Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Reason" Blogs on the Tonya Craft Case

Jacob Sullum of Reason (a publication for which I have written five articles), has blogged the on Wednesday's events, and I hope he will blog more often.

While he does use my blogs, he also uses other material and explains why he believes this case is a sham:
Anderson believes Craft, like the defendants in the McMartin Preschool case and other child molestation panics of the 1980s and '90s, faces false charges based on testimony from child witnesses who have been coached by therapists, police, and prosecutors to "remember" things that never happened. Today's testimony by one of Craft's alleged victims reinforces that impression (Emphasis mine).
He further points out:
Obviously, none of this (the trial events of the day) is conclusive one way or the other, but if this is the general quality of the testimony against Craft (and presumably the prosecutors led with their strongest witness), reasonable doubt will be inescapable. Anderson notes that the usual line from accusers in cases like this is that we must "believe the children," but it's clear from overturned convictions and academic research (not to mention everyday experience) that little kids frequently will insist that something happened when it did not, especially if they are repeatedly coached by adult authority figures (who themselves may sincerely believe that abuse occurred). Here we have a 9-year-old recalling what allegedly happened when she was 5, with who knows how many intervening conversations aimed at eliciting descriptions of abuse. Furthermore, Anderson reports, several children who were at Craft's house when some of the abuse allegedly occurred insist that nothing untoward happened. If so, "believe the children" does not bring us any closer to the truth.


Anonymous said...

This child acted in two movies in 2008 and 2009, if she was abused and so traumatized by being abused, why would you continue to let her act in movies about abuse??

Anonymous said...

Some points to ponder: A person, male or female, doesn't just wake up one day and decide to become a child molestor. These tendencies would have been in their personality for a very long time. Where are victims from the past? If Tonya Craft is a child molestor, given her occupation, there would have been others. Where are they? Also, same sex molestation, at least to me, would indicate she is either a closet lesbian or bi-sexual, again something that someone would have taken note of at some point in her life. This tendency towards the same sex, would not have just spontaniously occurred. Another point, where is the physical evidence on the alledged victims. If the little girl, who testified yesterday, had been abused as many times as she claims, there would have been trauma to her vagina or rectum which would have shown in a physical exam. Where is the evidence? Another point, child molestors, don't just get their jollies from the "act", they look at child porn, videos, etc. Why wasn't her computer confiscated, why wasn't her house torn apart looking for evidence? Where is this kind of evidence? I have first hand, personal knowledge of a convicted child molestor. This person not only had victims going back many, many years, decades even, before finally being caught, but also had horrible, disgusting stuff on the computer and videos at the home, etc. You have to have a past to have a present. Where is it?

kbp said...

Anon 7:49,

That's a good observation! The question is then WHO decided that reenacting a traumatic life experience was beneficial for such a young child. The door to at least parts of any counseling she had looks to be opening up here.

The timing of any sessions and a basis to promote her involvement in a movie about abuse could certainly put the SOURCE of that counseling into question, and I anticipate testimony from that SOURCE.

Being unfamiliar with all the motions addressed in pre-trial here, I'm uncertain how much of a 'trial-within-a-trial' they could accomplish in that House's courtroom.

Anonymous said...

The mother of the actress said on the stand that if her daughter wasn't in the movie she would not have allowed her to watch it! I would not let my child be in a movie they could not otherwise watch. Where is DFCS. These kids are obviously being used to pursue a personal agenda. An ex husband who was scared the truth could come out about him and his new wife, put her in jail and take custody don't have to pay child support. Fat unattractive Mother's who are obviously jealous and have a friendly relationship with Ms Crafts ex. What a bunch of bull@-+!

Kerry Craig Wallker said...

Great job. The system is broken. I was actually arrested for crimes when I was the victim. It's impossible to believe but it's true. Then the State tried to manufacture my guilt. Search Kerry Walker Story.

DebDC said...

It's disgusting that these people are trying to link child molestation with the allegation that Tonya Craft is a lesbian. A person who molests children is a monster. People who are homosexual or bisexual are not attracted to children nor do they molest children. Gay people haver relationships with other consenting adults. They do not prey on children.