Saturday, April 24, 2010

What Can We Expect in Week Three?

Having taken two weeks to present its "evidence" against Tonya Craft, the State of Georgia still is not done with its Parade of Perjurers. A couple of "therapists," one of whom was disqualified in Hamilton County due to very questionable activities, are scheduled to appear, and it should be interesting.

As I noted, the first one will have to explain a number of calls that she and Joal Henke exchanged, far more than one might thing would be the situation between the father of an allegedly abused child and the therapist. It should be interesting.

The other one, Holly Nave Kittle, already made an appearance, giving a "thumbs up" to an inflammatory Facebook post by prosecutor Chris Arnt that clearly violates the standards set by the Georgia State Bar, Specifically Rules 3.6 and 3.8. Here is the problem; in most states, judges will disqualify "expert" witnesses who already have involved themselves in a public way in a case.

Arnt's Facebook incident is bad enough, but when a prosecution "expert" witness publicly affirms the post, that brings double trouble, especially since the post itself was a gratuitous remark about Ms. Craft's defense and not the facts of the case itself. If Kittle were to have made that statement in a number of states other than Georgia, she most likely would have been kicked off the witness list.

Obviously, Georgia permits much more misbehavior on behalf of the prosecution than other states, and it remains to be seen what happens when the inevitable complaints are filed about Arnt, Len "The Man" Gregor, and Judge Brian House. I can tell you already that a preliminary complaint about one of those three has been examined by the Georgia State Bar, and the way is paved for a formal complaint to be filed by a person who will not be named by this blog.

I have had lengthy discussions with people from other states who either are expert witnesses or have testified in court, and it is absolutely clear that a number of the people who testified to the jury in House's court would not have been permitted to do so in other states. For example, when presented with the "credentials" of "Forensic Investigator" Suzi Thorne, one of the witnesses just laughed.

The idea of someone who has not finished college and is taking some on-line classes being a "forensic investigator" is a joke, this person told me. She then listed all of her credentials, well through master's studies, and then told me that even she could not be considered an "expert" witness in her state in her field. Yet, "Facebook" Arnt and "The Man" Gregor have been getting conviction after conviction against people who very well might be innocent of the charges by using unqualified charlatans like Thorne and Sharon Anderson.

For example, this person told me of interviewing a girl who had been engaged in underage sexual intercourse with an underage male, and she asked a number of questions that were recorded. After the tape was turned off, the girl told the interviewer of a situation between her father and herself.

The interviewer quickly went back to the tape, turned it on, and repeated the questions, which the girl answered. That is how such things are done. Contrast that action with what Thorne claimed while under oath happened when she was interviewing one of the three girls. After having asked approximately 16 questions of the child while videotaping her, with the child giving not one bit of incriminating evidence of sexual abuse, Thorne says she turned off the tape.

According to her testimony under oath, Thorne then claimed that the child walked up to her and then claimed that Ms. Craft had put her hand down her pants and did some other things. Now, I can assure every reader that had such a thing actually occurred, Thorne would have run back to the video camera, turned it on, and made sure that her star witness was on tape.

Instead, she claimed that an unknown detective took notes, and a day later, Det. Tim "Dirty" Deal came to the rescue and claimed he was the man. Let's face it; Deal's claim does not pass the smell test, which is what happens when the state does not have real evidence and it uses unqualified, and, frankly, dishonest people to give "expert" testimony.

Of course, as bad as the "expert" witnesses might have been, it got worse when Tonya Craft's ex-husband Joal Henke took the stand Friday. All of a sudden he "remembered" a number of alleged "bad acts" against Tonya, those "acts" allegedly being committed before they were married.

The "bad acts," as the prosecution and judge called them, were alleged homosexual liaisons between Ms. Craft and another female friend. However, there are two problems here. The first is the truthfulness of Henke himself, and a guy who suddenly became forgetful of his alleged sexual prowess is not likely to all of a sudden remember something that he had forgotten to tell investigators before the trial began. His allegations do not ring true, and I don't think they are believable.

Second, the "bad act," had it actually been committed, was perfectly legal. For all of House's explanations, there is no connection at all between lesbian acts and child molestation, and psychologists have not established such links. In other words, Henke's claims were not made in order to enlighten the jury as to some facts, but rather it was done to smear Ms. Craft and inflame the jurors.

