Thursday, April 22, 2010

Desperate North Georgia Housewives: From "The Bottom of the Glass"

Fellow readers, I guess we have achieved fame or maybe notoriety, or maybe not much more than being mentioned on a blog (that I must admit is better-written than anything I could produce).

A blogger named Billy posts this one today, and he even mentions this website:
And then there's the real twist. Sitting hundreds of miles away at a computer in Maryland is a man named William L. Anderson. Just a blogger.

Except Mr. Anderson is the kind of blogger that is, at least outside that courtroom and in the realm of public opinion, what can be considered a "game-changer."

A few years ago, Mr. Anderson made it his mission in life to prove, almost from the first day he heard about the story, that the Duke lacrosse players accused of raping a stripper were innocent. He has now turned his attention -- at the rate of two posts every weekday -- towards the Craft trial in North Georgia. He has no interest in appearing or acting unbiased. He is convinced the trial and the key players involved are a sham and an embarrassment. He has an untold number of people connected to the situation on his side and also providing him with details some random dude in Maryland could never otherwise get. And he has uncovered one after another of the most eye-popping small-town Roscoe P. Coltrain kinds of screw-ups in the justice system that make you scared to ever set foot in a small town.

* A Facebook status update written by the prosecutor, with comments left by witnesses for the pending trial.
* A mother claiming on the stand that her daughter had never taken acting classes, yet with information on IMDB that suggests she's taken acting classes in Atlanta (that information was dismissed by the judge).
* A lead child advocate in sexual abuse cases who doesn't even have a college degree, not even three years after the case began, who asked a girl 16 times on video whether she was molested, only to apparently be told after they left the room that it happened, who then failed to document in any way this admission.
* The judge sitting on the case represented the defendant's husband in their divorce but refused to recuse himself from the case.

It doesn't stop there. Just start reading the comments left by Bob's favorite person, ANONYMOUS, and Mr. Anderson's responses, and things get even wilder.
The way I see it, if we cannot have a bit of levity once in a while, then we'll all die of heartbreak.


Anonymous said...

Why does this guy hate Roscoe P. Coltrain? Compared to Tim "Crooked" Deal, Roscoe, the sheriff on the Dukes of Hazard television series, is an outstanding example of law enforcement integrity. For that matter, compared to Deal, Barney Fife is an investigative genius.

Dan said...

Dr. Anderson, your blog also made Reason's Hit and Run via Jacob Sullum yesterday.

Anonymous said...

This "investigator Deal" may have goofed! He just revealed to the jury that Tonya Craft (bless her heart) has plenty of supporters behind her.


Anonymous said...

Today in court we learned something new...when the sound on one of the girl's interview was amplified, the court heard her say, "my mom told me to tell you Tonya touched me here." How in the world can this not be evidence that this is all a set up by the mothers of these children? When Scott King asked Deal if he heard the child say her mother told her to tell him something specific, he replied, "I heard something about her mother." Are you kidding me???? I have lost all trust in the Catoosa County Judicial System!!!! Also, 2 different times today Det. Deal used the phase, "this is not a deal breaker." When did fighting for your freedom become a deal?

Anonymous said...

Ringgold's Barney Fife, Tim Deal, said the it is easier for him to remember the truth than it is a lie...To quote "It's always easier to remember the truth than a lie, at least for me anyways".

Pure genius...

kbp said...

Keep sharing this link, it's to ALL Bill's Tonya posts. Get as many watching as we can.

The Tonya Craft Case


Anonymous said...

When that little girl on the video today said "my mom told me to tell you Tonya touched me here." HOW IS THIS CASE EVEN STILL GOING ON?? Tonya's daughter even said in another video that she wasn't sure when this abuse happened but that her Daddy said it happened.

Bottom Line: Sandra Lamb got pissed off at Tonya Craft and is getting revenge. Her daughter was the one touching these other little girls and got caught and had to blame it on someone.

Clearly the 2nd victim (McDonald) is TERRIFIED of the "boyfriend-girlfriend game" and the Lamb girl was the one touching her. That’s why her medical report came back suspicious, if that was even the case. The Lamb girl could have easily learned what fingering was from her older brother, who has had his fair share of girlfriends who are always kissing and being touchy feely in the Childs presence from pictures I have seen.

Tonya's daughter on the other hand is just being told what to say by her father who has basically brain washed her. If this child really experienced abuse, she would remember. If her own mother was abusing her, do you really think it would have only happened once or twice? No! It would happen several times a week or even daily. If this were the case then the child would HAVE to have remembered that. But rather saying she doesn't remember, but knows it happened is no probable reason. Tonya's ex-husband wants custody of the kids and is purely seeking revenge and for that power.

It kills me that they let REAL rapists and other criminals walk the streets every day, but they are doing EVERYTHING in their power to put away someone innocent. Makes absolutely no sense to me.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else here on Channel 3 today where Deal dropped the alleged victims names. He said something to the effect of "Thats what Emma told me". Found that interesting! I guess Mrs. McDonald will be calling in and raising hell now about that one.

These parents should have known their childs identies were not going to be completly hiden. But then again, they brought this all on themselves by coming up with these false allegations.

Walter Abbott said...


