Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Prosecutors' Goebbels Strategy: Employing the "Große Lüge"

Long before there was a Chris "Facebook" Arnt or a Len "The Man" Gregor polluting the earth, there was Joseph Goebbels, Adolph Hitler's Minister of Propaganda (his real title). Readers who are familiar with Goebbel's role with the Third Reich also know that he used successfully a tactic which is called the "Big Lie."

It worked like this, to quote Hitler from his wretched Mein Kampf:
The Big Lie (German: Große Lüge) is a propaganda technique. The expression was coined by Adolf Hitler, when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf, for a lie so "colossal" that no one would believe that someone "could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously."
The idea was this: tell a huge lie, one that no one can believe, but as people hear it, they tell themselves, "Well, THAT can't be true, but there must be 'something' there." It is a tactic that the prosecution in the Tonya Craft trial has been using with impunity, and it is a slimy and utterly dishonest thing, and that House would permit such a thing in his courtroom tells us more about this man than we would want to know.

I write this post because someone wrote to me in an email that a number of people in the Chattanooga area were falling for this tactic (which is why the Dishonest Duo is using it). The person wrote:
I've read the blogs and comments, I've talked to people around town, and one thing jumps out at me: men, more often then women, have said "there must be something to the charges because those three little girls wouldn't have just made it up -- it would be too much of a coincidence." Or, "I can't believe that they could get that many people in on a conspiracy -- they couldn't get them to all say the same thing."
Unfortunately, people are misinformed, thanks not only to uneven media coverage (and pure prosecution propaganda on Channel 9), but also to the fact that most law-abiding people tend to believe everything prosecutors are saying, as they have a false belief that those in prosecutorial offices are incapable of lying.

With that in mind, I would like to address these issues one at a time. Here is the first quote again:
  • "There must be something to the charges because those three little girls wouldn't have just made it up -- it would be too much of a coincidence."
It is important -- absolutely important -- to remember that at no time did these three children come up to their parents and say: "Miss Tonya did a nasty to me." No, the children came up with these accounts only after "interviewers" such as Suzy "I Don't Recall" Thorne and Stacy "So What" Long either asked dozens of leading questions or simply made up the thing out of whole cloth. Afterward, the children were instructed to give certain testimony.

I cannot emphasize enough this last point, and what we have seen is quite consistent with what occurred in the gaggle of child molestation hoaxes that swept this country and forever marred its judicial system two decades ago. If one examines how these various "disclosures" came about, one will find that no child -- not one -- said anything without first being badgered by unqualified and dishonest "investigators" and parents.

Let us now examine the second quote:
  • "I can't believe that they could get that many people in on a conspiracy -- they couldn't get them to all say the same thing."
 Guess what? The witnesses have not said the same thing, which is the reason I have called them the "Gang That Couldn't Lie Straight." Why do you think that the prosecutors constructed a nebulous timeline? They wanted to create as much uncertainty as possible so they could try to fit the "changing fact" into this greater lie.

Furthermore, don't forget that the prosecution had months to help witnesses prepare for their day on the stand, and still there have been key inconsistencies. If you think they have not been coached, think again. A clinical psychologist contacted me and told me that it was obvious that coaching was going on, so if anyone really believes that these various witnesses just came to the stand on their own without prosecutors having written the script -- as bad and self-contradictory as that script might be -- then the Brooklyn Bridge is in Chattanooga and it is for sale at a bargain price.

Why do the prosecutors use the "Große Lüge"? They use it because it works. If you doubt what I am saying, just watch Channel 9's coverage during the day (if you can stand to listen to them report something akin to a claim that Goebbels was telling the truth) and you will see what I mean. It is clear that the reporters and their own newsroom have bought into the "Große Lüge," and I would bet that if you asked them why, they would say that no prosecutor would make such serious allegations if they were not true.

However, there is one pitfall to using the "Große Lüge," and that is once people conclude one is just telling whoppers, then one's credibility is shot forever. No one defends the name of Goebbels anymore, as the name is identified with producing lying propaganda.

Likewise, even if "Facebook" and "The Man" manage to get a conviction, a huge number of people are going to conclude the trial was a fraud and they got the conviction by lying to a jury, and neither man will have credibility that is essential for them to do their jobs in the future. (If they DO get a conviction, the information that will be made public when the attorneys file for an appeal will be an eye-opener, and a near-death experience for the Dishonest Duo.)

Don't forget that the name "Nifong" became a verb in the Urban Dictionary, and no one confuses "Nifong" with "integrity." I don't know if "Facebook" and "The Man" will reach such towering heights of fame, but they certainly are doing their best to outdo the "Fong" himself.


Anonymous said...

"Judge" House gave instructions to the gallery on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. Thursday's instructions,"The baliffs will be watching(in between texting each other) for anyone laughing, talking out, or making smirking or snarling faces so that the jury can see. The baliffs will escort you out of here." Friday's instructions,"No one in this courtroom is allowed to speak to the media about anything said in this courtroom!" I am wondering does this apply to the prosecution witnesses??!!

William L. Anderson said...

Of course it doesn't. Don't forget that House is permitting prosecution witnesses to bring food, cell phones, and reading material into the courthouse. Furthermore, the prosecution witnesses do not have to go through security and even enter the building through a separate entrance.