But, what trial is not complete without the state presenting hearsay statements as "proof" of something? In fact, in one situation, a witness was providing hearsay of hearsay, which is something falling into the category of the absurd. I will not go into detail except to say that not one of those teachers provided evidence that should be permitted to convict anyone in a court of law.

Unfortunately, the witnesses were not the only people to provide outrageous behavior. There were two incidents involving House which are very telling and ultimately are going to create problems for him in his career.

Two days before she was appeared on the stand as a witness, Sandra Lamb called House personally in order to complain about television coverage of the proceedings via a local TV station. House did not report this ex parte conversation to the defense, even though he is duty bound to do so. Furthermore, he pretended as though nothing had happened when Lamb took the stand at the beginning of last week.

For people not familiar with the law (and apparently that includes House, "Facebook," and "The Man"), judges are NOT supposed to have ex parte conversations with witnesses, the prosecution, and the defense, and if there is meaningful contact between the judge and any of those parties, the other party is supposed to be notified. That clearly did not happen with the Lamb conversation, and it allows one who might be suspicious to wonder if House has had any other ex parte conversations and not reported them.

Unfortunately, House was not through with his own set of "bad acts." The other morning, before testimony began, House was having a conversation with a bailiff in the courtroom and a number of things that he said were recorded. While I am not at liberty to say what the judge uttered, let us say that it is the sort of thing that demonstrates that he might not be exactly even-handed in his approach to justice in this case. Furthermore, the contents of the conversation, though I am not giving them, are the kind of comments that can get a judge in big trouble if his conduct is scrutinized by those people with authority over him.

To put it another way, it was not a good week if Brian House wished to enhance his judicial career.

In looking at the upcoming defense witnesses, the first thing you will notice is that they are going to be much more professional than the dishonest hacks paraded around by "Facebook" and "The Man." Furthermore, these people not only read the literature in the field covered in this trial, they have written much of it.

I have no doubt that they will present themselves well, but the cross-examination should be most interesting. First, neither "Facebook" nor "The Man" really are able to have an intelligent conversation with intelligent people, much less ask appropriate questions of someone who is shredding the prosecution's dishonest and fabricated "evidence" from the stand.

Thus, I predict that what they will do is to abuse the witnesses or try desperately before they appear to have them disqualified. This should be humorous, given that any one of the defense's "expert" witnesses has more credentials and real-world credibility than all of the prosecution "experts" combined. However, given the way that House has been running this trial, I have come to expect the unexpected and have learned that no outrage is outrageous enough for these people.

Second, I predict that these witnesses will be forceful and authoritative in their testimony, creating more problems for "Facebook" and "The Man." In the cross-examination, observers will see the prosecutors engaging the ad hominem to the fullest, attempting to inflame the jury to reject anything these "outsiders" might have to say.

Actually, if "Facebook" and "The Man" want to channel someone for this daunting task, they might look to the former Morgan County, Alabama, Solicitor Wade Wright, who made the state's closing arguments in the infamous Scottsboro Boys trial. In closing, Wright thundered:
Don't you know these defense witnesses are bought and paid for? May the Lord have mercy on the soul of Ruby Bates (who testified for the defense). Now the question in this case is this—Is justice in the case going to be bought and sold in Alabama with Jew money from New York?
Indeed, I think we can see the prosecution team giving some repeat performance of Wade Wright, although they most likely will try to appeal to the mentality of the locals that they are under siege from "outsiders" trying to bamboozle them.

While I have no idea as to what the jurors are thinking, given that no one is "supposed" to contact any of them of speak of this case (and I only can hope that is the case, given the audacity of some of the prosecution's supporters), I can say forcefully that the prosecution and House clearly are losing the public relations battle outside the courthouse. This isn't Scottsboro, where guilt was determined before a trial began and the townspeople would hear of nothing else. Tonya Craft is a much more sympathetic defendant than I could have imagined, and the prospect of three men ganging up to manipulate the law and abuse their powers to railroad an innocent woman into prison is not playing well outside the households of the Lambs and the Wilsons, along with the faux "investigators" of the Children's Advocacy Centers.

