Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Believe the Children!

There have been a number of common threads in the various false charges of child molestation, but if I can find one phrase that has tied all these cases together, it is, "Believe the children!" Mothers marched in Manhattan Beach, California, after the McMartin School case fell apart under prosecutorial lies; mothers and supporters of the prosecution in the Edenten 7 case made similar declarations, and who can forget "Believe the children!" in the utterly-discredited Wenatchee, Washington, fiasco.

Now, there exist other common threads, including prosecutorial bullying, destruction or hiding of exculpatory evidence, hostile judges, score-settling, unsubstantiated rumors, charges that are grounded in fantasy ("magic rooms," and worse), and all of these are present in the trial of Tonya Craft. In fact, these common threads are why I am utterly skeptical about these charges, and the fact that the judge and prosecutor have resorted to outright bullying and lying tell me that they know they don't have a legitimate case.

In this post, however, I want to concentrate upon the "Believe the children!" mantra. When all else fails, and when the defense has poked holes in the prosecution's case, we hear people demanding that we "believe the children," but we forget that if we REALLY were to believe the children, we would have believed the children WHEN THEY SAID THAT NOTHING HAPPENED.

With every case, what we have found is that the children at first said that NOTHING happened, and only after they were browbeaten by therapists and their parents, only then did they come up with the fanciful stories upon which the criminal charges were based. We have to understand that even the parents DID NOT BELIEVE THE CHILDREN, at least at first. Only when the children gave answers that the therapists and the children wanted to hear did we start hearing "believe the children."

Samuel Johnson once wrote that "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel." I would like to add that "Believe the children" is the last refuge of false accusers. As Dr. Demosthenes Lorandos told the jury today in the Tonya Craft case, if we are to believe the children, then we have to believe ALL of the children, including the ones who say that nothing happened.


Anonymous said...

dont know if you know or if it matters but apparently the child that is accusing tonya is a real child actor and has been in a couple of portraying a "victim."
you should really be writing some articles in the have shed a lot of light and i now know things that the general public should be aware of...

Anonymous said...

This blog is quite good, but please note that the attorney's name is LORANDOS.... just wanted to be accurate, and to let you know I follow this blog closely!

William L. Anderson said...

Thanks for letting me know about the spelling. As for the child actress, I was under the impression that she was the girl held back by Tonya, and the family had sworn revenge.

My understanding -- and obviously I could be wrong -- is that she is not an accuser, but her family is backing the accusers.

Anonymous said...

that could definitely be the case(friends of the accuser)...small town, lots of rumors...???
seriously, how can all your info get to the general public because i just stumbled across your blog, otherwise i would still be in the dark and forming an opinion based on what the media has put out there. MT

Anonymous said...

No the young girl who has been on the stand the past 2 days is the child actress AND she is the acccuser. I know this for a fact because I know the accuser and her family!

tandt said...

Do you say this in anger as, "I know this for a fact because I know the accuser and her family"? If so, doesn't it make you angry that the judicial system is NOT acting fairly no matter which side of the case you are on? If it doesn't make you angry that the judicial system is behaving terribly, then I really believe Craft is innocent more than ever.
If you meant your post just as you know this for fact, then the information is appreciated.
Just wondering.