Friday, April 16, 2010

"We're All Adults Here"

Not only has the prosecutorial apparatus of Catoosa County tried to take a page out of the numerous witch hunts of our sordid judicial past, but they also have dragged an innocent woman through the mud, devastated her family, and generally presented the very worst that the U.S. (in)justice system offers.

However, just when you think it could not get worse, prosecutor Chris Arnt did the unthinkable: he taunted Tonya Craft in court while her daughter was testifying against her.

Here was the scene: Ms. Craft's daughter, who was taken away from her two years ago, has been coached for two years by Ms. Craft's ex-husband to accuse her mother of sexually abusing her all of her life. As I posted earlier this week ("Mommy Did Terrible Things To Me...") it was plain in the initial interviews with police and therapists that she was being coached, and coached dishonestly.

So, with her daughter purposely not even acknowledging her presence, Ms. Craft did what any mother might do: she wept. Of course, this was too much for Arnt, who has done everything in his power to destroy the lives of lots of people, and has enjoyed every minute of it. (Arnt's partner in crime, Len Gregor once posted on a website that he loves being a prosecutor because he is -- in his words in all caps -- "THE MAN.")

Arnt, being the gentleman and class act that he is, told the judge that Ms. Craft "needs to get her act together," and then declared, "We're all adults here."

Well, actually, some of the people were adults. Arnt and fellow prosecutor Gregor are not adults; they are bullies, people who wield lots of power, but do not have a shred of decency in them.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what an absolute jerk!!!

THE MAN said...

You're a damned idiot! Len Gregor is a good man. Yes, I know him personally. I have been to his house. I have driven his gay-ass Min-Cooper. Len Gregor eats brown bag lunches and wears cheap ties, so that he can do what he thinks is right. Do I agree with him all the time? NO! Do I ever question his integrity? Absolutely not!

Anonymous said...

Well good for you!!! You're the man, I don't think so. I have a right to my opinion and his behavior towards Tonya Craft is that of a jerk! The behavior of everyone in this kangaroo court is reprehensible. Hope you never get accused in Catoosa County!

Anonymous said...

The comment from "THE MAN said" @ 1027pm, you're the idiot. If you believe eating brown bag lunches and wearing cheap ties makes him "right" then you ARE an idiot. What's that got to do with anything? Means nothing. But as a human being, to try and make the anguish of a mother, estranged from her daughter, a bit of courthouse fodder is low on the human being scale. Yep, jerk in my book. It doesn't score well on the decency scale. And your language should be cleaned up. Be and adult and use reason to make your argument with resorting to trash talk. I don't think you do Len Gregor any favors referring to his car.

Anonymous said...

I quiete frankly don't care one bit if he eats a brown bag lunch and wears cheap ties. That doesn't justify if someone is a good man.

Telling a woman whose lost everything including her job, family, and own children to "get her act together" & that "were all adults here". Yes, all adults except she's the only one going through this living hell.

Who wouldn't be crying when your own daughter gets on the stand refers to you as Tonya not Mommy and speaks of things false allegations. Sad sad story. Even worse is these poor little girls are being brain washed and coached on what to say, since clearly their stories keep "suddenly" changing. When her daughter was asked how she knew these things happened to her she responded "My daddy told me they did" IS THE COURT AND JURY NOT LISTENING? WAKE UP CATOOSA COUNTY

How does everyone think this case is going to turn out? Guilty or Not Guilty????

kbp said...

Guilty or Not Guilty????

- the actress / "victim" first changing and expanding the story that started after like 6+/- sessions,

- the second which changed the tale and the acts described miss the crime charged,

- the third even more short (see below),

- a SANE nurse for an "EXPERT" promoting he agenda to "WIN",

- a doctor, short on qualifications for the position she holds, getting slapped with facts that shows she is no "EXPERT", and

those observing and reporting on the testimony calling the prosecutors "liars".

So, unless there is some miracle evidence I can't even imagine, I'll lean heavy on the NOT GUILTY verdict, but you never know what a jury is seeing in their eyes.


I can't dispute whether or not Gregor said that, but Arnt was the prosecutor who handled direct question of Tonya's daughter.

I also can't dispute what House would do in this the situation, but most courts only allow the objections to come from the attorney handling the questioning.

In the tweets from those in the press pool watching the monitor, the testimony tells us:

"she touched me in the private."

Girl says Tonya lied about molesting her, but can't recall who told her that. In tape she names who told her

was quoted in a taped interview saying, "daddy told me [mom] did bad things to me."

Girl in video says [mom] touched her when applying medicine

"Girl said Tonya didn't touch anybody else"

Tape shows 8 yr old girl talking about showering w/ stepmother. Says she shaves her own legs sometime.

