Friday, April 23, 2010

Joal Henke's "Recovered Memories," Part I

[Update]: He "remembers" again.

Joal Henke provides more perjured testimony, which is important, because the prosecution must keep its perfect record of having all its witnesses lying:

Update 11:20am

Dad answers to inconsistencies in his statement, "I don't have a lot of experience with this"

Dad says he didn't include in statement that daughter was allegedly molested because authorities had not interviewed daughter yet.

Dad testifies what is in statement he gave is not true. Says it may be a typo.

Dad in statement says he was called by parents of "several" small girls about alleged abuse. Says today just parents of one girl.

Well, there you have it. This guy wouldn't be giving false testimony. No, it's gotta be a typo. I think this speaks for itself.

Begin Original Post

In case readers still might have doubts about the impartiality of Judge Brian House, well, you can put them away. Today's testimony involving Joal Henke, Tonya Craft's ex-husband, has created a new low in a case that already has been in the muck for a long, long time.

I won't put everything from the media links, but nonetheless, I will put down a few things and then elaborate:
Update 9:38am

State calls dad of one of the alleged victims then court takes a ten minute break.

Update 9:50am

State is citing case law about whether bi-sexuality is relevant.

Update 9:56am

Judge will allow bi-sexual argument to be made. He denied defense's request for a hearing about issue.

Defense argues Tonya Craft's sexual preference does not relate to alleged child molestation. Citing case law.

Update 10:07am

Witness testifies Tonya Craft told him she was drugged and ended up in another woman's bed.

Witness testifies he has knowledge that Tonya Craft watched girl on girl sex tape years ago. (What the ancients once called heresay)

Update 10:15am

Witness says he asked his daughter if "anyone touched her" at first, not directly if Tonya Craft touched her.

Witness says father of another alleged victim called him to tell him about allegations.

State now asking questions about allegations against Tonya Craft.

Update 10:25am

Witness says didn't mention Tonya Craft being with woman or watching porn when he gave original statement. Says he remembered during trial.
It is difficult to know where to begin with this testimony, but what House is doing is reprehensible, absolutely reprehensible. Joal Henke's allegations WERE NOT IN THE DISCOVERY MATERIAL, but suddenly emerged deus ex machina in testimony and House permits it as though it were judicially proper.

This no longer is a trial, if it ever was. It is a smear campaign, and what House is doing is permitting Ms. Craft to be smeared on the stand in an attempt to inflame the jury.

As I have said before, however, there is a strategy behind this. House already knows that if there is a guilty verdict, deforestation of North America will be necessary to write all of the copy that will be filled with grounds for appeal. However, what House, Chris "Facebook" Arnt, and Len "The Man" Gregor are wanting is a short-term victory. They will have succeeded into railroading Tonya Craft into prison, destroying lives, and then they will claim that when the verdict is overturned, "liberal judges" are "putting child molesters on the streets."


Kellie Graham said...

How can something a "witness" suddenly remembers be allowed as evidence? It sounds more like he thought "That sounds good, think I'll say that". At what point will the state and prosecution be forced to show some accountability for these ridiculous claims and measures?

LRO said...

Wow, now according to newsreporter, "Witness just caught giving perjured statement in previous court proceeding." Imagine that! What else has he been lying about, and will Judge House do anything about this... my guess is NO!

Denise C. said...

Ok, so the ex is now saying that his present wife was not allowed in the building during the interview because of the showering accusation. Testimony earlier today said that she was in the room for the little girls exam. ?????? Does that make sense? Am I missing something?

Valerie said...

Where are these bi-sexual claims coming from? This is the first I have heard of them. I guess I need to go over and look at some of the tweets.

NothingAddsUp said...

I think....She took the little girl to the doctor's office & was there for that exam. That's different from the interviewing at The Green House.

NothingAddsUp said...

Valerie, They're grasping at straws now. They're all of a sudden remembering things that werent said in the beginning & now father of one of the victims is trying to say Tonya had bi-sexual experiences & that is what has led her to molesting girls. It's convenient how they don't recall some things & then some things just pop into their heads during trial.