Look for week three to be most interesting, because once the defense puts on its own witnesses, I believe that the prosecutors and House will demonstrate an even uglier side than what we have seen so far. However, I also believe that everyone else outside the small circle of accusers is going to recognize their brutality and lawlessness for what it is. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you for all that you are doing to bring out the truth.

Will Tonya have any legal ground to stand on to make these people pay for their lies?

Anonymous said...

can phone records not be pulled on the jurors and/or the prosecution idiots, judge, lambs, etc? i am just afraid the jurors have been hand-picked by the prosecution and phone records could possibly prove that. i don't see any jury convicting tonya unless all the jury members are up the butts of of the prosecution and their followers. MT

Anonymous said...

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

What I have learned over the past few months in regard to this case strikes fear in my heart that the very system that was established to protect citizens from injustice has turned into something to be feared by all in Catoosa County and in any place where such corruption and dishonesty has been allowed to run amok. In addition to the fear, I am so angered by what is happening to Tonya Craft. But another great tragedy in this that these people don’t seem to have a concept of is not just the impact this may ultimately have on their careers and lives. There is a deeper truth. One day they will be held accountable to an even higher power than the Georgia State Bar. The Proverbs say “Every man’s way is right in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the heart. (Prov. 21:2). These three men (House, Arnt, Gregor) and the others who have decided to ruin the life of Mrs. Craft have somehow lost their moral direction and their sense of valuing life. Either they never had it or their consciences have been seared by their own corruption. Have they convinced themselves that what they are doing is ok? And how a man could have such a vendetta against the mother of his children that he could stand to have his little girl believe these horrible things about her mother and live with this stigma the rest of her life. (The story of Solomon and the two mothers who claimed the same child comes to mind. Think about it). How anyone could perpetrate such evil against another human being is beyond me. As angry as I am about what is happening to this woman, I realize there is a greater tragedy that will play out in their lives and they aren’t even aware of it because they have become so blinded by this evil. There is just no other word for it—it’s evil!

kbp said...

I believe the reports have been that she was "asked is there anything else" 16 times, that same question repeated throughout the interview as she answered many other questions.

Remember that they say a good attorney could cloud Virgin Mary's reputation in cross examination. We'll see how well the prosecution can do with their skills at questioning, knowing the situation really can't provide that great of a reward even if they are good at it.

There doesn't seem to be much more evidence than some inconsistent claims by the innocent young accusers, allegations in which the timing of the acts has been left open to a span of time of about a year bt one of them. It's a certainty that the experts put on by the defense, no matter how good of a cross they face, won't provide the prosecution with incriminating evidence.

Denise C. said...

I wonder if the defenses experts are the people who wrote the books the prosecutions "experts" claimed to have read but can't remember the names and authors of. I can't wait for the defense to bring it on. I think that once the jury sees what a real expert is they will have no doubt what jokes the states experts were.

Anonymous said...

What if Tonya Craft did it?

Anonymous said...

the question "what if tonya craft did it?" has already been answered in previous blog comments...

RBrock said...

Like I said before, if Tonya Craft did it, the prosecutors are bigger idiots than we thought! The PROSECUTING attys have managed to convince not only the public, but the press, that the accused is innocent. The prosecutors have managed to bring scrutiny and attention to the case, not because of the alarming nature of the charges, but because of the ineptitude and outrageous tactics of the 3 stooges tag team, not to mention their utter disregard for truth and justice...the very things they swore to uphold. They are shameful. No matter if the defendant is guilty or innocent, the prosecuting attorneys are an embarrassment and a sham.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anderson:

I live in this county by a mere 50 yards, and hate the fact this is my "government". My son and daughter live “deeper” in the county and have several first hand accounts of how this whole system (police, DA, judges, etc) is beyond corrupt. I have seen my grandson been “profiled” as a trouble maker since the age of 15 after having disagreements with coaches of his high school football team – dear friends of the “system”. It has cost our family thousand’s of dollars to defend bogus charges over the years – yes, I said FOOTBALL COACH – welcome to the South.

But I feel blessed after following this debacle. I do not know Tonya, but have researched this to fullest in the past 3-4 weeks. I cannot imagine the pain and anguish this poor woman has endured. There is a very dark and hot place in hell for these people if what you (we) think is taking place.

