the creeps. I try my best to not even make eye contact with him anymore while we are in studio, although he has tried to sit by me twice since then. Some people truly have no morals or boundaries.

Anonymous said...

NotAnother, sorry I'm just now seeing your response. That "old dog" will keep up with his same tricks forever. I honestly believe that if/when he ends up in prison, that those skills will actually come in handy. It's really sad that there are some women still falling for his *choke* "charm". It's sad that you tried to let her know & it was thrown back at you. You obviously are a better person & tried to do the right thing. He will keep doing his thing, and maybe SH will catch him in the act. Tonya did. Of course, she was a tad bit (ok, a million times) smarter than the current Mrs. H.

I feel really bad that you have to deal with him at all. I guess Tonya will be the one bringing her to dance class now, so maybe you won't have to worry about the scum! ;-)