Friday, April 16, 2010

Meanwhile, at My Other Blog....

I will be making posts later about the Tonya Craft travesty, but I also want to point out that I do have another blog, Krugman-in-Wonderland, and have posted this morning about Krugman's latest promotion of bad regulatory schemes.

My posts on the Craft case will concentrate on the evidence and the veracity of yesterday's testimony by the "expert" witnesses for the prosecution.


Anonymous said...

Second girl is all set. From Twitter:
calliestarnes 8 yr old has a few stuffed animals, two stones (one with a bible verse on it) to help her through the process. Child witness shows off a duck she won for a dodge ball competition. #TonyaCraft

She has a duck to check Tonya's weight and a couple stones to throw.

Anonymous said...

Something that needs to be cleared up. Brian House was not the original lawyer in the divorce case with Tonya's first husband. It was Michael Giglio, who also just happens to be her x-brother-in-law. However, the divorce was in Tennessee and Giglio was not licensed in Tn., so House did represent him in court on the day of the divorce. Now, it was uncontested and there were no children in this marriage, but House was the attorney of record and he was Giglio's law partner, so I am sure they conversed about Tonya during this time. Even though he was not her X-husband's attorney in the beginning, I still believe this is a conflict of interest and he should have recused himself from this trial. After all there are three other judges in Catoosa County, why did he have to be the one to hear the case? Oh and as an attorney and one who should be well versed on the law, why didn't Giglio simply write the court and tell them as her x-brother-in-law he should not be a juror. All prospective jurors were sent letters and questionaires to fill out. It would have been very easy for him to be excused from the jury pool. Wonder why he didn't do that???

kbp said...

State's expert witness:

"Sometimes we WIN"

"Win" what?

How can an "expert" lose?

Anonymous said...

Being the newest judge, House is low man on the totem pole, the other judges probably wouldn't touch this case with a ten foot pole, so House got stuck with it.