Thank you for your articulate, thoughtful and fearless analysis and coverage of this case. My hope and prayer is that there is a MAJOR change in this county.

(yes- I am signing this as “anonymous” due to the first sentence in this post)

FuHenke said...

Hey Anon 9:48, if she did it, why don't we see some real evidence presented by someone with more intelligence than a chimpanzee? If she did it, show us REAL evidence, not heresay by her Keller Williams employed soon-to-be unemployed ex-husmand. Tell you what I like. The step-mom was taking showers with a kid that was not her for instruction. Was she so per a teacher that she had to take a bath with the kid every night? Where in the hell is Hamilton County Children Services?

dmk said...

Anon at 9:48

What's your point? If she did it, and within the constraints of the law the State can prove that to a jury beyond a reasonable doubt, then she should/would be found guilty. So far, even while being allowed to stray WAY off the reservation, the State hasn't even been able to prove that a crime was committed, much less who did it.

Speaking purely hypothetically, let's say she is truly guilty. The integrity of our criminal justice system is far more important than any one guilty person beating the rap. If the State can't prove guilt playing by the rules and within the bounds of the law, then so be it. Happens every day somewhere I imagine, but our system is based on the presumption of innocence until proven otherwise. Are you personally willing to trade that away and accept overwhelming collateral damage to the innocent just to make sure that no single guilty party goes free? I know I'm not.

Anonymous said...

Will Tonya Craft take the witness stand?

William L. Anderson said...

What if she did it? Good grief. If she did it, I think the state would be able to demonstrate it without having to resort to tricks and outright fraud and lies.

Hey. I would like to see evidence, folks, not trickery and fraudulent witnesses. However, when the prosecution does not have evidence, they do the next best thing: lie and engage in character assassination.

kbp said...

What if she did it?

That's a fair question to ask. With such sweet, innocent young girls involved in this case, I feel comfortable stating we've all asked ourselves that question.

I'd want a thorough investigation, followed by a fair trial should the investigation justify such.

The next question all should ask themselves is...

What if she did NOT do it?

Then the accused has rights we must observe. Those would provide a thorough investigation, followed by a fair trial should there be enough evidence uncovered to require a trial.

That said, what do YOU think of the process so far, how well they've done for the sake of ALL parties involved?

Do you think there's any hope for the next accuser(s)?

...or the next defendant(s)?

Anonymous said...

Any defense attorney who has any sense at all will instruct the accused to stay OFF the witness stand. They don't say "everything can and will be used against you in a court of law" for no reason. Defending yourself on the witness stand is perhaps the stupidest thing anyone could do. Everything you thing can be used to defend yourself on the stand, can be used and twisted by prosecutors to imply your guilt. The 5th amendment is there for a good and just purpose.

Anonymous said...

That's "think", not "thing", and this is addressed to the commenter who wants to know of Tonya will take the stand.

Anonymous said...

Facebook, The Man, and The House aka The Three Stooges have made quite the name for themselves EXCEPT I don't think it's quite the name they were hoping for. One can only hope they are feeling a fraction of the shame and torment they have caused Tonya Craft during this entire fiasco. How does it feel not knowing who to trust ....and that includes each other....who will get thrown under the bus first? My best guess will be "The Man"....anyone willing to wager a bet on that prediction?

Brenda Murphy said...

Lamb and Wilson aka bit**es without boundaries are hopefully suffering the same shame as the three stooges. Recovered memory Hencke is the true evil in this case ... Keeping a daughter from her real mother while allowing his baby to shower with a step mother who engages in shaving her private parts....shame on you dad....if you even deserve to be called a father. May you also suffer for your participation in these ridiculous accusations.

Brenda Murphy said...

Lamb and Wilson aka bit**es without boundaries are hopefully suffering the same shame as the three stooges. Recovered memory Hencke is the true evil in this case ... Keeping a daughter from her real mother while allowing his baby to shower with a step mother who engages in shaving her private parts....shame on you dad....if you even deserve to be called a father. May you also suffer for your participation in these ridiculous accusations.

Anonymous said...

What if William Anderson "did it"?

Dan said...

