Monday, April 19, 2010

Channel 9 Continues its Propaganda

I happened to look at the WTVC-TV link a few minutes ago to see a video update by John Pless. Not surprisingly, he called one of the children a "victim," not an "alleged" victim.

Don't forget that it was Channel 9 that led the rush to judgment two years ago, stoking a media frenzy that pretty much convicted Tonya Craft on the spot. While other media outlets are reporting on inconsistencies in the various testimonies, Channel 9 continues over the cliff in its efforts to convict Ms. Craft on the air.


Anonymous said...

I agree and have stopped watching Ch. 9. They seem to have forgotten what impartial means.

Anonymous said...

wow it is amazing they can get away with reporting like that! The difference the word "alleged" means makes their reporting take on a whole different meaning. I as well will stop watching their news channel...if it can't be impartial...then it doesnt need to be watched!

Anonymous said...

Channel 9 may as well be state-run television.

kbp said...

Pless is a disappointment, even to his own 'team' at Channel 9.

Anonymous said...

WRCB Channel 3 has by far the best and fairest coverage for this case

Anonymous said...

John Pless couldn't successfully report how to unzip his fly, much less cover something as complicated as a courtroom trial.

Having dealt with him personally on several matters, about the only things he seems to have decent grasp of is (a) how to get his hair looking juuuuust right, and (b) how to try and make crossing the street a melodramatic event worthy of "To Catch a Predator."


That's interesting. It was Channel 3 that ran the report on us that sounded like a pro DCS piece. And WE called them to do the story!

It started out "This sounds like the movie 'Home Alone', but unlike the movie this was no accident. (He wasn't left home alone. That's just what they accused us of.)
It had the detective on it saying, "Just because the charges were dropped does NOT mean they are not guilty".
We wondered what dropping the charges did mean if not that we weren't guilty?

Jan James