Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ethics, Misconduct, and the Georgia State Bar

[Update]: I received the following email from the Deputy General Counsel of the Georgia State Bar:

If you are interested in filing a grievance against a member of the State Bar of Georgia, please call 404-527-8720 and request the required grievance forms. Those forms are not available on our website.

If you are interested in filing a grievance against a lawyer acting in a judicial capacity in the State of Georgia, please go to the Judicial Qualifications Commission website at[End update]

Because it seems that Judge David House and his tag-team partner, Christopher Arnt, are trying to railroad a conviction against Tonya Craft, I am recommending that people file complaints against them with the Georgia State Bar, which is in charge of licensing attorneys in that state.

Here is the information on the Office of General Counsel, which investigates complaints against attorneys:

Paula Frederick, General Counsel (404) 527-8720

Connie P. Henry, Clerk, State Disciplinary Board (404) 527-8720

Main Telephone (404) 527-8720

Ethics Helpline (404) 527-8741

Ethics Helpline (800) 682-9806

William P. Smith, Ethics Counsel (404) 527-8720

It seems to me that if House is determined to railroad through a conviction and since he appears to be invulnerable, at least in his own courtroom and in Catoosa County, citizens who are outraged at his misconduct and the misconduct of the Catoosa County DA's office at least can make complaints elsewhere.

Remember that the ONLY reason that corrupt prosecutor Michael Nifong was not able to railroad the false charges in the Duke Lacrosse Case to trial was because the North Carolina State Bar, by a single vote, filed charges against Nifong during the case, an action unprecedented in North Carolina history. Ultimately, it led to a real investigation of the charges and to their being dismissed and Nifong being disbarred.

I doubt seriously that the Georgia State Bar would act in that manner, but certainly the misconduct that people are observing should not go unanswered, and right now, it seems that the Catoosa County authorities are hellbent on abusing their power and decent people seem to have nowhere to turn for help.

Important: I have absolutely no contact at all with the defendant, her family, and her attorneys, nor have I ever had contact with any of them. All comments on this blog and all opinions are my own and do not come from the defense.


Anonymous said...

Thanks. I sent them a message!

Anonymous said...

Should we all file a grievance seperately or file one together as a group of supporters?

William L. Anderson said...

Good question. I suspect that if the state gets a lot of them, it might take notice.

In House's defense, he is doing what judges in the other fake molestation cases did, in that they also rigged the results. Now, it is wrong, but nothing ever happens to judges.

Anonymous said... may already know this but you can go to and get an almost play by play of what went on in the courtroom today and the little girl who was on the stand is indeed the actress...they even asked her about her roles... MT

kbp said...

I know some states has separate entities to oversee judges, and the state bar will not hear any complaints for a judge while he holds the position.

Not sure about Georgia.

Ihatecatoosacounty said...

CAtoosa County is full of crooks. Tonya Craft is a victim of a witchhunt because she made the mother of a student mad.

I don't know the defendant or any of the "victims" but have dealt with the judges & DAs in that backwards county.

Anonymous said...

Chatham county recorders court seem to have their own rules also. It was implied in that court that a dismissal really does not mean dismissal. It seems they make their own rules Beware when you visit.