What if she did it?

1) There would be evidence that was not obtained by confabulation.
2) There would be no malfeasance.
3) (and finally) There would be evidence and a history of Cognitive dissonance. (Sadly the children involved in this will need to face a Good Will Hunting moment later in life.)

kbp said...

Then William Anderson would have the same rights every defendant has, and it's possible that his rights could also be violated in the process.

Judging from the absence of a time frame for when the crimes were to have taken place be disclosed in the trial, it's possible Bill would have had difficulties providing an alibi.

Giving consideration for the methods used in the interrogations of the accusers, should those conducting the "interviews" have known of "William Anderson", he too might have been a defendant.

Wait, I just remembered"...

There could be a case against him!. There have been allegations indicating he has a history of prior BAD acts with the opposite gender, a clear link to 'male / female sexual interaction', and I could be forced to provide the hearsay of this incriminating evidence.

Anonymous said...

What can we expect in week three? That's a really good question . . . better question is what can citizens of Ringgold REALLY expect from their superior court judges? The "House" is not the only one that does what he wants . . . . Mr. Anderson - please search Judge Christine Cook Connley (spell?) of the same district and cross with DEA and see what you get. It's recent too -- heard about it for days in a row, then it just went away -- totally worth the google search though. These judges around here with few exceptions are pretty much above the law -- as your search should reveal. PS - teaser . . . . she is Bobby Lee Cooks daughter (the Matlock dude that smacked Facebook.)

Anonymous said...


The person that keeps posting "what if Tonya Craft did it" is not smart enough to understand your vocabulary! I'm certain that you will have to write on a much lower level because I doubt she knows how to use a dictionary. If she had any comprehension skills whatsoever, she would not continue to ask that question! Obviously, she is not a very intelligent person. Sadly, we are seeing a lot of that from the prosecution side in this case! No wonder North Georgia has the reputation of being a place full of back woods rednecks! This case is showing the ignorance of SOME of the people that leads to stereotyping of the whole area. It is usually these type of people who are ignorant enough to do stupid things like accuse an innocent woman of abusing children she loved because they don't know that there are intelligent people who can easily disprove ignorance! Since their worlds revolve around themselves, they don't realize that there are educated people in this world.

Anonymous said...

Now I'm mad. How can someone get an inflammatory, potentially career damaging quote from a corrupt, dictatorial judge and NOT turn it over to Wikileaks? If whoever made that recording reads this: if you want House to suffer, turn over what you have to Wilileaks. They'll publish it. And then this blog would be able to reference the quote.

Dan said...

@ anon 1:38 AM

Thank you for pointing that out. I appreciate your constructive criticism. I do try to cover that by making some words I use "clickable", and by clicking on them will take readers to definition sites like (click on the next word: wikipedia } for definitions.

However, your point is "assimilated", so from now on I will treat comment posts differently.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

To "What if she did it" what if you committed a crime or were falsely accused of one, wouldn't you want a fair trial. You tell me what on earth about this trial has been fair? Come on don't be shy, tell me? Tell me you think it is ok for witnesses to lie and for stories to change multiple times. Tell me you think it is ok for "expert" witnesses to not have credentials to back up their so called expertise. Tell me you would want these clowns prosecuting you or someone you love! Come on, tell me!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm no psychologist or psychiatrist. Therefore, I need some information regarding some of the testimony of the principle and teachers.

Could it be possible that the behaviors of the child in third grade were due to the fact that the child's mother has made her tell lies to harm a teacher she dearly loved? Could the child be figuring out what has happened in regards to her mother using her to punish Tonya? Is it typical for behavior to start long after abuse has occurred? or would these types of behaviors result from a child having to hide something? If behaviors result from a child having to hide something, then you would think that those behaviors would have started when the alleged abuse was occuring or it has started because the mental abuse of forcing the child to lie is weighing very heavily on the child!

These are just some thoughts and I may be way off. Would somebody knowledgable of this topic give some information on the subject matter? I'm sure Tonya's lawyer who is a clinical psychologist if very familiar with this subject!

Jerri Lynn Ward, J.D. said...

Other than the gossiping tongues of the tattling busybody women of this community, what other proof is there of this girl's supposed behavior? Any contemporaneous documentation? Any documentary proof of a consult with a therapist? What proof of causation is there?

