Friday, November 5, 2010

The Real Child Molestation Ring: The TSA

When Buzz Franklin issued his imbecilic statement after his crack prosecution team saw its non-existent child molestation case against Tonya Craft disintegrate in the face of no evidence, he claimed that child molesters "rarely commit their crime in public." Well, if Buzz wants to see child molestation and child pornography in action, all he needs to do is to go to the Atlanta airport and watch the TSA crew at work.

I recently published an article on Lew Rockwell's page that explains the criminal nature of the government's latest "security" measures. If having adults rub their hands in the private areas of young children and watching clear pictures of nude children on the "porno scanners" is not molestation and child pornography, then no one should be charged with these crimes.

As I write in the article, the fact that men can "feel up" women (and other men) and children, and watch nude pictures of others is going to be a strong invitation for sex perverts to apply for TSA employment. Don't kid yourselves; watch TSA personnel in action and you will see what I mean.

But don't expect prosecutors and the Children's Advocacy Centers to stand up for children that actually are being molested. Such charges more and more seem to be saved for the innocent.

The TSA was created ostensibly to "protect" passengers who are flying. Who will protect passengers from the TSA?


KC Sprayberry said...

Another reason to avoid flying. I understand security at airlines, probably better than most people after having lived in Europe for a time, but this is beyond ridiculous. I saw the article on the training for these new machines a couple months back and immediately thought about how they could be abused. Your article points out something I hadn't thought of, but it certainly can happen.

liberranter said...

Once again, it's long past time for Americans to stop flying, for ANY reason. If you can't drive, swim, boat, hop a freight train, or hitchhike to your destination, then DON'T GO! Only when the airlines feel the pain of no passengers for a week or so and see their bottom line drop down into the toilet will they start bribing their kept whores in Washington to call of the security dogs. Until or unless "We the People" (NOT "We the Sheeple") send out an unmistakable message that we're through tolerating this nonsense, it will only continue and get worse.

Anonymous said...

What amazes me is several news outlets have shown that the new systems after 9/11 don't work, so now they want to invade our privacy in a deeper way. Don't get me wrong, I believe in security, but only when it works & it's not invasive. I can't imagine the pervs who will be applying for these jobs after more airports have these scanners. They already enjoy seeing too many private items as it is.

Greg and Sandy Scarpella said...

My husband was accused of "molesting" a child. No one saw it, there was no evidence of it, and the girl he supposedly molested did not even admit to it until some therapist brain washed her. He had no money and took a plea deal. He spent three years in prison and now has to register as a sex offender where he can't get a job, can't live in most communities, and we have the police illegally invading our home every three months.

Now they have legalized molesting children for some people. I will not fly again until they get rid of this nonsense.

You are quite correct when you say most Americans don't give a damn about it. They only care when they or someone they love get caught up in the "justice" system.