The ghosts of Pulitzer, Hearst, Scripps, Luce, and McCormick rise from their graves to salute you. These legends built empires dedicated to informing the public - the very same task you now undertake.

They would be proud of your work.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 1:16 I don't think Emma was a real name, just one he used for the child. Unless you know that her real name is Emma???

Anonymous said...

Thank you God, it is finally coming around!!! Everyone is going to know just what kind of crooked justice system we have here in North Ga. I know they have put away some real criminals, but just wonder how many innocent ones they have tried to convict?

Anonymous said...

anon. that's food for thought this morning as I drink my!!!! Brings up a whole new line of thought....

Anonymous said...

Makes me wonder how many innocent people they have been successful in putting in prison? When this is all said and done it wouldn't shock me if there had to be cases reheard because of house,arnt,gregor,deal train has run over other people as well. Don't believe for a second that this their first rodeo!
I would like to thank Mr. Anderson for getting the news out about this travesty of justice and thank all of you that are supporting my friend. She has got to be the strongest person that I know and she is not only fighting for the truth to be revealed for her children but the accusers children as well. All we want is the truth to be brought to light. May God have mercy on the souls of ALL who have been involved in this WITCH HUNT.
If they would be made to suffer and indure as Tonya has all would be right with my world.
I believe that there needs to be legislation changes to punish those who bring forth false alligations of this magnitude and shame brought to parents and officials who steal the innocence from children by dragging them through this kind cruelty.
Please keep praying for the "TRUTH FOR TONYA" to be revealed.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous 1:12... i think that is exactly the case and a friend and i have thought the same thing... mother lamb got mad at tonya, daughter lamb instigated game, blame is placed on tonya, ex-husband wants kids and hates tonya... i do think there is a huge missing piece to the puzzle that would answer all... why did the moms have a falling out with each other??? MT

Anonymous said...

The Lambs and the Wilson's are best friends. Someone even told me that they are related somehow. I do not have any first hand knowledge of that. I do know that their children are always together. Even though the Wilson children aren't involved make no mistake the pull the Wilson's have in these counties have helped the Lambs. Something else Tonya was a outsider she was not born and raised in Chickamauga. Over half of the teachers at the school have grown up and graduated from Gordon Lee and came back to teach. I'm sure when she wanted to hold the Wilson child back the crap hit the fan. From what I have read Tonya was WELL EDUCATED but of course they wanted another evaluation. Dont get me wrong I do believe that is a parents choice. Does anyone know if the child was really held back or not. Just kinda interesting.

tandt said...

To Anon 9:03,

First of all, I am praying so madly for the truth and for Tonya to be found "not-guilty". Unfortunately, legally, that's all she can ever get. We will all know she is INNOCENT and we can use that term forever.

Second, the sad part is, if the prosecution would have stopped this witch hunt when they realized (and yes they did realize) that Tonya had done absolutely nothing, they could have pressed charges against the parents for making false allegations. Districts can actually sue people for the cost of false reporting. Not all will do it, but it can and has been done. The way they decided to do it, saves all their hind ends from prosecution, unless someone comes out & admits to the lies. Right now, when the not guilty verdict comes in, they can just say, "oh well, we did our best", and everyone who lied can walk away without any form of punishment.

What we can pray for is this: 1) the not guilty verdict, 2) the prosecution, judge, detective, etc..., are investigated at the highest level and are disbarred & punished, 3) that Tonya gets her kids back & is able to resume her life. Sadly, out of fear from these whackos, she may have to move, but I pray for her safety.

God bless you & your friend. Please let her know that there are more people on her side than against her. The Lord has put this very heavy on my heart and mind, but I am taking what He is giving me as I know it will bring justice.

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough Kristen Bradley (principal @ Chickamauga Elem) had a litte back bone left at that time and the wilson child went into prefirst grade which is a program that helps children who are not ready for first grade. If they do well in prefirst then they can advance to second grade and if they are not ready to advance they enter first grade. After the wilson's child was in the program, suddenly the program is no longer offered @ school.
Wonder how that happened?
Maybe if the wilsons hadn't put the child in kindergarten when she was 4 just so that she would be with a certain social group and want her to graduate with certain people she would not have been so far behind.
They even hired a private tutor for a kindergartener who does that?
Who cares who your child graduates with or even thinks about that when your child is 4? I would think that they would worry that their child was getting a good education rather than about social status
maybe that's just me?
What about the children who needed that prefirst program to build a strong foundation for future acedemic success?
I don't think they understand the ramifications of what they have done to a school district and one more thing what happenens to Kristen Bradley when they ask for something she can't give will she become a "child molester" too?

tandt said...

Wondering if everyone is watching the feeds from today. Very interesting & a lot of holes!!! Oh how I wish I were a juror.

Anonymous said...

I believe in being fair. I am on Tonya's side but the Wilson's had nothing to do with this program being cancelled. We ALL know how much the school's have been hit with budget cuts. Also my daughter started school when she was 4 however she turned 5 before Sept, 1st. The law states that you have to be 5 by Sept 1st or you have to wait to the next year not sure what the Wilson's child's birthday is but my guess is that it is probably sometime in August.

Anonymous said...

Yes the real childs name is Emma McDonald.