Denise C. said...

There is also a difference from being in the room for the physical exam and being in the building for the interview. The reason stated for her not allowed to be in the building during the interview is because of the showering allegation. Fine, no problem. Apparently those allegations were true, she admitted it on the stand today. So why was she allowed in the room during the physical exam? I guess I just don't understand how being in the building during an interview, not the same room but the same building, is worse than being in the room during the physical exam. Is it because the step-mom had already seen the little girl in the buff? Seems like with the showering issue in the mix, that she would not be allowed in the room for that. I guess I am being dense on this. It wouldn't be the first

pabacksrhell said...

Still waiting for them to ask Joal about all of his extramarital affairs...

Anonymous said...

The person saying she had a bi-sexual experience is the ex-husband.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen a picture of him??? talk about bi-sexual Joal with an "A"...(ok I'm being ugly) Seriously, there has NEVER been a mention of her being bi-sexual before and if it was before their marriage...MANY people have "experimented" and if it was during - he had to be there too! I don't believe she is bi-sexual, and if she was...who gives a rip?

Anonymous said...

I am sure if they ask him about his extra marital affairs, the prosecution will object, and House will agree... It doesn't matter that they are a matter of court record, "That" won't have anything to do with this case, while him putting in a girl on girl film and making tonya watch it does!!!!

As for Judge House...
Congratulations Catoosa, Walker, Dade, and Chattooga Counties... You voted this clown into office of Superior Court!

Denise C. said...

Don't blame all of us for Judge House. I didn't vote for him.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, this just gets more insane every day!!!

Kathy said...

This comment is for Mr Henke (who will deny but I'm sure reads this blog) bet you thought you would get all kinds of sympathy but your getting exactly what you deserve. People see you as a pathetic ex husband instead of a loving father. Have you thought about what will happen when Tonya is found innocent? You can't keep her from her kids forever and when they grow up how will they feel about you? By the way it seems to me considering your current wife's age you are the one who likes little girls..just my opinion. As for Ms Wilson does anyone remember the Texas mother who tried to have the mother of her daughters cheerleading rival killed? Mothers get upset when you make their kids look less than perfect. When you make this sort of allegation about someone you need to be prepared for the aftermath. We all have skeletons in the closet.

Anonymous said...

AS I said before, GREGGOR THE MAN will do anything to get a conviction.This is not hear say I know Greggor ,he did the same thing to my son he will hide evidence and keep it from the jury. we have an appeals case pending, to prove what I am saying is true..

Ruthie said...

This little note is also to Joal. I've known you and Tonya since you two had Cole, worked side by side with you at Eastwood VBS, and in the church nursery. I watched as Tonya worried over Cole's eye condition and his health. Joal, she is an excellent mother and I know you know this. You also know that someday we will all stand before God and have to answer for our actions here on earth. What you are doing to Tonya is wrong. You say that you're a changed man since your days of pornography and adultry... really?? How could a man of God be a part of framing his ex-wife and sending her to prison. How could you do that to your children? Joal you are a 43 yr old man.. how could you possibly think that Sarah (28 yrs old) could take Tonya's place in your children's hearts? Joal..deep down I know there is a good man in there. Do the right thing before it is too late. Tell the truth!!

Anonymous said...

Yea to Ruthie! I agree complely!!

Anonymous said...

Henke, you are a lying pile of dog excrement. I wouldn't want to be you when you stand before the ultimate judge one day. You and your buddy judge House will tremble when the sentence is delivered to you. His robe and your belts are not going to mean a thing.
I can't believe that a martial artist of your caliber would be do dishonorable. You deserve what you get.

Anonymous said...

I use to work for Tonya and Joal. I never would of thought he would do this to her. Guess Tonya was RIGHT when she would tell me stuff that he had done or comments that he would make to her. If anything, she's not the one Judge House needs to be looking at, it's him and his crazy family. Working for them and watching their kids grow up everyday then, I see know that some people NEVER change!!! Put me on that stand!!!