We are dealing with people in authority that have no sense of shame whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Oops! I guess someone forgot to follow instructions. Or did they know the the judge was attempting to violate their rights?!

Anonymous said...

How can the judge order those sitting in the gallery to not talk to the media?? If it is an open court, and the media are allowed to be there with their cameras, how does this make sense. Does the gag order only apply to the prosecution, defense, witnesses, and jurors?? How can an onlooker be told that he/she can't discuss the case outside of the courtroom if they are not a principal participant?

Oh wait....This is the almighty House we are talking about....His God complex allows him to make up rules and laws as he goes along and sees fit..."I forgot"...HA!

Anonymous said...

Criminal defense attorneys use the Great Lie technique all the time when they have a dead-bang guilty client. It is often the only option along with the Some Other Dude Did It defense. When it works in a high-profile trial, the defense attorney is hailed as another Clarence Darrow.

You see it in murder trials. If the Great Lie isn't feasible, the defense ends up trying to excuse murder (the Menendez brothers are an example).

The above, of course, does not apply in the trial of Tonya Craft. When prosecutors use the Great Lie, they eventually have no credibility with the public. Nifong will have company.

Unknown said...

the only good I can see coming out of this whole mess is that the "3 stooges" will get what is coming to them. other than that, it is a shame to see how distorted the media has made this...I was listening to WGOW when Ms. Craft was on, and during a commercial break they got the word that there had been a gag order issued, talk about backdoor stuff.... send it by fax after hours knowing Ms Craft and her Atty's will be going live the very next morning....but it does not surprise me coming from this mockery of a court system, I have seen it first hand one poster said in a response a few days ago.."it will be sweet to see the "3 stooges" in handcuffs....

Anonymous said...

WHY do they have the witnesses to raise their right hand and swear to tell the truth the whole truth so help me god.. And then catch them in so many lies. They must not fear God at all..

Anonymous said...

Is the defense 100% restricted from having the other children at the slumber party testify? Since the prosecution aired damaging information via the media regarding the slumber party why can't the defense present that allegation and the (non)witnesses as part of the background of the case for the jury?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anderson,
How are you paid for these smear campaigns that you orchestrate? Seems like pretty easy work if you can get it, as long as you don't have a conscience. It's interesting that you are talking about this 'big lie' stuff while perpetrating one! That's classic! Are you trying to influence the jury, or are you hoping to effect the appeals process? It's a shame that the other side can't use these same public relations smear tactics that you use. If that were the case we would really be bogged down in trash talk though. I guess that's why prosecutors aren't allowed to do this sort of thing.
Do the defense lawyers pay you directly, or are you paid through some club or organization? Do you just receive some sort of 'benefit'?
Is it ethical? If you are linked to these attorneys, would the state bar have a problem with it?
Now that's a news story I'd like to read. Maybe one of those intrepid journalist in your good ole boy network would like to put that one to press.

William L. Anderson said...

Uh, one of the prosecutors already has made public statements in the press that violate Rules 3.8 and 3.6, so don't pull that "the prosecutors don't do it."

But, let's get a few other things out in the open. First, I don't get paid for this (I don't even have paid ads on my site), and I would challenge you to look at my bank deposits.

Second, I have no contact whatsoever with the defense, and I keep a firewall between us to protect both the defense and me. So, if you are going to make false allegations (like you probably did on the stand, since I suspect you are one of the prosecution witnesses), you better have your facts straight.

Third, don't ever accuse me of not having a conscience. When prosecutors suborn perjury, as Arnt and Gregor did with Joal "Sex Tapes" Henke, they crossed a huge line.

I will lay it out straight. Both prosecutors are going to have to deal with the Georgia State Bar for their actions, and I already know that some people are planning to take action regarding Brian House. Furthermore, they are going to be accountable to decent people for a change.

If that tape of Brian House speaking to a bailiff the other day ever is made public, then you can bet that his career will be in jeopardy. Furthermore, by not reporting the ex parte conversation he had last week with Sandra Lamb, he already has committed a violation of his duties.

Believe me, I am not running a smear campaign. What I am doing is telling the truth. It is you and your allies engaging in smear, and you cannot hide your lies forever.

dmk said...

Anon 8:25

This is your worst fears come to realization, isn't it? Someone like Mr. Anderson who when he saw a wrong that needed righted, got involved, and has the knowledge, ability, platform, and tenacity to call your type out. You just can't wrap your head around the fact that there doesn't have to be something in it for them for someone to take up the fight to right a wrong, can you? It never even enters your mind, so you can't understand how it could someone else's.

Guess what, this is outside of Catoosa/Walker/Chattooga/Dade now, and the usual protection of who you are and who you know counts for absolutely freaking ZERO. You people are pathetic, take away your home cookin' and you'd starve. You have never had to make it on your own in your life, but instead depend on being propped up by your home town connections. This case is the same way, and I'm thoroughly enjoying watching it spin out of control and making fools of everyone involved with this farce.

Arnt and his puppet-masters have jumped the shark this time, so just sit back, enjoy the ride, and try not to get bit.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous 8:25
are you freakin' kidding me??? do you have any idea how ridiculous your comment sounds??? it is obvious you are one of the very few and i do mean few who are in tight with the prosecution or are very stupid and uneducated about this whole case. and if anderson was in with the defense i assure that the story would pale in interest compared to the story that is about to be national news... seriously, your post was a joke, right??? MT

A Brother in Christ said...

