Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Brian House Further Rigs "Justice"

As I had feared, Judge Brian House is only going to permit children to testify who are claiming that Tonya Craft molested them, but is NOT permitting children who allegedly were at the same parties and activities to testify that NOTHING happened. According to an account in The Chattanoogan:
Prior to the first witness taking the stand, the prosecution had more issues regarding yesterday’s opening argument to bring before Judge House.

At the heart of prosecutor Len Greggor’s concern was the defense’s plan to call other children to the stand to testify that they had never been abused by Ms. Craft. After much haggling and citing of state law and precedents, the judge ruled on the side of the prosecution. (Emphasis mine)

Dr. Lorandos stated, “It is evident that the prosecution intends to keep as much of how this case came to light from the jury as possible.”

Mr. Greggor responded, “Your honor, defense wants to ring the bell and then expects us to unring it. They will call in a host of witnesses to say ‘it did not happen’ – this is inadmissible.”

Dr. Landros retorted, “If Tonya Craft’s character is in evidence, then all of her character should be in evidence. If the prosecution is, in effect, saying that we cannot call witnesses who were to say ‘I didn’t see it,’ then they are in effect gagging the defense.”

“Basically, all we’re asking is that the defense follow the rules of evidence,” said Chris Arnt, second chair for the prosecution.
At the heart of this issue are the indictments themselves. As I posted earlier, the prosecution wrote them in such a vague way as not to specify times and places so it could make the claim that what other children said was irrelevant. This is absolutely vital, for the prosecution wants it both ways, and apparently House is giving Chris Arnt the store.

For example, read this account from The Chattanoogan (which, apparently, is serving as a PR device for the prosecution):
A young girl testified in a nearly empty Ringgold courtroom on Wednesday morning that she was molested by former kindergarten teacher Tonya Craft.

The girl entered the court tightly clutching a stuffed animal that she later identified as “Sandra.”

Barely visible above the top of the witness stand, she began answering questions in a direct, clear voice. She established her name and where she went to school, and that she recognized Ms. Craft being in the room.

She stated she knew the other alleged victims but not very well, only playing with them from time to time. She also established that she had acted in two movies – “The Lost and Found Family” and “One Missed Call.”

When it came time to address the sexual accusations, the girl recalled expressly and in detail what allegedly happened.

“She (Ms. Craft) would give me baths and would scrub me really hard in some places and then would stick her fingers in my private parts.”

At this time Ms. Craft was visibly shaken, shedding tears and being given a tissue and a pat on the hand by one of her defense team. Her shoulders, which had been square and upright, slumped forward as she shook her head.

“She stuck her fingers in my vagina and it hurt,” the young witness said clearly. When asked did anything else happen, the little girl answered, “She stuck her fingers (making a hand gesture as to how) up my back part.” When asked, she replied that it had also hurt.
Now, it would seem to me that children generally don't show up at someone else's house to get a bath, and if she did, people would know when that happened. Does the prosecution want us to believe that she had someone else's child at her home by herself, and proceeded to give the child a bath, and then engaged in conduct that clearly would cause physical harm? This is an absurdity.

Don't forget that the allegations began with claims that Ms. Craft molested children while hosting a slumber party at her home, a party at which a number of children attended. There is a clear date and time for that event, but by claiming that they don't know the time or place when such events allegedly occurred, the prosecution can do an end run around the gathering of evidence.

It is ironic that Arnt claim that the defense is ignoring "the rules of evidence," for Arnt has gone a step further: he has fabricated evidence. You have to understand that Greggor and Arnt are suborning perjury; they are committing felonies by having these children coached and trained by therapists and the police, with testimony placed in their mouths, and then step back and claim it to be reality.

If you want to know why I have lost all hope in this country and its "justice system," look at what is happening in Catoosa County, and look at how the media swallows this nonsense whole. This is a rigged trial, period. If you were doubting before, doubt no longer. It is patently obvious what is happening.


Anonymous said...

I agree Mr. Anderson. What a travesty. The worst part is, ignorant voters wil keep putting these nitwits back in office.

Anonymous said...

I most certainly won't vote for any of them, but then again, we don't have a lot to choose from here in good old Catoosa County. My great-great-great grandfather was one of a group of men who founded Catoosa County. I am sure he is rolling over in his grave at the way this county has become!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for writing about this and sharing your insights.

Anonymous said...

You've really got it figured out. Catoosa county is simply full of ignorant, deceitful and lying members of the court system.

Give me a break would think the defendant had angels wings!

Do you honestly think three families would allow a lie like this to be first concocted, then carried through for several years, putting their kids lives in nightmarish turmoil all because they didn't like the teacher? Then the district attorney and judge would be in on the con? Mr. Anderson, come on. I'm not saying she's guilty, that's what the jury will decide, but to honestly think you have insight on some sort of back room conspiracy brewing ....please, sir you have no idea.

William L. Anderson said...

