Friday, April 23, 2010

What if Tonya Craft Had Showered with a Girl Who Was Not Her Daughter?

For those who are not familiar with the origins of this case, it began when Tonya Craft found out that the new wife of her ex-husband, Joal Henke, was showering with Tonya's daughter. Henke retaliated, and he now is trying to exact ultimate revenge, even to the point of lying on the witness stand, knowing that Chris "Facebook" Arnt and Len "The Man" Gregor won't indict him for perjury.

However, quite unbelievably, the prosecution put the stepmother on the stand. Yes, read the news accounts here:
Update 9:10am

Woman (Henke's wife) says she was in room with her step daughter while a medical exam was performed on her. (Henke had said previously that the woman was not permitted in the building where the exam took place. Hmmm. Someone ain't tellin' the truth.)

Woman says she gave her then six yr old stepdaughter an old razor (without blade) to use in the shower.

Stepmother of one of the alleged victims is on the stand. We won't give her name, to protect alleged victim.

Update 9:15am

Woman says even after claims of abuse, she continued to shower w/ her stepdaughter (emphasis mine). It was 9 months into Tonya Craft case she stopped.

Woman says child services came to talk to her about bathing with her stepdaughter (one of alleged victims).

Defense now asking questions. State only asked questions for six minutes.

Woman testifies her husband is 15 yrs older than her. She was also Tonya Craft's Sunday School student years ago.
Now, suppose that Ms. Craft had been showering with other little children. Would that not have been entered into evidence as PROOF of intent to molest?

Yet, the state brings up a woman who at very best engaged in truly inappropriate conduct with a young girl. But this is OK with the prosecution and, apparently Judge Brian House.


Anonymous said...

This thing is CRAZY. Did I say CRAZY??? I do not know 1 person involved, nor do I care to...but what I do know is this is the biggest waste of taxpayers dollars I have seen in a long time. After many hours of following this case, trial, various comments, blogs, researching websites, and crazy testimonies, it is crystal clear to me that Tonya is innocent! For the prosecution...I don't get what being "bi" has to do with this? I do NOT agree with that lifestyle, however that has nothing to do with this case. And to be honest, if the ex knows for "a fact" Tonya watched porn, then guess what? He was watching with her!! Does that mean he did things to his daughter???? Of course not!! Just as Tonya DIDN"T!!!! And for the defense...I do not understand what "showering" with a 6 yr old means??? I know it was her step mom, but... I showered with my daughter lots when she was little. Whether it was to scrub her dirty little knees or feet from playing outside all day or just to simply make sure she rinsed her hair's what mother's do!!! That also does not mean anything bad happened! This simply boils down to little girls getting in trouble for words written in chalk that led to the knowledge of the boyfriend/girlfriend game that led to needing someone to blame. These kids were "experimenting" with each other...which is not ok...and rather than discuss Why did you do that? What made you let someone do that?...these people blame Tonya. It'S CRAZY!!! Did I say that already?? Geez!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have a 6 year old daughter - if they are incapable of showering themselves you put them in the bathtub. If there is no bathtub you would have them shower and assist from the side. I wouldn't presume anything wrong with a mother showering with her daughter (although 6 is getting a bit old and too curious for that), but I do find it suspicious for a step mother to do that and don't blame Ms. Craft for questioning and reporting the issue.

I also find it strange that the parents allude to drama during the children's sleep. This seems like what happens in movies not in real life.

I'm also wondering if Ms. Craft's had discussed her abuse report of ex husband/stepmom with her ex-friends when she made the report. It seems if they did they then had good material to work with when they began to look for a scapegoat after discovering the precocious sexuality of their own daughters.

I am curious to know what the falling out between Ms. Craft and the other mother was over. I am wondering if the other mother was blaming the Craft daughter at first for the children's sexual activity and later blamed Ms. Craft. At what point in time did the under the bed incident happen in relation to Craft reporting ex husband and wife?

Anonymous said...

Isn't the falling out because Tonya felt her daughter wasn't ready to enter 1st grade? What under the bed incident?

Anonymous said...

I think it odd that one mother chose to whip her child with a belt for being curious rather than try to explain her curiosities. that alone encourages the child to lie that she was doing anything "wrong" (the child) for fear of being beaten again. (I am NOT against spanking, but that was uncalled for in my opinion, which is just that - my opinion)

Anonymous said...

It just gets more and more unbelievable every day the crap that is going on in this case and all the lies being told by the state!!

Anonymous said...