Reading this blog saddens me tremendously. Dr. Anderson, you have been given some wonderful gifts from God and you clearly feel a calling to expose people in power who are abusing that power.

I submit to you that you also have a calling that is much higher and more meaningful than the one on this blog. It is the call to shine the light of Christ. What will nonbelievers see when they come here and what is your testimony to them? “I despise them,” you say of three men. You ridicule and make very personal attacks in addition to your observation of facts. Yet, Christ calls us to LOVE our enemies.

“With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in God’s likeness. Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers, this should not be. But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace=loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere. Peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness” (James 3:9-11; 17-18).

Your work here reflects Covenant College, the PCA, and all Christians, myself included. It is my prayer that in your quest to expose corruption and dishonesty, you would seek to honor Christ as well. You have the opportunity to change your discourse to exclude personal attacks and hate-filled language and still stand for justice. You may seek to have supper (if only figuratively) with Brian House, Len Gregor, and Chris Arnt, as Jesus ate supper with Zacchaeus, a man who was equally despised in his community as you and the folks of this board appear to despise these three men. In doing so, you have the amazing opportunity to witness for Christ and also give those you accuse an example of humility they might follow.

Anonymous said...

"How are you paid for these smear campaigns that you orchestrate? Seems like pretty easy work if you can get it, as long as you don't have a conscience."

Begone Troll Boy! As grandpappy always said: "Never wrestle with pigs. It will exhaust you and the pig enjoys the diversion." Threfore, go peddle your drivel somewhere else.

BGStone said...

Hey Brother in are full of crap, and the kind of Christian that reeks of hypocrisy. If you are being such a godly person, then why don't u post your first and last name, rather than hide behind a keyboard?

For those who do not know, Kelli McDonald worked at Covenant College at one time.

God also tells us to call sin sin. Remember, the court would not allow a women to bring her Bible into court on Friday.

Your comments make me sick.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anderson is utilizing his gifts to call out a corrupt group of government officials that are railroading an innocent person. Let's be honest. The reason the term "child molestation" was thrown around was to strike fear into all the Churches in the area here in the Bible belt.

Hypocrites and liars like Kelli McDonald. She seems to be over at Abba's House with the "tongue speakers" gathering all the sympathy she can. HYPOCRITE!

Anonymous said...

What is bad is that the taxpayers pay for those such as Arnt, House, and "the man" to wage their smear campaigns.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous Brother in Christ 9:09 pm:
You state, "you also have a calling that is much higher and more meaningful than the one on this blog." Perhaps you should consider God's command that we be the advocate of the poor and oppressed and those wrongly imprisoned. This IS his calling. It IS our calling to rebuke those who deal in injustice. It is our calling to admonish those who hate their neighbor and maliciously witness against them.
You state, "Zacchaeus, a man who was equally despised in his community." Zacchaeus desired a relationship with Christ. He sought salvation and recognized his own inadequacy. House, Arnt, and Gregor show no interest but to prop themselves up through deceit, glory in themselves, and do it at the expense of others. They aren't like Zachaeus. They are like the Pharisees who tithe mint and dill and steal all the substance from widows. If I were PCA or had gone to Covenant College, I'd be proud of his efforts to expose this injustice. As it is, I'm a Christian and I think he represents the name well. These men are white washed tombs and they deal in death. They need to be exposed for this.

T Henry said...

@Anonymous 8:25
You ask Mr. Anderson if he is trying to "influence the jury"... Wasn't it made very clear to the jury that since they were not sequestered they were to stay away from news, media and other sources of information that might sway their attention in the case until such time as they trial is over and they have reached a verdict?????
Do you know otherwise? If so, how? Do you know the jurors personally?
T. Henry

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 8:25

Anonymous you asked Mr. Anderson if he was "trying to influence the jury?". Wasn't it made very clear to the jury that since they were not being sequestered that they were to stay away from news, media and other sources of information that might sway their attention in the case until such time as they trial is over and they have reached a verdict?
Do you know otherwise? If so, how? Are you personal friends with one or more of the jurors?
T. Henry
Chattanooga, TN.

William L. Anderson said...

To the 9:09

Yours are interesting comments, and I suspect you work at Covenant. I was adjunct faculty there from 1990 to 1995, when I went to Auburn to do my doctoral work.

Now, keep in mind that we are witnessing prosecutors suborning perjury (and don't tell me that what we saw this week in the "I don't recall" and "I just remembered" testimonies has veracity). Furthermore, when those who are given authority misuse it as they have in this case, then they are fair game for criticisms, and that is what I am doing.

Yes, I do despise Brian House, Chris Arnt and Len Gregor, and I have no duty to love up to them as though they were doing the Lord's work. If you wish to bring up the story of Zacchaeus, remember that he immediately repented and sought to make restitution. I see no attempt by House, Arnt, or Gregor to repent or to make restitution, and their hearts are as hard as the heart of Pharaoh.

Let me go one step further. Where were you when Tonya Craft was being falsely accused, having her name dragged through the mud, the state bankrupting her and with her parents forced to empty their entire retirement fund to pay for the attorneys? Have you stood up for her in any forum at all?