I have closely followed the other fake child molestation cases, and it is interesting that the arguments you give are the very same arguments that were given by people in those other cases, yet, after appeals, all of those cases were thoroughly discredited.

Is Catoosa County singularly corrupt? No. What you have is hysteria that was whipped up by people who did have a grudge against Tonya Craft. Do you think this would be the first time that score-settling would be part of making charges?

By the way, people like you were claiming that Crystal Mangum was raped by Duke Lacrosse players. Are you saying that it might have happened? After a thorough investigation by the AG of North Carolina, he and his staff found that it could not have happened, and certainly not as was described in the charges.

How would you like to be charged with crimes, but no date, no time, nor place was listed? Is that not like something out of Kafka?

So, you and others who claim you have "open minds" need to understand how evidence in criminal cases is discovered, and what tricks prosecutors use to get around evidence, as they have done here.

I have been correct in my assessment of a number of cases and this one is no different. It is a farce, and if you cannot see that, I hope you never serve on a jury.

Anonymous said...

If you knew the families...the answer to the question above would be a resounding "YES".

Anonymous said...

Which question would be yes?

Anonymous said...

"Do you honestly think three families would allow a lie like this to be first concocted, then carried through for several years, putting their kids lives in nightmarish turmoil all because they didn't like the teacher? Then the district attorney and judge would be in on the con?"


Anonymous said...

It is ironic that Arnt claim that the defense is ignoring "the rules of evidence," for Arnt has gone a step further: he has fabricated evidence. You have to understand that Greggor and Arnt are suborning perjury; they are committing felonies by having these children coached and trained by therapists and the police, with testimony placed in their mouths, and then step back and claim it to be reality."

Example - Out of break, witness suddenly remembers 6 more times she was molested...GET REAL!!!

Anonymous said...

They needed those 6 to get to the number of counts...

Anonymous said...

Brian House, not David House is the judge.

William L. Anderson said...

I can't believe I made that error again!

liberranter said...

I honestly cannot understand what Arnt and House hope to gain by this mock judicial travesty. Does House have assurance from the top (i.e., the Georgia State Supreme Court) that the inevitable appeal of the guilty verdict (both verdict and appeal being foregone conclusions, I'm sure) will be denied, allowing him to proceed to destroy Tonya Craft with impunity? If this is the case (again, I merely speculate here), then the implications are horrifying for each and every one of us, since each and every one of us is a potential victim of this criminal system. At least the appearance of a speedy and impartial trial, no matter how superficial, is an essential facade in keeping this transparently rotten and corrupt system system in operation. Without it, even the brainless Amoricon masses would see it for what it is and a popular uprising against it would inevitably ensue. That House and company apparently see no need for such contortions to appease the hoi polloi speaks volumes about what they think they can get away with, and with impunity. God help Tonya Craft and her family - and the rest of us!

liberranter said...

Anon 4:35 must be Brian House's or Chris Arnt's pathetic excuse for an "agent provocateur." I'm betting he/she/it is the same "anonymous" who has defecated similarly idiotic trolls over the last couple of days. Amazing, isn't it, how these cowardly weasels refuse to identify themselves with even a user name?

kbp said...

The cyberstats will tell where the IP is from.

William L. Anderson said...

Some email me so I can tell where the IP is from. I'm not exactly familiar with a lot of things on the blog, at least technically speaking.

I appreciate your comments and I always will expect some trolls.


If Chris Arnt continues to present perjured testimony, I think he will have to be renamed: Chris Ain't.

Anonymous said...

I have a question, is there any physical evidence at all that any of these children were molested? Any medical records showing an exam?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the judge has to abide by the gag oRder? I was watching a local cable channel where the host stated brian was going to call her at noon to let her know what was going on it seems crazy that u could fine people for a bumper sticker and yet not follow the same rule for himself

Anonymous said...

I wanted to retract what I just commented on I was told that the brian the show was speaking about was someone who actually works for the station

Anonymous said...

I live in Catoosa County and know one of the "accused victims" and her family. I knew this already, but the identity of the young girl is very obvious now that she blatantly admitted to being in the movies "One Missed Call" and "The Lost and Found Family". All you have to do is google these movies and you clearly can figure out which one she is. Knowing that she is an actress who once played the role of an abused character. Hmmmm could she really be making all this up? ABSOLUTELY!! Having expeirence acting as an abused character makes it just as easy to act once again in a trial about alleged abuse.

Mr. Anderson I agree completly with everything you are doing and saying about this messed up case!

God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Raegan Lamb, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

i know nothing about the legal system but i thought that when you serve on a jury then there can be no conflict of interests... everybody from that jury knows and has an opinion on the case...small town and EVERYONE talks...why would they not look elsewhere for jurors? why is the judge the ex-husbands atty for tonya's divorce and why is one of the members on the jury an extended ex-family member? i just do not understand how so many things are wrong and how the judge is getting away with it... does he not answer to anyone???