WMG said...

The best part about this is, whether or not Tonya Craft is convicted...all of these people involved will one day stand before God. Then they can tell him how they were just doing their job when they devastated the very soul of an innocent woman.

Perhaps God enjoys a cheap tie wearing, brown bag lunch eating, mini-cooper driving soulless excuse for a man. I'd love to be at there. Maybe he'll tell God we're all adults or to get his act together.

The things we do now, even the smallest, echo through eternity. I suppose he, House and Arnt can convince themselves that there will be no reckoning. Mark my words, as ye sow, so shall ye reap.

Tread carefully "good men" or you may just find yourself standing before him and no witty retort handy.

William L. Anderson said...

Actually, it was Arnt and I have made the changes. As for Gregor, anyone who declares that he loved being a prosecutor because he can be THE MAN is a bully, period.

I appreciate kdp including the statement about the girl showing with her stepmother and helping her to shave her legs. THAT is how this whole thing started. When Tonya found out about it, she went to juvenile court in Hamilton County, and her ex-husband retaliated and helped to get Tonya charged instead.

(It took the efforts of some other people, but that was the true ground zero of the case, not the sleepover that suddenly disappeared down the Orwellian Memory Hole.)

As for Gregor and his cheap ties and bag lunches, the guy is showing his true colors, as he engages in pretty cheap justice, too.

Anonymous said...

If the prosecution had a case, they would never have risked putting three little girls on the witness stand in the first place. If they had true evidence, it would have been so compelling, that the defense would have been seeking a plea agreement. I am deeply saddened by what these children have been subjected to and why any parent, vindictive or not, would do that to their own child is beyond me. I hope they can live with themselves whichever way this trial goes. My gut feeling is that Tonya is innocent, but her life and the lives of these children have been forever changed.

As for her own daughter, can we say the father is engaging in some major parental alienation??

I hope Tonya can sue all involved, however there are time limits on which you can sue the police, etc., so don't count on that happening. I know of another family, who because of time limits can't sue those who sought to destroy their lives.

Anonymous said...

To "The Man" are you aware that Chris Arnt had a facebook page and had a poll on it as to whether Tonya was guilty or innocent. Now that is real professionalism. Just shows how professional this group of prosecutors is!!!

kbp said...

Arnt ...Gregor????

Gregor ...Arnt????

Which was it????

Does it matter????

Any mistake there is VERY understandable, as it was Gregor who handled the initial 4 witnesses. The absence of any real inculpatory evidence presented by that team so far has clearly illustrated their intent here, as the presentation has shown that evidence to be actually be exculpatory.

It leaves me - a spectator >1,000+ miles away whose only knowledge of Tonya is through the web here - wondering WTH they felt MIGHT help their case.

Those prosecutors are 2 peas in the same pod here. To quote someone VERY well known in that area, has been reporting on this case from early on and was in the press pool watching the case;

"lying is exhausting. forces the prosecution to tag-team."

Not only does the similarity of what those 2 prosecutors have and continue to do make it difficult to distinguish what conduct to attribute to them individually, the SECRECY forced on the press and the public trying to attend the trial has created more difficulties for the public to follow what's going on in the media.

While any blame for the conduct by either of those prosecutors should be assigned on an individual basis, the other's KNOWLEDGE of unethical conduct left unreported by them makes each equally responsible for the outcome and violations such produces.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like at voting time we need to elect a new district attorney. Does he forget he works for us, the citizens of Catoosa County? Maybe this whole lot of DA and ADA's need to be sent down the creek to live out their lives sorting the problems of the alligator turtles and tadpoles. They obviously don't know how to treat people. But really, a pole on facebook!!! Really!!! And this "judge" is allowing him to be involved with this case? Really!!!

I've sat in court before here in Catoosa County and if you are a lawyer from another county, then all your objections will be over ruled. The "good ole boy" system of Catoosa County won't let you get justice. Where are the watchdog groups that are supposed to be watching court proceedings? And the way these judges talk to defendants and plaintiffs, just sit and listen. The judges are rude. And yet we are supposed to respect them? How? Why? Just because they are a "judge"? They get respect when they give respect. I actually heard one tell a lady to "shut up". Court may be an every day job to them but we citizens don't consider being in court and every day occurrence. This is their world not ours. I would never talk to them at my job the way they do to folks in their court.

VOTE, it is a powerful tool.

Anonymous said...

You folks are obsessive and out of control. There are as many people that believe she is guilty, including her own daughter, and a whole group that founded the case. Sorry, they just were not as rehersed as Ms. Crafty for the witness stand.