I am very familiar with all of the "justice" talk I hear at Covenant, yet not one person from that place has lifted even a finger to help Ms. Craft and her family. They care about "justice" in far away places, but in their backyard, we hear silence.

There are entire churches praying for Ms. Craft every Sunday. Women have met with her and prayed, and they have seen what these men have done to her, how they have lied and abused their power. Furthermore, they have done it to many others in this district and NOT ONE TIME has anyone from Covenant every stood up and said: THIS IS WRONG.

And, if that is not enough, how many of the people from Covenant have even done one thing -- one thing -- to deal with this monstrous injustice that is taking place. Yes, yes, I am quite familiar with the Covenant worldview: We are reclaiming the entire world for Christ.

Well, that is great, except you are not even trying to reclaim the Lookout Mountain Judicial District for Christ. Instead, you are silent and permit people who spit on the very Word of God to run things, but you still call me out for pointing to this fact.

So, get off your high horse my friend. First, have the courage to identify yourself (and I think I know who you are, anyway) instead of the "Brother in Christ." You know my email, and probably my phone number, yet you attack me in a public forum.

Did not Christ tell people to deal with a "brother" individually before making something public? It seems you have skipped that part, but, when one is being self-righteous, I guess that is OK.

So, don't come onto this blog using self-righteous language and trying to downplay what Brian House, Chris Arnt, and Len Gregor are doing. You know something; I am speaking out and this places my family in jeopardy, since we are dealing with vindictive people who have no problem at all destroying lives.

I'm putting myself, my name, everything, on the front lines, and there are a lot of brave people in Catoosa County and Chattanooga who are doing the same.

Tell me, what have you done about this? Oh, you have called me out because you don't like how I criticize judges and prosecutors who abuse the law. Fine. You have spoken. Now, go back to the college and pretend that you are "reclaiming the world for Christ."

Denise C. said...

I find it curious that just now, somebody is leaving such comments after the trial has been going on for 2 weeks now. Slowly as the state's case starts to fall apart these people are starting to lash out at us. Kind of like rats trying to escape a sinking ship. Don't tell me they just found this blog. Further more, if they are such fans of the Three Stooges, then they shouldn't post as anonymous. I use my name when I post, I have nothing to hide. Oh yea, in reference on whether Mr. Anderson is being paid by the defense, I can't help but wonder if you are being paid by the prosecution to try and sow seeds of doubt in the ranks of Tonya Craft supporters. If so, sorry, ain't gonna happen. Unlike the prosecution, we are solid. We have the truth on our side.

Anonymous said...

"Someone like Mr. Anderson who....."
has been dispatched to the dustbin of intellectual thought by Nobel Prize Winner Paul Krugman. He is so jealous of Krugman that it's almost comical!
Well, that's not fair. Anderson can't be 'dispatched' as long as he's riding Krugman's coattails through his criticism. He's smart enough to figure that out, at least. The sad part is that Krugman probably doesn't even know that the guy exist!
Yeah, you got me, I'm terrified!
I guess if Krugman won't give you the time of day, you might as well go after other things you obviously know very little about.
Too bad there isn't a Nobel for Smear Campaigns. You'd win that one for sure, Bill! Keep up the good work!

kbp said...

In a change of topics...

My favorite line of testimony last week;

“I would certainly remember someone sticking their finger in my rectum..."
Sgt. Tim Deal April 2010

...him telling us that after 5 days of testimony by others, all of which had memory problems. Testimony noted for the inconsistencies, difficulties and procedures used by the "experts" to convince small children to finally "remember" such an occurrence took place in their lives ...maybe 6 or 10 times as they remember MORE!

I'd also think such an event would be remembered easily, actually reported immediately. You have to love seeing numerous paragraphs provided in response to a "yes/no" question!

Anonymous said...

LOL @ anonymous 9:59! LOFL!

kbp said...


Now I read the newer comments after my window refreshed!

The records appear to indicate there are enough sinners to keep quite a few busy saving those in their own backyards.

Dan said...

There are many of us here. Some in front leading the charge and some working behind the scenes. None of us seek any gain, fame or praise, from any source.

Though our roots and beliefs may differ in faith, economics, geography, education and politics. WE are united in a common cause with a common goal.

This is about righting a terrible wrong. An injustice that cannot be explained by (forgivable) human error. An injustice that cannot be tolerated.

This is about country, faith, and heart. It is about helping those that are in need, we have never met. This is about doing the right thing.

I am proud to be here; to raise my hand (with the many) and help.


Anonymous said...

William (Luther) Anderson said:

"Did not Christ tell people to deal with a "brother" individually before making something public? It seems you have skipped that part, but, when one is being self-righteous, I guess that is OK."

Did you attempt to deal with House individually? It appears that you have the connections. Arnt? Gregor? Franklin?

Anonymous said...