Now for what it is worth, even Dr. Carmichael stated that it was not unusual for 6 year old girls to be curious and touch each other. I know for the puritan at hearts that this is forbidden thoughts, "none of us want our daughters to be lesbians, and if we can stop it at 6, then we can make them wholesome girls"
They are kids, they are learning about their bodies, and comparing them with their friends.
When my son and step son were 6 and 7, they bathed together. I walked in on them one time when the house got quite, and low and behold, there they stood with their things in their hands, comparing... Instead of going ballistic about it, I simply stated, "OK, now you both know what the other has, if you are going to play with one, play with your own!" I then walked out of the room. It was over, no further incident. Now, both are grown, and healthy heterosexual males. One has a baby of his own now.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight.

The STEPMOTHER can shower with Tonya's daughter 2 or 3 times a week. This a grown woman with a mature body that a 6 year old does not need to be looking at. If this was her own daughter it might be a different story, but its not.

But Tonya however, can not put medicine on her OWN DAUGHTER's butt and vagina. The girl was clearly complaining of pain and so when Tonya applied some kind of medicine or Vaseline that makes her a molester??? NO! Was Tonya naked while doing this to her daughter? No! Was she doing this to sexually abuse her daughter? No! She was helping her daughter because she was in pain. Pain most likely from the step mother and whatever god knows she was doing with the young girl in the shower.

Do you remember the statement from Tonya's daughter that said: “Mommy did terrible things to me. I don't remember what she did, but my daddy tells me that she did them."

This child does not remember because they did not happen. Her father most likely told her that her mother touching her like that to apply medicine was BAD and tried to make the little girl think that it was inappropriate even though it was not. It was more than appropriate for Tonya to help her own daughter who was in pain. And the reason her vagina hurt had to either come from the stepmother and ex husband or the other little girls playing this "boyfriend-girlfriend game"

Anonymous said...

I guess its okay for Joal Henke to have his hands all over his wife in public when alot and I mean ALOT of children are present. I don't mean just around his waist I mean running his hands up her thighs, squezzing her butt and giving passionate kisses. Yes his children where there. His son is now 10 or 11 so he will be going in middle school soon. Middle school children are very curious about what their parents do when their not around. All the more reason to keep these acts of affection in the bedroom. He is an unfit parent.

Anonymous said...

Was I the only one who saw this? via WRCB

"Update 9:20am

Woman says girl was not in shower with her when she shaved her pubic area, and didn't allow girl to shave her."

WHAT? The step mom shaves herself, and allows Tonyas daughter to see her in this true state of "buff"??

OMG... what the hell is going on here! Would someone please explain this to me??

kbp said...

The child held back from 1st grade was the daughter of Sherry Wilson, not the 'actress' daughter of Lamb.

As for shaving, we're not certain the shaving is for a total "buff".

It's difficult to imagine the stepmother shaving in 2 shifts, legs with child oresent, balance with her gone. Some of the positions one shaving gets into wouldn't leave much out-of-site even if it was only the legs.

Anonymous said...

Something I read somewhere alluded to Tonya's complaint being over the step mom showering with the daughter and having her shave her step mom. There was no mention of how she found out but I would assume the daughter told her this info after a visit. Also, how do you give a child an old razor (as she claimed after the fact)? Razors might get dull but they can still cut.

Kathy said...

The step mom showering with the little girl is disgusting! Why would a grown woman want to show her naked body to a child. The ex husband heard Tonya had concerns and before she could do anything about it he made sure she was arrested first. Sherry Wilson may have been the one to first report anything but believe me Joal Henke knew she was doing it. Sherry loved the idea of sticking it to Tonya for failing her daughter. As for Ms Lamb what kind of mother let's their child be in a movie they wouldn't let them watch otherwise? I wonder what kind of things that child saw on the set of that movie? As for Ms McDonald she needs to have a better understanding of how to handle child sexual exploration, they all do it and if when caught they are treated like they are nasty and dirty they feel shameful so they lie about where they learned it and sometimes they didn't learn it anywhere. I wasn't molested and I can remember touching myself at a very young age. As for the prosecution, they knew this would be a media circus and they want their 15 minutes it all so disturbing and unbelievable. I don't know Tonya but I know things about some of the other people involved and what they portray is not who they are. These people are scary on several stoop this low. Joal is already making plans for all the money he is saving by not having to pay child support. Some men kill their ex wives..what he is doing is worse.

Renee said...

who is the child actress involved?

Anonymous said...

Do any of the accusers in the Craft case have borderline personality disorder or a similar disorder? There have been links between borderline personality disorder and false allegations in other cases.