Tuesday, April 13, 2010

On the Road Today

This morning, I am giving a talk to the TMG Coalition at the Bull & Bear Club in Richmond, Virginia, and will be away from my computer - and the Internet - for most of the day. I'll follow the news, get tidbits from my sources in Catoosa County, and blog on the case tonight. (My speech is entitled, "Why the Recession is Not Over," and I lay out the realities of our current phony economy.)

I have read the editorial pages of the Chattanooga Times-Free Press and found that there was great concern about events in faraway places as well as vital policies regarding the W Road. However, despite the unconstitutional abuse of the law that is taking place in their backyard, the editorial writers of the paper are seeing fit to look the other way. If readers want to understand why Brian House and Chris Arnt are getting away with their execrable actions, look no further than the local media, and especially the TFP.

(There are exceptions, WGOW-FM being one of them, and certainly the coverage from Channel 3 has been strong, but for the most part, we have a huge guilty silence in the Chattanooga area, and by being silent, the TFP and others are giving their tacit approval to the destruction of due process and law itself.)


Walter Abbott said...

The Chattanooga Times was the newspaper that was complicit in the lynching of Ed Johnson in the early 20th century.
A Supreme Case of Contempt

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anderson. My Dear Mr. Anderson. Thank God you have just confirmed what Tonyas supporters have been realizing!! And you are indeed correct saying this trial is going to get national attention. What are all the liars and conspirers with the prosecution going to do at that point?!? Bless you sir.

Anonymous said...

The TFP is slightly above toilet paper to most people. That is why their circulation is down.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget That guy must be Brian House's boyfriend. Everything they post is negative to Ms. Craft.

Anonymous said...

This blog is quite well written, and I hope that people who are on the fence or hard against Ms. Craft can read this and THINK for once. What country are we living in, people? I don't even live in GA and I am appalled. The part I read today about how family members of Ms. Craft's ex are allowed in the jury pool, plus the JUDGE is a past adversary... how much more biased can you get?? And no one is talking about how these poor little girls are going to be messed up for life because they have been embroiled in this mess, even if Craft is found innocent. Everyone's lives ruined, just because of some trumped up junk.