I am serious...this hasn't gotten so full of crap and off subject I'm having a hard time following. We have the first "dark one" I guess on Hitler's side? Then to say because Kelle McDonald once worked at Covenant College that makes her honest? Please. I wouldn't be surprised if this garbage wasn't written by Sandra, Kelle or Sheri one or all...acting like they are doing all the right things. They should all be ashamed. To be raised in church and to cry and sing at the altar and to be such wretched, hateful monsters. I don't see how any of you sleep at night. It is odd that the whole town has known about this blog for weeks now and only when the state is wrapping up and hasn't presented ANYTHING solid do you slither out from under your rock. I hope God brings you all to your knees. I hope it is fierce, ugly and public - just like what you've done to Tonya. Denise is right, we have the truth on our side, and no matter what happens to Tonya - you are despised in your homes - your husbands cheat on you, leave you, and don't even believe you - you have not won anything. Your name will never be mentioned in a group again without people associating you with lies, manipulation, vengeance, and absolute inhumanity. To steal a mother's children and to use your own as pawns in your little social charade is an abomination. You have ruined a school, a town, your husband's family names, and stolen the innocence of hundreds of children. YOU not Tonya. May God have mercy on your souls.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ anonymous 10:31! William (Luther) Anderson! Now that's funny!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:31

You feel the need to post Dr. Anderson's middle name?
Give me a break!

Anonymous said...

What's the difference between Mike Nifong and William (Luther) Anderson?

Mike Nifong has a law degree!

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 10:40 - we'll just call him "Lou" for short!

Tonya Craft's lead counsel:

Think about it!

William L. Anderson said...

Actually, the middle name is "Leonard." No kidding. I'm named after a great uncle who drowned in Tower Lake north of Chicago before 1920.

No, I am not jealous of Paul Krugman. I just think his economic analysis is wrong, and I have a blog that answers his public statements. I have no idea if Krugman knows the blog is there, and really could not care one way or another. Furthermore, even if he did know about it, Krugman would be smart never to acknowledge it, as I am a professor at a lower-tier institution than Princeton.

I'm not sure what that has to do with the Tonya Craft case, but I would say that I'd rather have people going after me, as they have gone after her enough.

As for seeking out House, Arnt, and Gregor, it would have done no good. They already made the decision before trial what verdict they wanted and how they would get there. If you really think I could have gone to see them (that they would have let me be in their presence) and then speak to them, you are mistaken.

People tried to talk to Mike Nifong and he just blew them off. Likewise, these guys figured they would roll her like they have rolled other innocent defendants, but now people are standing up to them, and it is about time.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! The ignorance is really starting to shine! Let us all just sit back and enjoy watching them squirm as the end nears! Now, that is something to LOL about!

kbp said...

Are there some looking to debate the case?.

Opposing views are helpful when debating, a person might convince those they oppose through sharing information others had not considered. Trolling with comments just to condemn others doesn't help a person prove their case.

The challenge for all that feel Tonya may be guilty is to show WHEN and WHAT happened.

Make it simple to start with if that's easier for you. Pick one of the three accusers and explain to us what was done to her, when it took place and what evidence there is that supports your theory.

I'm certain my response will be civil.

Anonymous said...

Dear Judge House,
You have the ability to actually make this wrong a right. You have the ability to turn this thing around and actually come out looking the good guy. You have to know that your career is in jeopardy and slowly going downhill. If I were you, I would pull my head out of my a@@ and start being a JUDGE and following the law. If you are the true christian that you claim to be, I know that you will do the right thing.

William L. Anderson said...

No one on the other side ever has debated the merits of the testimony. Instead, we get personal attacks, which pretty much is what we saw from the prosecution last Friday.

Can't wait to see Facebook and The Man engage in cross-examination of real experts. Expect more ad hominems.

Anonymous said...

You're f*&^ing kidding me? Ad hominems? Have you ever taken a f&^%ing class in basic logic and rhetoric? Do they have that class at Frostburg State?

kbp said...

Hi 11:17,

Was that an effort to debate the validity of the allegations for accuser 1, 2 or 3?

Thanks in advance! :)

Phyllis said...

Well, it seems the inmates are in charge of the asylum tonight.

To the anonymous poster -- Do you have an actual/factual point, or do you think that a personal attack is your best tactic. Your logic, or lack thereof, pretty much sums up what the prosecution has dished up for two weeks. No problem. Just bully, belittle, and if that doesn't work get some of your cronies (you all seem to enjoy that word) to help you out a little bit by lying a little bit. Sorry, but nobody here is buying your angry accusations against Dr. Anderson. People are here to discuss the Tonya Craft case, not to listen to hateful diatribes.

Cathy Williams said...

Bill looks like you have managed to pull the crazies out on this post! Good job...they are exposing their own ignorance. Too bad no face is attached to the post as I would like to see them in public. What an embarrassment to the community!

skylar J said...

Since the bully and character assassination has not persuaded my decision to think she is guilty...the three stooges may need to find themselves on their knees asking for forgiveness from god and may he have mercy on their soul! I would personally hate to see you condemned to the depths of hell for your pathetic tactics.

Anonymous said...

I found this blog posted about a week ago on the wrcbtv Facebook page. I am so thankful that person took the time to post the link here. You are the blessing we have been waiting on....sort of our knight in shining armour...thanks Mr Anderson for standing up to these knuckleheads....their tactics need exposed and you have done quite the job so far. I am staying tuned to this mess!

Anonymous said...

"I'm not sure what that has to do with the Tonya Craft case..."