KGraham said...

I have always supported Mrs Crafts innocence and right to fair trial, however posting the above noted individual's name is inappropriate at this time due to the sensitive nature and ages of children involved in this issue. If anything, invite media and reporters to interview local Chickmauga residents, as they have been aware of the relationships between the parents.

Anonymous said...

"posting the above noted individual's name is inappropriate"

She's already posted on the internet in at least three places if she is the witness. The links demonstrate no need to have special knowledge other than knowing the two movies mentioned in the trial. She's already a public figure and a witness. I see nothing "inappropriate" here.

William L. Anderson said...

While I agree that the name has been posted elsewhere, I would rather the names not be posted here. These kids have been coached and prodded to testify; they did not begin this case, it was the adults.

By manipulating them as they have, the therapists and the parents are doing real damage to their children, all so they can knowingly railroad an innocent person to prison.

My guess is that people who know the families know who is testifying. I don't know any of them, so no one can say I have a personal interest other than wanting to see justice done.

Anonymous said...

I have read the posting on Catoosa County News from court today and my heart breaks for these little girls that have to testify. I don't believe their names should be used. Sure if people wanted to find out they could ask around the town or look up the movie online but people should show some respect. This is not the children's fault even though they are the ones that are having to pay the price along with Mrs. Craft. I believe that Mrs. Craft is innocent and I will pray that she gets a fair trail and I will pray for these little girls who will be scared for life. What a shame.

Anonymous said...

I am related to one of the victims so I know I cannot be considered unbiased. But, I have been involved from the very beginning and I can assure you Mr. Anderson, this one little girl has not been coached. She may have been prepared for the terrible ordeal of going through a trial, but the testimony and the facts are completely true! We all pray for the truth to be realized so that there can be closure for these children.

William L. Anderson said...

To the 6:49.

I am sorry, but your comments are ridiculous. The patterns of the prosecutors and therapists and the detectives are pretty much the patterns that occurred are what went on in the other fake child molestation cases that hit this country 20-30 years ago.

Everyone who has been in that courtroom to whom I have spoken have told me that it is obvious these kids have been coached. Furthermore, the qualifications of the SANE are substandard, and the doctor's qualifications for testifying in these kinds of cases are non-existent.

I know you believe the charges are true, but knowing what I know about these kinds of cases, and the circumstances under which the charges unfolded, I simply find the whole thing to be unbelievable. Perhaps you can tell me why you consider it ethical for an ex-husband who wants custody of the girl had an affair with the therapist who just happens to claim that the girl was sexually abused. What a coincidence!

Perhaps you can explain why the sleepover which allegedly was ground zero for the charges suddenly is ignored and the prosecution conveniently says that nothing happened there (so they won't have to deal with contrary testimony).

I'm sorry for you and your family, but you might want to research the various fake child molestation cases like McMartin, Fells Acre, Grant Snowden,Edenton 7, Bakersfield, and Wenatchee, and you will see the pattern that developed. Corrupt cops and therapists and prosecutors sucked in a lot of families and ruined a lot of lives.

Oh, and be prepared for the defense to be bringing some qualified expert witnesses (unlike Sharon Anderson, who is a fraud), and some other witnesses who are going to put this into perspective.

Thanks for writing and I wish you no harm or ill will, but we are going to have to disagree.

Anonymous said...

How do you know what the "patterns of the therapist" are? They have not testified yet. You say "everyone" who has been in the courtroom that you spoke with says the children were coached, well you are drawing from a very small number because no one is allowed in the courtroom when the children are testifying other than the media. Please don't spew such erroneous opinions unless you have witnessed the facts yourself. You may not be aware of the damage you could be doing!

William L. Anderson said...

When Tonya Craft's daughter first talked to the authorities, she said something to the effect of "Mommy did terrible things to me. I don't remember what they were, but Daddy says she did it."

So, the therapists are using "reconstructed memories," and that is an absolutely fraudulent and utterly debunked method. As soon as I saw the "recovered memories" aspect of this case, I knew immediately it was a fraud.

So, don't tell me I don't know about "patterns" of therapists. What do you know about the Bragas, who Janet Reno used in her fraudulent "Satanic Cults are running daycares" prosecutions when she was a DA in Miami? What do you know about the Wenatchee case, the McMartin case, and others in which the same patterns as we see in this case appeared?

No, it is more of the same. It is the "believe the children" nonsense that we heard time and again. If you want to believe lying prosecutors and fraudulent therapists, go ahead.

Anonymous said...

Well just for a bit of ifo Len Gregor has tried his manuver once again,by using these people who are not qualified on the national standard to interview children.any level headed person who witnesed this cross exam by Tonya's defense aty can see this.This county as well as Dade co use unqualified people and school these alledged victims to say what they need them to say.There will be lots of info come out about another case soon and show just what a scum bag Len gregor is.I do not know Tonya personallt but this Judge and his whole team need to be investigated.