This community has a real problem with gossiping women, doesn't it? What are the local pastors doing about it? Are they too busy protecting their building funds, as they are in my town?

Anonymous said...

To Jerri Lynn Ward, J.D.a hearty AMEN!

Anonymous said...

From anon 9:06

Thank you for responding. I had not considered your point. I would hardly qualify a weekly visit to the school counselor as therapy. One would think that a mother would be deeply concerned about this type of behavior and would seek the best therapy possible. Therefore, there would be adequate documentation and a properly credentialed therapist to take the stand....if this was truly happening! VERY good point!!!!

Thanks again.

kbp said...

"...busy protecting their building funds"

Somebody has to oversee their REWARDS.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what the person said the in the last blog...Newschannel9 (yeah, I hate them, but they had he better weather radar at the time I looke) said that the ex watched the porn with Tonya...if that is enough of a "bad act" to make her a molestor then maybe it was enough to make him one too. His wife IS 15 years younger than he is and he was in the bathroom when she'd shower with the daughter...maybe he liked watching it? Also, her bathing with the child for instruction??? She did it long enough to have a complaint filed on her and continued to do so for 9 more months until a doctor point blank told her to stop it. Did the father bathe with the other child??? He is a dishonest, cheating slimebag. Thes fools have been locked in their witness room together where there is nothing but love between all of them in that courthouse...wait until this is over and they step outside. Guilty verdict or not....they are this areas most hated for sure. NO ONE with any portion of a brain believes ANY of it, and if the jury convicts her I'd guarantee there is something else at play. I CANNOT wait to see the 3 Stooges in handcuffs one day. I just hope I'm in their jury pool.

kbp said...

Seeing comments, etc... regarding counseling and observations from witnesses on the behavior of the 'actress', I thought I'd pass this along.

I'd need to recheck all my notes to be certain of how I came up with what I pasted below here. I have copied and reviewed most all the tweets and media reports. I realize there would be much testimony not reported, so my notes only reflect what my sources provide.

My note:
Accuser 1 [actress] had counseling June 08 - April 09 once a month / caught fondling self just before counseling / after 10 months counseling she progressed to calling Tonya "the evil one" - likely not a result of counseling, somebody taught her that, maybe before or maybe after the alleged events in question

Anonymous said...

If anyone on here thinks the Lamb's or the Wilson's are suffering any your wrong. You see people like this that have gotten where they are in life by using money think that they are above this. They don't even understand why they had to go thru a trial. Hell there word should be good enough to put someone in jail. These women think that they are GOD. Lots have been said about the Lamb child having emotional problems. How do we know she didn't have these problems before these allegations. She has been on movie sets where while I have never been but I'm sure aren't always child oriented. She has a older brother who I am sure has girlfriends. Who is to say she hasn't just sat in her room trying to fall asleep and seen something she shouldn't have on TV. Let's not forget the power of the internet that is a whole can of worms in itself. Too many parents don't take the time to make sure parental locks are in place to protect there children. You have to set these locks. Don't just trust they are in place test them type in sex see what comes up on your childs computer make sure it is blocked. Parents have gotten tooooooo busy to be parents. Of course when you let the kids rule you, You are no longer the parents I have a feeling thats what these girls have done in their household.

Jerri Lynn Ward, J.D. said...


I don't know what these sicko people are calling fondling, but I thought that all kids explored their bodies at some point. So, are the filthy-minded projecting the contents of their own minds upon these children and their behavior, OR, is the "counseling" putting ideas in the children's heads, just as "sex education" presented by government schools does?

Anonymous said...

I work in a daycare. If everytime I saw a child touch his own privates I called DFAC's every parent in North Georgia would be investigated. Now if we see it in any child on a everyday basis of course we report it. Has everyone forgotten that children do explore their own bodies. The best thing you can do is ignore it unless it becomes an everyday event. The last thing you want to do is make a child feel ashamed of it. Spanking because of it and not talking to the child about it is unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

After reading the comments about the behavior and doing minimal research on such childhood behavior, it is obvious that those actions could be the result of various thing...if the behavior did happen. Again, as a mother, I would be deeply concerned about any of the alleged behaviors and have my child in therapy with an actual professional greater than once a month for less than a year. (I do recall this testimony regarding the therapist). Looks like the mom in this case may be concerned about things other than her child!!!