It has to do with the fact that you make your life about smearing! Krugman, these guys, surely other, too. You smear, brag about smearing, blog about how the world needed a good smearing, and how it's better off now that you smeared and if it doesn't watch it you'll smear again! I wouldn't be surprised if this isn't your M.O. in your personal life, as well.
I mean, get real, this blog isn't about these misguided, dysfunctional crusades of yours as much as it is about your own feelings of inadequacy!
You compared people you don't even know to Hitler, for the love of Pete! Come on man, that's ridiculous and screams, 'I need the love and approval of my little choir of minions here, or life just isn't worth living!'
It's kind of sad and pathetic.
Seriously, go for the big prize! Offer up something new and win yourself one of those shiny Nobels! Stop making excuses about working at a second rate school, or having a second rate education!
You actually seem like a fairly smart guy, I think you have just grown accustom to smearing. It's easy for you now, and it's probably a little scary to think about stopping it.
I recommend you break from that paradigm and get to it! HAVE FAITH!
Ask yourself this: If Krugman stumbled upon this self aggrandizing drivel, do you think he would ever take you seriously?

Snap out of it man- you are better than that!
Also, the more you manipulate and exaggerate, the guiltier those you are trying to 'protect' seem.

Look up Rogerian Argument then get back to me.
These histrionics may sell tickets, but it's kind of pathetic and don't serve you, or anyone else, as well as you think.

Anonymous said...

To all the trash that crawled out of the woodwork this evening. Why doesn't the prosecution attempt to present some REAL evidence in this case, instead of attempting the defense from presenting honest evidence that supports Ms. Craft. Is that not what due process means? Unfortunately, many of you have fallen in with the corrupt, and it shows in your posts.

Glad to see the churches mobilize in the area. Sure does make God proud. Kind of like when you will get to hear him say "...depart from me, for I knew you not...". A

JoeP said...

All of you objectors should try posting to Chris Arnt's facebook page...Oh I forgot he had to pull it because he posted items that are against the law concerning this case...

Anonymous said...

I see the academic trolls have now started on their second six-pack....

Anonymous said...

Did anyone happen to save "Facebook's" screenshot? Perhaps for those who are sending complaints to the Georgia state bar, it might make a nice bit of evidence to share with them in proving their unlawful and dishonest tactics in railroading Mrs. Craft.

HomerS said...

Here's a new one. Rumor is that Ms. Craft was not the one in her former marriage whose orientation rhymed with Bisexual. More to come as real facts come in.

Anonymous said...

It's odd how all the 'supporters' trash on Churches and Churchgoers, then quote Scripture. That dont make sense to me.
I agree with you anonymous @ 12:04.
I didn't really have an opinion one way or another, but I have been reading this for a few days and the more I read of it the more I think Tonya Craft is guilty. She has some real hateful friends, that's for sure. Birds of a feather flock together, as my mom alwys told me.

Anonymous said...

The facebook screen shot is on an earlier blog post of Mr. Andersons.

Anonymous said...

You have to love Anon 8:25 comment of "Is it ethical?". Here's a good idea. Call your friends at either the district attorney's office or Brian House and ask them what they have done that meets the definition of ethical during this entire process?

"Being in accordance with the accepted principles of right and wrong that govern the conduct of a profession." Let's talk about that a second. Supressing evidence, is that ethical? Using the rape shield act to protect a possible suspect instead of a victim. Is that ethical? How about having witnesses perjure themselves on the stand? How about the judge talking to a witness outside of the courtroom for one hour on the telephone before she testified? Supression of first amendment rights outside of the courtroom grounds? Posting on facebook in direct violation of Georgia law not only for the prosecution, but for others involved as witnesses. Ethical?

This can go on all day long...

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:39, its people like you that keep real Christians out of Church. Here's a question that might strain your intelligence. What evidence have you seen that makes you think she is guilty besides you being associated with someone on the prosecution/judges side?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:04. You just lied to everyone on here when you said you had no opinion but thought she was guilty. What evidence have you seen that shows she is guilty?

Anonymous said...

How many of your Tonya Craft haters on here follow people around with stickers on their vehicle?

kbp said...

Hi Anon 12:39!!!

You've come the closest to presenting evidence worthy of consideration in any debate.

The old "guilt through association" approach.

Used often, but always with little or no success.

One would quickly counter by pointing out that approach would prove you're guilty of cheating on your spouse, if any would debate such a theory.

I look forward to any response of yours that actually points out evidence, even a theory on the case would be an improvement.

BGSt said...

Mr. Anderson,

I sent you a separate electronic mail concerning tracking IP Addresses to verify that witnesses/those affiliated with Mr. House are not breaking further rules by posting on your blog. Look forward to hearing from you.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the earlier one. The more y'all rant and rave the more I think she is guilty.
I go to Church and I'm proud of it. Why y'all hate people that go to Church so much?
Just cause one person done something wrong, don't mean everybody has to! Worry about your own behaviour!

kbp said...

I sense there is hesitation to debate the allegations of WHAT happened and WHEN it was to have happened, possibly due to the limit of records available, so I thought I'd help any out in getting started. Below is the basic records available through the media on the first of those three innocent young accusers (victims is accurate in describing them, just for what they've been put through).

The information was limited to that which relates to the timing and accusations and links included if needed. Look it over and respond if you find anything that helps you. (it has to be 3 comments long!)

