Saturday, April 17, 2010

Down Memory Lane: Fake Child Molestation Case in Bakersfield

One of the reasons I am involved as a blogger in the Tonya Craft witch hunt is because I saw this sorry thing happen time and again in the 1980s and 1990s, and I am sick of watching prosecutors engage in the worst kind of misconduct -- only to be rewarded by voters and the (in)justice system.

In the mid-1980s, there was a major case in Bakersfield, California. Here is the introduction:
Ed Jagels put two dozen innocent people behind bars on charges that they molested their own kids -- while ignoring evidence that his friends were throwing orgies with teenage boys. So why is one of America's most reckless prosecutors still in power?
To read this tale of the precursors of Len Gregor, Chris Arnt, and Brian House, click on this link.

People who are interested in learning more about wrongful convictions and why we have so many, read the Truth In Justice page.

(Hat tip to "anonymous" who posted the link earlier in the comments section of a previous post)


Anonymous said...

You are welcome and sadly it is not only child molestation cases. Now in the state of Ga., every time a child dies, it either must be murder or extreme neglect, there are no accidents.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, false accusation cases are much more prevelent then most people realize. In fact, there is an entire industry built around these cases all at the expense of the childrens welfare.

False child molestation
False domestic violence claims

are used every day by the thousands in family court, yet they are always covered up by the industry.

In NJ, Phycholigist are by design used not to find the truth but to back up a lawyers crazy theory. Even if during interviews children release information that may completely exonerate the accused, they will not report it because they are only paid to find evidece (or create evidence) that will support the prosecution.

Lawyers are allowed to lie, make up stories, coach their clients and most horrible instill false memories into children.

This is common practice and truly child abuse perpetrated by the system against children and families.

Family services throughout the US do the same thing and our tax dollars support this behavior. Once the case hits the bias media the case takes on a life of its own but only information that supports the system will be released.

Americans must wake up and be aware that our legal system is not about truth and justice but about money. Driving wealth to the lawyer, Phycholigist, court advocates, judges, and any group that is federally and State funded and operates under the guise of helping children.

THis case is one in millions that have destroyed families and children.

WHo is going to repair the damage of the child who has not seen a parent or the assets taked for defence or the career destroyed or the mental and physical toll take on a person??

Are we to just forget this and move on??

WHo are the Phycholigist who handles the children how many others have they done this to??

It is time to revamt the system and prosecute those who have destroyed good people, good families and children

Anonymous said...

Marcus Walmack who has a prior conviction as a child molester was acquitted of charges that he molested his daughter. He did molest her. I hope this jury who found him not guilty realizes that he will molest again and you better hope he doesn't molest your family or friends children because he lives in Bakersfield and that is a small town

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Anonymous said...

They should have never let those people out of prison. I was a child who was molested in Bakersfield by the same crowd. I'm 44 years old Now.I am researching the history of Kern County along with the people who were involved in a molestations..

Dana Charlene Butler was murdered by these people,then the killer committed suicide.
I do know that some people with the last name that sounds like DUCCI were also involved.

Since I have been interested in finding the truth there is been a Bakersfield CALIFORNIAN vehiicle parked around the corner from my house,I have been stalked and they try to intimidate me.Im NOT giving up either.

I will get the truth. Don Rogers ( Senator) had my cousin killed.
and he had it covered up ,then moved to WISCONSIN TO JOIN THE JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY. ALLEDGEDLY..I HAVE TO KEEP THE LAWSUITS FROM HAPPENING..SO " alledgedly" is a choice word. But we all know the truth and will get justice very soon.
James,Robert,Dana and many others will get Justice.

Thanks for telling the Judge to approve my court case Ed Jagels...while dating RoseMary Abarca alledgedly.

P/S keep your nose clean and watch out for the REAL WITCHCRAFT IN Kern County that allows for these molestations and killings to take place.YES,Black magic ,Witchcraft,Wicca do happen here,it's not here say either.Live here for about 3 yrs and see it for yourself.most people who do live here are from Louisiana,Georgia,Virginia..look into the past history of the witchcraft and druidry in those states.