Anon 9:06

Kathy said...

To what if she did do it? That a good question because it brings to mind a point to ponder for future trials in Catoosa County …what if actual child molesters did do it but are found not guilty because the members of the jury remember this circus. I personally would have a hard time listening to the states case without remembering this case. I am forever suspicious of anything that comes out of their mouths. And ponder this when u think of the prosecution team why do u think of Judge House as part of that team..I know I do.

Denise C. said...

I can't help but wonder if these mothers of the girls involved have some form of Munchausen by Proxy syndrome. I realize that usually the parents do something physical to the children but I found this article at the Institute for Psychological Studies, here is an excerpt from it:

In other contemporary cases, the MSP parent pursues repeated contacts with police, the courts, Child Protective Services, and mental health workers. The child may be subjected to numerous psychological and/or legal examinations, as well as intrusive sexual assault exams. Contemporary variations of MSP can become very complicated because of all the professionals and agencies that become involved and who may actually participate, however unwittingly, in the perpetuation of MSP (Zitelli, Seltman & Shannon, 1987).

I think that with the combination of the corrupted judge and prosecution with the leading accuser mother might have been just the right atmosphere for this to get out of hand. Then when Tonya apparently angered the parent, the parent saw the opportunity and jumped on it. I could be wrong, I probably am. It was just a thought.

Kathy said...

In my above post I purposely left it to read "that a good question" instead of making the correction "that's a good question" for a reason...The defense objected to the jury having the transcript copy that was available of the girls that were interviewed by the Green House employee because it was not an accurate transcript...Judge House overruled.

Anonymous said...

I was appalled by the teacher's testimony about actress child's behavior in class. She described a bizarre self stimulation method the child used to climax without hands using muscle contractions. Now if Tonya were to have actually instructed the child in this, she ought to have given seminars to adults around the world -she could have made billions with such an amazing technique. What a crock! The mother observed this shocking self stimulation behavior in her daughter, was horrified and found a scapegoat. The scapegoating continues for years. Case solved!

Denise C. said...

Anon 5:20...I was wondering that one too. Maybe it is an acting exercise that we don't know about.

Anonymous said...

Hey anon I reading correctly that this man was shot. Exactly how long after the "Matlock slap" did this assumption of suicide occur? I wouldn't be surprised if something much more sinister were in play here.

Anonymous said...

One thing I want to comment on about the child actor and mother. I have a sister who is an actress and in voice-over. My kids are exceptionally cute, but very impulsive. My sister has said on many occasions that she would like to take them to her agent but will not do so until they can follow direction perfectly and be less impulsive. She says that they won't take a chance with kids on set because every minute can be thousands of dollars with all the salaries and equipment. Since actress girl had experience in film and on the beauty pageant circuit it would seem that she had a lifetime of following mommy's direction well.

Just curious what kind of young child goes to a spa? Is there some sort of spa in that area that caters to kids and has something appealing on the kiddie level?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how much good it will do but I emailed Nancy Grace. As well as suggesting this trial as a newsworthy topic for CNN. You can contact Nancy Grace via email by going to her CNN site. Also, you can suggest this topic as newsworthy by going to, under the 'contact us' section. Maybe if we all email and urge for someone to blow the lid on this corruption someone will take a serious look at it.

Stephanie Y.
Dayton, TN

*FYI- I don't know a soul involved. I'm a citizen who votes, keeps up on current events and has been angered and heartbroken over what is happening to Tonya. I've followed it since she aired her story on Channel 3 WRCBTV- Chattanooga in March.

Anonymous said...

I can bet which side Nancy Grace will favor as a much-disciplined former prosecutrix hereself

Anonymous said...

To kbp regarding your April 25 comment at 12:21PM. I know the Lambs and have heard the comment "evil one" from the mother of the Lamb child describing a children's ministry worker at her church. This definitely came from her mom.

Anonymous said...

Hicks and scalawags in government. Tsk tsk.

Some sick puppies here...

I hope they get "Nifonged" big time.