Accuser 1
Tonya Craft trial, day 3
Defense: When were you in (Tonya Craft’s) class?
Girl: When I was in kindergarten, when I was five
Defense: When you were asked about when the abuse happened, you said you were five, right?
Girl: Yes.
Defense: You were in her class when the abuse happened?
Girl: Yes.
Defense: When you were asked about when the abuse happened, you said you were five and in first grade.
Girl: It happened when I was in her class when I was five and when I was in a different class in first grade
Defense: So you used to go over to Tonya's house when your mother ran errands, is that right?
Girl: Yes.
Defense: And sometimes overnight?
Girl: Yes
Defense: How many times were there that you were actually at Ms. Tonya's house?
Girl: Maybe 10 times.
Defense: I'm just trying to figure out when these terrible things happened.
Girl: They happened mostly every time I was ever there
Defense: So the wedding was on July 7th of 2007.
Defense: Well, so you didn't like her in 2006. Are you saying you didn't like her in 2007?
Girl: I didn't like her
Defense: So at the sleepover, you weren't having a good time and you wanted to leave?
Girl: Yes.
Defense: So Ms. Tonya got down on her knees at eye level and told you that it wasn't very nice to act that way?
Girl: Yes.
Defense: And that was Ms. Tonya being mean to you?
Girl: Yes, she was being mean.
Defense: Okay, got it ... and you never went back to Ms. Tonya's house after that?
Girl: I don't think so.
Defense: It occurred six or more times in the kitchen?
Girl: Yes.
Defense: Well, I'm just wondering how it went from "I don't remember" and "I don't know" this morning, to being “six or more times in the kitchen" this afternoon?
Girl: I just remembered.

1 of 3

kbp said...

2 of 3
Tonya Craft trial, day 4
Defense: Um...did that idea of what she asked you about, Tonya ever wanting you to touch her in anyway, was that from you?
Girl: That came from Stacey (interviewer).
Defense: So right there in the video you said nothing happened. Then later, how did you know that things had happened to you? …
Girl: My momma told me.
Defense: Your momma told you that these things happened?
Girl: Yes.
Defense: So the thing about the bath came up, and you said she (Tonya Craft) scrubbed real hard with a wash cloth right?
Girl: Yes.
Defense: You didn't tell her (the interviewer) that she (molested you), right?
Girl: Yes.
Defense: And then after she (the interviewer) asked you 16 times if there was anything else, you said no, but then when the cameras were off, you told her because you just remembered it.
Girl: Yes.

Stacy Long ...Fort Oglethorpe Children’s Advocacy Center, ...interview took place on May 27, 2007 ...

The defense counsel
pointed out to the investigator that the child was returned to her mother prior to coming back to the interviewer and informing her that she had something else to tell her.

kbp said...

3 of 3
Tweets 4/14
-Little girl says she reported sexual abuse after the video stopped, after being asked 16 times because she forgot.
-Witness says she was abused by Tonya Craft when she in her kindergarten class and while in the first grade
-Child witness changing story about where in Tonya Craft's house molestation allegedly happened, and when
-The witness on the stand says Craft molested her six or more times. When the defense attorney asked her why she didn't remember before. She said, "I just remembered."

Tweets 4/15
-Little girl tells interviewer she played "boyfriend-girlfriend game" with other alleged victim
-Interviewer asks child how she knew something happened to her. Girl says, "My momma told me."
-After first 3 visits with a counselor, child doesn't talk about any molestation. Meets with new counselor and said "she (Tonya) would touch me everywhere."
-Defense keeping track of girl's claims on a big board in courtroom with a marker. Girl says she reported sexual abuse after the video stopped, after being asked 16 times, because she forgot.
-Had counseling June 08 - April 09 once a month / caught fondling self just before counseling / after 10 months counseling progressed to calling Tonya "the evil one", defense done with first witness

Tweets 4/16
-Mom testifies she stopped talking to #TonyaCraft because of an argument they had in 2007
-Mom witness says her daughter told her #TonyaCraft had touched her, and that her husband called authorities in May 08

Anonymous said...

Krugman? Bhwahahahahahahahaha

Why Krugman should give back the nobel prize:

I'm not sure why you thought that Anderson's Achilles heel would be his criticism of Krugman, but you are sadly mistaken if you think he is Kruman's sole critic. Anderson is in good company among those economists who actually predicted the economic crisis we are facing, unlike Krugman.

I am trying to figure out which shady figure involved in the trial you are. You sound very angry and personal so I suspect you are a main player. I have a hunch by your writing style that you are male. You used one long vocabulary word so that might rule out Joal. So, perhaps you are one of the 3 musketeers. You haven't brought one piece of evidence to the table so that sounds about right! Shouldn't you be working on coaching witnesses or bribing the jury right about now?

praying for justice said...

i am shocked by the comments i have read here tonight. it is quite obvious that the accusers and prosecution are beginning to squirm... isn't that how people behave when they are caught in a lie? and when the guilty are found out... they immediately begin to lash out and place blame elsewhere. yes, the prosecution, the judge and the accusers are looking more and more pathetic with each passing day.

i look forward to the day that their mug shots appear on the front page of the chattanooga times free press; i look forward to the day i hear that the young girls whose heads have been filled with lies have been placed in new homes with people who will not deceive them... people they can trust; but most of all, i look forward to the day when tonya can leave the courthouse and never look back... the day that she will get to hold her baby girl in her arms again... and take her home where she belongs. oh, what a day that will be! there will be rejoicing all over georgia, tennessee and beyond... for there are people all over this great nation praying for that day to come!

hang in there, tonya! we love you and we will continue to fight until the reason to fight no longer exists!

Anonymous said...

The court, local police and the GBI work hand in hand with each other to push their agenda. More convictions for Child Molestation the more money they get from an outside agency. I think you, Mr. Anderson, have mentioned the Modale Act. The State of Georgia even rewards these guys with awards for making the most "child molestation arrests/convictions". Recently a GBI local boy was awarded by the governor in Atlanta. Big deal, so he ruined many a persons life because he thinks he is on a mission to save the world. How many of these were bogus? And if Tonya wins her freedom, whatever that might mean now that she has a scarlet letter on her forehead, will some of the past convictions get overturned due to the "facebook guy" and "the man" being the prosecution?

I have seen first hand the lengths they will go to to get their "man" and "conviction". I and my family were treated as guilty from the start of an investigation even though only one person in my family was the target of the investigation they assumed we were all guilty and knew he was guilty and we were lying and covering up for him. They, the local cops, GBI and the local superhero duo Gregor and Arnt treated us like we were low lifes. The jailhouse thugs were the worst. They ignored us, talked down to us and we were even threatened. Our right to free speech was violated by them listening in to our jailhouse to home phone conversations. But to make sure we knew big brother was listening they used our conversations to tell us they would prevent us from talking to our family member that was in jail if we continued to tell how we were being talked to and lied to. We were told that we could be arrested and/or prevented from talking to our family member that was in jail.

I'm not proud of the years of hell these guys forced on us. I'm not proud that I can't look at a law enforcement person and not feel an instant loathing for that person even though I have had no interaction with them. They all stuck together like ir is some brotherhood that only those packing a gun can enter. All I can say is walk in my shoes. We were treated as guilty from the start and had to prove our innocence. The stories we heard that all said came from the courthouse. I have no faith in the justice system of Catoosa County. I mean just look at this case. Catoosa County, this is what you have to protect you, crooked jerks.

Allison said...

Keep up the good work. There will always be people out there to try to throw speculation. I believe with every fiber in me that she is innocent and this blog has only confirmed my thoughts of such a crooked judical system Catoosa Countyy has. I have spent my whole life in CC, I do not live there now but have strong ties. I have never been more ashamed at how this is handled. I pray that the truth will come forth and will be evident to everyone. Thank you William Leonard Anderson (LOL) for your time spent I look forward to each post. And hey look I am using my name and not Anonymous (chickens).

Kerwyn said...

Given some of the comments I have read here, it looks like folks in Tonya's home town are bored and thought they would jump on with illogical, non-factual and frankly ignorant rhetoric.

I am a court qualified expert in the field of sexual assault (waves degree's (not online LOL) and certs around). I am seeing a definitive pattern of "recovered (read implanted) memories and out right lies. NO interviewer would ever "not document" a statement made off camera of that severity. They would bring the child back into the room, turn on the camera and explore the statement they made.

For those of you who came on here with your silliness, I sincerely hope you are participants in this trial and that the IP trap can show this. I would love to see you in prison orange, fighting for your life because a few jealous, petty people thought it would be a good idea to destroy your lives.

I want you to be standing in front of a judge who was your ex husbands lawyer in your divorce, knowing he already sides with the prosecution. I want you to hear a parade of "witness's" whose sole goal is to "make you pay" regardless of the truth.

I spend my days ferreting out the truth whether the prosecution likes it or not. I could care less WHO is or is not guilty, thats not my job. My job is to find the truth whether I like the person or not.

That is what truth is. It is a sword that will cut you to the bone if you handle it wrong.

To the religious freak who posted.. How dare you... apparently you forgot the real easy part of Christianity.. MATTHEW 7:1-5:

"Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull the mote out of thine eye; and behold, a beam is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast the mote out of thy brother's eye."

Jesus demands that we seek truth, not lies as a basis of our judgments. I suggest you seek the truth since apparently you are buried in the lies.

I bet it is really dark in there isn't it.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how much good it will do but I emailed Nancy Grace. As well as suggesting this trial as a newsworthy topic for CNN. You can contact Nancy Grace via email by going to her CNN site. Also, you can suggest this topic as newsworthy by going to, under the 'contact us' section. Maybe if we all email and urge for someone to blow the lid on this corruption someone will take a serious look at it.

Stephanie Y.
Dayton, TN

*FYI- I don't know a soul involved. I'm a citizen who votes, keeps up on current events and has been angered and heartbroken over what is happening to Tonya. I've followed it since she aired her story on Channel 3 WRCBTV- Chattanooga in March.

kbp said...

Nancy Grace likes to convict all suspects. If she showed any interest, it would not ge to expose crooked prosecuotrs.

Her record indicates she was one herself.

BUT ...keep trying ALL you can with other talk show hosts.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anderson,
Do you have any plans of visting Chattanooga soon and attending the trial? I think you should strongly consider this!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon. 10:16, thank you for your comments. Yes, the CAC and all associated with it are jokes!! I once had an investigator tell me that when she was a detective, she wrote all the information she gathered, good and bad. Like you, her job was to find the truth, even if it hurt the case she was trying to build.

Anonymous said...